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Meaning Making Machines gone Mad!

I’m just writing this because I’ve been seeing this sort of nonsense going on with my friends, fairly normal healthy people, living in worlds they created instead of braving the uncomfortableness of not knowing.

“S/He doesn’t like me!” -“S/He is being stand offish with me!” “S/He likes me!”

We all have said such things and believed them. But really, if someone doesn’t like you, the best way to know is for them to tell you, same with regards to someone liking you.

I can hear you : but their behavior! And here’s where my point is. Behaviour is not communication. My being nice to you could be a function of my kindness, my love, my contempt, my ethics, my wanting to impress a third party, an expression of religious conviction, my acting in self interest because i need something from you, my having lost a bet, perhaps even i WASN”T nice at all but because you are infatuated with me you interpret my indifferent act as a nice one!

When it comes to the world of magic and the occult, a lot of what people are looking for are solutions to thwarted desires. And if your life story at this moment involves another person being very relevant, your interpretation of what their actions mean can have you be consumed with emotions. And yes, you can take your conclusions and work magic with them, but you might be wrong, the magic may make a mess you don’t want to live with.

The person you think wants you romantically, that you also really want romantically- why you think they want you could be wrong because you are not objective. Just speaking for myself, a smile or small kindness from a person you are attracted to can seem magnified. And more than once I’ve been the fool that humiliated myself approaching someone for a date that wasn’t interested in me that way at all.

And consider this : seek and you shall find! It is possible to want someone, and collect all kinds of reasons they are interested in you, but even though you find more and more reasons – the evidence is contaminated by confirmation bias, by your desire – and the truth is the other person might not even be attracted to your gender!

This works with hate and persecution as well. If you have been persecuted, if you fear someone hates you or believe an act may be intended to pick on you – you might be right. Or, you might be wrong. There’s always another interpretation of their behaviour that is just as possible as the one including you.

To stay sane, and not trouble your emotional well being with insecurity and not have you casting spells that will only create bigger problems if they do work – you need to understand that the limits to what you actually do know. You know what people tell you, you know what people do. And that’s not a lot – because people can lie and actions have many possible catalysts.

What you can do is use divination as a tool. Psychologically the symbolism of tarot. I-ching, runes..etc makes your question more abstract and you can achieve some greater quality of objectivity with regards to your situation. and yes, synchronicity is such that divination does indeed give you relevant information. Always understand that your reading of divination, if it cause you to make a new decision – your future is also altered, is ‘new’. As in quantum physics -you cannot observe phenomena without acting on it.

And this is also WHY I strongly suggest when you do practice magic, cast a spell – you do NOT focus your magic on specific people. Cast a spell for  your ideal lover, you ideal job, you ideal friends. Get in touch with what you want – and ask for THAT. Don’t ask for a person, if they are really best for you – a magic spell for the best partner will deliver that person to you if they are best for you. Because when it comes to people, you have enough trouble knowing yourself to think you really know anyone else!

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