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Magic For Skeptics

James Randi is a skeptic

Magic? There’s no such thing as magic!

And if we’re talking skeptics, they put thinker in think tanks, where do they put skeptics?


And if I told a skeptic that I cast a spell and it WORKED! That skeptic might tell me it was a coincidence!

So let’s start with coincidence! Because you’re right, magic success always is also coincidence! But what distinguishes a coincidence from a not coincidence? You do, your awareness of the context allows for a coincidence to be recognized.

We imagine coincidence is rare, because our awareness of coincidence is spotty. But simply try bibliomancy, ask a question and expect a relevant answer, by closing your eyes and placing your finger in the book on a random page at  random spot on the page. This is classically done with Bibles, but really any book might do. The paragraph will be eerie how it relates to your question, if you suspended disbelief and simply pretended the book would answer you!

But let me explain simply what magic is, in the very least: a means to leverage placebo effect and psychological priming to realizing your goal, any goal.

And this is NOT supernatural! Magic could be supernatural, certainly entertaining the idea is conducive to both placebo and psychological priming.

And is placebo real? I don’t care if you’re a skeptic, you should accept the reality of placebo in medicine – the power of telling someone you are giving them powerful medicine when really you administer a sugar pill. It’s the test every patent medicine must pass to become a patent medicine: outperforming a placebo.

And it’s not easy, Placebo treats disease and even saves lives. Homeopathy has no scientific basis, it’s effectiveness may be solely limited to that of placebo.

So, just imagine, what would be possible if you could apply that placebo power in any domain you need it?

And psychological priming is simple – planting an expectation of a result into a person’s mind. How is this useful? Easy, if you are anticipating a result – you will be more alert to opportunities and more pro-active following through on that opportunity. Psychological priming can give you the confidence that makes the difference between success and failure.

But instead of speaking of Placebo and Psychological Priming – let me speak again of.. MAGIC!

Because Magic is HOW you leverage placebo and psychological priming to work for you in any way you see fit. Be it sigils, sympathetic magic, candle burning, prayer, ancestor worship, offerings to God(s) ..etc. Magic works! And Magic is AT LEAST Placebo and psychological priming.

Now if you want to have success with magic, remember you need to know what you want, you need to believe (or suspend disbelief) and you need to get your ego out of the way (such gnosis is possible by means of absent mindedness, belief engendered awe in the magical ceremony, absorption in a game, it can be a side effect of exhaustion or meditation and is explicit in sexual orgasm.

And the question is not, is magic real? The question now is this: if you are not using magic, why not? Don’t you want to be successful?

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