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Easy internet $$?

Hey, I’ll be straight up honest with you, this ‘brainthingy’ thing is very pyramid scheme, it cost $5 to join (lifetime membership), and that $5 is used to deliver payments to those ‘above you’ in the pyramid. Then you can get folks to join under you. They pitch something like if you get three people and they get three people…and so on – you can make some real money.

But… that’s not all! They offer a free library of useful e-commerce books, many are available for you to resale! I’ve not read these yet, I will and if I have a resell license and the e-book is valuable – I’ll add that to my ebook as special gifts for my email list members.

$5 is all the money you put up or will ever put up. And I’m technologically curious myself. I mean, wrap your head around it, if you distribute the monies automatically and keep recruiting – why couldn’t this work as a technological way to make money?

and let’s say for sake of argument, it’s a pyramid scheme and will make no money at all. Hey the downloads alone, even if every ebook download is a stinker – is a bargain for $5. And you might be wrong – as reliably as pyramid schemes stop working, they reliably worked for a while.

(yes, these are just images of the ebooks I was able to download, they are not linked to downloads)

So, I joined. I figure it’s access to what could be excellent information, perhaps an opportunity with resell rights – and it comes bundeled with.. LOTTO! I figure that’s a good skeptical evaluation of the offer, and as I have paid $5 lotto from the State of NY and lost with nothing to show for it – this is by far a better value.

Please play with me! You can sign up here.

The end of the world is May 21, 2011!

end of the world billboard

The end of the world is May 21, 2011!

Really, check this story!

So the way this prophet has interpreted his Bible to divine the end day date – I’m not even evaluating it. Because I know if you seek, you shall find – but finding it doesn’t necessarily mean what you found is not only relevant to yourself.

Earlier I spoke of doomsday spells being cast. This is a major attempt at one, and the belief, desire and gnosis – it’s all in place! So, will the world end?

I think not. Even this crazed prophet – even he has a duality of desire – no one really wants to die or be judged. And as the desired effect is global, it’s the will of these true believers versus the will to live on the part of all the other life on Earth.

Why do I not mention the will of God? Well, look at life on earth, look at human being! If you look at human being as it is now and compare that to what human being could possibly become – clearly human being is in a larval stage still. Is God going to destroy a creation that has not yet even matured as a species? I can’t accept that.

Which isn’t to say that I know the former paragraph to be the truth, but it is another possible interpretation – and that makes it at least as true as the doomsday claims of this prophet.

For me personally, the world may end at any time. I could have a brain hemmorage, get hit by a bus, be murdered, trip and fall and pavement and die – tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to anyone.

As long as I accept that my life is finite – a possible Doomsday is little different from a possible death day. And I know I will die. My father died. My Mother died. I will at one point die.

But I’m not dead yet. So what I have to do is live. and Live as well as I can manage!

I hope when the true believers that wake on the 22nd of May – that they don’t make noise about being ‘Left behind’. Then again, being Gay I’ve had so many Christians tell me I’m damned for eternity to Hell – I don’t mind Christians believing the same of themselves.

Strategic Business

Happy Easter!

So… think about marketing for a moment. What does a marketer or sales rep actually do? They look at a product and ask themselves “what problem does this solve”? And then they look for a ‘unique sales position’. For example most e-marketing products, in a generic way – promise a solution to the problem of not enough money, and suggest their product is ‘unique’ because the solution is so secret or special, a custom piece of writing or software.

Now step back a bit from your marketing and yourself.

Every person is a star (a cynical Satanist may suggest some stars shine brighter) -but all stars shine awesomely. Your combination of talent, experience, education and skills is unique, it is your power. If your business uses your power, if you leverage what you are best at – your business will be more FUN, and your contribution will be more awesome. And that awesome – that becomes your UNIQUE SALES POSITION!

Take, this site. It’s an invented niche, because I invented it, I may even have a monopoly on ‘Chaos magic applied to business and marketing’. Because it leverages my love for occult and business, gives me license to exploit my power to write well – my contribution gives this site a ‘UNIQUE sales position’ of compelling unique content! (My challenge now is to monetize the traffic).

If only I was already making millions… But that’s okay – Other online marketers are already making millions of dollars – leveraging their personal strengths and power!

