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Servitor/Thought-Form Peer Review

Some of you are in school and maybe think all you need are the books and the teacher/professor. On this belief, some choose to pursue online education. I’m not here to attack online education, and I can heartily recommend as a free resource to learn almost anything online.

But online education misses something big and important: the other students. Because other students are POWERFUL in personal development of ANY kind. Why? Because peers, are better than you and not as good as you – and people that are better than you can HELP you, and you can HELP people not as good as you. And not JUST that, better than or worse than, peers validate your study and expertise, and reward you with approval or respect.

In the ‘real world’ there are opportunities to benefit, and benefit from, peers, as in your co-workers with whom you may operate in teams. Really, the team of coworkers that you can both teach and learn from is something of an ideal – not all jobs have the possibility. But schools have no monopoly.

I’m ‘stuck’ for lack of peers. I have both Ithacat, a new comic project I’m writing and drawing and developing for over 2 years, as well as – which is approaching a year of ‘coming soon’. I don’t have even a geek boy friend that can help me with some technical details, something I had once and perhaps took for granted. I don’t have cartoonist friends to give me feed back and encouragement on my comic. Though people like the script I got, on average.

So what is a servitor? It’s a thought-form. Or an autonomous ‘spirit’ given birth by means of thought – energy. In chaos magic, the basis of the thought form may be a statment of intent combined with a sigil and launched with sexual orgasm (specifically for the sympathetic magic of ‘giving life’ with sexual orgasm, not just for the gnosis).

Now you can look at what happens spiritually or as applied psychology.

If it is spiritual, you are manifesting a spirit,and for this purpose, a spirit that knows what you know, that wants you to succeed and independant enough to tell you something helpful, that you hadn’t thought of. A PEER!  And as a Servitor, it could be real enough to have an emotional attachment to you or your work. Know yourself, and know your servitor. Do you need someone to be a task master or your biggest fan? Define the spirit you create accordingly!

If it is psychological, all the Servitor is,is a technique to unlock what you don’t know you know, and introduce it to you as ‘new knowlege’. Think about the best teacher’s you’ve ever had, if you remember them well you can imagine, fairly accurately,what they would have to say about any project you are working on right now! And Not JUST that, the teacher in your memory that you recreate feedback from, it’s likely better feedback than you would get from the actual person.

So the servitor is amore advanced game than recreating coaching from favourite teachers – you’re manifesting a person that cares more than your teacher, and knows more too, and knows about exactly the thing you know a lot about too! And as you use your imagination,the Servitor you invent can become more real to you than any memory.

Myself, I need an art and story telling coach. In the real world, I’m the best cartoonist I know. So that coach it will have to be a servitor. And be it a real spirit! or simply an invisible friend/psychological construct that helps me unlock better information from my own brain. Either way, it may be just what I need.

Similarly I’m a geek and am a better geek than anyone else i know. My biggest problem is confidence. A tech -Servitor can help me get up and running and making me money!

Hypersigil, and crayon autobio

A hypersigil is a spell cast through the creation of a creative work. This hypersigil is meant to enrich me and help me secure housing.

It was created for a public library art show on the subject of homelessness. I felt a perspective on homelessness could be missing and that I could include it: that, today, homelessness is also an issue for working people. It was for me,and I am employed!

I meant to draw and  ink a comic about my own story in comic form. Because I blew the deadline, I cut the story down from 8 pages to 4, and while I had the comic pencilled and lettered,I found I didn’t have enough time to both ink and color the artwork. So I just went from pencil to crayon and colored pencil.

The artwork was a success.It made me a minor local celebrity, or at least people felt they knew me from the comic and would introduce themselves to me. The juxtaposition of the ink letters and borders, with the pencil and crayon artwork was novel enough to capture people’s attention, and many people ‘mesmerized’ would take the time to read the entire thing.

As for the hypersigil,I have been getting more hours at work, I’m living rent free on the family farm for a while and I’ll have money to move back to ithaca proper very soon! My pet cat got herself pregnant and now has a litter of kittens, I hate how in the world of magic this can be equated with ‘wealth’: Now I have more livestock!

The hypersigil crayon autobio:

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