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Chaos Magic and psychological “Priming”

The idea of using magic and applying it to e-commerce, marketing or business  can easily be met with skepticism. This blog post is for the skeptics. It is not meant to be the only truth, it is in fact simple one way of looking at magic, a facet of the prism that is magic.

The first step is to accept the inner game effects the outer game. meaning your inner attitudes and beliefs have an important effect on what you do and are able to accomplish in the world. In sports this is widely accepted, as it is in person to person sales and marketing. Most of you have personal experiences that are evidence of how mental beliefs and attitude can shape performance and results.

So, how do you manage your inner beliefs and attitudes? Do you hypnotize yourself? Give yourself affirmations? The paradigm that is Law of Attraction posits that you can alter your world magically simply by altering your thoughts. But HOW? How do you transform negative self defeating beliefs (‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’ll never be rich’,’ I’m not good enough’, ‘it’s morally wrong to be rich’, ‘it is wrong to use your influence for marketing’ ..etc.) into positive beliefs? So you can have POSITIVE RESULTS?

Well it help if you can work with WHAT YOU ALREADY BELIEVE.  Because it is effortless to believe what you already believe. And almost all of you, YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC!

I can almost hear the protest – NOT ME! I don’t believe in magic!

But do you believe in God? If you believe Jesus was born of a virgin, turned water into wine, raised the dead and saves your soul – you DO believe in magic! You believe God can work magic!

If you do not believe in God, do you read the horoscope? Do you have a lucky sweater or anything comparable? You may not believe in God – but you believe in luck and that luck can be manipulated – another word for that is..magic!

Do you believe human potential is greater than what we know? Do you understand that Quantum physics proves that an observer of a quantum event can be the CATALYST to that event? What we know to be real, it is the product of quantum reality. If as below, above – it is easily understood that how you observe may indeed shape reality. This is the basis of law of Attraction – but it is ALSO a magical paradigm!

It’s a semantic problem, you believe in magic whether you accept the word ‘magic’ or not. I know you do, the presentation of this website is a pre-qualifier!

So, if you already believe in magic – how does that impact your inner world? How does magic change your psychology – make you better able to succeed in the world in a real way?

The simple answer is that magic works. Especially sigil magic!

And if you need an explanation for how magic works that a skeptic can accept, here you go: Priming.

Priming is the imposition of an idea in a person’s mind. If you cast a spell for a business opportunity, for example, with nothing supernatural – you will quite naturally have greater attention on possible business opportunities, and when you find one – you will go after it with great optimism (the spell! success is guaranteed, no?).

This works when someone curses you, the curse is an idea planted into your consciousness and if your subconscious believes – the expectation of bad luck causes you to makes mistakes and fail.

To a degree much occult magic owes a great deal of its effectiveness to the psychological reality of priming. How an idea of success or failure can become a self fulfilling prophesy.

The effect of PRIMING, it will work even if you think you do not believe in magic – all it requires is a subconscious that DOES.

That’s why chaos magic can be the best magic for anyone – it is flexible enough that you can work with what you know your belief is. If you are already Christian – using chaos magic principles (for achieving a result) you would properly use God, prayer and transform sigil magic into a form of Christian prayer (I should write an article on that sometime I feel like indulging the Christian paridigm).

If it is easier to believe in the power of the Devil will help you – the devil will deliver on wishes!

If it is easier to believe your beloved dead relatives will help you from beyond the grave – that is the best approach to use!

I can’t go into every possible magical paradigm. But you should understand that how you find the right one for you is to inquire of yourself – what DO I believe? Really?

And I promise you that just because psychological priming is genuinely the mechanics of how much magic works, there’s a lot to how magic works and the results it delivers that cannot be simply explained by any means other than by invoking the word “supernatural”. Just remember to focus on your result to stay grounded in what is real.

E-commerce basics

I saw a good video online about the truth of e-commerce. It’s from the dpassport/stuff folks, it isn’t exactly new information – but because it’s from folks with some success and they present it clearly without bullshit promises, it’s especially good information. Because it is a video, the important take-aways may be easily lost once it is over – ‘what web site? what is that?’ kind of thing. Their educational seminar of course is meant to pitch their coaching and exclusive online site membership program, and psychically, if, like me – you can’t afford another $47/month – it can lead you to unconsciously decide you can’t benefit from the value they gave away for free either.

I should mention that this is general is one of the better marketing practices: give away GOOD information! Useful information provides better credibility than any sports car or nice house!

So here’s the information they gave away. When I explain it in this blog, it helps ME to own the information that much better. And being written it may help some of y’all to better absorb this information anyhow, have actual links to click and stuff like that. If you understand something well enough to explain it in your own words, that how you know you understand it well enough to say you KNOW it.

