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What about Failure?

So I done threw my back out, and I failed to secure a place to move to. So I’m moving to the family farm, in pain, and will likely stay in a tent like I was occupying the farm for a political cause beyond casual homelessness. The farm house is still largely in ruins from a house fire a few years ago.

There’s still some options, an enormous apartment/house full of college undergrads may have a room for me. I’ll take it though it will mean surrendering my pet cat. Echo will have to stay on the farm a bit.

Is this sigil magic gone wrong? As a magician am I not supposed to have all things go my way?

Well, the thing to understand is that magic is about the result, the how is up to you. The back issue for example, it only happens to me when I’ve put on weight. And while I have the ambition to be lithe and athletic, my body’s natural path of least resistance is something more stocky. Sigl magic applied to the ‘problem’ is dangerous, precisely because of how sigil magic is effective. Because done right, the sigil does its thing with minimum interferance from the conscious mind. Magic often will not work because the conscious mind is conflicted or anxious, but also the conscious mind in the magical process serves as a protection as well.

Without that protection, a sigil spell to lose weight will attack the problem straight on: changing my conscious mind, the primary barrier I have to achieving that lithe athletic build. And this much is DONE. How so? Because my back HURTS! And I know from my own experience, THIS (my having ‘spontaneous’ back problems [I was geting a sock and had to sneeze is how I thre my back out]) -ONLY HAPPENS WHEN I HAVE GOTTEN FAT AND HAVE NOT BEEN PHYSICALLY ACTIVE.

So now I’m all on board, I have to lose weight and become more physically active. The pain in my back has reminded me. Because I am consciously aware of this, it will happen. Because my vanity isn’t strong enough, especially given my once long term boyfriend when we were together – PREFERRED me chubby. But health is another thing entirely, I need to be able to run, jump and ride my skateboard pain free. And boy is this back pain a reminder it’s not okay to let myself get heavier, just because it is winter.

So is the sigil magic a failure for me?

Well, standing in “there is no truth”, it’s very possible magic is just placebo and otherwise unreal in an objective sense of reality. So let’s just look at how a magic practice has shaped my appreciation of my experience.

My back pain could be interpreted by me as “I’m getting old, I need to take it easy, my body is breaking down and isn’t what it once was”. And that interpretation is perfectly reasonable, but the conclusion is, to me, an unpleasant one.

Because I use magic and know at some point I cast a spell relating to my health, vigour, strength and sex appeal, and cast a spell relating to maintaining or improving my lifestyle -these ideas have been primed in my consciousness. So if I have a back ache, because I’m expecting to get healthier, I focus on how this is motivating me to be healthier and experience the problem as a step towards health as opposed to away from health. I’m homeless today with only a tent to move into, but because of magic I’m expecting an improvment to mty lifestyle and I have to interpret the loss of one living context as necessary to allow that change.

Magic is very useful to a magician for psychological reasons alone. Magic is a tool to maintain optimism and forward thinking. The idea of magic invites the idea that personal responsbility for how your life turns out is possible! Hacking reality as you might a game!

Site updates 2012

The Law of Attraction the Kitschchaos Way ebook is freely available now. No need to register, just download and share! I’m getting rid of the listwire service. I got slammed by Facebook, and that was the greyest hat thing I have on this site. The clickbank in text links I still think, over all, are funny. They are all clickbank which mean you have 60 days to get your money back for any reason and that’s ironclad. Please buy something, if nothing else it might help you appreciate my free e-book.

I’m establishing banner ads. It ‘s hard to know exactly who the  ideal advertiser is for this site, but this site attracts readers, over 15k unique visitors come to this website an average of 5 times a month to read an average of 5 pages of content per visit. Growing numbers come to this site by word of mouth and unsolicited links. They are interested in the unique content here; marketing, e-commerce, occult magic and how magic can be applied to business. They are hungry to transform their lives and are serious about just that!

How valuable is this market to you? My readers trust me, if you provide value they can trust you too. And if they like you they will talk about you and link to you and help you become a viral success, because that’s who they are, my site has had some success without advertising.

And so, here come better ads. Prominent on this blog are two banner ads- you can buy that space by clicking on the ad and uploading or creating your banner for as much time as you want.

I also have now in post banner ads. Cool!

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Colbert report, glamour magic and you can too!

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Stephen Colbert’s mother has fallen ill and the show, Colbert Report, has been interrupted as the host takes time with his Mother.

The Colbert report is a very popular program and most of my readers I expect have some familiarity with the comedian and his ‘faux right wing’ persona. If you don’t know, Stephen Colbert satirizes the right wing pundit, such as those on FOX TV. But unlike John Stewart or other comedians that satirize right wing politics while clearly establishing a liberal bias, Stephen Colbert satirizes the right wing pundit by pretending to BE ONE!

How does this relates to Chaos magic and the idea of glamour magic? First, I’m using the word “glamour” as used in the folk myths of the fairie folk. In that mythology a human would find someone beautiful that in reality was not, or find a residence extrvagant that was really quite modest or even impoverished- and the illusion is labelled, “a glamour’. In a more relevant sense, glamour is creating an impression of being something you may not be, or of the person you want to be.

How Stephen Colbert relates to the concept os glamour magic is simple, he is an expert! How so? Because people that are Republican and right wing – THEY OFTEN THINK HE IS TOO!  Super conservative pundits that would NEVER be a guest on John Stewart’s Daily Show, they will be guests on the Colbert Report!  Because even if they understand Colbert is satire, his pretend conservatism is enough for them to feel comfortable, it’s enough for them to understand viewers of the show.. could be THEIR VOTERS!

