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Where’s my magic spell!

How to cast sigil magic spells

Please have patience, I understand I promised an online spell presentation, and I am going to do just that. But I don’t have the software resources or knowhow to do it right away. I’m using Unbuntu linux, and my expertise is all Mac and adobe apps.

To explain what I mean to do:

part 1. create the servitor/egrigore, this means to create the ‘character’ that will be the thought form, he’ll look good too -I’m a cartoonist!

Part 2. create an audio track, I can include a binaural beat to facilitate ‘auto-launching (my own experience suggests it works!) – I’m thinking about a chant or drumbeat to add to the mix.

3. the sigil/animation. The ‘meat’ of sigil magic, perhaps soup it up with dramatic or sexual imagery to excite the imagination and quiet the intelligence.

So I’m being a lot more ambitious, too ambitious for a quick result.

Tomorrow I’m starting a process to work with my credit Union to try and get funding to start a small business. This will involve taking a business course, if I learn anything really cool from it I’ll share with you folks.

I’m now working a little over 30 hours a week with my 2 part time jobs, so I can afford a new computer soonish and then beg or borrow the adobe apps that will make creating this sigil, updating this website, and creating all new websites – much easier and faster.

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