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The power of visualization and Dr. Strange




It’s powerful, visualization is fucking powerful. It’s been demonstrated that athletes get the same benefit from visualizing exercise as they get from actually exercising.

And that ‘reverse vampire / flaming faggot’ technique, aside from the sigil and the egrigore – it’s all about the visualization – cosmic power concentrating through a lens to set an inner aura aflame with cosmic fire that empowers the magician and everyone in the presence of the magician. And It really did seem that I was ‘hot’ when I tried the technique, to the extent of feeling as if I did not get wet in a light rain because my warmth dispersed the wet.

Visualization is the stuff of sympathetic magic: imagining the experience before you have the experience. So let’s take the most famous of sympathetic magics, the ‘voodoo doll’, where you take a doll, attach a personal concern / psychic link of your target (a drop of blood, a strand of hair, a piece of fingernail, a photo) – and visualize the doll is that person as you have your way with it for good or ill.

As a cartoonist my powers of visualization may be immense. I figured out that if you could fly, big problems would be having trouble breathing at high altitudes – as well as the cold, and that at lower altitudes you get a face full of dead insects if you fly at any fast speed – by visualizing myself doing the flying.

Which brings me to Dr. Strange, this comic book magical superhero. He, like most ‘magical’ superheroes, says spooky words, does some off hand gestures – and produces SPECIAL EFFECTS!

So no, occult techniques don’t produce special effects reliably. But who says anyone but Dr. Strange can see anything?
And, if Dr. Strange is visualizing awesome special effects only he can ‘see’…. And if I were to write a Dr. Strange comic it would be a gag that lots of people can’t see anything when Dr. Strange is doing awesome magics.

See, I think it’ll be MORE POWERFUL! To give yourself license to VISUALIZE awesome special effects for all your magic! Why? Because it’s FUN. And because it’s fun, it enrolls more of you. Because just as I found validation for my visualization of a hot cosmic aura – I think you’ll find validation for spells with vivid visualizations more often than not!


KitschChaos Reality Hacking

I’m working on a new big project, which I’ll call ‘Reality Hacking’, which will be a cartoon introduction to magic, and specifically what I consider a better paradigm.

The ‘Horace and the Holy Ghost’ comic I was expanding with a cartoon tutorial in magic. No Longer, the cartoon tutorial will be presented in this Reality hacking Project.

So the overall paradigm that distinguishes ‘Reality Hacking’, is that life is a game, you are the player, your ego is the character, and the objects of the game are yours to chose or invent. Magic in this paradigm constitutes a ‘cheat’.

I consider this a winning story for living life optimized to setting and meeting goals, for having reality conform with your will. The idea of who you are being separate from the identity you enjoy from having lived in the world as yourself will not seem obvious to everyone and that’s fine, but it’s an idea with deep tendrils in the global collective unconscious. It’s an idea that may seem more plausible in meditation, where you discover seeing your thought as an observer – which falsifies ‘being’ thought….

Magic as a cheat in the game you make of life, that’s the correct context to understand magic. With the game model it’s really clear – the cheat lets you get what you want out of playing, easier. And that’s how you do successful magic – you are active doing what you can do to have what you want – and magic, like a cheat, may make it easier for you when you do it!

So if you sulk in your room waiting for your love spell to make the person you want, come to you…. You are no Reality Hacker! The Reality Hacker goes out to meet people after casting such a spell!

The other big part of my Reality Hacking package will be a list of hand gestures with simple meanings and when combined with ‘spooky words’ –  a spell is cast! This is how EVERY magician in a comicbook has ever done it! I’ll use the idea of the ‘Alphabet of Desire’ – but make it much simpler and focus on common Hoodoo themes rather than metaphysical abstractions. Love, sex, dominate, luck, blessing, reverse bad luck, win court case, get wisdom – stuff like that.

I’ll share the process of how I create the word and image (to be traced by hand gestures) for each desire. So users can expand their dictionary with spells they create! It’s useful for people to reinforce the power of a sigil and word by using the same one for the same purpose – So I’ll do my best!

This may also be the first project I try to monetize. I haven’t given up on marketing or making money online. I just know I need something I can believe in to sell. So I’m making sure this project will be AWESOME!

Invoking Solomon

Judgement of SolomonInvoking Solomon

I was writing earlier in a facebook group about the prospect of invoking Solomon so I could write my own Solomonic grimoire; as I proscribe in my Christian Magic article.

It seems that – I may have invoked Solomon by simply writing about the prospect of invoking Solomon.

What this means is that I might be talking to myself, or an external entity – there is no way of knowing which it is, or maybe both.

Solomon was not what I expected, he reminds me of George Bernard Shaw – with an easy good natured sarcasm. Seems he really wanted to talk to me.

So understand this is like a telepathic conversation I’m having with an imagined other, albeit with an alarmingly explicit personality. So what follows may be the product of an unusual creative process or  a collaboration with an awesome spirit that may or may not be my creation.

Solomon is a monotheist, accuses me of being one too. Refused to tell me if he is a thought form, imagination or an actual entity on the grounds anything he told me I’d not trust to be the truth.

Some highlights, and this was as my mind wandered and would think of something to ask Solomon as I was doing something else throughout the day.

His superior magic vs. the Egyptians: this was a contest of stage magic.

The ugliness of the Old testament: know Rick Santorum? People like him wrote much of the Bible. It’s that too much time passed we image those assholes were inspired by more than their base desires and biases.

The wisdom of Soloman book was meant only for tribal Jews, not the entire fucking world.

Some critiques of ceremonial magic:

Yes, a circle of protection. No, don’t use words or languages you do not understand, if you speak English, use English. If the god head is ‘Father, Son and Holy’ ghost to YOU – write THAT in your circle!

Solomon suggests you decide on what you need from an entity, make a request for the name and sigil to God, Cosmic Powers or whatever you care to label a higher power – and you’ll get an entity that is right for YOU.

Don’t use other people’s grimoires – the demons listed are those that belong to its author.

Solomon seems to back Crowley’s assertion that demons, angels perhaps, are wild parts of our psyche – that we need to find OUR entities.

Solomon suggests I write as his ‘grimoire’ a comic featuring he and I having a conversation. It probably would kind of cool.

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