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Small business, brick and mortar, marketing on the cheap.

Okay, if you have little money, and your business is OFFLINE. How can you market that business if you have little to no money?

Okay, first, your LOGO.

Because this is a chaos magic applies to marketing site – the logo is where your magic is at.

Understand, a logo is a magic sigil. Just like a magic sigil begins with a statement of intent, you need to create a statement that capture what your business is about, and your intention. Think about your ‘unique sales position’, USP, the thing you can offer with your business that distinguishes your business, that no one else can offer. Your business statement should contain your ‘unique sales position’.

Some examples: you mow lawns, a USP might be “We compost lawn clippings” or “we fertilize mowed lawns”. The thing about your business that makes you better. And maybe you need to think to over to create something.

Once you have your USP, you are ready to write your business statement. And once you have your business statement – THEN create your logo. And it is important that you, the business owner, dictate this logo, make it yours, make it an expression of that business statement.

It is good to give an artist some business to make your logo look its best, but make life easy for the designer and tell him everything.

And here’s a secret of logo design, the difference between a good logo and a bad logo is if you use it EVERYWHERE, or you do not. An ‘ugly’ logo is as good as a ‘pretty one’ as long as you use it all the time such that it BECOMES the name of your business.

Make no mistake, this is sigil magic. You do this right, anytime someone absent mindedly gazes upon your logo – they empower a magic spell that helps your business statement become more true than it already was. Notice of BIG companies, they often spend millions on advertising that may ONLY feature their logo. It’s money well spent.

A logo should be black and white, so it can be make into a rubber stamp, and be printed cheaply in one color. The digital format should be VECTOR ideally.


Who is buying what you are offering? This is important to understand, and as an inquiry to maintain. DO think about when you were in the market for the service or good you are offering, how did you find a business? how did you distinguish a good offer from a bad one? Write down your impressions of who you expect to be paying you.

And as you do business, you may be surprised who you do business with – update your understanding of who your customers are as you learn more about them.


Use your logo EVERYWHERE. It’s your magic spell, and you need to create the association of that logo with your business. And you do that by using it everywhere.

Marketing is simply getting the message of the service or good you have to offer in front of the people that will give you money for it.

Inexpensively you can:

1. Print posters with tear off tabs with your logo address or phone number. Post theses on bulletin boards where your market is likely to see them. Such boards are in libraries, laundromats, some restaurants and cafes..etc.

2. Use Google ‘my business’ services, they are free. and having your business on Google maps, a page with information about it on Google plus and more. It will put your local business ONLINE, where people that use the web to find a business will find YOU.

3. Use Craigslist, it’s also free, you can post images and it’s targeted to your town!

4. Do you sell to businesses? Collect the contact information, telephone numbers of the businesses that are local to you. CALL THEM! Make it a game, give yourself 5 points for every call, 10 points if you reach a ‘decision maker’. Try to get 50 points every day! At least until you run out of businesses.

5. Anyone you DO BUSINESS WITH, get their email and mailing address. You can give them a form asking them to tell you what they think of your services that requests their contact information. A few times a year, send your customers discount coupons, and MORE THAN ONE – so they can share them with their friends! also the occasional friendly ‘happy holidays’ is always appreciated – and is another opportunity to share your LOGO!

6. If you have SOME money to spend, Google advertising and Facebook advertising are inexpensive and VERY WELL TARGETED.

7. Use divination, like I Ching or tarot, they will break your mind out of its rut and maybe help you see what you otherwise cannot see because you are too close.

8. Do GOOD for your community, sponsor a soup kitchen, volunteer as the face of your company sporting that LOGO – it will give you good karma for your business – it MIGHT get your logo featured in a local newspaper!

How to do REAL magic, like fire from fingertips!

A spell to shoot fire from your fingertips:

You will need these ceremonial tools: 1 can of Lysol aerosol disinfect, a match.
invoke the forces of FIRE
Press the Lysol button to release the aerosol, light  the aerosol with a match.
You now are shooting fire from your hand!

