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Tornadoes in the USA


Tornadoes in Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

That’s a Daily news article being linked to (NY Times less link friendly due to efforts to monetize).

At that Daily News link, at least now May 26, what is disturbing is how the article is getting replies colored by partisan politics. Some taking glee at the suffering of presumed Christian Conservatives, I suppose because the natural disasters are limited to ‘RED’ states (or states that in a political context often vote Republican).

It’s easy to forget that, as Steven J Gould distinguished, it is diversity that is the evolutionary advantage of the human species. And I can agree that American social Conservatives make America stronger, and I can say that as an openly Gay man that is politically opposed to their beliefs and agenda.

Let’s break it down to much simpler terms : a hunter gatherer tribe. In this context the tribe will encounter other tribes with different cultures, sometimes the new culture will be friendly and cooperative, sometimes the new culture will be hostile and aggressive. As a tribe with diverse people, some of the tribe implicitly believe in peace and cooperation with others, and other believe all other tribes are dangerous and would destroy us if they could.

And here’s the point. If the tribe has NO DIVERSITY – it may die out because it is overwhelmed by other aggressive tribes! Or the tribe may die out because it distrusts all other tribes and therefore has no other tribe to cooperate with and help them survive in times of trouble.

It’s when you have both ‘hawks’ and ‘doves’ in your tribe, that the tribe is adaptable enough to survive in any circumstance. A diverse tribe confronted with another tribe will not accept another tribe easily, and a diverse tribe will be able to cooperate or defend itself as needed.

It’s sad that I have to write about how even people we believe to be wrong, are people and important to our tribe. These tornadoes are affecting the lives of PEOPLE, people like us, and Americans that are important to this nation.

As for the lives of people that have lost property and loved ones in this tragedy. The only coaching I have is the Buddhist principle – suffering is a function of attachment. So let it go, that which is gone. Mourn your loved ones, but be positive and optimistic about your future. Because now you have to start over, and starting over is an opportunity to build a better life, and to prove to yourself and to God (if you believe) that you are strong and you will survive and survive well!

This is not the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a better world if you will but build it!

You are in my thoughts and prayers (to whatever extent I pray), victims of these tornadoes. Let go of your pain, survive and build your lives back! You can do it!

Left behind? May 22nd

Wow, May 21 really was the end of the world as I know it: I was fired from one of my part time jobs.

It’s now in the wee morning of May 22nd, driven home after an evening with friends eating good food and watching Zombie holocaust movies (Sean of the Dead, Resident Evil and Army of Darkness). Strangely, I’d have expected a hairy time driving  – what with many drivers being raptured out of their cars I was expecting many accidents and chaos in the streets. No such thing, though. The rapture was a bust.

Now I suppose some of the folks promising us the end of the world yesterday, I suppose they are satisfied they got a lot of us to entertain the idea of Jesus actually returning, the idea of judgment too. And they are right that most of us did consider it too, but where they miscalculated was with confirmation bias. Because Atheists considered the idea and realized how secure they were in their Atheism, non Christians felt appreciative that their faith isn’t so silly, and many Christians understood how secure they are in not knowing if and when Jesus would return.

Not once has skepticism lost when tested with doomsday memes.

The truth is that the future is unwritten, and those that dare to assume responsibility for that future will be the ones that shape that future. So if you are patiently expecting and waiting for the rapture, you aren’t focusing on who you are and where you are right now, and what positive change you can be to the world.

Don’t imagine that Christians have a monopoly on this left behind idea, in Eastern faiths the fact of human birth can mean being left behind and denied a more noble birth.

So perhaps it’s just as well we believe ourselves left behind. Because God will not fix the economy. God will not apply for jobs on our behalf. Maybe God is an absentee landlord by design, if so, that validates Humanism and if you would demonstrate faith and respect to God, you’d expect people to help people and not God.

USS Ceasar Chavez .. and Unions


the USS Lewis and Clark, same model as new Cesar Chavez ship.

The ship has yet to be created and already there’s a furor over the naming of a military Navy vessel after the famous labor leader, the USS Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez was a Mexican American, he did serve in the Navy and he co-founded the organization that today is known as the United Farm Workers (UFW).

Barbara Boxer is overjoyed that this progressive hero is so honored. Meanwhile on conservative blogs, if they allow that Cesar Chavez isn’t subhuman or illegal for having a Mexican heritage, certainly it’s an affront to the many heroes more appropriate than a peaceful (and ‘commie’) labor leader.

