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Fashionable Chaos Cooking

Fashionable chaos Cooking.


Because love and food have relatedness, great meals can be catalysts for love and influence.

And yeah, part of fashion is being ‘fit’, because being confident about your cellulite is a more difficult magic for most people.

I lost a ton of weight avoiding heartburn, my trigger is sugar, but especially WHITE FLOUR. Because it takes my body about 20 minutes to transform white flour into pure sugar- and if it’s a dense source of white flour – like a Sicilian pizza crust, pita bread for a gyro or a bagel – it’s more sugar than I can digest at once comfortably.

And I found that almost all processed food and restaurant food has sugar added of uses white flour for everything. I can’t even eat a ‘whole wheat’ bagel because it is 50% white flour.  So avoiding heartburn has forced me to cook more.

And I cook well, it’s easy and you can too. I’m writing this for cooking noobs, because that’s most people.

Basic techniques:

BOILING: water goes in a pot over high flame or heat, salt will flavor the water, a little oil will keep the boil from foaming over the edge of the pot.  Foods that get boiled: hard boiled eggs, pasta, sweet or white potatoes (I can’t eat much white potato either), beets, ramen, meat and veggies for soup, dishes like corned beef and cabbage, tough vegetables like green beans.

SIMMERING: water goes in a pot and heated to a very low boil, also called a simmer, the heat is lowered so the simmer doesn’t become a boil.  Foods that get simmered: Steamed veggies or meats, beans, rice, grits, polenta (corn meal mush – excellent if you add cheddar and jalapeno to it, classicly it is intentionally allowed to firm up, thereafter it is sliced and baked or fried), Oatmeal and other grains.

BAKING: this is placing food in an oven where the food is surrounded by dry heat.   Foods that are baked: Cakes and cookies require correct ratios of ingredients, recipes are allover the net.       Pies (are stupid easy if you buy ready made pie crusts). Marijuana brownies (puree the pot in a blender with the oil or liquid butter, add peppermint essential oil or peppermint extract to mask the cannabis flavor) – using a brownie mix or following an online recipe.     Casseroles are baked, big meats get baked (whole turkey or chicken, rack of lamb, what have you).

FRYING: applying heat to a skillet so that food in the skillet is cooked. Usually with oil unless a fatty meat providing it’s own cooking oil (like hamburger or bacon).  Foods that get fried: eggs, bacon, burgers, tofu, veggies.

The Chinese stir fry can be emulated with a cast iron skillet, but you need some bowels because it’s not a wok. Each food for your stir fry cooks at a different rate – a wok has a variety of temperatures all at once and a cast iron skillet has more of one overall heat. So cook your stir fry elements in the order of cooking time, or if you don;’t know this yet – cook each food until done and move it to a bowl and repeat till every part of the stir fry is done. If your stir fry has a fatty or juicy meat – cook that LAST so the juices can be used in your sauce. Then make your sauce – and combine all the cooked ingredients on the pan, reheating everything and coating everything with the sauce.

BRAISING: this is a hybrid of frying and simmering. It works to make tough or cheap meats more tender. It’s a good technique for those packages of chicken thighs on sale at the supermarket.

First clean your meat, remove the skin and fat if you’re health conscious or find it gross, or keep it if you know the fat and skin is delicious and that’s more important.

Then fry your meat in an oil, olive oil is fine. you want to cook all over the meat to seal it, so it keeps its juices.

Then lower the heat and add liquid and/or vegetables. Onions are kind of a no brainer because they both tenderize the meat and render a lot of cooking liquid. These veggies are going to be overcooked, so broccoli or asparagus isn’t a good idea. Tomato, Onion, garlic, greens, mushrooms, potatoes all hold up well. Liquids that work well include wine, condensed cream soups (OMIT SALT IF USING), meat or veggie stock.

The power of SAUCERY!  Sauces are stupid easy if you use… CORNSTARCH. I used to do the flour and butter french thing – but cornstarch needs no fat and works fast, easy.  It’s not that french butter and flour thing, I find I prefer cornstarch!

a quarter up of water and a quarter cup of corn starch – rub the cornstarch into the water until blended, add more water if needed. Add this cornstarch solution to your stir fry sauce, or your braised liquid – and it magically transforms into a silky thick SAUCE.

This is ALSO a secret of PIE MAKING. If you get some pie crusts, heat up your best lemonade, thicken that lemonade with cornstarch – you have a PIE FILLING! Top with foams or whipped egg whites and bake – and you’ll have a lemon meringue pie!  Thicken some cubes of stew meat braised with vegetables and sauce and you have a filling for a MEAT PIE (and trust me – these are awesome).

Egg Custard: adding eggs to pureed sweet potato = sweet potato pie filling (and is better than pumpkin pie and can be low sugar sweetened with stevia with maple syrup (the maple is there to correct the slight bitter of the stevia). Quiche is a real man’s food – and is awesome and easy – combine milk and eggs and cheese and fill a pie shell with that and whatever else you think is yummy: classic combos include, Feta cheese with onion and spinach, Broccoli with extra sharp cheddar, mushroom and bacon with cheddar.

SPICES AND HERBS: How to figure out what spices are good?  As a rule of thumb, garlic make it good. Salt and pepper are generally good with most things. I use cayenne pepper a LOT, but not in great quantity – it corrects a food tasting too sweet and can do so without being discernibly hot.

The best and perhaps only way to learn what each spice is for cooking and eating, is to try each spice. If you got your hands on some ground turkey, you can make and fry up tiny burgers, each burger infused with a different spice.

MAGIC IN COOKING:  a review of American Hoodoo revels a lot of lore relating to various herbs and things we may use in cooking. In practice I find the herbs only have power if as you use them you are consciously intending the power to be released.  As a rule of thumb, cinnamon and allspice and ginger as well as all other ‘pumpkin pie’ spices – are associated with DRAWING WEALTH and/or HEAT UP A ROMANCE.

Cayenne Pepper is used in Hoodoo for martial purposes, to attack people, but in herbal medicine it stands apart from all other hot peppers in being a medicine to heal ulcers, save people from heart attacks, and generally to spike your metabolism in positive ways. I find it is also the most delicious of hot peppers (it’s the main favor of the ‘hot wing’).  Cayenne Pepper: I associate it with EMPOWERMENT, it BURNS away what weakens you. A HEALING spice.

Asafoetida, also called Hing, also, in Hoodoo, called ‘Devil’s DUNG: this is a nasty sulpherous resin that looks like shit and smells of sulpher – and is used in Hoodoo when working with devils or using magic to attack or curse someone.
Asafoetida is a staple of Vedic Indian cooking because they will not eat onion or garlic (too strong a medicine in Vedic lore), and the nasty resin transforms into a sweet onion like flavor when heated in oil.

Sigil magic in cooking – you can always put sigils on cookies, cakes, pies and casseroles! Cooking is the spell – have your intent as the food cooks and it will be magically charged!

When I chatted with Jehovah’s Witnesses


Okay, was chit chatting with Jehovas Witnesses today. They were sharing their ideas, Bible passages and videos with me, being a little pushy about setting up Bible discussion meetings.

I told them I was Gay, a Buddhist and Chaos magician. They shared how the devil is behind all that stuff, tho to be fair they did not push on the gay thing much.

So I defended magic and shared the simplist magic spell: intend without attachment, without a care if your intent is fulfilled or not.

And I argued that classic argument: Made in God’s image is why we have this power.

And they agreed! That IS why we have this power!

And now, I bet they will be using it!

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