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Transformation today! a coming out story

My story, Michael Robin Cooke’s story of how I am Gay and came out of the closet, and the story of my experience of existential crisis that shaped much of how I came to be who I am today, they are the same story. And from that experience I realized something that can help anyone transform themselves into better selves.

I was raised in various places as a child, but spend my 4th grade, (when I was 10-11) in New York City of the late 1970’s, and I stayed there through High School, graduating in 1985. In that time my sexuality blossomed and existed as a problem for me, because I was homosexual and understood that if anyone knew they would reject me. I rejected myself too – because the Gay role models I had, the only real ‘gay people’ I knew personally, would seem very creepy because they propositioned me for sex as a child. In high school, I had developed a strong body and the wrestling team was interested in recruiting me. I wanted to join up, but I did not dare – fearing tell tale erections while wrestling guys I was attracted to.

Out of High School, I remained closeted. I had homophobic beliefs and attempted to believe they didn’t apply to me because ‘I’m not Gay'”. Of course like most closeted homosexuals, I even started expressing my dislike of Gay people, and this in stark contrast to an otherwise ‘open minded’ personality. I believed I was the ‘only one’, as in the only gay man not creepy or super effeminate (after all, are not all gay men effeminate?). And I feared I’d lose my friends, that my family would think less of me – if they knew this truth about me.

But even closeted Michael is still Michael. I also had beliefs that could be expressed as “So what! As long as I closeted myself I’m living as if I know I will be bashed or treated poorly, but that is something I cannot know – and therefore my being closeted is an expression of weakness and cowardice. So my masculinity that I developed to seem less Gay, it actually was now shaming me for being too ‘Yellow’ to come out.

Now having been closeted all my life and now 23, I accepted an invitation to participate in “the 6 day” advanced course from Landmark Education, with my Father and my Uncle too. And this can be thought of a transformation workshop coupled with physical activities, ala ‘outward bound’, meant to exhaust people and challenge the sense of what we can and cannot do. In the context of this ‘cult of transformation’ we separated in to small groups and were meant to ‘share’, or confess something, to people we don’t know well, that we have never told anyone else. I told them I was Gay, and this turned the small group into a, insistent support system for coming out to the entire group including my Dad and uncle.

And so I did. I came out as Gay to the entire group. And my family responded, to the entire group. And my family was trapped by peer pressure, fortunately my Uncle didn’t mind and my Father -he couldn’t be with it so he started talking about anything else. And I was OUT to a large number of people! For the first time in my life. And I wasn’t ready!

It seems a stupid thing. But this American culture teaches homophobia, and I really believed that if you were a Gay man, you must also be an effeminate man. And I’m not an effeminate man. So am I really an effeminate man – but I’ve masked it too well trying to be masculine in the closet? This was my access to really trying to understand where the real me begins.

And the reason it is called an ‘existential crisis’ is because it is indeed a crisis. I chewed on trying to know who I REALLY am for a year. And as i chewed on that idea, my mind did weird stuff without drugs! For example I found myself almost unable to read, but because I was struck by the graphic design of the letters and the nonsense quality of the sound they are meant to suggest – and why is that sound attached to that meaning? And such ideas are not conducive to reading.

But as I looked within, I came to understand that everything I am seems to be a function of an experience and what I had the experience mean. Surely there was a real self, an effeminate self, beneath it all! But No, I never found one.

Before I turned 24 I had my answer. I couldn’t know my answer is the truth. But an answer serves to resolve a question, and this answer did allow me to answer my question, end the crisis and start living again. That answer? I DO NOT EXIST! Everything I am is a product of an experience, what I had the experience mean and the decisions resulting from that meaning.

Decades later, I now do believe in an essential self that could constitute a ‘soul’, but I think of it having a simplicity like a note of music – that is elaborated upon by experience and the meanings we attribute and the decisions those meaning inform.

Now I’m not just sharing this story in case you are gay and need inspiration to come out. The existential crisis taught me something important. If a lot of who we are is a function of experience, meaning and decision – THINK ABOUT THAT! Even If that is just somewhat true – we cannot change an experience – but we can change a meaning! we can make a new decision!

Digest that for a moment.

Change a meaning, make a new decision – AND CHANGE WHO YOU ARE!