It’s a symbolic gesture in a time where unions in general are being demonized as  engines of our National economic collapse and are systematically being dismantled and dis-empowered. I can’t help but imagine that Cesar Chavez himself would be critical of liberals celebrating this gesture when the simple idea of a good pension and Social Security taking care of us in our old age is becoming less a third rail and more envisioned as something we can live without, at least by Republicans.

My own point of view is  radical. I believe if you have no economic interest in the success of the business you work for, you are a slave. That is what constitutes a slave in the 1700’s in America: a slave works for a business but does not own the business he works in.

Because a Union, a Union accepts the status of employment while having no stake in the business – instead it demands better compensation on behalf of such employees. And that’s important and good, but it does pose a problem, employees versus management, a problem conservatives love to focus on because they would prefer there are no Unions or other obstructions to maximum possible wealth.  And that problem is, when a business has unionized workers and contracts for wages and benefits – to keep those expensive obligations the business may go under, when if the business had the flexibility to negotiate lower pay and benefits for employees temporarily until business picks up again – the business could better survive with such adaptability and with all its employees.

Of course that’s in theory. In reality Corporations plead poverty that is not real, and close factories only later to open them in third world countries where labor is cheap.  There’s a wall between the workers and the business they work for, and that wall prevents employees from knowing the truth about the business they work for, its profitability, its financial reserves. And that wall is ownership. Because the stockholders are entitled to all of that information.

So what I think is fair is reserving company stock for active employees. No less than 10%, to give the workers a substantial vote, and a substantial dividend when the company does really well. For many large successful companies those dividends could double or quadrupal employee pay, it would make the employees people that other stockholders listen to (who more intimate with how the company is doing and less likely to bullshit you than an employee that is also a substantial shareholder?), and it would inform employees about what is real relating to how the business is doing and if the circumstance is dire, employees can volunteer their pay cuts without fear they are doing so on the basis of lies. And the unions become irrelevant, because it would pit the employees against the owners and the employees are the owners.

A ‘pie in the sky’ construct, of course. In the here and now, businesses are not going to give away stock options to their janitors and factory laborers, (even customized to stay with the employees so the janitor doesn’t keep his stock option if he gets fired for being drunk on the job). There are so many unemployed people, the cost of American labor has the potential be lower than ever if  Unions can simply be destroyed. If only minimum wage could be eliminated, think of all the factories that would relocate to the USA!  And there must be a Republican machine trying to accomplish just that, it would explain how Speaker Boehner means to create jobs, I’ve seen no other new idea from him.

And that Republican machine, happy to indulge anti-Latin bigotry, that is incensed that a military cargo ship would be named after a Mexican American labor leader, the kind of guy Glen Beck could maybe argue is both a Socialist and terrorist (in Beck’s world, casual acquaintances constitute proof, so it should be easy).

Quantum Jumping?

Yeah, google advertising has been promoting a link to ‘quantum jumping’ – so I copied the url and checked it out. Because I follow Quantum Physics like some follow lady Gaga, I had an idea of what it would be about – and I was not disappointed.

In a nutshell, it’s a science fiction of almost infinite multiple realities where every choice you ever made in your life – the other choice is made as well – in another parallel reality. What makes this science fiction sillyness -sceince, I really don’t know. The math and theory of quantum physics is really quite beyond me . But suffice it to say, the multiple reality model has not been falsified yet and has some kind of math to back it up.

So, those of you that have read my ‘forward from the future’ post – it’s almost like this quantum jumping idea. But really I would call quantum jumping a variation on invocation. The ‘forward from the future’  idea is to visualize the future you mean to create for yourself and to become the person that has that future – and then, as the person, ‘remember’ what it is that you had to do to get to where you are now. Sort of taking law of attraction and applying it to a future goal, and ‘being’ having that goal.

And that, of course is EXACTLY quantum jumping! Except that I did not charge you money for the idea. And I didn’t think to tell you that you already have what you want in an alternate reality and all you have to do is interview yourself from that alternate reality.

Now how to do this sort of thing. Invocation, it’s a technique that is very ancient.

Understand that your brain is much more powerful and mysterious than you may give it credit for. If you think of anyone, be they a god, a hero or even a fictional character – like yourself as a billionaire, if you say that you are invoking that person and allow yourself to belief and feel that another consciousness is inside you, communicating with you – it will BE SO!

