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Happy Holidays & Reflection

It’s Dec 17 and many people are preparing for holidays. With a meager budget I’m buying gifts for family..and self too. There’s a faux battle to put “Christ” back in Christmas – as if the suggestion “Happy Holidays” is somehow an attack on the Christian tradition. Of course “Happy Holidays” is superior as a celebratory wish because it is inclusive of everyone that isn’t celebrating Christmas (Haunnkah or Kwanzaa  anyone?) and it also includes New Years! The threat to Christ at this holiday time isn’t the exclusion of Jews and agnostics by encouraging a “merry Christmas” – is that, and to children especially, Christ – even God, plays second fiddle to… SANTA CLAUS! and Please, this is the Santa that drinks Coke, not that foreign and strange ‘St. Nicholas!

Santa is a mighty egregore! Try asking Santa for something, sincerely as if He exists! See what happens!

Again I’m typing this on a library computer. My Computer died. This may be the work of magic even, as I’ve been meaning to  get work done on my Ithacat comic – and my addiction to online entertainment was sabotaging that end.  So now I have little better to do but work on the comic, and I am working on it because progreess on that end may be just the thing that enables the tech folks who have my computer now, to fix what is wrong – or to help me get the money to replace it with a more modern and powerful desktop.

Ithacat, it is going to be a very good comic. I’m not that superstar artist I would like to be, so accepting my limitiations is key to my getting the comic done. And I’m breaking it up into accomplishable parts, chapters.

I also need, desperately, to get configured and selling web hosting. That project is HUGE and intimidating, and what that makes clear is that I need a TEAM. Even this site – many replies suggest ‘we’ are doing a great job!, But really this is entirely the work of one person. and that’s a problem. Because teams can accomplish things one person cannot. It’s not easty for me, to find peers – because I’m highly developed as a tech, graphic artist and cartoonist. But that being the case, and because I am strong in the domains I am strong in, there’s a lot of potential for good people wanting to work with ME! So I’ll be getting some magic in on this to help me out! Wish me well.

I wish you well, I’ve done my best to make this site a worthwhile resource. Make me proud, us the information here and make it WORK FOR YOU!

Because Magic, what magic is REALLY ABOUT – is living life as if you have a say in what happens to you and in your life, and therefore TAKING RESPONSIBILITY!


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