Your own life story, it features the facts of what happened, your interpretation of those facts and what you have the facts mean. Stories are important, they can define who we are. But the thing about a story is that what happened, that’s not real now. The only part of a story that is real is the interpretation and meaning – those are vital and living entities! And you can ALWAYS find a new interpretation and make a new meaning!

Dipping back into my autobiography, I experienced abuse and neglect from my parents as a child. I’m sure many of my readers similarly survived unfortunate childhoods. The tragedy of child abuse is that if the abuse is coming from blood family and you, as the child and as a result, if you hate your parents – you also hate yourself (we are our parents children)! And in hating Parents, it’s too easy to make them wrong and you right with a lot of failure in your own life. I have met people in their 80s, still angry with their parents!

So how did I learn to love my parents?

With a new interpretation: My parents were brilliant people, yet weak and afflicted with mental illness, sad and pathetic and yet they loved me as well as they could. And me, I survived! I’m strong, I have no mental illness myself -I can and will fulfill on my own brilliance!

That’s a story where I win! And that interpretation is true! As true as any other interpretation! But because this story supports who I want to be and self love, it is the better story!

You, review your life story! Can you look at your accomplishments and make those mean something? Can you look to your parents in sympathy for their failings and gratitude for their good? Because to be the best ‘you’ you can be – you need to appreciate every part of who you are!

Because if all you are is interpretations and meanings, and you, only you, have the authority to alter the interpretation and the meaning, you have the power to transform yourself in a fundamental way!. This, I assert, is the essence of that which distinguishes animals from human. We can choose the meaning we attach to experience.

Cosmetic changes

I had this blog in an iframe to hold the header image. The Pixel theme was very nice, but did not allow for a banner header. I have chosen a new theme ‘eclipse’ I think it’s called. This one has my custom header and links – so the iframe is not necessary. Besides the link on the rss feed would always send folks to the blog without the iframe, causing confusion perhaps.

I’m not done working with it or making changes. The captcha has really ended almost all the spam, I guess it really is legions of bots, or the folks posting blog replies for backlinks are too lazy to even attempt a capcha test.

The new skin is good. this site will only get better, I promise!

Captcha Helps!

Yes, a year or so ago I wrote a post about captcha, because I was aware of many spam comments promising products that could ‘break it’. In my naivete I figured that since this blog is about business, why not make it business friendly and allow visitors posting replies to get real SEO valuable  back-links with their reply?

That’s not changed. But this site, as it grows more popular (my server stats say so), it’s attracted so much spam – it was talking me an hour a day simple to scan it all for ‘false positives’, comments worth posting with innocuous links

So, I thought about it, and decided that, sure why not – I’ll add a captcha system to this blog. The first one I installed by the way, it broke my WordPress (my browser couldn’t contact the database), I had to ftp to my server and manually delete the plug in. But I was determined, so I found another captcha plug in for WordPress!

This captcha solution is only invoked if your reply fails a certain automated test (your url is on a list for example) -Then you are presented with a captcha to solve, and if you get it wrong, I have the system simply destroy your comment.

I apologize for such severity, but I will not allow myself to waste my time skimming canned automated messaged, and if you are a human posting something that seems like a canned message (learn to write better, maybe reply to what I wrote), and yes, enter your captcha solution with care, I give you only one chance!

Does it work! Yes! Last night I completed my work with the blog, the plug in and deleted every message I wouldn’t let post.

This morning, I found 4 replies in my ‘moderate folder’ (and such replies require no captcha), 2 of those replies I let post, 2 I condemned as spam (Vibrating panties, sex stuff – it’s not getting backlinks from me because this is a family friendly guide to the black arts of magic and marketing!). The spam program is now trained, and the next person with a backlink to vibrating panties will have to pass a captcha test for their reply to post to my system (and only if the reply is an honest reply and not generic or about something else will I not delete it).

When I wrote my article about captcha, it was about how secure it was. After reviewing the date I pronounced it as being pretty damn secure. This site is using Google’s ‘reCaptcha’, and I trust a think tank like google to present the best balance of secure and easy for a captcha.

And it WORKS! It seems all those comments I believed to be automation – they really are! All those small businesses trying to use automation to get back links – to help rise in the google search engine results! It’s so sad!