But that former paragraph is my skepticism telling me it’s my own brain. The technique is simple and works –  the story behind why it works is up to you. I’m comfortable thinking it’s bleeding edge psychology. The quantum jumping folks are promoting the story that it’s an alternate reality version of you you talk to. You can also believe your consciouness is literally being invaded by a spirit that knows more than you do (uncle Scrooge?) .

A good invocation technique just takes the making the attempt, and suspending your disbelief. You don’t need to spend money, you need to practice.

I personally consider the ‘quantum jumping’ program, which is commercial  and not inexpensive – a bit of a scam. I believe I’ve told you everything you need to know to have the exact same benefit – and I’m not charging you a penny.

I am, however, accepting tips. To your right, or below, is a PayPal button, please be generous. Or buy from my store, the books there I personally recommend !

Link Cloaking

Okay, if you are an affiliate marketer, with clickbank or any other program, you have a link to send people to that looks something like this:

Now that is a real link to an affiliate product I have available on this site. And often, people inundated with affiliate offers become familiar with the tell tale affiliate link and this prejudices them against your review, and even if they want the product they may look for a way to buy it that gives you NO CREDIT (after all is it not more trustworthy to buy from the vendor directly?).

Also, understand that that clickbank link – it’s already fairly ‘down low’ – it has no tell tale “affiliate id = “xxx” in the url, as many other affiliate links do have.

Now the more usual solution is to use an url shortener like bit.ly or

using tiny url – “” becomes “” – which is no longer telltale anything except that the url has been shortened.

All the links on this page go to the same affiliate product. But compare the following the urls, and which one do you feel is the most trustworthy?

Now if I’m pitching a conversational hypnosis course in this blog or to my email list – you already know this site is – and the link looks like the content is on MY SITE, that it is MY CONTENT!

It’s not, I embedded the clickbank link in a html frame, or iframe.

If you do not know html to do this yourself, here is a link that teaches you about the html frame:

Here’s an article about iframes (don’t worry almost all modern browsers support iframe now):

Or view the source to – it is here: view-source:

In my opinion, it is far better to use a frame so the affiate product can be linked as if it is a page on your website. This technique can also be used to load an affiliate url on a page where you created a video or other custom promotional goodies to secure a name on your mailing list – where they may not interact directly with the original sales page.

Lastly, I do know some marketers use a url redirect – so people coming to instead of loading the content of the html that is there – it automatically sends/redirects the user to the affiliate page.

I am not showing how to use a url redirect because I personally do not care for them. I believe if a customer hits a link for a url and ends upf at an entirely different place – it can create mistrust. If you are not ashamed of the affiliate product – post it in a frame on your own website. Let people visit the link they clicked!

You are your own test subject. Would you buy what you have for sale online? Does the way you promote it, would it make you feel the product is trustworthy?

I did not create the conversational hypnosis course, and I get a cut of the profit when people buy it – so why trust me? Well, at least I believe in the product enough to load it into a live page on my own website!  That’s something!

Would you like to be able to help people, or help yourself with hypnosis? Just so you know, this course on conversational hypnosis is a very good one, you have a 60 day money back guarantee, and if you but sign up for his mailing list he has many free resources on hypnosis to share with you! Click here!

Microsoft to buy SKYPE for 8.5 billion

Here’s the news story.

Even I use Skype and was intending to get an ipod touch that uses SKYPE and thereby allows me to bypass cell phone charges. It now is a free way to communicate with fellow SKYPE users, and a very low cost way to make phone calls to regular and cell phones, even international calls. When I worked at a Skype telephone was used as the Primary business phone.

Those that use Skype are worried that Microsoft will ruin Skype the way it ruined hotmail, or worse – destroy the value of SKYPE by making it more expensive and thereby destroying the value of Skype.

So, don’t worry. Microsoft is likely not so stupid as to destroy the very part of SKYPE that makes it so popular: it’s affordability. It is reasonable to expect Skype to become more bundled with Windows and to perhaps have more advertising and marketing attempts associated with it..

The worst possible scenario is possible: Microsoft changes Skype so only Windows users can use it, or it becomes a pay model much closer to cell phone charges in cost. But even if that should happen – THERE ARE SKYPE ALTERNATIVES.

