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Desire without limits : Love Magic

Desire without limits : Love Magic

Okay, I do not suggest using magic to get the person you have a crush on, to be in your life if they are not already in your life. There’s a demand for that sort of thing, an entire category of Hoodoo magic even. But in my understanding of magic it is not very smart. Because the person you have a crush on may not be right for you.

Now about me, I turned 50 this past Nov 2nd, 2016. I am a Gay man and in America there is a lot of ageism, I had not been laid in over 5 years. I live in a College Town and  ,yes, I am attracted to younger men. But the rare guy into me tended to expect me to be a top, a sexually active partner, and I am a bottom, a sexually receptive partner.

Now it is not like in 5+ years no one at all was interested. Married (‘Straight’)men would hit on me, a man that was sexually compelling but bi polar and mentally slow, guys that only wanted casual hook up sex when I get sex and emotions mixed too easy, a guy online far away but in my same state but not entirely my type and too busy with school…. The conclusion I was coming to was I need to lower my standards, settle. I almost did settle, for bipolar and slow, but he was promiscuous and got a STD.

Now I have a peculiar relatedness with the Norse Pantheon, I wrote about it elsewhere in this blog. And I have affinity for Loki reading the mythology, I get his point of view, and the story where he transforms into a mare to distract a magic stallion from helping a troll win a bet with the Gods… I was very horny and felt Loki might be willing to help me get fucked too.

But I did not ask Loki for the man I could have,  I was horny, I asked for the man I wanted – and I wanted a hot young man like I jerked off to in my imagination,  sexy,  big cock, all top, dominant and kinky, and I wanted him to love me intensely and to marry me. I did not settle, I asked for my ultimate masturbation fantasy to come true.

Now a principle called ‘lust for result’ sabotages a lot of magic. Actively anticipating a result almost ensures it never happens. The ideal is to be committed to a result while at the same time not caring if it happens or not. It is really hard to do. And is why I had not gotten laid in 5 years even with magic.

This was different though, I asked for a fantasy that could never happen, sure I wanted it, but I wasn’t silly enough to think magic would deliver something so unrealistic.

So I forgot about it. And I am on Facebook and have accounts in several gay groups, I get lots of attention from young Filipino guys, I guess the mature aesthetic is popular there ( but is too far away, and do they want me or citizenship?). In one group a very young guy posts a pic I found poor, and then he posted another better pic: I leave a comment on the pic congratulating him on a better picture.

A while later Facebook is alerting me to the fact the guy whose pic I commented on, is visiting my profile and ‘liking’ my own pictures of myself. I am not sure who messaged first, but here was a super hot very young guy totally out of my league, so I figured I would tell him everything about me, that I am a bottom, sexually submissive and kinky and so on – Because he was in another state and was likely he hoped I was a dominant top…. Except he was a top and dominant and everything he wanted most in a man was everything I just told him.

He lives in Hampton Va, a long bus ride. I spent 4 days with him and we fell deeply in love with each other. We chat every day online. I am now engaged. We are going to marry in 2017, likely in September when he is free of school and other obligations.

Magically the take away is this: Spells for what you really want without limits. You won’t be attached to a result you can’t believe to be credible , this will allow the magic to work without restraint. Maybe not well enough to win Lotto.

But, and this really happened, Magic strong enough to deliver a man that is such a match for my sex fantasy, that when we were making love, I experienced deja vu… from a sex dream I had before my partner was born..!

It worked for me, magic for a desire without limits. It kills the lust for result unless you are not a realist, and it CAN work more powerfully than you could expect.


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