Because for many human beings, the surface is as far as they go!

So, how can this be of use to you? Simple, you want to influence someone? Try to adjust your tone of voice and vocal theirs! If they are Conservative, you are conservative. If they are religious, you are religious. If they hate Corporations, you hate corporations. And guess what… you will get listened to! If you are in sales, you might make that sale!

This is harder to do if you are making a video or promoting something online. How you present yourself to match your audience, it’s simply not possible. But this is where fashion becomes power. Because how you present yourself has power, it shapes expectations and colors who you get to associate with and the opportunities that come to you.

For example, if you turn your hair into dread locks and wear tie die shirts – this becomes a social filter that allows you to smoke more pot and get access to more fun drugs andpeople of that milieu.

If you wear a suit, you get to be ‘professional’ and command a sense of respect. That’s the cultural dictate, it’s why some jobs REQUIRE a suit, usually high paid jobs or really low paid jobs in sales (where presentation is everything).

Politics is also about glamour, the Democrats are ‘Mommy’ and the Republicans are ‘Daddy’. And, very often gender influences who a person votes for. I’m waiting for someone to have the wisdom to sell progressive politics with MASCULINE glamour, harp on patriotism, accuse the opponent of ‘treason’ and pitch equal opportunity being the AMERICAN way, and corporatism being fascism! It would be a very powerful political sales technique!

Me, I’m an artist, writer.  My vision for dress is a three piece suit – black and customized with spikes and studs akin to what a punk would sport on a leather jacket. That would play with impressions and to my benefit I believe. My day job is a telephone market research gig so my looks are actually irrelevant in relation to job.

About Blog Security

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Spammers type the most interesting things. I suppose when I get a wave of spam on a given subject unrelated to anything I’ve written before, it suggests it is because the spammer’s know there’s a lot of interest in that subject and they want to take advantage. I’ll follow that lead, it’s true blogs often get hacked and people when they get their blog hacked can let their imagination run wild. So there’s some virtue to sharing a little common sense.

When it comes to Blog security, really I am no expert. I’ve not learned C, I’m not a hacker and I know little to nothing about network security. And as an author writing a blog, it’s not your job or my job to know that stuff either. But what I do know, I’ll share here, and really it’s common sense. Or certainly anyone that knows more than I about Blog Security than I might hope this is common sense.


The nice thing about open source is that it tends to get security patches much quicker than Corporate closed source code, which commonly pretends a problem doesn’t exist until their smaller pool of programming talent, cleared to work with proprietary code, can deliver a solution. In the world of commercial operating systems, this explains why MAC OSX is so virus resistant compared to Windows, it’s not all market share (the OSX kernel is an open source project named DARWIN).

For this reason, when I choose web hosting I am biased to open source, so I use “LAMP”: Linux, Apache, MYSQL and Php (Python, Perl..etc). Microsoft offers alternatives and will find a way to run PHP even, but Windows servers are still Windows, still a vulnerable proprietary ‘secret’ source code only professional Windows programmers can create patches for.

I understand Windows has its fans, but really people that prefer Windows hosting don’t prefer it because it is secure or powerful, but because the operating system is convenient and familiar. Windows proprietary scripting languages (ASP) are also perhaps easier and more familiar to Windows users. But what I said about closed source holds true: Windows will not acknowledge a vulnerability to their OS, or even a highly destructive virus, until their small group of professional Windows developers have produced a patch. And as the market share leader, Windows provides the easiest and most attractive hacking target.


I Use the popular Word Press. I don’t claim it is better or more secure than other open source blogging systems, it may not be. But it is regularly maintained and patched, and upgrading an installation is especially painless. The main difference between a secure WordPress and an insecure WordPress installation, is the strength of your password. If you use a simple easy to remember human language password for convenience, something like “God”, “sex”, or “Power” – your site will be ridiculously insecure, the only thing standing between you and a hacker is almost the extent to which your blog is obscure.

I have seen password cracker software, it looks for real words in human language and then random characters – in brute force, over and over and over until it lucks into the right combination. It can be inevitable that such software will crack your password if you use only letters in your password, if you mix letters with numbers, the password become geometrically more complex to hack, if you use SHIFT characters (!@#$%^&*()_” in your password, it become much more complex – if you use a LONGER password, it become MUCH more complex.

G33k Sp33k:

You can substitute numbers and shift characters for letters, and this way create a pass PHRASE that is memorable and very very hard to hack.

Y0u c@n subst!tut3 numb3r2 and sh!ft ch@r@ct3rs for l3tt3r2, @nd th!s w@y cr3@te @ p@ss PHR@SE th@t is m3morable and very very hard to hack. 

The right Blog system for you, for Security

I use WordPress and Drupal. Because they are open source and well supported.But notice that the reason is that they are open source and well supported. There is a LOT of open source software available for blogging, and much of it is very well supported! I have especially been impressed with Geeklog and tiki wiki – but I’ve not tried those yet. The right blog software for you is for you to find out. WordPress is great, but it’s not the only great.

But I will share that another difference between a SECURE open source Blog and an INSECURE open source blog – is the degree to which your software is UPDATED! Because the fact that pen source software gets regular patches and updates to keep it secure, it doesn’t help you at all if you never update your software!

Word Press makes updating the software ridiculously easy, push a button, and this is something to check out for other software.

Drupal is the opposite, if you simply replace the installation with the new update – you will lose all of your customization! With Drupal you have to carefully back up your database and any folders containing customization before updating, and replace that stuff after updating. It’s not that hard, but it is a pain, I wish they would implement push button upgrades too!

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