Here’s a wikipedia article comparing the most popular skype (VOIP) alternatives.

And understand that should Skype lose anything essential to its nature, many of the software options in the former link will attract development to fill the vacuum.

My plans to use Skype are unaltered. I expect the service to remain the same or to become even better. That’s because if Microsoft does anything else, it’s another black eye for Microsoft. They now own a vastly popular system, it’s hard to monetize because its being free or very affordable is the very key to its popularity. Only if they keep what works with Skype can Microsoft hope to see over 8 billion dollars of value.

Meanwhile – think about 8.5 Billion dollars. Isn’t that enough money to bring Haiti out from its economic troubles? And yet this kind of money is considered better spent on a marketing edge than helping people live better lives? What, you think healthy prosperous people aren’t going to buy Microsoft products?

Chaos Magic


Zos Chaostar by Michael Cooke

As a site about Chaos Magic, it’s about time I created a post about Chaos magic.

Let me begin with linking to a great resource, occult-underground. They host many good quality digital books and articles about chaos magic for reading or downloading for free.

I lost my entire magical library when I survived a house fire last year. This website is okay, being hosted remotely and all. Without the anchor of books by Phil Hine or Peter Carrol – I’m more likely to present unorthodox ideas polluted by my personal thoughts and opinions. Actually, this is fairly pure ‘my thoughts and opinions’.

But what makes Chaos magic special, is the fact that I present it to you contaminated by my thoughts and opinions – and it doesn’t make a difference! That’s because, despite Pope Pete’s efforts, Chaos magic is fundamentally a ‘metaparadigm’, as in it provides a way to interpret other magical paradigms.

There are primarily three stories explaining magic:


The oldest story explaining magic, is a spiritual story. Religious people call upon divine spirit(s) to work miracles, Hoodoo rootworkers understand every plant, animal and mineral has a spirit. Certainly the conventional understanding of working with Angels or demons is that they are spiritual entities.

To summarize, the idea is that supernatural power comes from spirit(s). If the power comes from ourselves, it comes forth from our spirit. If the power comes from without, it is the spirit of God(s), ancestors or natural things.


Psychology is a newer story about magic, one that dovetails nicely with the ‘Spiritual’. The unscrupulous Hoodoo suppliers that would sell “any green herb” for a specific green herb you’re ordering – their justification could often be ‘the power of the herb is entirely in the head of the magician anyway’.

Aleister Crowley suggested of the demonology in the Lesser key of Soloman, that it is really a map of the dark side of human consciousness – and raising and gaining control of such entities is, in fact, reasserting dominion over that aspect of your own consciousness!
Anton LaVeyThe advances of Anton La Vey in his Satanic Bible, in my opinion, consist of presenting an Atheist model of magic, where the power is entirely derived psychologically (Satan is therefore relevant as most of us were born into BELIEVING in such an anti-hero). If there’s supernatural content then it is that which lay within the realm of human potential.

To summarize, the psychological paradigm suggests that within the natural capacity of human being are abilities that could seem supernatural, and by manipulating ourselves psychologically, we can exercise such powers. It may suggest that there are no spirits outside ourselves at all, all the spiritual phenomena is ‘in our head’.

Which brings us to….


The modern discovery of alternate rules of fundamental physics for subatomic particles, quantum physics, is not without its impact providing a third model explaining magic. Chaos magic favors this model (not exclusively), as does, of all things, the Law of Attraction paradigm.

See my post about Schrödinger’s cat & sorcery to see another post I wrote about Quantum paradigms. Quantum physics helps magic out by agreeing that an observer can be catalyst to that which is observed.

The Law of Attraction approach is to enhance the benefits of a positive attitude with magic to draw your desires to you, believing belief and attitude can shape probability on a quantum level that affects the world by ‘butterfly effect’.


Chaos Magic distinguishes and argues for a unified theory of magic, noticing certain similarities common to paradigms of power and those ‘best’ at using them. That commonality can be expressed as Belief+Desire + Gnosis = result . I think I need to thank Peter Carrol for that, though he may have cribbed off of Austin Osman Spare.

What is revolutionary is that necessary to the result is ANY belief -plus desire plus gnosis. And sure enough, the lore or miracles and magic – it features people that BELIEVE in something. And the people in the lore, the miracle or magic has nothing to work with without ..their desire. And Gnosis is any single minded moment of consciousness where an idea can penetrate deeper than simple consciousness. So the faith healer has ‘caught the spirit’ – suggesting an altered state of consciousness/gnosis. But it doesn’t matter what you believe, this model, this ‘meta paradigm’ – it can fit! Especially as the most powerful gnosis can be simple moments of absent mindedness – ask any conversational hypnotist!