Will I miss the spam? it was awfully flattering!

The company I want to do business with is a company represented by a person I like, that takes more care to have the best site in a niche first and foremost. Because if you want that best site and that’s what you work towards, you will rise in the search engine rankings, and you will stay high in those rankings because Google wants you to stay there.

Google doesn’t want your low content, low effort sales pitch to rise to the top of their search engine results. It gives their users a reason to use a different search engine. That’s the real secret of Search Engine Optimization – the cream rises to the top naturally.

In ‘SEO’ (search Engine optimization) there are strategists that assume labels: White HAT, Black Hat – even Blue Hat.

I’m a proponent of ‘White Hat’, pick the right niche – there’s a lot of interest, and that includes YOU. If you love the subject, you’ll want to make the best site there is on that subject. And that’s the kind of site that gets word of mouth, real backlinks (because your site is a resource)- and you will naturally rise in the search engine results!

Black hat, and the success of a simple captcha to eliminate over 90% of spam replies proves a lot of my visitors are bots leaving comments, which means many of my readers are of a ‘black hat’ bias. This is all about making money, and cheating the search engines by using technology and automation to beat their automation and technology. The problem with this is that there is not only little thought given to content and site value, very often automation is applied to the content itself!

Blue Hat SEO is essentially White hat SEO, but the priority is on quality content, while opportunities for responsible automation (hiring really good writers to help with content for example) and opportunities to take advantage of realities presented by ‘blackhat’ activity – which can involve your own scripted unique idea – or simply writing many key work rich articles so they become promoted by the automation of the black hat internet engineers.


I’m white hat because I’m focusing on the value of this site. The graph of monthly visitors to my site has been rising dramatically every month in terms of times my readers return to this site, the number of pages they read, and the number of unique visitors. In January I almost had 10k unique visitors to this site, Just today this site passed the 17k unique visitors mark  -in 6 months!

Only when this site plateaus will I again look into SEO beyond what is already automated by this blog and its plug ins. I am adding some facebook integration, but that’s different (?).

In about 24 hours: 5,314 spam comments have been automatically discarded by Conditional CAPTCHA.

Cross roads and magic

Where there are two roads that intersect , that intersection is magically relevant. In European and African traditions both, any cross roads is a gate to the realm of spirits, God or Gods.

Traditionally the God Hermes or Mercury could be accessed at a Cross roads, to give access to the Gods and send messages. Similarly Poppa Legba (of Voudon, and known as Exu in Brasil and other names in other variations of the Yoruba source) is a devil looking gate keeper that will give you access to the Gods and Spirit realms.

In America there is folk lore relating to meeting the Devil at a cross roads, and either bargaining for musical or artistic talent, or challenging the devil in a musical contest. The origins are European and African. In Hoodoo it can be easily imagined the ‘devil’ is in fact ‘Poppa Legba’, and it may be best to use that name and sigil when attempting such magic. More information at the link beneath the image below.

Cross roads are, in many different traditions, considered places of power, places to access spiritual realms. In Hoodoo frequently cross roads outside of town, a place belonging to ‘noone’, is used to dispose of used ritual items

I will note right now, that if you are sincerely religious, the simple act of making the effort to find a cross roads and praying THERE, it can only super charge that prayer, and help any request accompanying said prayer to be that much more certain. And if you believe it is spiritual, the nature of occult power, any spell can be enhanced by taking place at a cross roads. If you would work with ancestors or dead spirits, the offering of a mercury dime will surely grant you access to said spirits, when at a cross roads!

A ‘Quincunx’ is a pattern of five spots, four spots at four corners, and a spot in the  middle – like the ‘5’ on common dice. In Hoodoo this pattern is most commonly used to ‘fix’ a spell to a specific location. But note that the quincunx also, in Hoodoo tradition, empowers a spell as well as fixes it.

Deviating from strict Hoodoo tradition that I know of, I believe it is suggested that a quincunx has application as an empowerment for any spell that might benefit from placement at a cross roads – as a substitute for an actual cross roads. Try placing quartz at four corners, and stand above one in the center, and do the “Cosmic Forces” technique and see if it isn’t even more powerful!

