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what it takes to have a comment post to this blog (or any blog or forum..etc.)

I’ve written a few of these, but again I find myself deleting ALL incoming comments as spam. I don’t want to, if you have a website to promote, this site will allow your url to go live and get full credit as a link, followed by spiders!

But this is an informational and personal blog by Michael Robin Cooke, it is not an automated link farm purposed to help you with back-links. I take pride in presenting useful and distinct information and opinion with my unique point of view, and if you mean to reply just for the sake of a back-link, you are wasting your time if you cannot simply read the f’n post and reply intelligently.

Now, some readers may not be up to speed. What, exactly am i talking about? It relates to ‘search engine optimization’,SEO, after creating a website you need people to find it and visit the site or the site fails to serve any purpose. A ‘back-link’ happens anytime someone adds your link to another website. And one of the first things a ‘SEO’ expert does with a new site, historically – is submit the new site to ‘article directories’, to establish the very first back-links for that site.

One of the most important metrics that has one site ‘rank’ better than another in a search engine – is how many back-links that site has. This is because high quality sites attract many back-links organically because people actually like and recommend the site! Any automated computer algorithm will base a lot on the number and quality of back links a web site has.

Which brings us to the comments on my blog. If you post a comment to my blog and have a website to promote – YOU GET A BACK-LINK FROM THIS SITE! And this is not just any blog – most blogs, because of spam (unwanted abuse of commenting systems by marketers and scam artists) place all links in “no follow” links, a bit of code that tells spiders to ignore the link for purposes of back link credit. This site is an exception because I decided it should be, as it’s subject includes.. marketing.

So understand first, that a modern blog such as WordPress, pings search engines automatically and get search engine ranking rapidly almost as easily as simply existing.

But if you want to increase your search engine rank, back links really do work. But if your comments are spam you will make no friends and you will sabotage yourself as your comments are deleted by site and blog administrators.

How do I know if your comment is SPAM? I recognize spam first, by the fact a comment occurs verbatim, more than once. Tell tale cut n paste – you insult me by not even reading the post! Second, I recognize a spam comment by the fact it doesn’t specify ANYTHING about my site or the post being commented to – SPECIFICALLY. If you learned something but take issue with something else – your comment is SPAM unless you can tell me WHAT you think you learned, WHAT it is that you take issue with!

Now I may have been deleting some sincere comments. I understand people are diverse and many people may feel inadequate to reply in detail to what I’ve written but appreciate it still, and simply want to tell me “Thanks”. Please understand that I get SO MUCH SPAM, clever spam that tries to complement me (flattery to get me to let their reply go live) or accuse me of something so I’ll reply (which i can only do if a reply goes live).

So if you like something, tell me what it is, and why – to the best of your ability. I WANT your reply to my blog post. I really do. But you have to write a reply that couldn’t be posted to just any blog. And that’s easy, because this is not just any blog!

I promise you, any ‘make money online!’ course you might spend money on that tells you to promote an e-commerce website by posting comments on blogs and forums… also tells you to READ the blogs and forums and to post INTELLIGENT comments. Because of you DON’T, you don’t get the back link, and you don’t develop a good REPUTATION! And a reputation is the stuff many fortunes are forged from.

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