To summarize, a Chaos magician may use all the paradigms, spiritual, psychological and quantum, or just one. A Chaos Magician accepts that it may be impossible to know the truth, so the focus is on results, the part of magic that is verifiable.

Commonly the psychological is popular in Chaos magic, the popular technique of banishing spirits with laughter, it works! and suggests that if the psychological belief is not in place the spirit cannot maintain its presence. This may suggests spirits are real, but psychology has power over them, or that the spirit is entirely psychological – or even that the quantum event allowing the spirit to manifest – is destroyed  once the observer changes their point of view.


I will distinguish my personal practice as one kind of system.

There are people that are “paradigm Pirates”, who intentionally convert to religions or magical paradigms whoileheartedly and in succession – as a kind of spiritual practice to prove to themselves power is available with any belief system. And this is one way to be a Chaos Magician. Peter Carrol has manifested an occult order for Chaos magic, IOT, a great structure for folks so inclined, to explore magic and find personal truth.

My way is to combine what works and makes sense for me, so it’s a Blend of Zen, Hoodoo and Law of Attraction that I add to my Chaos Magic. The freedom to have an eclectic personal practice, it’s a beautiful thing and it’s what keeps the chaos in Chaos Magic.

I’ll tell you why my practice is what it is however.

The Zen, what can I say – the books that I read that I got the most “aha!” s from – almost all of them written by DT Suzuki. Personally I found in Zen something to help my progress as an artist, but also something critical for purposes of magic, I have lost a great deal of my attachment. The meditative practice has increased my ability to manage my thoughts as well.

The Law of Attraction is a difficult discipline, but Zen Buddhism and its meditations make it easier. It can be used to cultivate a belief and certainty of your own magics. In regular life you might want proof before you’re willing to believe – but magically you have to believe first and the proof comes later. Ask any Christian! I at least encourage my confirmation bias with eyes wide open.

Hoodoo is a powerful paradigm tested by commerce. It works. And I know why it will work for me, it is largely Christian. And whether I am Christian or not, I cannot undo being raised a Christian and for that reason it is Christian memes that resonate with my subconscious.

So my KitschChaos Chaos magic includes Servitors and Sigil magic (the two techniques primarily associated with Chaos Magic), a context of Zen meditation and non attachment ,a mind disciplined to to think prosperity and power – and the techniques of African American Hoodoo.

Well, to be honest, I include EVERYTHING as magic. If it is my will to be fed, the cooking of a meal is an act of magic. And so it is my jobs, this website – this is part of my chaos magic practice as well.

Austin Osman Spare

Austin Osman Spare, fantastic artist and thinker. His sigil magic, the distinctions for why magic can fail, the distinction in power, all of it is Chaos Magic canon (hard to read though, with Spare’s unusual syntax and vocabulary -which is how Peter Carrol is fundamentally useful (in my opinion)).

Rather than recap the ideas here, I’ll just link to where I’ve written them before : Here’s my original article on Sigil Magic.

Here’s a home online for Austin Osman Spare’s writing.

If you would like to see how Austin Osman Spare’s concepts shape my coaching on Law of Attraction, join the KitschChaos mailing list below for my free report!


The death of Osama Bin Laden

Here’s the New York Times story if you prefer to get the details.

I have mixed feelings about this. I’m one of those guys that was exposed to 9/11 ‘truth’ materials – and the video that the US Government has been relying upon as ‘proof’ Osama Bin Laden is the mastermind of 9/11 – it’s clearly FAKE. Because the man in that video is NOT the man in videos coming from Al-Qaeda.

But it’s all well and good, because Osama was happy enough to accept and claim credit for that terrorist act, after we accused him. And Osama did use that notoriety to grow his terrorist group, to a substantial size in the midst of the Iraq war.

Lately Osama Bin Laden had been out of the picture. Was he sick? was he dead? The script I wrote for issue 2 of Ithacat (a super hero cartoon I’m working on) features a robot Osama Bin Laden (to point to the confusion relating to if Osama is even alive anymore) – and now it will have to be rewritten.