For those that didn’t read it before now, the ‘cosmic forces’ technique is so simple it may be a challenge for you to accept if your psychic censor is too strong. Very simply, here it is as I presented before:

You stand straight, legs slightly apart, hands down, but not touching your body, and not touching any other person or foreign object.

You close your eyes, inhale and as you inhale ,you say to yourself :

“I bring the Cosmic Forces into my body”

Then you hold that breath and say to yourself:

” asking for Strength, Protection, and Guidance”.

Then, you exhale.

Do this 3 times. Open your eyes.

If you do this expecting to feel something – you likely will. If you do this standing within a quincunx the effect may be ever so much more powerful! Of course this technique can be used to make requests of the cosmic forces, and you would cross your arms to finish your request. Try this within a quincunx – and know the result is yours!

My Listwire List

Yeah, so how do I write good content anyway?  I sort of sit here not sure what to write about, so i review what is going on. I’ve been having a private email exchange with a person who joined my mailing list and got my “Law of Attraction – the Kitschchaos Way!” ebook – he lost his downloaded ebook and wanted to know how to get another – so I simply attached a copy of the pdf in my reply to him. He then asked me about a $50 course he bought, and about using magic to get sex.

That $50 he spent, it was for a product I never recommended and it’s a product I see no profit from. It’s Listwire’s affiliate product, it’s their profit and me – what I get is free email management.

So please, know that anything that is sold to you before you download my e-book – its is NOT MY SALES PITCH! You are not helping me if you buy it, and I promise you it might be CRAP! In fairness though, it is most likely a clickbank product- and you can get your money back within 60 days. Please do invoke that refund if the product isn’t useful or valuable!

I am bartering with a “friend” who is a little more successful than I with the e-commerce thing (he’s paying rent with online income, which is more than I am doing). I’ll do some graphic art for the products he’s selling (let’s just say I will not be promoting them here), train with him in an e-commerce training program and in exchange I’ll be able to get access to a custom email management program I can install on my server.

That way I do not have to pay Aweber, and you, my audience, can know that any sales pitch you find in relation to this site is something that will help me, and is a product I honestly believe can help you!

That said, when you sign up for my e-book with Listwire – the link you click to confirm in your email – it will deliver you to LISTWIRE’S sales page! On the bottom of that page you will find the download link for the ebook!

Other than that one sales pitch, Listwire is very good. But very few people are joinging my list or getting that ebook. And I promise you it is so worthwhile! I believe you guys start to sign up- and then close the browser window when you see the sleazy ad! If you scroll down, you’ll get the right link and you’ll never see an ugly sales pitch like that again!

Post SEO

Not everyone knows what “SEO” is. It stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, and refers to techniques to have your website rise to be the first website listed for a search engine search for a given ‘key word’. For example if you were selling ‘snow boards’, you might want to be the top listing for any search engine search for ‘snow boards’. Such a ranking would bring the most traffic, web site visitors, and ideally would bring the most people looking to spend money.

If I were to attempt to put SEO techniques in a nutshell, it comes down to selecting the right key words to optimize for (more specific key words are easier to rank for, and convert better – as someone looking for a general term like ‘snowboard’ is most likely researching information, and is looking for “Burton high performance Snowboard” when they are looking to buy that particular product). Once you know the Key words to optimize for, you use them in the name of the web site, the name of the html page, the title of your article and liberally within the first and many other articles. The automation of search engines reward unique content with relevant keywords, and quality back links. So after you create key word rich content, you work to get back links.

Many people posting replies to my blog, do so for the back link my blog will give them. Is why so many comments are such low quality.

I understand the importance of SEO, to help people find what you are selling, especially if they are looking to buy that thing.

And notice, that I used the word “selling”.

The problem and virtue of this site are one: I hold the niche of “Chaos magic and marketing”, it’s all mine, I rank #1 on yahoo and Google! The problem of course is that my niche, while unique, is also OBSCURE.

I’m getting many SEO experts replying to my blog posts suggesting my blogs could be better optimized for SEO. And they are wrong. The reason they are wrong is because already own my niche, my audience is already growing at an alarming rate.

I understand this site is a small site. For a small site it is becoming very successful. This month, for whatever reason, at the 15th I have as much traffic as I did for the entire month of January and I’ve set a record for the greatest number of pages read!

