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What’s up, monetizing and updates

So, let’s see what I’ve been up to.

I secured the right to resell the hosting I use for THIS site, so I’m entering the business of selling webhosting. It’s a work in progress, but I mean to offer 3 hosting accounts, a free hosting account with 5 gb hard drive space and 25gb of bandwidth/month (really adequate for almost any personal site or brick and mortar retail business site), and Advanced hosting account with unlimited drive space and 100gb of bandwidth (the unlimited drive space allows users to back up computers, and 100gb is plenty of bandwidth) and a Professional hosting account which will have unlimited drive space and bandwidth. It’s a product I REALLY BELIEVE IN, and that’s the important thing.

This site may get some banner ads, it will be clickbank goodies for the most part, they have a 60 day money back guarantee which makes the interesting stuff I may post ads for reasonable to at least try. There is one exception, and those are any products I bought and used that I sincerely can recommend, so far there is only one such product. I’ll share it with you soon, after I secure affiliate status.

This site may look a little different. That’s because I joined the warrior forum, a very active forum devoted to e-commerce and making money online. It’s free, they do a have a restricted section you pay for that isn’t priced outrageously. Myself, I’m using the free stuff for now. I posted a thread on their forum about this site, as it’s not making money (yet). I remodeled this site some after some folks on warrior comments that my site looked ‘LOUD’. Let me know what YOU think.

I quit the cloudshare service. Granted, I’m on a farm in the here and now with sketchy internet service – but it does seem subjectively this site has been down far more often with the clouldshare service, than without it. The pumping of every user through a limited number of proxy server IP addresses and checking every visitor against a list of offenders may have been causing time-outs that would otherwise not happen. It also doesn’t play nice with my site statistics. I could perhaps get the Cloudshare service working well with my site had I root access to my hosting server – but there’s a small problem.

The small problem is the folks the Cloudshare service means to keep from my site – are people desperate to make money. And that’s the audience I mean to reach, I can’t make a difference if I only preach to the converted.

I know many people posting replies are actually bots, but my captcha solution is working well. I know crackers (criminal hackers) could attack my site – but if they were any good the Cloudshare service wouldn’t stop them, and I host with Linux which make many cracker scripts inoperable. I would hope a proper hacker would appreciate this site, maybe email me some pointers (hint hint).

The Power of sigil magic

I did sigil magic to get housing, it’s what a chaos magician does. I’d been subletting a nice large room, and had been promised by the Landlady that I could stay there for the coming year – but she tells me a few days before the end of the month that I need to leave immediately.

So I’m looking for a place ..and not finding one that will work for me (I need to be in the city of Ithaca because my job lets out after buses stop running and I have no car nor drivers license, and I need inexpensive because outside of failed e-commerce attempts I just have the one part time job).

I do the sigil magic – the land lady calls me and suggests I can stay till the 15th of August. On August 10 I still have found no place I can stay, the few places I applied they found other roommates they liked better – and I get a call from the landlady I need to leave TODAY. I tell her, I can leave tomorrow (and of course I paid her for until the 15th) and that day I see a room that will be available for the first of September. It’s a good room, actually two rooms – unfurnished but a lot of space for me, a bed, bookshelves, a desk and a drawing table. The second room even has a sink which will enable painting and silkscreen printing! But she has other people coming to see the room, likely many other people because it is both downtown and very inexpensive!

So, without much optimism, I go to work. Figuring I’ll have to move to the farm and hunt online for housing – maybe have to learn to dive and secure a car to have anything affordable. But I get a call at work, I can’t answer it. I guess it’s simply a call to confirm someone else secured the room (the roommate being a young trendy girl looking for another young trendy person and I’m 44). When I leave work and can chck my phone messages – it’s confirmation that I was the ‘most normal’ of the possible roomies and the room is mine if I want it!

So Cool! The sigil magic WORKED! Not as quick as I wanted, and I am spending a few weeks on the farm (in a large tent because, well, the house burned down a while ago). I’ll have plenty of space for my drawing table, I’ll get ithacat done!

Other news – I’m starting a web hosting business. You’ll hear more about that soon! With some luck I’ll make money with it! And my webstats for this site aren’t all that terrible – it’s that the cloudshare proxy server doesn’t play nice with Apache without some modifications – but I can get real stats from Cloudshare, so it’s all good.

It’s a small site after all….

After implementing site optimizations, including captcha testing for suspected spam, caching,auto-optimizing script code and using cloud share to stop hackers and spammers as well as cache the site through a proxy server…. Now the server stats are reflecting very MODEST server stats. It as if this site hasn’t gotten any more popular since January or even sometime last year.

