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Pursuit of Happiness



It’s an emotion, sort of the opposite of ‘depressed’. And it’s an emotion that tends to be short lived and tied to circumstances, like getting a promotion at work or finding your erotic/romantic interest is mutual.

And depression is real illness, I can’t speak to that and I’m not speaking to that. Unless you agree you might by use of your mind and imagination defeat depression, I can’t help you.

for the rest of you, throw your shoulders back and SMILE!

Notice that the expression and pose – DOES impact your thoughts and mood! It’s because the expressions and position your body assumes when you have a given mood – can be reversed and the expression and position can SUMMON the mood! This is preached in NLP, but is an older insight than that.

Also, a happy grin tends to look attractive, it suggests to people looking for approval that you do approve – and that you like people. In short, simply smiling, throwing your shoulders back and more or less looking UP – and you have CHARISMA!

I know this is not going to be natural for lots of people, fake it. Fake it till you make – and those words are a cliche’ (in sales and self help), because they are true.

Now in truth, in my own practice of smiling and finding my own joy – it’s colored by sarcastic humor. And that’s fine. It will be colored by something else for you – it’s how we are diverse, and just accept whatever you find to fuel your grin or smile.

Now that, that’s how to project ‘happy’, not how to BE happy. Which is not entirely true, because you can’t project happy without being a little happy.

Now a big part of why we are not happy, is that we don’t give ourselves permission. There’s so much agreement about how life is shit that complaining has become the one subject we can discuss with anyone – it’s social lubricant! And if we are happy, it’s disrespectful to the suffering, you sabotage your own capacity to bitch and complain – and besides – if you allow yourself to be happy – how will you find the motivation to get that job or to get married or to have whatever it is that you think you must have – before you can DESERVE happiness!

You have to give that up, give yourself PERMISSION to be happy!

There are masters of happiness, people who no matter what their circumstance – are genuinely happy and MOST OF THE TIME! And who are these gurus that generate genuine happiness effortlessly? Children! Children have a capacity to find pleasure in simple things and to greet each day with optimism and joy. They are my model of how to generate happiness.

Now how are children different from US? They are not that different of course – as adults we have all been children ourselves and in the maturing process we became MORE, not less! So there’s nothing a child can do that an adult cannot, in theory.

So some distinctions.

1. a child experiences time much slower than an adult. Think to a time you were 10 or younger, and a month away from your birthday – that month took FOREVER. And as an adult – a month passes quite rapidly – shoot – this past summer ended quite rapidly for me!

2. A child learns something new every day! There is ONLY potential, a child will always be bigger, stronger and smarter in the coming year!

3. A child accepts what is, as acceptable! As normal – and they work with the circumstance!

So if you want to be happy, as in your default mood is that of being happy – these are strategies.

1. do stuff! Accomplish something EVERY WEEK! this will compress time!

2. KEEP LEARNING! you can be stronger, smarter and know more in the coming year, but not if you don’t WORK to be stronger, smarter or to know more!

3. Accept where you are now as OKAY! Now from where you are now what can you do?

Because a child is growing and learning by default – their happiness is genuine and default.

Because you are not a child, you will not grow and learn unless you put forth effort! If you DO, I believe THEN you will find a capacity for happiness that is genuine and yes…default!

Christian Magic!


Okay, a few weeks back I was chatting with some fundamentalist Christians, and chaos magic allows me to challenge them in ways they did not expect. After all, servitors are evidence that all Gods might be manufactured by belief. It sure would explain how some Jesus’s believe the poor are only poor because they don’t pray righteously and others belief the last shall be first and the first shall be last – depends on the church, and every church is certain they have a monopoly on God’s love.

Well, the fundamentalist fella, he decided to trust in God and offered to faith heal me. And I have a stubborn cough that would pose a problem at work (I work in a phone bank) – so I accepted his attempt to health that cough.

It worked! And sure enough, when he healed me, his eyes went in to the back of his head and he was really FEELING the spirit! My cough was cured and is still vastly better than it had been. The power of prayer with combined with GNOSIS, is awesome!

And I found myself watching some evangelical stuff on YOUTUBE, and found this preacher man RAILING against the fortune tellers and sorcerers! But he had to qualify his attack! Because, clearly, anyone that used the BIBLE for fortune telling or sorcery – that would have God’s blessing!

So this sparked my imagination, what would a Christian magical paradigm look like if you limited yourself to the BIBLE?

Well, I thought long and hard on it and wrote an article on the subject! Christian Magic! Get it here!

