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Religious Thoughts

I’m not religious, but boy am i fascinated by it. I really am. And my Chaos magic practice has led me to curious conclusions.

The End of The WORLD! I’ve mentioned this before, collective will and expectation is not impotent! 2012 is coming up, let it be boring. But in this election it seems as if Doomsday anticipation is shaping Republican political agendas, as if more human suffering will allow the end times to come the much sooner. All I do know is that in the sincere Religious right is sincere belief in immanent end times and it’s not a belief system conducive to sane choices if the human race prevails anyway.

I wish some actual Christian religious leaders would distinguish this instead of me (’cause I’m not Christian): It is Christian HERESY to suggest Jesus loves the rich over the poor, that sincere Christians must be rich because prayer delivers money or something.

The Creative writing experience has taught me that if I imagine a character and focus a lot of mental energy into that character, that character can become ‘real’, even independent. As a Chaos magician this is called a servitor, originally called ‘Tulpa” . Now when more than one person invests mental energy into the same entity, it can be even more powerful and is called an egregore (an example is Santa Claus, a Corporation or meme [‘welfare millionaire’ is one example of an egregore as meme]).

So the Republicans that love a Jesus that loves the rich, believes in personal responsibility, and most ironically adores Ayn Rand. Guess what, that Jesus is REAL! If for not reason than that people collectively believe in that. If you believe in right wing Jesus, I bet he answers prayers, helps you win lotto – if you into it serious I bet you can convince yourself He’s communicating with you!

But no, this Jesus is NOT Biblical Jesus!

Is any Jesus the Biblical Jesus? Do Catholics, Mormons and Southern baptists worship three DIFFERENT Gods?

I’ve also been learning to be less prejudiced about Christians, to respect it’s a broad belief system. It’s really interesting that I can share many of the insights I make in this blog, with CHRISTIANS, that do not disagree with me?!

Like a blasphemous idea I’ve introduced here once before – Godhood through integrity in essence. The idea that if you always keep your word, take the discipline seriously, you word will become strong. And people that know you will have tremendous respect and belief in your word if you make it that strong. And the belief of others builds your own belief too – until your word is perhaps more powerful that it should be. Meaning if you are the person who always keeps his word, using that word to heal someone MIGHT WORK! That’s left hand magic if I ever saw it. And a Christian agrees with me? really?

Well, food for thought. Is where my head has been at recently.

Happy Birthday to me!

November 2, 1966 around 1 am, I was born full term, 3 lbs 3.5 ounces to Andrea Hamilton Cooke and Patrick Brady Cooke, in New York City. My mother named me Robin Michael Cooke, my father had my mother change the names around so my given name is Michael Robin Cooke, I am now 45 years old.

The duality of being 45 is immense. In catergories I now am decades older than I was yesterday – as 45 – 60 is considered one unit. On the other hand, I have intrinsic ‘maturity’ and culturally I can be expected to be at the apex of my earning capacity. Which makes it depressing that I clock in less than 25k/year.

On the sex front I now am a ‘daddy’ in the lingo of Gay sex. I don’t feel like one, psychically I’m still a rowdy teen. The juxtoposition of physical age and psychic age is quite a contrast for me.

On the positive, I have goals and am pursuing those goals. This is what distinguishes youth and maturity in a negative sense.Too often mature people have surrendered their goals, replaced them with acceptance of not meeting them, not manifesting new goals either. Young people naturally have goals and optimism the can be met. It’s important to distinguish that the goals of youth may never manifest if you give up because your birthdate belies a given age with cultural associations. Death is the end of striving, not aging.

What I’m up to now is It is a web hosting company that will offer unlimited webhosting. If you want free webhosting, even that’s no limit. If you want unlimited hard drive space to back up your PC – that will become very affordable at around $5/month. If you want a serious web host plan that will allow you unlimited subdomains to sell original or affiliate products, a plan with unlimited drive space and bandwidth is yours for merely $20/month!

This is a business I believe in, if you are reading this site to learn how to use magic to grow an e-business – I can provide the hosting that puts the ‘E’ in your e-business! And I will see that you are provided software that will make creating a professional site very easy. And I will provide all buyers with articles and information – similar to what is available on this site – but without the powerful edgeprovided by Chaos magic. (the site will of course use that and any other angle).

I’ve been dragging my feet on the back end. But I’ll be finished with it this month, and in December it will be ready to sell websites! I’ll use google adwords to promote it, Because SEO is long term, if I want to test my conversion in 24 hours, paid advertising is the only way!

I’m also going to have Ithacat released in 2012, so before the ‘doomsday’, my best superhero story will be available for consumption.

I’m 45, and I will fulfill my dream! I will make my gamble! I will succeed! Or I will learn from failure and succeed when I try again!

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