In any corporation You have people that run the corporation by delegating authority and simply making sure the delegates get the job done. And of course if you can outsource everything except the thing you are best at – you will have more fun, have more time and make more money!

Of course in the world of e-commerce, which is appealing because it is possible to do it all yourself on a modest budget – the paradigm of hiring other people may be counter-intuitive. Remember you can pay someone for a job as a freelancer, when you have money. Think about your site and consider your responsibility to your readers and customers. What can you not do well at all? Isn’t it important to get that task done properly?

Process maps. Even if you are doing it all yourself, if you can write down every step you make – then someone else can follow those same steps and arrive at the same result. Here’s a simple formula for making process maps:
An OVAL starts or stops a process.
A RECTANGLE is for an action taken
A DIAMOND is for a decision that must be made.
an ARROW establishes flow (where the next step happens, or to the next person that needs to do something.

If you can’t explain what you do, you don’t really know what you do.

If you are like me, you are working on many projects at the same time. Perhaps if we prioritize, and complete projects in order of what may make us the most money if done first. That will increase productivity, the focusing on one job at a time, and the prioritizing by money may make more money!

It’s why I’m working on this site and not getting my Ithacat comic done. (Though I need to have the first issue ready by September!)

Use Metrics, measure everything you can! Once you start making sales, metrics is the key to increasing sales. Advertising professionals all use exhaustive metrics, don’t lead your business in the dark.

Try making a list of the tasks and things that block you from success. Things you need but don’t have or have not done yet.

Ganesha is a Vedic God that specializes in defeating blocks. He may be helpful. Of course if you have a different religion, go with that.

Restate everything you mention as blocking you – restate it as a goal.

Ask stuff like – “What if I had to do this in 1/3 the time?”, “What if my goal was 3x bigger”, “Do I have to do it all”?

Invoking the spirit of a business leader that inspires you, they will have useful insights for you often. Really look at your obstacles and think about them creatively – perhaps a single project could eliminate two or more blocks?

When it comes to out-sourcing, ask “How can I keep access to this talented person who can do this on a long term basis?”. And yes, this is an expense and I write this as a person that works part time. I’m going to look to a barter network to maybe see if I can leverage help with barter or a skill trade.

Seriously. if you are leveraging your strengths, you need everyone else to as well. A fair wage or deal unlocks a person doing their best at what they are best at.

political editorial:The end of the world is upon us!

I’ve not been talking politics lately. It’s because I’m kind of in a state of shock over what has been elected to our American government. The Republican Party is no longer the party of Eisenhower or even Nixon, it is the party of the John Birtch society. What is the John Birch Society? Exactly. Mainstream politics of  today are the fringe politics of yesterday.

I know Keynesian economics is counter intuitive, but it also has a strong track record for working. The economy has recovered, but in a half assed way – to match a half assed stimulus. And if you now ‘shrink government’, you’re adding substantial numbers of people to the unemployment rolls and taking from business the opportunity of these people as employed consumers.

* I had to edit and expand the following 2 paragraphs as at least one reply did not understand my meaning.*

It seems counter intuitive, that a recession can be remedied with government spending – “shouldn’t the government pay its debts and cut expenses instead?”, you might think. But the truth is that America’s wealth is backed by faith (literally, no gold/silver standard) – and if the government spends money, it is businesses that earn that money by providing services and that demand for services forces the business to take on more employees, and the newly employed now have money to spend on other businesses. In short, you stimulate economic recovery.

That economic recovery will do more to back the value of the dollar than if we ‘save money and pay debts’ and the economy gets worse. I heard recently that right now 1/2 of the American population makes less than 15k per year – that lack of buying power is why businesses are struggling or failing in the here and now.

I’m not taking a position that smaller Federal Government is entirely a bad thing. But there is time and place for that conversation, and that time and place is not now, not in a severe recession with generations of Americans finding themselves unemployable, and the economic decline becoming permanent.

Naomi Klein wrote a book called “The Shock Doctrine”, about how disaster shocks from economic to violence can be exploited to establish political takeover by a Corporate approved right wing agenda.

Are we in this economic shock going to give in and give corporations more power, the wealthy more wealth – at the expense of our own standard of living and security?

Or does it not matter?


Seriously, how many Americans believe it does not matter… because we live in the end times?

