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Yes, I’m writing this on Sat 22,2012, the 23rd where the computer server lives. The day or days after the end of the Mayan calendar.

Of course those Indians that still carry on the old Mayan beliefs,know it’s not a doomsday, but a shift from one ‘age’ to another. In Western Astrology we’re entering the ‘age of aquarius’, a comparable idea. In chaos magic circles I once participated in, the ‘5th Aeon’ was the popular buzzword for the coming age.

I didn’t write on this on ‘doomsday’, I was too drunk and stoned. And yes, I remember now why I don’t  like getting drunk. But I failed also, because I couldn’t come up with a theme or lesson of any kind to associate with it.

But doomsday is real. No one gets out alive. And collectively, we should think we can survive. Natural disasters can hurt or kill many people, but those that have the will to survive, often will. It’s not their time for doomsday!

So me, I can see the 4 horsemen in the air – and I’m going to try and survive. If you’re going to believe without knowing, believe something that serves you!

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