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digital magic, an inquiry

Digital magic is almost an exclusively a Chaos Magic practice, if only because most magical paradigms are established and limit their scope in such a way that limits innovation.

Certainly the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley, not to mention most self styled ‘psychics’ – they all contact spiritual intelligences and produce their innovation by using the ideas provided by said spiritual intelligences. The Golden Dawn had their ‘Secret Chiefs’, Crowley wrote his “Book of the Law” as automatic writing under the influence of a Spirit, many psychics claim to contact Spirits that give them access to soothsaying.

My digital magic is not a product of a spirit telling me so, it is a product of magic theory, and tested to see if it works. Sort of like science, but contaminated with intentional confirmation bias and grounded only by a verifiable result (or not) that we attribute to the magic.

Very simply, posting a magic sigil online with instructions or in such a way as to be looked at absent mindedly – the sigil can become viral and magically impact anyone simply seeing it. If this is true, the consequences are profound because modern humans are relentlessly inundated with corporate logos almost every waking hour of any day.

The one time I did such an experiment, I was a member of a Chaos magic forum (now defunct, one reason i created this site)  and I switched my forum avatar for a blinking magic sigil. Very quickly, because it was a Chaos magic forum, people complained about my avatar fearing it was a harmful spell. So I removed my sigil and told everyone that it was a ‘fast luck’ sigil, and if you saw it and the sigil worked, you likely won a raffle, a game of chance or simply found money in one way or another. After letting the cat out of the bag – many members thanked me and confirmed that had indeed come into unexpected money of one sort or an other.

So I’m thinking of trying this again. Specifically what I’m fishing for are folks that will write me thanking me for the magical results, whose letter and name I can use for advertising!

I’m going to create a servitor, and this servitor is defined by intention to help my site users and to help me and this site become successful. And he’ll provide a cookie-stick. So if you elect to participate, the servitor will assist you getting your result and once you have your result -your responsibility is to write me giving me permission to use your letter and name, about the result you got (if the spell did not work, tell that too). If you have your result but do not contact me, the servitor will mess your life up!

This is because of the reality that what I’m doing with this site, it really is new. So while I am working to become successful, I’m realizing that affiliate marketing isn’t the best option for me. Mostly because I simply don’t respect most of the products I could be promoting, my intelligence and knowledge gives me high standards.

So what I will do is to follow the path suggested by how this site has evolved: write a book, sell a digital copy of it and bundle it with a SPELL! And people considering the product, they will know the magic is on point because you guys that choose to try the digital sigil spell when I present it, you’ll be sending me all these letters telling how well the magic worked that I will use in my sales presentation.

All the good stuff on this site, consider it all a first draft of a better book!

If you want to reply to this post and have your reply actually see print, please tell me what you would especially like this free spell to do for you! As you are reading this site, many of you are trying to make money online. Do you want a breakthrough in marketing? A simple wave of good luck? The ability to break past something that is blocking you from success?

Let me know, if many replies are similar that will certainly color the effect the sigil magic will have.

All irrelevant comments/replies will not post

Today is January 15. I’ve been allowing irrelevant comments to post because I get SEO benefit from a comment, and it gives me opportunity to be snarky. But it’s getting ridiculous, I’m ONLY getting lazy, self serving, irrelevant comments.

If you are going to comment on a post, that’s your requirement. You MUST reply to the post.

Telling me complements is IRRELEVANT! I like hearing them, but they are meaningless unless they relate to something I wrote in the post your are replying to. And for me to know what i wrote that impressed you, you have to tell me. And to tell me, you might have to actually READ the goddamned post!

February 1st I may consider allowing fucked up irrelevant replies to post again, as they are fun to make fun of now and again. But for the next 15 days, it is quite likely not one reply will post to my site. Because in the last 15 days, I’ve not gotten a single reply that actually related in any specific way to the post that was written.

Politics, News, Technology – what’s it got to do with occult magic?

This is a question I handled about my site, discussing it with a friend. And I suppose if she is curious about how politics, news and technology relates to the Occult, some of my readers may be also curious or unclear.

Now first I’ll lay my cards on the table, it’s easier for me to create content if I don’t have to limit the scope of what I write about too narrowly. And secondly, this is Michael Robin Cooke’s blog – I exercise my right to self indulgence.

But, there is indeed a rationale that unites every subject I cover on this site, in this blog: reality hacking!

Aleister Crowley  first distinguished ‘magick’ as any willed act, and provided the example of blowing one’s nose as an act of magic.

But of course others can and do define magic as any willed act that is accomplished by SUPERNATURAL means.

I side more with Crowley on this one, I feel magic(k) is the art of producing intended results (Crowley would suggest ‘Willed’ results).  Therefore anything that helps you produce the result, it’s all magic. So magic as i know it  includes hard work, using technology, self help techniques, looking for opportunities in the news, stating intentions if they are political or practical.