I’m not going to let this upset me, the site still has many readers. The lesson is this site’s popularity is largely a function of my allowing back-links in replies. This is very attractive to others in e-commerce, including Black hat marketers that use automation and online bots to visit websites and leave comments. Many of my sites visitors up till now have been advertising bots, it seems. But of course this site also is of interest to people in marketing and e-commerce, the same population sometimes responsible for spam and adware. And of course that’s intentional, I want to bring occult magic to people using the occult but never getting doing it well.

I was so close to 25k unique IP visitors a month…. Now it feels as if I have to start from scratch. A third of the month gone and I’ve not even 3k unique visiting IP addresses, I’ll be lucky if I break 10k – not the 25k I was hoping for.

The bright side is this, which is that the numbers now are REAL and even if I don’t break 10k IP addresses this month, I can feel satisfied that whatever the number is, it is likely a personal record for this site all the same. Two thousand people is a lot of people still. And those people that want access to my site so bad but are being blocked, keep trying. Use a public library, use a proxy server if your IP is on a ‘do not allow’ list.

For those that might suggest “pictures, or it didn’t happen”, here you go:

status up to Aug 9 about 2pm

status up to Aug 9 about 2pm


A late addendum – the cloudshare service wouldn’t report visits to my server without configuration to the server, which being a shared server I don’t have such privileges. I’ve stopped using the cloudshare service, it was blocking a lot of innocent traffic and would deliver time out errors and refuse to connect at all for even myself.

Vocal Toning

When we speak to others the vibrations of the sounds we make are appreciated internally as well as externally, and the internal effect is an integral part of our associations of sound and meaning, part of this meaning may be how the tones make us feel.

This is the basis of ‘toning’, the premise may seem dubious, that vocal tones impact feelings and thereby a cascade of mental effects, but it is endorsed by some in science, medicine, teaching and business. The perceived benefits may include enhanced speaking ability, more acute concentration and sharper listening power. Perhaps connecting voice to ear better correlates reactions, sense and mental functions – perhaps even a mild ‘high’.

My day job is at a phone bank and if I’m hiting a wave of positive results I find myself reading the same script repeatedly, and my voice struggles with it. So I’m beginning a practice of ‘toning’ to see if it can enable myself to have better performance at my job.

Morning toning: The technique is simple enough. Sit comforatbly, eyes closed if you prefer. I suggest breathing deeply in such a way your stomach rises and falls because it is familiar from my experience of eastern meditation. But really the instructions is to breath slowly to a count of five through your nose and to exhale at a comparable count of 5. Repeat this three times.

After the fourth inhale – speak slowly and aloud the tone group :”UU-AH-EE-MM” – Close your lips halway through the ‘MM’ sound, let it reverberate in your mouth, fill your body.

Next speak the entire tone group with your mouth closed, inhaling and exhaling with your mouth closed. Acentuate each vowel, feel the tones in your nasal cavity. As you repeat the phrase you may place your hands about your body to feel how each vowel resonates in different part of the body. The UU-AH-EE-MM tone group is used to balance ‘energy’ throughout your mind/body. Keep it up for three minutes to as long as you like.

You can reverse the tone set for nighttime before sleep: MM-EE-AH-UU.

Or you can create your own tone sets on the following parameters:

UU (who) stimulates lower spine for relation and centeredness

OH (go) stimulates center of chest for concentration

EY (pray) stimulates throat area for communication

EE (Knee) stiulates head for creativity

MM (humming, lips closed) stimulates mouth and tongue, for balance.

This information is from the book “Get High Now” by James Nestor, published by chronicle books. It’s a fun little book, James and his team tested various drug free techniques for altered consciousness and the book is thereby useful.

Adventures in monetizing

I eliminated, essentially opted out of, the info-links advertising program. Those ads are no longer on this site. That program, perhaps because I had distinguished the links visually, never really made me any money. Importantly however, the links sucked ass. Meaning their sales pitch was really boring, kind of stupid and always really off topic. I gave them a test run for several months, and of course the bottom line is if I make money. Info-links made me no money at all.

If you look at this blog post, and any other, you will find that there are many linked words that do not refer back this site. I replaced the info-links program with one from ‘uContext‘ – what it does is scan my blog posts for key words and inserts affiliate links for appropriate CLICK BANK products. The wordpress plug-in had no votes when I installed it, but I like it better than info-links already.

Why? Because Click Bank products are better, and their sales pitches are better. How do I mean that? Like so: if for no reason other than it being a Click Bank product – all the products linked to in my blogs now have a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  So far, the ads are MORE RELEVANT TO MY CONTENT! And, important to me, the new ads are interesting and fun!

Really, in simply testing this new service – I find myself clicking the links – just because I’m really curious what product click bank sells that is related to THAT keyword! And by an large, my curiosity is rewarded with an entertaining, even compelling sale pitch!

