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I NEED this spell to work!

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The catch-22 of magic is that lust for result will sabotage any result. And if you NEED a spell to work! NOW! It is often a guarantee that it absolutely will never work for you!

Sigil magic might work, but if the problem is so important to you, it is almost impossible to ‘forget’. And to not be attached to the result, to ‘know’ a spell worked so well you need not think about it – that’s almost impossible for YOUR problem.

This is why Hoodoo is usually a commercial enterprise. If you PAY for a spell, this creates an expectation of value for your purchase, the exchange of money in and of itself has magical impact. And anyone that casts a spell for YOU, doesn’t care one way or another intrinsically about your result, they can focus simply on the law of attraction and ‘be’ that the spell worked. And yes, usually the spell will WORK this way!

So, in your case, unless you know and trust someone that casts spells professionally – it helps to have a friend. A friend that is open to casting spells. Because guess what that can do for YOU! It gives you a disinterested party that can cast the spell on your behalf. THEY can be as disinterested and non attached as the caster of a powerful spell should be, because it’s not THEIR issue! And YOU, you may be their friend, but you really are not nearly as obsessed with their love life or rent as THEY are – you can cast a very powerful spell for THEM in exchange!

If you have a magical path already that suits you well, please use that! If you have none, Sigil magic is simple practical and very powerful! Information on Sigil magic is here! 

Revision of MyKitschChaos …again

I eliminated the SMF forum, it was buggy. It had an awesome number of people registering for it, but I suppose a forum may require a sold group of friends to get it started, and I’m just one guy.

So the new forum is not just a forum – but a Drupal installation! Got it installed, updated and basically configure in about 3 hours. Not bad!

What this mans to YOU, is YOU can create content for this site! Your Blogs, Your Articles, Your Forum! Not kidding! And it will only get better! Go to My KitschChaos – Right Now!

Why magic should be approached like a self help paradigm

So, I’m working out the book I’m going to write. If you’ve been reading this site, on one hand it may seem like I’m not offering anything really new in the book. And I know this even before I write the first word, because a lot of the content will be from this site.

Also if you’ve been reading this site, some of the ideas may seem more familiar from sales, self help or Law of Attraction than from classically ‘occult’ sources. Allow me to blame Aleister Crowley, who distinguished ‘magick’ as an act of will, any such act of will, including the blowing of one’s nose.

As a consequence of being introduced to that thought of Crowley’s  at a young age, it’s had an awful long time to peculate in my brain. Magic isn’t a fantastic thing like in Dungeons and Dragons, it’s a father losing his job and assuring his family they will be okay! Because if it your will to shoot fire from your finger tips, seriously the thing to do is to procure a flame thrower. Magic is any act of will, at is best it is  taking a stand that you can have a say in how your life turns out.

What of the supernatural? It is part of the real world, and even if you do not believe in a supernatural, it is concrete and real as an idea. And a cornerstone of chaos magic is the use your belief rather than be limited by it. If you can cry in response to a movie’s fantasy, if you can feel anxiety on behalf of a fantasy character in a fantasy circumstance – guess what? A movie maker or author has command over your belief! How can you believe you have any less command?

Children are natural magicians. And if you an adult, you once were a child and that part of you lives still and remembers! So it is a game, try believing in magic, do some magic and see what happens? Do you get your result?

If you don’t get your result, what did you do? And here’s where we get to the meat of the problem. Magic is not spell casting, magic is what happens before and after. If you cast a spell for money, are you actually working or gambling or running a business? If not, how do you expect money to come to you? This is called a path of least resistance, if the spell is powerful and you provide no easy means for the money to come to you, winning the lawsuit but not being able to ever walk again is a messed up way to get your money.

But it’s deeper than even that. Because what we really want are experiences. We want to be desired, admired, to have power and great friends. The heart of the best magic is knowing what you really want. And the problem with knowing what you want is that you are likely no match, not yet, for what it is you want. If you want to be desired, you have to love yourself first. If you want to be admired, you have to establish admirable virtues. If you want power, you have the have the courage to accept responsibility and the capacity to fulfill your responsibilities.

It’s a matter of will. What do you want, and who do you have to be to have that? How can you get from who you are now to where you want to be? And if magic is more than psychological priming (not that psychological priming isn’t potent and useful in its own right), it can only hack probability at best, produce an opportunity. Spells cannot give you what you are not ready for. Who you are may not be a match for what you want.  But magic need not be limited to spells! If you want a hot sex with a hot girl and happen to be overweight, what is stopping you from working out and eating a healthier diet?

And here’s how magic becomes a self help paradigm. Because to attract someone that is hot because they are hot in a superficial sense, it requires you yourself be hot in a superficial sense. Unless you can really believe you are hot with an extra 100 lbs, then the confidence may find you the person you think is hot that agrees with you. It’s a real world sexual fetish, the ‘chubby chaser’, but if you believe you are a hideous fat man – even a chubby chaser will believe you. And if you have heath problem and are overweight, maybe heath is what you want and need – what is stopping you?

And magic is critically important to personal transformation. That’s why Alcoholics anonymous will not relinquish GOD. And understand that as far as I’m concerned, working with God is also magic! When we do not know, we can fail to believe in ourselves – and we then we need something. And that something is magic, no matter what you call it. And there’s understanding your circumstances, which fear can obfuscate.

So of course magic should be akin to a self help paradigm! Because what we want are circumstances, and to have the circumstances requires being who we want to be, not just having what we want to have. Depending on who your are being, it may be impossible to have what you want!

Any spell is, or should be, a call to action. Because magic follows a path of least resistance, and the best magicians craft a path of least resistance for the magic t follow. If I want to be a successful cartoonist – I have to buckle down and create some good work, or else I may lose my life and the cartoons I’ve already done will win me fame posthumously! Magic is both a cookie, yes you can! – and a stick, or else! Especially Sigil magic, because it evades your self protection strategies of obfuscating your will by taking the desire straight to your subconscious/unconscious!

SOPA and why it is a threat.

Basically I am concerned about the “Stop Online Piriacy Act” Because it makes me, a small time webmaster, ultimately accountable for the legality of content posted on my blog. Now I accept accountability for the content I post to my blog, but being a blog, anyone can post a comment to my blog and I allow people to offer back links. It is possible for someone t post a link to my site to copy protected work displayed illegally, I only check for clearly illegal file downloads and porn. This site also features a forum where anyone can join and post content as they please, I edit it irregularly, but for the most part I write my blog. I could be in trouble if someone posts something copy protected in my forum – as the webmaster I would stand accused of piracy, not the ass that posted the stuff.

I’m not shutting this site down like Wikipedia, Mozilla, Twitpic and – mostly because I didn’t know about this in time to prepare (perhaps I should have) and being a one man webmaster, it seemed a bit more effort that it’s worth. The principle of the value of free speech is to be AVAILABLE to those that would hear you (or read you as in this case).

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