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Okay this is theoretical, as Google and Yahoo make trade secrets of search engine placement algorithms and frequently and routinely alter said algorithms.

To begin with what does a Search Engine desire to have as top ranking results to a search? Quite simply, they want the very best sites. If the top site result in a search is everything the person doing the searching is hoping for, they will become more loyal to that search engine, giving it greater economic power in numbers of eyeballs exposed to advertising and such.

How does a search engine know one website is better than another? The best way is to have human beings visit the sites and give reports, but this isn’t practical as the scale of the world wide web is too large. So the judging has to be largely automated.

Search Engine Optimization is the art of creating or ‘optimizing’ a website to take as much advantage of this automation as possible.

What is known and will likely not change, is that what makes a site ‘better’ to an automated web spider, is having a lot of unique content, much use of the target ‘key words’ (that a user is likely to use when searching for something your site offers), and very important – links from other sites, ideally one way links from sites of related content recommending your site as a resource.

‘White Hat SEO’ is doing things the ‘hard honest way’, writing or buying unique quality content and/or a blog, buying links on related websites, buying into the Yahoo directory, making comments on related blogs, trading links with related sites and so forth.

Google, the search engine that is almost but not quite a monopoly, introduces something called ‘page rank’ – it’s arrived at by some combination of content density and number of back links. Kitschchaos, with a very few months of intense blog posting, has achieved a page rank of ‘1’ on its index page. That’s pretty good, it’s a scale from zero to ten, all new sites start with no page rank at all, and to get a page rank of even ‘1’ puts you ahead of arguably no less than ten percent of all sites.

Now let’s talk about links.

Links that hurt you coming from your site: links to ‘bad online neighbourhoods’, such as anything legally dubious or ‘adults only’. If you are running a blog or a link exchange, people web mastering such businesses are very eager to get a link from your site as it’s all good from their point of view, but if you don’t want to lose page rank or placement in search engine results, you can’t have such links. So be careful, use a spam filter on your blog if you aren’t allowing default ‘no follow’ to sabotage all links.

A ‘nofollow’ tag will transform a link into something that gives the site benefiting from the link, no search engine benefit, web spiders will not follow or register that such a link exists. The tag was introduced to counter the spamming of blog replies with links to porn, gambling, warez – what have you.

Not all links are equal.
The most coveted link: is a one way link from them to you, from a very high page rank page, related to your subject matter, with your page being the only external link on that page.

Such a link – a great quantity of the page rank will go to you! But it’s a rare thing. Perhaps if you have software downloads or similar online candy it’s more likely. Very often such links are paid for, this reality becomes a revenue stream for high page rank sites.

The link from a high page rank site related to yours, becomes worth less and less the more links to other sites that are on that same page. The page rank benefit becomes diluted. That’s how directories with hundreds of links on sites can be of little benefit to your SEO, even if the site is related and of higher page rank then your own.

The reciprocal link, I link to you if you link to me it does count. It doesn’t count as much as a one way link. It counts less if the sites exchanging links are otherwise unrelated. The link can be more valuable if it’s linked to keyword text you’re trying to increase search engine ranking for, and is placed on a related site or article.

Now why is my blog more valuable to you for a back link than a link exchange on this site? Because if you make a decent well thought out and on topic reply to a blog post, you can use keywords in the name you give yourself and a real link to your site associated with the name. That’s a one way back link, with your key word, on a site with at least some page rank – that may even have a related theme to your site! And given my blog posts are all over the place topic wise, as are other blogs, this backlink opportunity is no less than killer!

And that’s why Blogs attract so much spam! Including this one. But This WordPress has a spam plug in so Almost none of it makes to my pages. That way I can allow links in replies to my post to get back link credit, with keywords, to reward them for good comments that add value to my blog.

Good ways to get back links for free include visiting blogs on similar subjects and leaving comments with your keyword and link. The catch is that many blogs still have ‘no follow’ tags be default on all links. SearchStatus is a plug-in for the FIREfOX browser, it has many useful SEO tools but especially a tool that highlights ‘nofollow’ links so before you reply on a blog, you can see if other replies have been getting back link credit.

Word Press does have built in a ‘recommended sites’ box. Now that this site has page rank, I’ve been getting some requests to exchange links with this function. I’ve not taken anyone up on this however. The reason is that placement strongly suggests my personal reccomendation -and I take that sort of thing seriously. Your site has to be so good that my placing a link to it would be a benefit to my readers, and perhaps myself too.

I could go on and post ideas about generating back links. Well let’s finish off with some general ideas.

Submitting to Article databases, I’ve not done this for this site yet ’cause I want my articles to be unique and it’s a fair amount of effort to write them. But if you submit an article to an article database, you get the back link from the database, and a back link from anyone that uses your article too add content to their website (which more people do than attempt to write it themselves as I do).

You can submit articles, blog posts, and more to places like digg.com – on digg and the like, you can reply to other posts and include your backlink – get backlinks that way too.

A back link on your submissions to community bulletin boards can be effective if the community is related to your site, and if you actually participate productively.

RSS feeds are great to have, submitting these to RSS feed directories can boost your back links. Here’s a sample of RSS feed aggregators:
* Feedest.com
* Postami.com
* 2RSS.com
* FeedsFarm.com
* RssFeeds.com
* Feeds4all.com
* Plazoo.com
* FeedBomb.com
* Page2go2.com
* Feedooyoo.com
* RSSmicro.com
* FeedFury.com
* Octora.com
* FindRSS.net
* FeedBase.net
* RSSmotron.com
* MoreNews.be
* DayTimeNews.com
* Rss-Feeds-Submission.com
* MillionRSS.com
* Yahoo RSS Guide
* MySpace.com News
* ReadABlog.com
* GoldenFeed.com
* BlogDigger.com
* RSSFeeds.com
* feed24.com
* Findory.com
* WeBlogAlot.com
* FeedBoy.com
* Chordata.info
* BlogPulse.com
* DayPop.com
* IceRocket.com
* Memigo.com
* Syndic8.com
* RSS-Network.com
* Feed-Directory.com
* Jordomedia.com
* Newgie.com
* Feeds2read.net
* NewzAlert.com
* Feedcycle.com
* Bloogz.com
* FeedShark.BrainBliss.com
* FeedPlex.com
* RocketInfo.com

Comments to government or educational blogs may generate links search engines give more weight to. Google query: site:.gov blog [or site:.edu blog] to find these goodies.

Placing your links in Directories is never a bad idea, but don’t pay for it. The only exception maybe is the Yahoo directory. Try for Dmoz.org too, but it is not easy – this site still can’t get listed under “chaos magic” (Perhaps it’s posts like these that seem off topic for chaos magic – but if you try chaos magic to get good search engine rankings, you have no workable pathway to the result if you don’t implement good SEO and the spell won’t work).

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