And there’s a lot of disaster about, a lot of revolution. It must be the end of the world.

And climate change.. species becoming extinct… It must be the end of the world.

And there’s the 2012 Mayan doomsday prophesy. Because of that, lots of people, not just some Christians, are really expecting the end of the world this time.

Now me, do I believe the end of the world is upon us? Well, the moment we’re born we begin the process of dying. Every day is the end of the world for those that die that day. If there is validity to the doomsday prophesy I optimistically insist it must be metaphorical, a arbitrary pointer marking a progressive shift in overall human consciousness.

But there is one problem. Belief + Gnosis+ desire produces a result. And there is doomsday belief now, a lot of it. More than one paradigm, and lots of tragedy to help confirmation bias along. And often where there is belief, there is desire (if for no reason other than to be right). And gnosis can be as simple as any moment of absent mindedness.

Doomsday proselytizers are actually casting doomsday spells and not knowing it. Thousands upon thousands of doomsday spells are being cast every day on this planet.

All that magic is going to do something. We live in interesting times.

It is optimism that fights this mojo, be optimistic with me. Know that optimism has always been proven right when tested with doomsday memes.

The Listwire challenge

So, I went to, an auotoresponder service that can be free that is more popular than the Listwire I’m using now. I was seriously considering doing the work to relocate my mailing service there. I’ve been getting emails I’ve been sending out and my links are rewritten to list wire’s server  -so clicks deliver people to Listwire’s advertising (my link is loaded into a frame).

That kind of pissed me off. And it makes me feel dirty, and my Thunderbird email client wanted to warn me against clicking a link contained in an email I thought I sent.

So I went looking at Aweber, it really is too expensive for me. But this service – this is the most popular free list service. Mailchimp includes wonderful automation – new blog posts or facebook posts or twitter feeds – all of it emailed to my list. And Mailchimp has great tools for very pretty emails.

And I’m staying with Listwire. Let me try to express why.

Because mailchimp really wants to make money charging people competitive rates for email list management, I really doubt they abuse their customers with branded frames and pushed advertising like Listwire does.

But I had another thought. What do I really want? I want my list to grow and become enormous,  a valuable tool for making money! I do, I want to know what it is to make money online.

And now let’s look at Listwire’s spirit: their agenda is to market their message to AN ENORMOUS list because that’s how they make money. As a truly free email service, the marketing is obnoxious – but it’s simply true what they are giving away, others are charging hundreds or thousands for.

Mailchimp makes it money billing listowners of a certain scale, their free service is superb and creates an altruistic vibe for the company. The benefits mailchimp has relate to recycling autocontent for emails from other stuff you do.

So I’m going with Listwire. Mailchimp is happy if I keep a 50 person list for the next decade or more. Listwire needs me to grow that damn list – yesterday!

So I’m basing my decision this way – List servers are expensive enough that it is acceptable to barter marketing opportunity, and my will and that of Listwire are in accord. And yeah, it’s easier ’cause I don’t have to redo all the work I’ve done this past week!

listbuilding is ON! Listwire’s dirty lil secret

So I got it working, the new autoresponder is working.

And now I know why the autoresponder is free! Listwire sends my registrants to their affiliate offer before sending them to my thank you page.

I didn’t like their ad, I felt it clashed with my site.

Despite this, I’m keeping the service.


Because I need a really good autoresponder and I can’t afford a commercial one. And second, their affiliate ad is exactly what I need to be doing. For real, I need to be making offers and asking for money.

The ad for the new list is on the index page, I’ll look into getting on on this blog.

Here it is for you! And please do sign up, check the bottom of the page of any offer to skip it and get to my free download!

List building and the evolution of kitschchaos

Why do I write posts about stuff I’ve not done yet? Simple, the doing so constitutes a spell by stating my intent and also it provides consequences if I should fail: all of you will know I failed to keep my word. Fortunately, I bribe ya’ll with credit to your backlinks, so you’ll never call me on it..?

Also -I’m forcing myself to think it through simply to write this and have it be coherent and clear.

Bottom line it’s a good thing to dare to call the future! And it’s getting here soon.

Do I have the discipline to write daily? I will do so for my new list, I’m determined to make it as good as I can. The best of the newsletters may be compiled for this blog, so if you want the mother load, get on the list. And know it is also a marketing list and you will be sold to as well.