A spell to be invisible to security cameras:

You will need these ceremonial tools: 1 can aerosol spray paint, opaque
Invoke the forces of TRANSPARENCY
spray the recording lens of the security camera
you are now invisible to the security camera!

Now I know this may seem either funny, or a let down. But it’s not. This is how its done.

Understand that Stage magic and Mystical magic were not always distinct, in antiquity they were ONE. So the romantic ideas of the powers of a magician, turning staffs into snakes or what have you – magicians in antiquity DID do all of that! But it wasn’t that they had a mojo that doesn’t exist today. It was that they were doing stage magic. To build belief, because belief is key if you want to manipulate coincidence and produce results!

Of course if you’re doing stage magic and telling people it is real, it opens up a world of negative exploitative possibilities. And it is to combat that, that a strict distinction between ‘stage magic’ and ‘occult magic’ became manifest.

It’s important to think of magic like a hack, or a cheat, in your game of life. It doesn’t change the rules, it just give you a psychological edge and maybe a helpful coincidence. if you want to produce a light, a flash light works well. If you want to shoot a ‘magic missile’, maybe you want to get your hands on a gun.

Whatever you do, don’t do your spell and do nothing else and expect anything to happen. If you do nothing else, the message you send to yourself is “I don’t really want/need this”, and even that duality of desire is enough to sabotage your magic and make it inert. Do the magic, and then do the thing you would have done anyway. And find yourself doing it BRILLIANTLY!

Apologies, and the idea of True Self

Photo on 6-21-15 at 10.10 PMYour Author, Michael Robin Cooke

I’ve not posted any new content to this site in a long while.

I told myself it’s so I can work on my comics and on my new website, so i can work on a book on ‘reality hacking’, so I can redo this website so maybe facebook will let me post to it (it thinks this blog is toxic because once this site and blog was hacked – and it took a while to restore everything).

I’ve not gotten any of that done, but I have made some meager progress on the comic.

My magic has mostly been targeting my capacity to make more money, and the part time job I have has been giving me a raise, and full time hours almost all spring and hasn’t stopped yet. So that’s a success.

I’ve taken on helping a young gay black man in Africa. It’s not been easy, but the opportunity to leverage my modest income to make a big difference in the life of someone else appeals to my selfish selflessness.

Seems a key to making more money is taking on more responsibility. Is an important lesson there. Power and responsibility are the same after all.

But I still don’t have the wacom cintque I wanted. I do have a new Ipad air, won it at a raffle at work, and magic was involved, and a lot of hours which I wanted and needed. I may get health insurance this autumn as a function of working so many hours. So magic is in place to keep the hours available.

The new idea of reality hacking, and yeah, I feel I should get the book started at least. It’s presenting life as a game, and ‘magic’ as a cheat. I have my one sentence explanation of magic: Because Placebo, it’s NOT just for medicine anymore!

The presentation of life as a game allows for the explanation of an idea from Buddhism and Thelema that can be hard to understand, to be expressed very clearly: Life is a game, You are the player, your Ego is the character, you pick the game – play well!

The idea that ‘you are the player, and your ego is the character’ is the tough idea to digest. Because commonly we imagine we ARE the character. I am the child the was abused, that was bullied, that went to an elite science/math public high school… who is this ‘other’ self that isn’t the product of those experiences?

A clue lay in meditation, where in attempting to control your thoughts – you find yourself observing thought itself. The ego, your identity with your life history, cannot observe thought, it IS thoughts. The self that is observing yourself thinking – THAT’S the player!

In the  language of Thelema, that’s your ‘TRUE SELF’. In Buddhism it may be, “your Buddha nature”.

But if you’ve played a role playing game, the idea that you are the player and the ego is your character, that’s simple to comprehend.

It’s a distinction I can leverage for a magical paradigm. Because if you are NOT your ego, you can as a player do some work to improve the character you play. You can take on challenges as if they were a game, and try again when you fail, because that’s how every game is played. And it puts an empowering spin on invocation – you ARE altering the character you play!

That’s all for now. I promise to update more frequently.

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