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3 steps Forward….

I scored a new computer! A slightly used Dell Server, big, as in VERY BIG, desktop tower. It’s running Windows XP, and soon will dual boot with Ubuntu Linux (I may get a second harddrive and see what’s possible by way of a ‘hackintosh’ for a 3rd OS)!

I missed the commercial software. I’ve been playing a World of Warcraft Orc Warlock for the past 3 days, since I got this PC to go online. I soon may have actual Adobe apps. This will make a big difference in how easily I can create a multimedia magic spell that can be accessed online.

I did have adventures getting the new computer (christened ‘LOKI’) to be fully operational.

At first I had a brand new XP installation, and usb keyboard and mouse the OS did not have drivers installed for – which meant I couldn’t click the window asking me if I’d like to install the driver for the usb keyboard or mouse. I got an older keyboard and mouse that don’t use usb and was able to get the operating system to function.

But it wouldn’t go online, my usb wireless adapter wouldn’t connect. was it a bad wireless adapter? after a lot of scratching my head and only when turning to tech support did I learn that the encryption of the router’s password is just too damn modern for ancient XP. This could only be fixed with a download of the latest security updates – in other words I need to get online to fix my wireless adpater so I can get online. Fortunately a kind soul local enough for me to borrow some unprotected wireless bandwidth.. it was enuogh to download the update I needed.

Now I have some ISO files for software and UBUNTU. And I have a dvdrw writer that can burn them.  How was I to know such a burner could NOT burn DVD-R? So Tuesday, when my paycheck clears, I’ll get some dvd-rw disks and see if I can get my computer set up.

So if I can stay away from WOW gaming – I’ll be able to get lots of work done!

One step back, two steps forward

Okay, my linux laptop – is now dead. So I have no computer with which to create animations, artwork or content. Even this blog post is being written at a public library with a maximum time allowance of 65 minutes.

I have my goal of a new intel Mac so I can use the latest Adobe wares, I just started a new savings account to save up for just that. But the linux box I was counting on to keep me productive in the meantime… it died ahead of schedule.

And I just have barely one hundred saved towards a new computer, the savings account is that new.

I could despair, but I am a magician. I take personal accountability for how life turns out. I most likely will procure a refurbished PC running some form of Windows – this will allow me to dual boot with linux so I can use the adobe apps and maybe play WOW on the windows partitions and do everything else with linux (I don’t like viruses and spyware).

So I’m losing the linux box to have commercial apps NOW. I’m trusting this will enable my ultimate goal of a new business to have a more promising path of least resistance. Or such is how I’m choosing to interpret this.

In the meantime I’m sabotaged with writing new blog posts and doing great new online things. But, I also need to complete the new Ithacat comic – this downtime with no computer – it does facilitate drawing on paper, which is what comic creation calls for first and foremost.

If there’s a lesson I can leave you with, it’s this. It’s kind of a ‘if life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. But if you have a solid magical practice, and this can include even prayer you believe in – use that confirmation bias, work with that belief, to interpret your circumstance as something that SERVES YOU, or serves your ultimate goal! That’s how you keep going in the face of resistance.

Ithaca Illuminati and my current projects is a new website I’m responsible for. Labour intensive in the now, I have to get my ithacat comic done, two wordpress blogs ready for prime time and a new modified classifieds program I’m toying with.

I’m starting new business, the new site ties into it. It’s locally oriented around Ithaca New York and is meant to serve as a place for local themed articles and interviews, and to use my camcorder to that effect. I approached a bank for a loan and learned my credit is too poor and they want me to somehow get started so I can demonstrate some sales figures. The idea is to sell t-shirts designed and printed by me, with mini comics as ‘hang tags’ – and to use Ithaca Illuminati as a sales tool.

So, that’s why I’ve not been updating this site recently, why I’m dragging my feet on that free spell. I do have an open source animation progream I can use, it’s simply a matter of LEARNING it – and there are tutorials online. It will get done.

I have been doing sigil magic myself. the spells I cast for employment have worked, I now have the two jobs and together those make me just enough money to not qualify for food stamps.

The one better paying job, a kind of telephone survey job, where if you get a phonecall asking you to answer a survey and you’re in the USA – it’s possibly me asking you that over the phone . I’m not doing so well and that job is in jeopardy. It seems, well, I’m too smart for the job. Because I’d instinctively do thing that makes the survey more reasonable for me and the person I’m interviewing, but this is WRONG – because the survey needs to be awful in exactly the same way for every person surveyed. I am learning to be a good little reading robot. But I’m also accountable for not having fewer surveys completed than everyone else. Yes the number of surveys completed, how you sound and read the survey over the phone is a part of the equation – as is the number of phonecalls you attempt – but the percentage of people that answer and are willing and able to take a given survey – there’s a lot of luck involved too. And clearly, I’m accountable for both what I can do and for the luck too.

So I’m doing sigil magic to help me out in the luck department. Actually it’s done already.

I was hesitant to do so because of a previous experience.  That time I was the best salesman in the group that week! And I did it by not increasing my sales not one bit – it was everyone else that had such a terrible week that my sales record rose to the top!

But if I’m accountable for luck, I have no alternative but to do what I can, yes?

I’ll keep you folks posted. A bit of drama – will he hold the job or not? (or find a better one so losing this one is not big deal).

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