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Reality Hacking 101


So first, the Reality Hacking Paradigm: Life is a game: you are the player, your ego is your character, you choose the game – PLAY WELL!

And let me explain a little: It’s a Buddhist concept that who you REALLY are, is distinct from your life experience and concept of yourself. Your life experience and self concept live in your thoughts. And were you to meditate, you would return your mind to focus when it wandered from your point of concentration (the number of your breathe in a simple zen meditation) – who is the ‘you’ that stands apart from your thought well enough to objectively evaluate if it has wandered or not?

This is easy to understand for anyone that has played an adventure ‘role playing game’: you are a player, and your character, who has a life experience and self concept – you PLAY that character! What game are you playing? What game do you WANT to play?

Now WHY this paradigm? Because it’s fun. You are alive! And sure, you COULD live for the NEXT life and not this one, but if you are alive NOW, and there are people you can help or inspire right now – why waste the opportunity of living? Make a difference! And if you think of life as a game, as yourself as a character you are playing – it is a frame of reference that allows you to give yourself the good advice you might give someone else. To let you play at real life and be as successful as you are at playing the life of a character that is explicitly in an artificial game.

Now about Reality hacking.

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