So here’s the framework: four parts 1. immersion, 2. solve real problems 3. understanding time 4. spending money wisely

1. Immersion

You all have a wide and varied range of interests and skill sets. Every business success is a UNIQUE combination of personality/luck/chance and expertise. (Chaos magic may help with the luck and chance). So while it is useful to model business success stories, your success story will never be the same as any others.

You know the advice, I’m sure, to choose a topic that interests you, that has a measure of popularity. But you may have been encouraged to limit yourself to “sure thing” money makers you may have limited experience with (lose weight, cure a disease, get rich) – or you have been told to focus on micro niches (how to lose weight if you are a Japanese Sumo Wrestler on steroids) – that are too limited for you to sustain interest, and too limited to draw many customers.

You want a niche that you yourself like and to do well with that niche in an business sense, you need to immerse yourself in your topic. To learn more, to become an expert, to learn what the problems people have in your topic. Especially to learn what PROBLEMS others have in your topic. Why? because a business – SOLVES PROBLEMS FOR A PROFIT!

Network. Get involved, speak to groups with the same interest: websites, forums, groups with the same interest, trade shows, blogs – about YOUR TOPIC OF INTEREST!

You may have immersion through lifestyle (topics like veganism, raising children, dealing with a given disease or disability, pets..etc.), in which case you are now  ready to provide solution to those problems you had your self and have already solved

Look for opportunities and problems to solve. Your own problems or those that you learn other people have. Remember: business = solving problems for money.

Skype has chat rooms you can use or CREATE, to help you network with peers.

Generally, have an EMOTIONAL interest in your subject. Pick something FUN! That you enjoy and have an interest in.

….Otherwise your e-commerce project will be HELL for you to work on! The dream is to free yourself of an hourly wage doing work you don’t like. Not to replace that with work at home you don’t like.


Now remember the KEY, is to focus on SOLVING REAL PROBLEMS!

1. Find/define problems

2. Your own problems


As you immerse yourself in your topic in groups, forums and blogs – keep an eye out for these magic words: HOW DO I?
Is there a solution to the problem – but the solution itself is difficult? If you can find a way to make the solution easier – you have a product to sell (your own if you create it, or another’s to sell as an affiliate if you discover it).

Ask your market, have them fill out surveys, solicit questions. The recurring themes, those are opportunities for information products you can sell! (or use to enrich a membership site, recording what you do on a computer screen with screen recording software [google that phrase to find many free and inexpensive solutions]).

Information products can be a video you make with computer screen recorder that demonstrates how to do things (how to build a site with wordpress, how to use FTP, how to make a web page using Kompozer…any computer related information people might want to know). Screenflow for the Mac and camtasia for Windows are popular. You can use wordpress to lock down videos to paying members (and I need to learn how to do this myself, expect a premium version of kitschchaos soon).

Physical products -you can publish a book with – buy a copy for $5 to $20 and once you approve it – IT IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM! They power of having your book in print is awesomely impressive to anyone you might know, and you can market and sell the books directly yourself!

If you are not a designer and need help designing a book cover, formatting your text and laying out your photos, will crowd source many designers after you escrow maybe $500 – you get to browse many ideas and the idea you select is completed by the designer, you have 7 days to make revisions – then the designer gets the money and you have a professionally designed PDF that can be used to print your book! (me, I’m a designer – and I’d prefer if you paid me directly of course).

SOFTWARE, In the opinion of the Dpassport folks, marketing software is where the BIG MONEY is.
The thing to remember is that the idea for the software is the money, programmers exist all over the world and will create your program for you very inexpensively, a few hundred dollars. For years I’ve been trying to learn programming because I have excellent ideas – but never have been able to do so. This is an eye opener for me.

Some resources for finding good inexpensive programmers: , ,

In the Dpassport video, one of the presenters offers an example: he met a fellow that bought and sold domain names, and his habit was reviewing many news sources every morning and typing in possible domain names related to the days news. The presenter when told this, conceived of a software solution and for $210 he was able to create software that automatically scanned news rss feeds for possible domain names – checked for availability and presented a list of buy-able domain names – saving a lot of time for anyone doing that manually. The presenter reports that he made an awful lot of money selling that software to the community of people buying and selling domain names.



This may seem irrelevant, how do I make money- how is time management related to making money?

Well, most people that buy e-commerce products that could work – don’t do anything with it. They never invoke a refund because they never tested the product to know if it works or not! The DPassport folks focus the lions share of their presentation on understanding time, because they have been full time online marketers for a while, it is the truth from their perspective, that time and understanding time is key to success. And the difference between simply reading this blog post and putting the ideas into action building a business – may all relate to how you understand time!

Overwhelm is a myth! Yes, if you look at everything you have to do at once and feel you must get it all done at once – you will experience a sense of being overwhelmed. But none gets more than one thing at a time done. and if you do one thing at a time, work in blocks of thing to get done. and take each project or piece of a project to completion before moving on – you will make progress and finish what you started!