So the news Osama Bin Laden has been found and killed – it’s mildly anti-climatic given the atmosphere of “is he even alive anymore?” that preceded the event.

Is Osama dead though? I mean US President Kennedy, he’s dead too – but Kennedy lives on as an inspiration, and even as a powerful spirit in the magics of Brasil. Were Osama Bin Laden to survive as an inspiration, or even as a powerful spirit in a magical context – that could be a terrible thing. Osama could accomplish more damage dead – but that atmosphere of “is he even alive anymore”, I hope it killed his cult of personality among people that could perpetrate acts of terrorist violence.

On the plus side, whether it is true or not – that story that the mastermind of 9/11 has been killed – may it give closure to those that lost loved ones in that tragedy. And this ‘win’ may be enough to clinch re-election for President Obama. I hope so, the Republican field doesn’t seem to promise much hope.


May Day concert in rome 2006

May Day concert in rome 2006

Here’s the Wikipedia Article if you want to know all about May Day

In the USA we have ‘Labor Day’ that serves a similar purpose, this ‘May Day’ is more international, but In the USA it seems reserved for Anarchists, Socialists and other, generally left wing, activists.

Now me, my politics represent a Liberalism tempered with cynicism and a certainty the class war is over and has been won by the wealthy elite. After all, as the wealthy elite – winning is self evident, it’s using that wealth to deny righteous charity and social rights that’s dubious. How else can you describe the effect of political spending overall by the very wealthy and it’s impact on the American people? Money is power, and power begets responsibility.

To hear Glenn Beck say it, talk of workers rights, a fair wage and so forth – its the stuff of COMMUNISM!  Soviet Communism of course. And it attacks the heart of what makes America GREAT – the America Glenn Knew as a child!

Now I’m not picking on poor Glenn Beck, his argument doesn’t go further to explain why Communism is so bad (perhaps he dare not, being a neo Christian as he is, Christianity taken straight as spoken by Christ – it’s Communist friendly at the very least!). The reason I invoke Glenn Beck in this instance is because he has succeeded in manifesting verbally much broader anti communist memes.

But I’m not just telling you what you know. I mean to destroy Glenn’s meme. Because Worker’s Rights, a fair wage and progressive taxation – it’s the reason America has NOT GONE COMMUNIST itself! Let’s not mention that in Glen’s Childhood, Republican Presidents like Nixon or Eisenhower had very generous social programs and a top tax income rate for the wealthiest citizens between 70% and 90%.

The reason “liberal’ politics are necessary for capitalism to exist and thrive is simple – capitalism unrestricted and all by itself is exactly the Communist critique of what is wrong with Capitalism.

After all, the greatest good is the increasing quarterly profit statements for any corporation, ask any stockholder. And if you pay labour less, your profits increase! If labor has not pension, no healthcare, no bargaining rights – that’s maximum profit for the companies!

So WHY would a business NOT want to destroy all social programs and worker’s rights? (a good employee is a hungry employee, after all).

Well, look at what happens when workers have no rights at all, when jobs are scarce and over 90% of the wealth is concentrated in the control of 2% (or less) of the population. You have the circumstance conducive to REVOLUTION. Everywhere there has been a Socialist or Communist revolution, there has been a dictatorship and/or capitalism run roughshod and hurting most of the people.

The American breakthrough – is to understand that you CAN HAVE capitalism and NOT have revolution – if you allow workers RIGHTS. A fair wage, bargaining rights, health insurance – it eliminates any reason a worker might have to consider REVOLUTION. Liberal policies are the most powerful Anti Communist tool America has!

That’s why other countries have had Communist takeovers or civil wars featuring attempted Communist (or Socialist) takeovers – an absence of liberal policies made the status quo intolerable for most citizens.

But not America.

And the reason America is different – is because America has LIBERALS! America needs its liberals! And the Liberals must have the courage of their conviction.

Because if Liberals fail us, and this includes President Barack Obama, and America’s workers find themselves working full time and still qualifying for food stamps – …but having even food stamps made unavailable!

See something interesting happens when the majority population of a country is HUNGRY. Hungry people are desperate people. And desperate people are the fuel that fires the engine of any Communist or Socialist civil war or revolution.

So make no mistake this May Day! Communism can come to America – if you want it sooner, just vote for anyone Sarah Palin tells you to!

And to my non American friends and visitors – HAPPY MAY DAY!

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