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The simplest magic spell

The simplest magic spell: intend without attachment, and expect it to happen. Without a care if it happens or not.

Doing that is actually kind of hard, when we intend something to happen, even if just to get props as a magician, there’s routinely an attachment.

Try this yourself! Simply intending for a parking space or anything comparable, and expect it to happen. If you try this it will get spooky, because it works! It will not work all the time of course, but you will learn to notice that when it doesn’t work, there was an attachment, possibly in the form of nursing a resentment, present as well.

If you NEED a result, it can be very useful to have any magician but yourself do the spell, because your attachment is so explicit!

The sigil magic technique, divorcing your conscious mind from the ‘battery’ of intent, is effective because it’s hard to be attached to a result if you forgot what the result was. As in devastatingly effective compared to many other magical techniques where result is clear and easily attached to.

Zen Buddhism, and any kind of Buddhism really, is where ‘attachment’ is especially distinguished: attachment as the source of suffering is a primary insight of Buddha. It, and with the insight of this article, is how I found my interest in Zen dovetailed with my interest in magic.

There are strategies to make intent without attachment easier. Silliness I find works very well: you are being silly so it doesn’t have to work! I have made it stop raining on command, with an audience, twice that way! (Though the audience may have fueled my magic with wanting me to succeed).

My spell to get Bernie Sanders elected is to myself, me being silly, and I know once he becomes elected my claiming responsibility will never be taken seriously. At the same time because I care about Bernie winning or not, I actually console myself knowing that I cast a spell and it will work. It will work, just you wait and see!

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