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Reality hacking with media monopoly

Ebony and Ivory, a collaborative song by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. I’m old enough to remember when the song came out and interviewed about the song creation, there had been a question about if there was even a need for a song promoting race relations. This was in the 1980’s. Now we have Black Lives Matter, Racism legitimized as ‘Alt-Right’ – did things get worse or did we never know the 80’s we lived through?

This touches on a lot of things. The legitimizing of right wing racism under the label, ‘alt right’, Black lives Matter and Hillary Clinton suggesting she wants to act against ‘conspiracy websites’.

Because in the 1980s, certainly in the 70’s, there was no confusion about the news or what was true, the monoply of establishment Television, radio and print news was very complete.

And in the 1980’s it was possible to argue that there was no racism in America that was a problem, because TV, radio and print told us there was no problem. So we existed in the world as if there was no problem, if the problem did not impact us personally.

But if a tree falls in the forest and no obe sees or hears it, it did still fall. People of color, LGBT people, people with emotional, physical or mental disabilities – were still being killed by cops. Members of the KKK became cops and judges. American Neo Nazi groups published books and records and grew a movement.

But it none of that, overall, was in the news, radio or print. So Paul MCartney could argue a song about race relations wasn’t current. And he’s blameless , his reality hacked for him and he had no way to know anything else.

If Hillary, for sake of argument and I’m certain the constitution would prevent her from doing so, were empowered and followed through with eliminating all online media not owned by establishment corporations. Could we return to a day when there is no racism, no cop shootings, no election problems, no acknowledgement of corporate influence in politics – because it is illegal to mention such things in the media – the only Media we can access to know the world around us?

You see it with the damning of Wikileaks and whistle blowers: if we did not know of the wrong, it wasn’t wrong – so anyone that reveals a wrong is responsible for the wrong they reveal. A maddening train of thought, but one that allows for damning the source of damning information rather than the reason the information is damning – which we have seen repeatedly from President Obama, and now Hillary.

Black Lives Matter because for too long an unarmed Black man shot and killed by a Cop was not considered important enough to be news.

And because of a News Monopoly, we never knew just how pervasive White supremacy is in America, such that now in the 21st century we have a mainstream and explicite racist political platform labeled ‘Alt-Right’.

The Web is citizen generated and publicized news. In terms of serving the function of giving citizens a more accurate view of the world we live in, it’s better now than it has ever been.

Are there abuses and problems with online media as well? Yes. And if Hillary means to go after fringe right wing websites using EXISTING law relating to libel and death threats to elected officials – that’s appropriate.

But the Web allows meritocracy to determine who gets read, because there’s no limit to the number of people that can read this. And that’s kind of awesome.

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