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Life Continues…then you die! How magic demands a long view sometimes

That is my smart ass response to ‘How ya doing?’ :

“Life continues… then you die”.

My life has been continuing, and is good and bad. I apologize to my readers for not having the discipline to regularly write new content this year.

The long distance relationship with my fiance isn’t perfect, he is controlling and jealous. It has caused some arguments.There have been broken promises, ironic infidelity.

I was very focused on work, at WBA research, able to work full time or overtime for the first part of this year. And really focused on using magic to get fiance a job and place so I can relocate or a better job and place so he can relocate. So much focus on this unresolved desire and have had kind of a writers block keeping me from writing content.

Also not gotten comics done, like the Horace and the Holy ghost comic.

So what has happened is I have lost my job at WBA Research, they laid off the entire Ithaca NY office. In a way this is good because as a ‘displaced worker’ I get every government benefit an unemployed person can get, like 26 weeks of unemployment insurance, maybe even job training. With the help of magic I had become a top producer at the WBA Research, I can count on a solid recommendation.

So the magic spell to get me and the fiance married and living together, both having jobs and being comfortable and in love….

Did it fail?

Or does my losing a job and getting the freedom of unemployment insurance, is that what will enable me to be with the one I love?

Indeed even the arguments we have had, are they a bad omen? Or are they what will guarantee our happiness because every time the argument resolves with that fact that we love, need and want each other and that is the only thing that matters.

There often is no truth outside of interpretation. You should serve the truth that serves YOU.

Magic that transforms a life is rarely instant, and what seems like a reversal may be the requisite thing to bring you to your desired result.

If you have trouble believing, convince yourself it is possible and use divination.  This site has a digital divination you can use.

I know tarot has never failed to affirm that I am on the right track.

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