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The German Invasion!

It’s been developing for over a year, but my obsession with this website and who visits and stuff has been waning lately, so I’d not been paying attention…. Germans love this site more than citizens of any other nation! And not by a little bit and not just now. For every visit from America, I get about 2 or 3 from China and about 15 or more from Germany, and it’s been like this for every month of this year and for most of last year!

So what do I not know about Germany? A lot really. Why is this site popular with Germans? It’s in English, It’s American, about American stuff,  and its about the usefulness of a post modern occult system labeled “Chaos magic”.

And of course, what is really nasty about even noticing more people from one country than another visits your website, is that any answer you consider also serves as stereotype and blanket statement about a nation’s citizens.

So, welcome German readers! I imagine you appreciate a clean post modern occult system, that works well and is unburdened by history.

Homelessness is working poor! And what is coming to kitschchaos!

So, why have I not been posting much new content? I’ve had a set back, lost my housing and am staying in a camper on the family farm until i can get  a room or studio apartment. I’ll share exactly what happened in the form of a comic/hypersigil that is part of an art show on the theme of homelessness.

The bigger picture of homelessness is that when you go shopping,the person that is at the cash register, or stocking the shelves, they likely are making minimum wage and their job is only part time. That’s $290 per 40 hours, BEFORE taxes. And 40 hours may represent 2 weeks of work, not one. Meanwhile the median price for simply renting a room in an apartment share is $600/month!

The homeless issue is one of the working poor! And if you have a minimum wage job, you are far too wealthy for most government assistance. It is people that have jobs that are non the less homeless, that are the true face of homelessness!

Remember that, the next time you order a burger or shop at Wal-mart.

The comic I made about my own experience may be the most popular piece in the art show! It’s making me a minor celebrity locally as the comic stars myself and several hundreds of locals have seen and read my comic on display in the public library. May 26 the show is over and I’ll get my art back, and I can scan the comic pages and share them online. The comic is interesting artistically, as I did not ink the artwork – I just went from pencil to crayon and colored pencil.

I will get housing soon, the comic is a hypersigil spell to create that, and it’s not that great a challenge.

For this site I’m working on a Horace and the Holy Ghost comic, I have it scripted and laid out. It’s a bit silly, but I mean to combine it with relevant articles so together, it makes an excellent introduction to Chaos magic! And s yeah, blogging my way to a book is how I’ll do it. So you loyal readers will be in for quite a treat!

Slammed by Google, because of a hacker! had been hacked for the month of April. I never knew because my content wasn’t altered in the least, but Google knew. The hacker had copied my index page and edited it to include dubious links to what could be illegal warez or, yes, computer viruses. He hacked the htaccess file to redirect urls with non existent directories to a folder not revealed in the url.

If the hacker had been sharp enough to include a robot.txt document so his use of my server space to host his warez and whatnot could not be crawled by Google, I would never have noticed, Google would have never noticed. Only if I thought to edit my htaccess file would I ever have a clue.

But google crawls very well indeed and found the hacked files even though they are not linked to from any of my pages. And because the files linked to from the hacked pages were ‘bad’, perhaps a computer virus here or there – google eliminated ALL my search engine results except for that of the domain itself!

But in checking google, I’ve found that many of my articles have been reposted to other sites, even my ebook has been submitted to an ebook directory without my knowing:

There are more than that too, I haven’t the patience to fine every last reposting of my work, and in retrospect, that is WHY google had been ranking my site so very highly before the site was hacked.

The htaccess file has been fixed, I’m using a new stronger password for the server and the hackers files and directories have all been deleted. I have asked Google to reconsider my site (which may take MONTHS), but I’m sure it will be fine.

Interestingly, my server stats have credited all search engines with maybe 2% of the traffic this site gets. Most people come to this site from a link, from a bookmark – and likely from my articles and e-books being reposted all over the place and having links back here.

If YOU are a hacker, that’s well and good, hackers are technology enthusiasts. And I do not consider the person who hacked my site to be a bad person, I do have unlimited drive space and bandwidth with my hosting and they didn’t mess with my content – they just added some private content for themselves and maybe victims  they email the toxic links to. It’s bad behavior, but it’s not intended to hurt me I don’t think.

I’m not a hacker, my network security expertise is that of a cartoonist and graphic artist, seriously, those are my primary and strongest job skills. So hacking this site should be of ZERO or NEGATIVE prestige to you if you have any pride as a hacker at all.

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