The site will get a mild facelift: javascript roll overs for slick buttons!  How retro, I know.

I also intend to develop a habit of drawing 1 comic page every day, that’s a bigger deal to me personally.

To build a list.

List Wire - Get Your Free Autoresponder

Infinite Responder is open source, but it’s not well supported, hasn’t been updated in years, is very spartan and retro looking and the list I had was severely modest at best. (please use the banner to load site) may be the very best free online email auto-responder service, especially as I’m starting out fairly lean economically. The service doesn’t begin charging you as your list grows and it has many if not most of the bells and whistles Aweber charges most of $30 a month for.

I was looking at as a way to promote the list, with my LOA ebook as the carrot, and maybe something more if it didn’t suck (as in almost all of the ebooks in any collection I could resell – the quality is seriously poor, so poor I don’t even want to give it away).

It’s like I’m torn between the dark side and the that of the light, kinda. Like what I’m about is delivering you marketing messages but I’m keeping enough of the emails useful enough I have your consent.

So i get an awful lot of marketing related email. It’s how most people rich online make their money – selling how to make money rather than a thing. And because I want to make money online, I’m their kind of sucker.

I do have a general idea. I’m proud of my e-pamphlet on Law of Attraction and I can pitch that and how you get it is joining this here list. And I need to advertise that goody, especially on other people’s list, because people on email lists often are eager to join another list for a free cool thing.

And I admit that I know nothing, I’m making no money from this site and I now have no list. So I bought into the Tellman program on the ‘gold’ level, for about $30 a month. I’m finding much of the training banal so far, but there is a ton of content and there’s a lot I do not know.

The nice thing about Tellman is he is the ‘list’ guru and he’s pretty goody goody. So I expect him to deliver solid good information related to getting a profitable list going, it’s his specialty.

The list, it’s all about the list!

The list, it’s all about the list!

Or such is a terribly classic formula for making money online, and I’ve not made progress with it. Oh, sure – I have a free (and damned good!) e-pamplet about law of attraction that I give away on the index page. And a few folks have been signing up for it! But I’ve not been posting new mail messages, I’ve been ignoring it. And despite the freebie, the damn forum get more than 10 times as folks registering for that (and then not even using the forum!).

Now a large part of why I’m hands off with the mailing list is that, well, I don’t like spam either. I feel conflicted sending a lot of email, and with affiliate offers!

But, at the same time – I personally am on a great many mailing lists. Because I like to collect free offers that require my signing up for such lists – It’s one way how I help my e-commerce education along without paying a whole lot or going into great debt.

So, I’m going for it! I’m getting a new and better (free) list server service. My intention is as follows: It will be a marketing list – all new content for this site will be created for the list FIRST, this will include promotion of affiliate offers and ads from other affiliate marketers to join their mailing lists to get the stuff they offer! It’s fair – they will be running ads from me with my own bribes.

And if I do that well, and the list is more valuable than awful, then maybe the list will grow as well as this site has been growing so far.

I’m doing the list thing, why? Because this site is on the cusp of breaking 30k unique visitors each month, and it’s making me no money. No one is donating to my paypal, no one is buying from the ads on my site, no one is buying from tamazon based shop I have on this site. The conversion is very poor from an ecommerce point of view.

But, I’m building authority, I’m building a fan base. That’s a key element to making money, and believe me – I want you to give me money – because you want to and I’m giving you something valuable!

If you want my freshest content, new spells, new ecommerce ideas and so forth – you’ll need to join the list! It’s coming soon!

Talking it out

Okay, I can do a bunch of stuff. It’s Spring, I have a camcorder and a PC that can work wonders with video. I’m just learning….

And I can make that multimedia spell I promised. Sorry I’ve not been more productive. I’ve been bad and going to work and coming home to play World of Warcraft and not getting Ithacat drawn or any projects for this site started. Perhaps I’m spreading myself thin? I just need to slow down with WOW is likely the answer.

When I mentioned selling a time machine that doesn’t work just to get data on refunds… just know I am serious. Trying to figure out what to deliver that won’t work, but has some kind of cool to it.

The online spell will have a link to it mailed out to those that are on my email list. I’ll talk a lot about here when it’s ready.

And the comic, it’s going to be very cool!

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