And almost all of my traffic is coming from word of mouth (email suggestions), bookmarks or links posted on websites. Less than 5% of my visitors come from Google. I know this because I pay attention to my server statistics. The stats of your server are the most reliable.

And it’s not like every Google visitor searched for “Chaos Magic and marketing” – if you found this blog post on Google, you likely searched for ‘Post SEO‘. And every blog post I ever made on this site, it’s title is a Google key word that may be at the top of a search that includes my blog post title.

This sort of SEO is like a shot gun shooting bird shot – I’m getting lots of key words to rank well, that relate to whatever I’m posting about at the moment. And they deliver eyeballs to my site. And those eyeballs like my site so much, they bookmark my site, they post a link on their site and email all their friends!

Let me repeat: those eyeballs like my site so much, they bookmark the site, they post a link on their site and they email all their friends!

Now this isn’t entire story of course. I have a ‘related sites’ plug in that distributes my blog posts to other blogs if they write about something similar. That get me a fair amount of traffic I’m sure.

But there’s the feedback I get on this site too. Yes, I dismiss a lot of it as spam. And much of it is spam. But my spam has recurring themes of thanking me for the entertaining read, for the useful information or the important insight. And that doesn’t mean it’s all true, because spam replies often flatter in hopes the flattery will get them the desires back link. But then again, I don’t really know that – because I know only my experience.

The number of people coming to my site, the amount they read on my site – and they actually read what I write! It proves it’s not all bullshit! People are coming back to this site because I write good content. The numbers prove this!

How many times have you heard an SEO expert tell you what was important was writing well, and writing something interesting, writing something useful? You didn’t! You heard maybe, write about your niche. And you hear a lot about “optimizing” so your choice key words are properly profiled.

You do not hear about writing naturally, reading what you wrote out loud to determine if what you wrote is sensible. You do not hear about thinking about the benefit to the reader in what you write. You do not hear about how to express yourself in an entertaining fashion.

All that stuff, how to write really well, it will never be covered in a tutorial on SEO because IT IS NOT EASY! No, instead you hear about ‘article spinning’, or using freelancers to write for you. It’s all about quantity over quality. I’ve heard how I need to have hundreds of article in article databases, and hundreds of blog posts, hundreds or articles….

The closest you get is in the copywriting coaching – but even there, it is all about getting the sale. Not about how to write well and usefully about something – but how to manipulate others!

But here’s the bottom line. The reason this blog is successful for a small site, the reason this blog in a year may qualify as a medium size site and no longer a ‘small site’, with over 25k visitors a month. It’s not because I’ve focused on SEO or copy writing or selling anything  – it’s because I write well and try to be useful. Writing well and being useful, that’s actually far more important than anything else if you want your site to last a long time, have authority and become well respected.

Taxes and jobs

In America right now, there’s a game of “chicken” in congress. The belief of Republicans, to generalize, is that we need to cut spending and cut taxes to pay off the debt.

I am a registered Democrat, but I’ll speak for myself. As the debt is concerned, cutting spending and cutting taxes – it’s like you personally being in debt and cutting your spending (makes sense) – but then quitting your job (not taking in revenue – taxes are revenue to the State).

The Republican response however is that you need to cut taxes on the rich – so they have more money to run their businesses!

The reason I’m writing this blog post is to put a lie to that proposition. Because it is a lie, and any American that Remembers Nixon, should know this!

The fact of the matter is that the USA has had times of tremendous economic well being, with an enormous middle class, and so many jobs there really was almost no excuse not to have one. What people too easily forget is at this same time – the top tax was between 70% and 90%!

LbJ, Kennedy, Nixon – all had that very high top tax rate!

Here’s the secret – Rich people never feel they are rich enough – they hold on to money and try to get more! Like you and I do, or would if we could! This is the ‘gotcha‘ with magic spells to get wealth, because true wealth is to ‘be without want‘, and in reality a different point of view will get you there faster than money will!.

So when there is a VERY HIGH TAX on a very large income, what rich people do – is find how much less money they need to make to pay a lower tax and take home the maximum amount of money! This is accomplished by KEEPING MONEY IN THEIR BUSINESS! And all the money being kept in businesses, where did that money go? It went to pay more employees! and at higher wages! That’s why a large middle class accompanies a very high top tax!