Tracking souls thru the afterlife

When it comes to the afterlife, I don’t commit to any expectation. Judgement doesn’t frighten me especially, if I get an option to reincarnate i suppose I will, if my consciousness is dead except for the record I leave behind of it and my body rots -that’s not awful either. Death is exciting to the extent I get to find out what happens next!

9/11 2014 thoughts

I’m kind of dreading today. I’ve no TV, but I can just feel the relentless barrage of video and war drum beating orchestrated around memorial for the destruction of the twin towers. It’s become something of an anti-holiday. 9/11 special

With that out of the way. I hate to say this, but the Terrorist have WON!  What happened on 9/11 happened, but the consequences live today: Militarized police, prosecution of whistle blowers, privacy invasion by the state and a Patriot Act that denies the accused of citizenship rights if the accused can be labeled ‘terrorist’, which is conveniently undefined.

Go here to support the fight against Citizens United, because corporations are not people and should not have rights in excess of people!

Sadly I must resort to a conservative for an anti Patriot Act piece?

And please let me plug the EFF, our rights online are so critically important and threatened:

Because 9/11/01 was 13 years ago, it’s history. And if we want to stop the terrorists from winning, we have to preserve our freedom and democracy or we become them and then they do win! They get to be right that freedom and democracy are dangerous and wrong!



In the chaos magic technique of sigil magic, it’s very popular to ‘wank to scribbles’. And some poke fun at or disparage sigil magic as worthless for that reason. Because masturbation is so very common, how magical could it be?

And of course there’s the other extreme of sex magic – Tantra – and using sex energy essentially to accelerate the rate at which you achieve enlightenment. Though people popularly think of tantra as a category of sex where the couple try really hard to almost but NOT cum….

But basically there is a THEORY to sex magic, and it’s simple. Orgasm=gnosis! Bad ass POWERFUL Gnosis! And by powerful, many believe it to be far more powerful than that of animal sacrifice! The energies and mind that brings forth life!

However it should be emphasized that sex or masturbation in a magical context is NOT the same as sex or masturbation outside a magical context. Launching a sigil is not the same as ‘wanking’.

So what’s different? Because, let’s say you are launching a sigil blind, you don’t remember what the sigil is for. You wouldn’t turn your mind to a sex fantasy, jerk off and expect something to happen? It MIGHT if you believe hard enough. But if it’s not working it’s because you are not directing that sex energy magically to fulfill your will. In the case of a blind sigil you would focus on ‘EMPOWER THE SIGIL!‘, (or on your desire if using another form of magic)! In practice it may seem a bit like ping pong as your mind flows to sex fantasy to keep the arousal in place and then returns to focus on ‘EMPOWER‘ and you so cycle until orgasm (unless you’re doing tantra).

It’s a lot harder to reach orgasm this way, and no doubt that’s the tantra secret. And is it powerful? It’s awesomely powerful! And don’t fret that at the moment you orgasm-ed that your mind was at the fantasy rather than your will – that fantasy is in the service of the will if you’ve been doing the ping pong – it’s ALL GOOD! I doubt many people find ’empower‘ orgasm material….

Where’d my Post Reply Spam go?


I’m giving y’all a heads up. I am deleting EVERY reply to my every post on this blog. Even the good stuff!

Because too much spam got through and posted live links to f’d up places, and links to sites that don’t exist – and that f’s with this site’s respectability with Google and its safety rating with Facebook!

I have a superior spam blocker now, WP-SpamShield, and you, the real person that wants to reply to something I wrote, it’s easier than ever for you to do just that!

Before there were hundreds of replies every day, and almost all of it spam. And the best of the spam, that seemed to be on topic or at least stimulated a response from me – it go through and so too it’s link to a ‘bad’ website.

Now, I have NO spam getting through at all. Not now, not with WP-SpamShield, a free anti spam plug in for word press. And it works so much better than anything else I’ve tried, I can’t give it a strong enough recommendation!

So if you reply NOW, because there are so much fewer replies coming from real people – I’ll be able to check your links and let your reply go live. When you reply again, it may post automatically. And of course if you prefer to register automatically with facebook, twitter or google, that’s enabled as well!

And there are a handful of people that love this site, my blog posts and posted thoughtful replies. and I am deleting those replies. And I apologize, but it’s much easier to delete everything than to delete just the spam, partially because I’m not 100% sure which comments are causing problems and which are not.

It’s now done, and really this hurts me than you. I had a lot of good content I WROTE for this blog as replies to others comments, and deleted that too. But I have to get rid of the toxic and broken links embedded in so many replies. For the future of this site it had to happen.

Please, this should never happen again, I will be very careful from now on. Please post replies, lots of replies, it will be easier and better from here on out!

Grimorium Verum, notorious Black magic!


