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What is Chaos Magic?


Austin Osman Spare, in a ‘ChaoStar’


Chaos magic is a post modern Occult, or magical, paradigm. The principle concepts come from a collaboration between the writings of Austin Osman Spare and Peter Carrol, specifically  in Peter Carrol’s books, Liber Null and Psychonaut.

Chaos magicians use ‘belief’ as a tool, on the understanding that it is the belief in other magical paradigms that is the engine of their success. Such that a formula: Belief + ‘gnosis’ + desire = result, is promoted by Peter Carrol and accepted by most Chaos magicians. The ‘gnosis’ in this sense refers to the magician’s state of consciousness, one wherein the conscious mind is absent, such as in trance, sexual orgasm, exhaustion or ‘being in the zone’ when playing a sport or video game.

In practice Chaos magicians may seem like ‘eclectic magicians’, borrowing magical ideas from a variety of sources and paradigms, and developing a system that is personal and perhaps unique, corresponding to what they personally find easiest to believe or found they had the most success with. It is in this way chaos magic is ‘chaotic’. Chaos magicians tend to focus on the result, the result being the one thing that can be verified.

The writing of Robert Anton Wilson, in such books as Quantum Psychology, establishes the idea that people live their life interpreting the world through a ‘reality tunnel’. For example a Zealous Christian might go through life understanding God or Satan is behind all they experience in life, whereas a materialist Scientist might go through life understanding everything they experience correlates with scientific principles that are understood  or perhaps yet to be resolved. Some Chaos magicians build upon this concept with a practice of ‘paradigm piracy’.

Paradigm Piracy, this would be a practice of adopting say, Roman Catholicism, as a belief and practice, and working with it until you too can have success with faith healing – and THEN switching to something entirely different, Taoist magic perhaps, and working with THAT until you have what you consider to be ‘success’ and then moving on to something else….

Chaos Magic has little magical technique unique to itself, but it is strongly associated with Sigil Magic and secondarily with Servitors. Sigil magic is a brainchild of Austin Osman Spare and is a simple and brilliant technique that often involves masturbation, leading to some dismissing chaos magicians as people ‘wanking over doodles’. The Servitor technique borrows from the TULPA concept originating in Tibetan Buddhism, and is comparable the the ‘invisible friend’ some people have as children, albeit ‘weaponized’ and given ‘powers’.

Google hummingbird and question and answer SEO bonus

Okay, I’ll start doing some question and answer posts. Makes it easier to repurpose blog posts, and hey, the new Google ‘hummingbird’ algorithm is updated to favor answers to questions in voice assisted apps like SIRI, Google Now and Cortana.

It’s really not complicated, especially if you have a blog. Title your post or page with the question and answer it properly. That page will rise in google rankings! Because good answers to serious questions are valuable!

New Years magics!

New Years Magics!

Beans are of awesome good luck for the New Year!

Black eye peas for LUCK, Collard Greens for MONEY and pork for HEALTH is a traditional recipe for a lucky New Year! Delicious too!
If you are vegan or vegetarian, replace the smoke and fat of the pork with tempeh bacon or smoked tofu, chipolte peppers are also smoked if you don’t mind heat – and use olive oil or coconut oil to replace the fat.

For seasonings I suggest salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin, garlic and ginger. I would also add some chopped onion because it’s good.

For the New Years toast, I suggest everyone write a new years wish, a big important one, and make a sigil of it. If unfamiliar with sigils – reword the wish to be as concise as possible.

Draw the sigil or write the sentence on a piece of rice paper (a common base for rolling papers), and at the stroke of midnight – swallow the paper and wash it down with Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps!

Goldschlager is a clear clean tasting cinnamon schnapps, with real gold flakes in it. It’s almost as if it were a prosperity elixir created by a Hoodoo Doctor, give that cinnamon is ‘spiritually’ associated with wealth (its history includes a time where cinnamon was so rare and valuable as to be the basis of value for a currency!) as is real gold spiritually associated with wealth, and ‘sweet’ being something that draws love, luck and money.

ALSO, Mojo Wishing Beans! These are fava beans, a particularly large bean and distinctly with a lore of being a ‘wishing bean’: 3 beans per person. Write a wish or sigil on each bean, and on your way home or first thing after New Years – toss the three beans into a stream of running water (or onto the ice of what otherwise would be such a stream). Your wishes will come true!