So, that is why the Republicans are wrong, cutting taxes on the wealthy destroys job and wages – because  a LOW tax that exists, it gives the wealthy no excuse to NOT drain all the money they can get from their businesses! They will relocate the business to a third world country if they can squeeze more dollars, they certainly are not going to hire more employees than they must, and they certainly are not going to pay any employee a penny more than they absolutely have to!

Thank you for reading this. If you do not agree, please say so in your reply and we’ll discuss this! If you do agree, please write your congressmen, your president. Because the top tax is now about 34% and it NEEDS TO BE DOUBLED!

Why Law of Attraction? how is it useful for Chaos Magic?

Yes, Law of Attraction is not merely a powerful technique in and of itself, it provides a foundation from which to improve an entire magical practice.

if you do not have my free e-book detailing real world information on how to get law of attraction working for you, please register below and get it for free NOW -before I replace it with a book I sell.

And if you really appreciate it, I would appreciate a generous donation (the nature of money is fluid, you must let money go if you would have more money flow to you) – the paypal donate link is on the right hand panel.

Now let me explain why law of attraction is so key. The Law of attraction is a mental discipline, to keep present your intention, vision and belief. This is almost impossible to accomplish for most people without any introduction to mental discipline at all, which is why my e-book, Law of Attraction the KitschChaos Way, introduces instructions on a simple meditation that will develop that discipline as weights develop muscle.

Again, the problems that plague a magic practice are duality of desire (wanting and fearing change at the same time), lust for result (is it here yet? is it here yet? is it here yet?) and yes, the psychic censor (magic is not real! this is stupid!).

And the best magicians, how do they operate? Simple, they do the spell, they KNOW it is done! The certainty in their own power, is their power! And such powerful magicians, they can ask for a lot of money for their spells, their spells are valuable, they always work!

But this best magician, her spells always work and are so powerful because the rest of us can’t do that. We can’t do a spell and easily believe it is not only working, but good as done! We grew up conditioned to believe magic is not real. The psychic censor is part of who we are, and it is the thing that makes magic exclusive.

So when we’re (if we’re not an elite magician) doing the spell -once it is done we are hoping it will work! I admit this is me, just because I have the distinction to believe doesn’t mean it is easy for me.

So if this kind of certainty isn’t easy for me, what do I do about it?

First thing, is to get the confirmation bias working. Do magic for things that are not too difficult ( a nice piece of cherry pie, to see a really hot girl or guy wearing red, to taste a ripe star fruit) when you begin, and always credit the magic.Every success will pay dividends of belief.

But Law of Attraction, as I present it in my e-book (It’s unique to my e-book, no where else will you find a comparable approach to Law of Attraction), the discipline it demands, it carries over to magic!

As you learn to manage your thoughts, ‘return to focus’ (get the damn e-book already, all is explained therein!) so that you can prioritize your vision and optimism, you can get real results with Law of Attraction!

But if you take that same skill set and apply it to other magics! You can can make believing ‘the deed is done‘ – a focus you return to! if you have doubt, if your psychic censor is acting up – let it be and ‘return to focus’ and know the deed is don

Yes, this blog post is a cornerstone of the magic system I’m developing. Appreciate it, I could’ve reserved it for folks that pay me.

I’m Okay! and the ‘Cosmic Forces’

So, I did spend one week living in a tent outside the ruins of the farmhouse that burned down a year ago. In that week I get some ‘scripting’ done for my ‘Ithacat’ comic, and I started reading “David St. Clair’s lessons in Instant ESP”.

It’s an old paperback book from the 70’s, but I know the author from his book, Drum and Candle (about magic and psychic healing in Brasil) and so figured it should at least be interesting.

If you have ever looked much at literature about psychic powers, overwhelmingly the paradigm looks like the psychic is not a psychic, but rather, a ‘medium’ that gets all the information from a spirit guide. This is very enrolling for the psychic (I must trust her, she has the special spirit guide! )- but not enrolling for those of us that don’t already have spirit guides. It’s part of what keeps the psychic field exclusive.

But David St. Clair’s book is different. His writing about magic and psychic phenomena has given him the insights to produce seminars that teach anyone, to have psychic powers! That’s all I want!