The Grimorium Verum is one of the most notorious handbooks of black magic, dealing openly with the subject of working with Demons. And this particular edition, edited by Joseph Peterson, is an awesome nerdgasm for anyone that romanticizes working with the magic of the 1500’s and having the that same grimoire! Joseph Peterson’s scholarship is top notch and and he’s delivering exactly what I want in a translated and edited grimiore. He shares his notes on the comparisons of different editions, includes original editions in French and Italian and gives copious notes on every decision.

The book itself, it’s directory of demons is limited, the sigils for the demons may be missing or there may be more than one, and some of the folk magic is too gruesome to attempt (and I’ve enough experience to know better ways to get results).

But this book offers something pretty awesome for a black magic handbook hundreds of years old: common sense.

Let’s say you raise a demon to do something for you. You can be friendly, neutral or antagonistic, which approach will be most useful? Well in the classic Christianized modality, you invoke God and evoke the Demon and THREATEN the demon to do your bidding! You will do this for me or I will put you in this lead box!

So let’s think about that, how does the demon feel? If the demon can fuck you over what reason have they NOT to?

Whereas if you are friendly to neutral – The entity has no reason to feel hostile.

This hundreds year old Black magic handbook, it suggest dealing with demons in a FRIENDLY or NEUTRAL manner, and always polite.

But I imagine this could be a nerve wracking experience to work with this book, wherein the sigils and the demons they belong to are so vague and incomplete.

An insight from Chaos magic and you can get this book working. Use divination to confirm a sigil, invocation and automatic writing to get new sigils. Borrow from the demonologies of other books if you prefer. Grimorium Verum offers a streamlined and simpler evocation approach, I suspect it may be superior for the same reason.

And to qualify, I’ve only so far worked with entities I’ve created. I’ve not dabbled in demonology, I just enjoy reading the books and entertaining the idea.

Grimorium Verum

Google translation on this blog!

The Tower of Babel! Google translation?

I have introduced the Google translation plug-in for Word Press. PLEASE LOOK TO THE RIGHT!

It’s because when I check my server stats, I see that a lot of people visiting my site are from around the world. I know google translation is very poor compared to a human translation, and I cannot promise you what you read that is translated to any language other than the original English reflects precisely the same meaning as my English prose. But Google likely has the best digital translation, and if it can deliver  my content to more people that’s AWESOME!

The little flags for various languages, I don’t have a flag for EVERY language, so why THOSE? And yes if your language doesn’t have a flag, the Google service offers more language options than I have flags. I selected flags that correspond to my limited understanding of the languages spoke in the countries that had the most people visiting my website, according to my server stats.

There’s is enough information on chaos magic in this blog to yield a fairly good book, and it’s free online for any who care to read it. I hope google translation services are good enough more people can find value in this website.

What you do when you procrastinate? is entirely written by Michael Robin Cooke, It’s a lot of content. And the reason there’s a lot of content is because – writing posts to this blog is what I would do when i was avoiding other work. Because this blog, about Chaos Magic and marketing, it’s what I think about, have thought about and it’s really EASY, for me, to bullshit on exactly those subjects. No I’m not disparaging my writing on this site, my bullshit about chaos magic and marketing can be quite good.

I heard somewhere, and it is the point of this post, that the things you do when you procrastinate, are the things you might best be making a living at, because it won’t bore you and do it anyway and prefer doing it to doing many other things.

So what do I do when I’m avoiding doing something else? This blog is one result, a ton of stories is another and lots of doodles. Of course what I’m procrastinating on this moment, is working on a comic FOR THIS SITE! Horace and the Holy Ghost – and the story is so cool and the project so interesting that when I try to draw it, it’s not good enough, and so I find myself less inclined to work on it. But I am the best artist I know.

I’m trying to build myself into a productive cartoonist. Those stories in my head must be told. And it will get done, I just need to stop procrastinating.

But at least I’m procrastinating and not doing the something I kind of love. That’s better than procrastinating and not doing the thing you must do but you dislike or even hate.

So when I stop procrastinating and get the project done, this website, the one you are reading now – will be re-branded with an all new logo and a magical brat as the new site mascot. This blog will be re-branded too – but all the blog posts I’ve recovered will stay intact.

And your take away – what DO you do when you procrastinate? And no, not the TV or stuff you might do that involves no doing anything – but the stuff you do that produces something, art, music, writing, performance, learning…etc. Because that which you do because you’d rather not do something else – if you could make that your career, you might have the opportunity for a happier life!

I want that happier life. Don’t you? Here’s an ironic comic I created in Photoshop, to have a sense of my drawing skillz!


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