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Okay is a new blog. Fixed the issue with wordpress no installing any plug ins.

I really need to learn more about how registration works in wordpress. Since I write stuff more than follow or comment on other blogs.

I can’t use a newsletter plug in because my mailing list is too huge? Just over 4k. Wow, and I’d never been using it. So I suppose I’ll pay for the ‘professional’ email client service – which allows me an unlimited mailing list – and boy am I going to throttle how many email get sent per period, to not crash my server.

So thank you all for registering! I’ll be sending new blog posts in  my newsletter + anything that comes to mind. maybe next month – I have too many recurring bills already

You’ll see lots of social links, please do like my facebook page for this site

Some spam stopping measures, I hope it helps.

The sigil magic article is back in place.

Post Modern Asatru

Asatru is the modern Heathen movement focused on the Norse pantheon of Gods and legends. I’ve had some powerful results working with runes, adding them to sigils, and so this sparked my interest.

I’ve gotten two books, one on rune magic another on Asatru. The Asatru book is more about neopagan lifestyle recreation. And while I admit there’s a cosplay appeal to that and it’s nice to have a structure for the religion of the Gods, I’m an American chaos magician and is magic more than religion or culture that interests me.

The book on Rune Magic is a book of magic and very useful. It also is religious, in such a way as to be mildly off putting.

And I joined a facebook group organized around Asatru. I didn’t last. The meme of attaching genetic heritage to Asatru as a culture, it harbors ideas usually reserved for racism, and indeed, there is explicit racism in Asatru that most are very vocal about being against! I  found many right wing conservatives making themselves welcome in Asatru. And there was an element of macho posturing.

When an online fight erupted with one party being relentless in labeling the other “Faggot!” – I just noticed this was going on for a while, and no one criticized the language. So I left a note to the group explaining as an actual ‘faggot’ I didn’t feel welcome and so I’d be leaving. How f’d up to be homophobic about a heathenism with a mythology featuring so much gender bending -and gender non conformity even from Odin!

Ever since I was bashed while being called a ‘faggot’, it’s a trigger word for me – makes me want to fight. I don’t want to to fight – so I leave.

So that got me thinking. What would the Asatru look like that I would feel comfortable in and be what I want?

Here’s my thought project:

Post Modern Asatru!

Culture: a set of holidays, but otherwise we simply admire and learn from Norse culture, we need not live in it. It is good we need not war if we have that opportunity. If we must war, consider poverty  and injustice worthy targets on which to wage war.

Genetic heritage – there is none. There is no race a Viking would not take for a wife if beautiful enough! The Gods are for everyone! We need to make a concerted effort to evangelize Asatru to people of color! Which might seem unlikely… until you witness the images of White Jesus on their wall. And those runes, they are powerful, I am confident any person of color will find them as powerful.

And the Seidr magic, the feminine magic Odin learned despite the charges of being ‘unmanly’ accompanying the study. A magic that does no less than rewrite the destiny written for us by the Norns. There are some attempts to recreate the ancient magical practices, but every complete one has used the author’s improvisation to fill in the gaps. And many ‘traditional’ Asatru people reject anything that cannot be referenced in an Edda or elsewhere! A standard that leaves us without a complete magical practice.

So a post modern Asatru would be gnostic, communicating with the Gods and by means of their inspiration improvising new magics, making complete paradigms of pieces and generally being relaxed and focusing more on if the magic WORKS than if it is properly traditional or not.

I’m really new to Asatru, and I may not be able to work with organized followers, so I dunno how I’d be able to build a post modern Asatru paradigm people actually follow. The first step of course is expressing the concept publicly – and so i have!

Sorry the site was down

My bank is small and paranoid about payments overseas being the work of hackers overseas, and so blocked a payment for my web hosting. Hey, I checked the servers and they seem to be based in the USA. So while I was getting my bank to cooperate, the site was down for a few days.

Must I forget my sigil for it to work?

This came up in a facebook chaos magic group. And yes, it’s a fundamental concept of sigil magic that you don’t know what you are ‘launching’ when you do the sigil magic spell. Some people learning about this, they may be concerned that if they DON’T forget, if they KNOW what the sigil is for – that it ruins everything?