I will explain that on my own I have had some success with remote viewing (as a child I would use the technique to win ‘battleship’, as an adult I have yet to attempt the technique for an edge playing poker – but me being me I likely will at some point).

What I’m sharing with you now may seem so simple as to not be credible. I once had the same issue with Hoodoo. This is a Chaos magic site, that being the case, it is important to understand that YOU can use your capacity to believe, the belief doesn’t have you. Also, remember that CHILDREN are powerful natural magicians, and the paradigms they get results with are often very simple! If you feel you must have complexity, go look to Enochian magic and knock yourself out!

To believe is as simple as suspending your disbelief… visualization (or pretending) and have an open enough mind to EXPECT.. something.

Understand this technique is from a book based on a seminar. And a seminar has a real advantage you don’t have: that of peer pressure and group mind. If you are in a room with 30 other people and the 5 people closest to you are getting results, the problem isn’t that the technique is BS, the problem is why isn’t it working as well for you? And that problem belies great belief. Which is why seminars can be so powerful, and that power seems to dissipate once the seminar is over.

So do understand this is a technique that has worked for David St. Clair’s students in every seminar he has held, it is the results that have him not only include it in his book, but use this technique as the basis for developing all psychic powers, especially healing!

Here it is, you stand straight, legs slightly apart, hands down, but not touching your body, and not touching any other person or foreign object.

You close your eyes, inhale and as you inhale ,you say to yourself :

“I bring the Cosmic Forces into my body”

Then you hold that breath and say to yourself:

” asking for Strength, Protection, and Guidance”.

Then, you exhale.

Do this 3 times. Open your eyes.

What did you feel? Electricity? A tingling in your palms? A tingling in your spine? A sense of falling forward or backward?

Memorize that phrase : “ I bring the Cosmic Forces into my body, asking for Strength, Protection and Guidance“.

Understand that ‘Cosmic Forces’ is open for you to interpret as you will, it may be an impersonal intelligence of the universe, Universal Buddha nature -or a personal God that saturates the Universe. But as a child of the Universe, the Cosmic Forces are entirely interested in you ‘winning’, or else you’d not even exist!

The key to Psychic phenomena, is to Listen. This may not be so easy with the chaos of internal thoughts. But almost any sort of psychic phenomena you would like to try, it involves being open to impressions and NOT using your imagination. For me personally, my imagination is so strong being a psychic may not be my strong suit. But you are not me, and even I am not me – I’m growing and today am not the man I was yesterday.

Understand that Strength means in this context: if you feel defeated, as if you cannot go on – Strength is that which lets you know there is hope, you can prevail, you have the strength!

Protection, you are small and the challenges are great, the comic forces can protect you.

Guidance, which choice should you make? Should you take a new job or keep the one you have? The Cosmic forces can guide you to better choices.

You can use this Cosmic Forces technique to produce results. After invoking the Cosmic Forces, you are entitled to make requests of them.

No need to flatter or deify the forces – they know who you are. Just explain your desire simply and honestly. It can be for a job, for love, even a new car! Do be certain YOU REALLY WANT THE RESULT!

And have some discretion, asking the Cosmic Forces to murder, or to steal a Wife – understand your Cosmic Forces are everyone else’s too and such conflict of interests is not a good idea.

Following the request, say : “Thank you” 3 times a then cross your arms (like an Egyptian mummy) to dismiss the Cosmic Powers.

You can also, fresh from a show or bath, invoke the Cosmic Forces, and ask of them to give you a protection of white light. In doing so, visualize your body being enveloped by bright white light in the way that seems best to you. This will have the effect of protecting you from any hostile spell, curse or evil eye – if  such things concern you.

Of course being  jobless and homeless I had some very clear requests of the Cosmic Powers. The next day, the telephone interviewer job I once held – THEY CALLED ME, asking if I would return in July! So I’m no longer unemployed, I start next Tuesday! I now am renting, just for the month, a GREAT room, very large and close to where I work and hang out! There is a possibility I can stay here for the coming year!

I will mention that in my previous post, a depressing post registering that the sad circumstances I had been experiencing defeated my optimism, I did get a reply from a good soul that promised to pray or work magic on my behalf. This is their win as well, thank you! Either their magic got me to read the David St. Clair book, or it helped all the results I have! And if you prayed or worked magic for me without telling me, thank you so much!

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