Almost none of the products linked this way in my blog are products that I’ve used or can promise you have value. But I can promise you that every product has a rock solid 60 day money back guarantee (that’s how Clickbank operates, all payments are escrowed by click bank until 60 days have passed – meaning I as an affiliate and the vender both – we see no money until you have used up your 60 days to express dissatisfaction and request a refund. What that means is I CAN recommend any Click Bank product as worth TRYING!

As for my bottom line, as an Affiliate a large percentage of every sale from the links in my blog posts come to me. So if you love this site and would like to support it, Please – click some links, try some products!  Click Bank is a great resource because it empowers the person with the great idea or the solution to your problem – to sell that idea or solution directly to another person that needs it! This isn’t an advertising program that supports fortune 500 industries – it supports PEOPLE! When I sell my ebook, it will be on Click Bank too (I may try ‘real’ publishers first, if only because publisher Simon and Schuster has me listed online as “an Online Author“, making me feel as if they might actually look at my manuscript rather than toss it in the trash immediately).

Yes, magic. There is sigil magic involved in monetizing this site as well. As my regular readers should assume, as I am a chaos magician. In a way, I’m too smart and that makes me stupid. People are making real money online that happen to be stupid – they are following a formula of posting prominent ads, sticking to a very popular niche, repeating the process and … money comes in?

I know at least one subscriber to my Listwire list, he bought the affiliate product sold to him BY listwire (NOT ME). There is something to be said for the obnoxiousness of pushing an ad in someone’s face.

I am committed to doing what will work. I have to find a way for this site to make money. There is magic involved, which means I need to create a pathway for the magic to become fulfilled or it may come to me in a negative fashion I do not want!

Something like this: All the Zazzle designs you see below are BY ME! They are original Michael Robin Cooke designs – buy the tee shirt! The sweatshirt, the cool ass queer pride skate board!


View more personalized gifts from Zazzle.

Growing Pains: keeping a growing blog quick and responsive

In July 2011, kitschchaos broke personal records. Over 21,000 different visitors with distinct IP addresses visited an average of 5 times last month, and read an average of 5 pages per visit, consuming over 25 gig of bandwidth in data and downloads. My hosting company, has been doing an excellent job keeping my server snappy, keeping my blog loading its pages quickly even when many people are trying to access this site at the same time, and unlike competitors that would be billing me handsomely for going over quota with bandwidth, this hosting company affords me no quotas.

But this site is still growing, every 60 days this year, has broken another record in number of unique visitors, the amount they read, the number of times they visit and the amount of bandwidth they consume. So I have to expect that the numbers haven’t stopped growing. And that is extremely validating personally, so thank you very much for your kind attention, your links and the friends you recommend this site to!

But even if hosting24 will not bill me for using too much bandwidth or server space, my hosting plan is a shared server hosting plan. At some point a growing demand on bandwidth will be a match for the shared server my site is hosted on, and this site will become SLOW and non responsive for EVERYONE. Unless I do something! All it will take is a mention by a celebrity, a round of advertising, and this site could crash with too fast an increase of traffic.

So I did something about it!  W3 total cache is the name of a wordpress plug in that optimizes your wordpress blog, helping returning visitors cache the website so less of it must be loaded on the next visit! It also improves scripting code read by the browser by making it leaner and quicker to process.

And this site is now being access by YOU through Cloud Flare, a proxy server, that tests incoming traffic to my website and doesn’t allow known spammers and hackers to access it or use my bandwidth. On average, a website on CloudFlare … loads 30% faster… uses 60% less bandwidth… has 65% fewer requests… is way more secure. All for free! (this claim is from the Cloud Flare website). The W3 Total Cache plug-in integrates with Cloud Flare, so not other software is required.

I did have an issue accessing my cpanel through this proxy server (I had to change my name server settings to force all traffic through the proxy server), but if you add ‘direct.‘ before the URL to your cpanel, the proxy server knows to send you to the original server directly, bypassing the proxy server, and the cpanel will load properly.

For those thinking in relation to my claims about this site’s success, “Pictures, or it didn’t happen”, I present this screenshot:

aw stats from the server hosting


Many people reading have their own blogs and e-commerce websites hosted by companies that will, quite rightly, bill them more money if they go over quota for bandwidth. The company I host with would pull the plug on that site if it were as successful as this one and I hadn’t more money to pay them. Many great and wonderful sites do not exist today because the expense of hosting the site became too great as the site became well known.

The first thing you can do is start your hosting with a company that will not meter or quota your bandwidth or server space, the company hosting is such a company, Hosting24 . And the second thing you can do, is secure your blog’s efficiency with a great plug in and free services, W3 Total Cache and the Cloud Flare proxy server service work and are available for your server’s WordPress installation.

I’m looking forward to seeing my visitors grow and the bandwidth they consume decrease! I would also mention that in the domain of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, it is the speed that a page loads that is an important and often forgotten aspect of why one site is ‘better’ than another in the eyes of search engines.

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