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Black Magic

blackmagic‘Black Magic’, to this Chaos Warlock, is kind of silly. And that’s because I’m no longer Christian perhaps, and the Zen Buddhism doesn’t deal in Good or Evil – just compassion.

There are modern Satanists, as Satanists the ‘Black Magic’ comes with the label. I myself, credit Anton Szandor LaVey’s Satanic Bible with my first successes and  for selling me on a psychological magical paradigm. I progressed to Zen, Hoodoo and Chaos Magic. For others, LaVey is a primary instruction in a magical left hand path that expands beyond him.

I could generalize that ‘Black magic’ is magic that either uses suffering or death to produce power, or generally is a magic meant to produce suffering and/or death. The Irony of course is the magic this definition  of ‘Black magic’ describes is none other than Christianity! (salvation thanks to the suffering and death of your Savior).

From a fluffy white light space ‘Black magic’ can be the category of magic meant to impact specific people in specific ways. Because it interferes with their will, hypothetically.

I avoid the magic on people by focusing on what I want instead. That person I know may not be what I want after all, so allows for a better result.

But is Chaos Magic a left hand path? and the answer of course : “Would you like it to be?”

Now the one thing working with Satan or Cthulhu gives you that, say working with Santa Claus, does not give you – is a taste of TABOO! And this fuels belief and delivers results!

So yes, Nudity, blood, sex – all those elements are taboo to varying degrees, incorporate this in your magic and see if your results become more certain!

Yes killing animals is taboo… but not fun unless for food, animals are better living. Sex orgasm is so awesomely powerful in magic – it blows everything else out of the water. So if you feel you need more power, choose sex and more than enough power becomes available.

What about DEMONOLOGY? that’s Black magic! And here your concept of what a demon is, will determine your experience. If you conceptualize that the ‘demon’ is a recycled pagan God, you may have a great deal of fun with that. If Christian conditioning has wired you too strong, it may be that demons represent ‘ick!’ in various respects or something even less fun.

I had the invocation like experience with Solomon, giving me a reformed approach to ‘demonology’, where you pray to God for an entity to solve a problem, and you receive a name and sigil the next morning. Confirm the name and sigil with divination, tarot perhaps. if it seems promising: you now have an invitation to work with an entity, the entity is the best for what you want (business success, stop global warming, get Bernie Sanders elected). No need to threaten these guys with old testament. just share your result with the sigil and the name, online, or with 9 other people – if they help you realize what you want. That’s what they want.

Feel free to be as elaborate and traditional as you care to be when summoning. But that may not be necessary – because ‘God’ already handled introductions so to speak. It may be perfectly safe to just call the entitie’s name and invite them over as a guest. That said, my Solomon did specify using a circle of protection – non standard only in the sense that it contains words of power in your language that you understand, that are meaningful to you.

My Solomon was of the opinion that grimoires list demons that belong to the author’s consciousness, and the demons that were right for that author are maybe less right for you. Though I must admit there’s a kind of Pokemon fun in ‘gotta get them all’, and trying to evoke every demon listed in the Goetia or another grimoire. To the extent these entities have been around for centuries, they may be empowered by their use by magicians in way that a new entity given to you by ‘God’ is not.

So to summarize: Black magic is defined by dualistic paradigms like Christianity.

It is ‘left hand path’, as in ‘using your own power’, also an insult to the Christian God by placing yourself over HIM!  There are exceptions, for example Satanists that actually WORSHIP Satan, theirs is a right hand path like Christianity, but ‘Black Magic’ because it’s the wrong deity.

If you aren’t trying to hurt people or bend them to your will magically, which should never by necessary if you are focusing on what you want, you still get to be a ‘Black magician’ if you deal in demons or simply want to pretend to be a ‘Black magician’.

What works and makes Black magic powerful is taboo, taboo brings up your atavastic primal intelligence and its more magical than you! So stuff like Blood and semen and nudity is magically powerful. Working with a taboo entity like SATAN, even if just as metaphor, triggers emotions and belies belief. It need not be Satan, others have worked with Set, Loki or Cthulhu to a comparable effect.

When it comes to working with entities, servitors that you create yourself can be pretty damn powerful and may be all you need. And if you do choose to evoke something you have not created yourself, read up on others experiences of that entity to get an idea of what to expect.

And be clear about what you want to manifest in your life.

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