Be pessimistic with time: estimate that something will take 3 to 5 times as long as you think you can do something. This is because the extra time will allow you to do a GOOD JOB – and because naturally we always underestimate the time we need.

Be picky – be happy to turn down opportunity! Ask yourself, will this opportunity help me? Telling someone you would love to work with them but are too busy right now, it is honest and doesn’t piss them off when you make promises you cannot keep.

Make schedules! yes, working for yourself, perhaps you hoped to never have a schedule again. But schedules are practical, (especially if you are a master procrastinator like myself!). The video plugged the book “the 4 hour work week” – and one presenter shared how he doesn’t read email except on certain days of the week – and lets his contacts know this. And how cutting out his time reading email increased his productivity.

Scheduling time to NOT WORK – increases the time you have for your family, for yourself! and some of the best business ideas come when you are not doing business anything, but just enjoying yourself! Big projects require a big commitment, but if you schedule down time – the big project becomes manageable.


Recommended is a pattern of working for 90 minutes, and then taking 30 minutes off, and eating a bite. Tony Swartz, author of a book called “The power of full engagement” supports the 90 minute work with 30 minute break pattern as conducive to optimum performance. i can see how a 90 minute block of time to get a task done could focus you. I’m going to try it with my cartooning as well.

The list of things you need to get done – forget completing it! It never gets done. As long as you stay in business, ever item you take off the list will be replaced with a new item. Accept this.

Understanding MONEY

It is important to understand when to spend money and when not to spend money.

The most important thing to understand is that when it comes to website traffic – paid traffic is better than SEO. SEO will get you traffic in maybe 6 months and more in a few years (this site is one example) – but paid traffic, $100 on paid traffic will test your sales funnel in 24 hours! Buy traffic! Every successful business buys advertising! Paid advertising goes a LONG way! Do not cheap out on traffic!

Boot Strapping – how to start from NOTHING – and succeed in online business. Simple – keep that day job! and even the smallest win online – REINVEST that money in your business! It is the only way. If you take your online earnings and reinvest them into your business, then you can be very successful! If instead you spend it on beer and cigarettes – you will have been and cigarettes instead of success.

The Dpassport folks recommended “the boot strapper’s bible” , and you can get it free online (I didn’t like the pdf myself after a brief review, but you might).

The Dpassport folks recommend spending money on:

  • Advertising
  • education
  • software
  • coaching

They add, “you’re never too cool to be coached” – You can find people that are doing what you are doing but at a higher level, introduce you to important people. And of course they finish with their own coaching and membership site offer, which i can’t quite afford. You may be able to. The video and opportunity is here.


NASA's Cassini spacecraft, which continues to orbit Saturn, captured this picture in 2006 as it floated in the planet's shadow for about 12 hours.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft, which continues to orbit Saturn, captured this picture in 2006 as it floated in the planet's shadow for about 12 hours. For more information. It’s a stunning image of Saturn blocking the sun.

For those of you interested in Saturn Astrologically or in a sense of paganism, this image and the fact it is a photograph may be of utility for you in any number of ways.

9/11 10 years later

It’s the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I wrote on this not long ago, and I suppose I’ll write about it now.

My own experience, I lived and worked in Queens at the time. On my way to work that morning I did see the plane impacted in one of the twin towers, from Queens, on my way to work. At the time I figured it was a drunk driver flying the plane, and I was unworried as I understood the World Trade center was designed to withstand Air traffic impact. The next day I had an interview with a company at the world Trade center, I expected to keep that appointment.

Later that night, returning home, I learned there was a SECOND plane. That was the shock to my system, because a second plane meant the first was an attack and not an accident. I was kind of numbed by that reality, as was most of NYC. Over the next few days, what was most noticeable about NYC was how the background of constant noise of industry and chatter – was missing. In its place, a surreal quiet.

I suppose I’m with the 9/11 truth movement more than the official story because, hell, officially building 7 didn’t fall at all (it did, but was unmentioned by the official report). Physicists remark on the impossibility of the original report. First hand reports of explosions in the building preceding the plane’s impact are dismissed. And as for the Pentagon, If I cannot miss a passenger jet flying over my house – how did people in DC miss a passenger jet flying low past their building’s windows?

I’ll just leave it with there is clearly an official cover up. I hope and pray it’s a cover up of foolishness and stupidity. I fear it is a cover up of a false flag operation (where one nation does a dirty deed and claims another did it to allow cover for invasion or war [or another ulterior motive]).

What we have now is largely a result to our response to 9/11. If it had been a false flag operation, are these the desired results? Iraq is mired in a civil war so awful it is a third world nation and a military threat to none but itself. The USA, by waging wars on two fronts while slashing taxes created a large deficit (where once had been a surplus). The United States government passed the Patriot Act, severely curtailing rights to privacy and actually eliminating even constitutional civil rights in the circumstance of standing accused of ‘terrorism’.