The short answer is ‘no’. Your sigil magic can work powerfully and just fine. But you must try to not be attached to the result!

The reason sigil magic is powerful is related to the concept of launching the sigil as you have forgotten what it is for. But it’s not the ‘forgetting’ that makes it powerful, it’s the other stuff your mind is NOT doing, because you forgot, that makes it powerful.

If you cast a spell any other way, you are aware what the spell is for, INTENSELY aware as you cast the spell. Because you are building desire and emotional energy in relation to that desire – and the combination of desire and gnosis fuels powerful magic.

But once you cast that spell, you may find yourself impatient for the result, find that you are of two minds and fear the result as much as anticipate it – and your mind so occupied, the result will take a longer time to manifest, if it does at all.

The being impatient is called : Lust for result.
The being of two minds is called: Duality of desire.

Generally if you can cast the spell, and THEN be completely unattached to the result and not care that it manifests. THEN the spell works powerfully AND fast!

No, the unattached mindset is not terribly easy. But the unattached mindset is SO powerful, it can constitute a powerful spell all by itself!

Try simple intent, intend a result – and then have NO attachment to getting the result or it even happening. You will get your result! And if you do not, most likely if you check where your head is at, you were nursing a resentment or being attached some other way. Like I said, it’s not easy.

But you can use this technique often because all that’s involved is unattached intent. Try it when you need a parking space or to get someone’s attention you might like.

The reason Sigil magic is so powerful, is because you pour the intent and desire into the design you create from your statement of intent- it thereby becomes a magical battery! And if you do this several times and save the sigils in a special place (If you are Christian, try Psalm 23 in your bible – I use the creative hexagram in the I-Ching – but any book or box that feels magical to you – store your sigils there) – and launch the sigils a  month or so later (using gnosis generated by exhaustion, sexual orgasm or being lost in a game while glancing at the sigil) – it works! And it’s as if you are PERFECT in your non attachment, because your conscious mind doesn’t know what’s going on!

Keep in mind, your capacity to be attached PROTECTS YOU.  It keeps your life your life going as it had gone and prevents anything from disrupting the equilibrium and comfort you have with how things are now.

Sigil magic is DANGEROUS. It tends to deliver EXACTLY what you ask for, if it is good for you or not.

Perhaps is a Chinese CURSE: ‘may you live an interesting life!’

2014 and now.. a NEW POST!

My apologies to my readers, this site has been offline or not updated for maybe over a year.

There was a server migration and the administration of my wordpress install was broken, and most everything I know how to do with wordpress, kind of requires that administration.

And THEN my website was hacked and pretty much wiped. I suppose Chaos magic is a meme with its haters and they really did a number on this site.

What I did to be able to post this new post in a functioning wordpress administration is to upgrade the wordpress manually. And I was nervous, but figured if the back up that restored this blog the first time it could do so again. And in preparing for the worst result I got lucky and it WORKED!

So right now where I’m at is I’m renting a room in a house with Qi Gong teacher that also restores and builds floors for housing. Indeed I have a nice new wood floor in the room I’m typing this in.

My ambition is to get myself working to create new comics regularly. It’s kind of me returning to my base – if i can’t have the job that pays me what I want – what reason is there to not pursue my passion. Can I not deliver the most value with that which I’m post passionate about?

I have the domain name, and indeed that is also the name of the new comic I’m creating. And I’m very enthusiastic about my new comic project.

Meanwhile I’m working on a very particular comic project that will REBRAND THIS SITE! Horace and the Holy Ghost – a kind of tutorial on Chaos Magic in the form of an action comic that could be mistaken for a Christian tract! It will be a free .pdf you can download and it will have a creative commons license allowing YOU to print up as many copies as you please to distribute for free. I hope people will print it up and leave them in laundromats and waiting rooms – anywhere you might find a ‘Watchtower” or other religious tract.

I’m so glad I didn’t have to install a new wordpress site and keep this one just for reading a posterity! It will adapt to the coming soon! new site look and feel just fine.

Welcome to

This is a site about Chaos magic applied to business and marketing.
If you mean to use magic to improve sales, to grow a business - this is the site where you can learn the most powerful magic available - without diluting it to make it safe or 'acceptable' - and apply it to your business TODAY!

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