And after all of that we elected a Democratic President, we still have wars on the same two fronts, taxes are not being increased. The budget is being balanced on the income of the working class and poor. The cash cow Social Security is being sabotaged, as is Medicare.

Abstractly the sense that working together we can end poverty, hunger and lack of health care has been replaced with a sense that “I shouldn’t have to pay money on behalf of strangers – taxation is theft!”

I have to hope that as a race, the Human race, that we can do better. I know even that meager hope is controversial: “Only through faith in God is there hope – humanity has not hope with just is own resources!” But of course there is no one god for the one human race. So working together despite our differences remains my source of optimism.

Make Money Worthwhile!

First I should apologize for not updating this site much recently. I’m spreading myself thin, and have been working on lately, and on a sketchy web access (felt like dial up really). I know now that I need to optimize my images more. I’d been defaulting to png 24 because it’s lossless compression so my art looks as good online as it does in the full res master file – but the image size is large for online. It’s a lot of work to configure the shopping cart for hosthamstercrank. Just so you know, it’s a site that sells the webhosting I use for THIS site. I can offer free metered web hosting (yes, FREE!) and will have an advanced hosting plan with unlimited hard drive space and a professional plan with unlimited drive space and bandwidth. Yes, I know the hosting for isn’t the very best, BUT this is becoming a high traffic site (even if it is largely online marketers after backlinks) and while my host is struggling to meet the needs of this site – THEY ARE NOT BILLING ME EXTRA!

Most websites never become larger than small. And those that become popular sites, too often they become too expensive to maintain before they make money enough to pay for adequate servers and bandwidth – and such GREAT websites … they DIE. So the hosting I provide has insurance, you will not be billed extra no matter how popular and successful your site becomes! And ecommerce people, the name of the game is to have a good domain name with a subdomain for every product or affiliate product you sell (use an iframe if you want to use someone else’s html)! That way you’re not using url re-directs that email clients tag as spam or a security risk! Your own domain also gives you a lot more credibility!

So, how did I go from being a part time employee barely making ends meet to owning a web host company? That’s what this post is about after all! And the answer is a shift in psychology more than anything else. I fell into some extra money. I had begged and borrowed money to secure housing in Ithaca NY, which isn’t that much cheaper than NYC. A simple room in an apartment shared with others can be 6-800 a month, and there’s often a demand for first month, last month AND security. So, and I suppose I must credit sigil magic for this, I secured an apartment share for $350/month – with only first month demanded! And it’s the entire basement, 2 rooms, one with a sink! So i can have a bedroom and a ART STUDIO! That’s a big deal. I also had extra money. And I used THAT to secure the ability to resell website hosting, for any price I want – without limits to bandwidth or hardrive space (back up a PC!). (It’s not science fiction, hard drives are cheap and bandwidth has to be bought in such enormous capacities it’s almost impossible to use up).

But I was able to get the ability to sell webhosting – because I looked at what was possible with the money I had! And understand it’s was not a LOT of money, and I still have to furnish an apartment, get ram for my computer, get a digital camera, get an ipod touch( to run skype and evade cell charges entirely), get a new laptop, buy ganj, get new wheels for my skateboard, pay off my gym,get good food..etc. So it’s not like the money I had couldn’t have been entirely accounted for!

And the truth is that most of us live paycheck to paycheck in virtual poverty – no matter how much money we make! We compare ourselves to others that have more than us, and feel deprived. And this psychology is one where money can never actually be appreciated for what it can accomplish! It’s the engine of greed in a negative sense, because the other guy has more than I do – so “I’m not good enough!”. Many people of wealth (more than myself) cannot imagine how ANYONE exists on less than 100k a year, for example. And this colors politics as well, with people earning over 200k a year feeling pinched by what are some of the lowest taxes in the world (in the here and now), US taxes.

Look into Micro Loans, google the term. See what is possible in the world with $20, or $50. Human being can generate lifelong sustaining businesses with such small sums! In America, maybe not – but a few hundred can buy basic silk screen equipment, a musical instrument-  a web site – or in my case – A WEB HOSTING BUSINESS!

Yes, you can’t do much with you have right now, it’s almost all accounted for! But you CAN save a little money! Right now you CAN do that. And in the course of a year, money will wax and wane – and when money comes to you, save it or direct it to something that might make you MORE money!

Like perhaps your own website! You know you want one. And soon will be ready to give you one NOW! Well, not now because I have some configuring and testing to do. But please forgive my absence from this site so I can get it ready. When it is ready you’ll have NO EXCUSE! I’ll offer free basic webhosting, and it comes with an online site builder with 15k stock art images! No excuse – and for less than a cup of coffee a day, you can have unlimited bandwidth and server space!

Psi- War

The Black Art of Marketing

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