So in my post about WordPress, that’s a technological ‘power’ and being a magician is to choose power. I see no point in refusing power that isn’t ‘supernatural’, use any power you can get , that’s the surer way to get your result!

Another blog post about supporting a new law to combat the US supreme court’s Citizens United ruling that enables unlimited political spending by private, even global, corporations. How is that related to magic? Quite simply, the post is one form of spell – if my American readers click the link and add their names to those of others, that law is more likely to be passed. But also, the blog post is educational, letting people know something about the reality they are living it if they did not already. And knowing what is real is critical to changing that reality to something else.

As I see magic, it is access to the supernatural human potential. As part of human potential, to use magic to it’s fullest I believe requires using all of your human potential. How this site is different, is that message. If you just use magic spells you most likely get the result probability makes most likely. If you just use hard work and self improvement, your results may be as unreliable as your fear of change. But if you combine magic spells with hard work and self improvement – you are working in unison with supernatural forces, your will may become as a force of nature!

All About Blogging with WordPress

Getting WordPress

There are two ways to have your own WordPress blog. You can host your blog for free using the wordpress free hosting solution, the link visit if you would like to start a free blog with easy free hosting:

The other way is host a wordpress blog with YOUR OWN hosting, your own domain name!

A great many web hosts feature “c-panel’ and “fantastico”, these are great tools for users (sometimes a headache for administrators) and if your web host offers these tools, WordPress can be installed and configured as easily as pushing a button. You may have a different site administration tools that will also allow you to automatically install WordPress.

If you have very good webhosting that does not offer you a graphic user interface for administration, such as c-panel, understand the server may be more secure without such software and they should offer good technical support instead. In this case you will need to visit, download the installation files and download or follow the excellent installation instructions available there.

If you are installing WordPress manually, please don’t be intimidated. Trust the instructions, follow the instructions. If you need help, your server should have support available.

Making a Word Press Site

Once you have WordPress installed, instructions for everything you might to do, including quick start instructions, are available here:

It is possible to create your entire website with WordPress, that’s why it features ‘pages’.  In some ways it is actually the path of least resistance with WordPress, and really it is very much a good way to go. If nothing else, WordPress is extremely good with the SEO! Anything else you may want to do with a site, add a forum, add a shopping cart – this can be done THROUGH WordPress with plug-ins!

But you do not have to. If you have already a site already in html, if you prefer to roll your own html site and have word press as an add-on,  if you want to use multiple programs or scripts as I do (I also have a forum, a shopping cart..etc.) it is possible. To maintain the same navigation and look of your site, you will need to pour the wordpress blog into a html frame or iframe (I prefer iframe).

2012 update: Actually I now do not proscribe using an iframe or frame at all. Just take the banner image for your site and and make another version of it for your wordpress. Most free installable skins make it easy to have a custom banner with a main menu bar. load your custom banner, and recreate your links. The look and feel of the wordpress installation, if you pick the right skin, customize it some – it can match the rest of your well enough. And the problem with iframes (the wordpress not fitting it completely sometimes, and the fact people will visit specific blog posts that are not in your iframe and so will not have the rest of your site to navigate if the iframe has all the navigation).

Skinning WordPress

So let me tell you the truth. I did not skin my wordpress installation. Often when someone leaves a comment for a backlink and they have nothing else to say, they will complement my choice of wordpress theme.

If the theme you use has a big image in it – if you right click the image to see the image in anew window – you know the name of the image and where it lives on the server. You can replace that image with any image with the same scale, a photo, an illustration, a logo – giving the file the exact same filename as the file you are replacing is the easy way. back up this image, just in case.

Most themes can be modified in various ways too, as are permitted by the design of the skin.

Learning to skin WordPress, so you are the author of a theme or create a custom theme for just one site, this is what separates professionals from amateurs. And I, I am an amateur. I’m a professional designer – but I have yet to learn how to skin WordPress well. I’m working on that. When I get some competence with it, this entire site may become WordPress based.

Here’s the wordpress documentation on designing themes:

Security and WordPress

There are folks very concerned about site security.  Blogs and websites can and do get hacked. I am not a website security expert. But really, I don’t need to be one, you don’t either. We’re content creators, that’s hard enough. If you are curious about hacking and internet security, that’s great, but not everyone that creates content should be required to have that same interest.

Fortunately the most important things you can do for security, are EASY.

First, use GOOD PASSWORDS! A good password may be a pass PHRASE! because more letters are better. So let’s say our phrase is “indigo kitty kat”, it already is good because it is more than one word and is many characters. But to make the pass phrase hard to hack – you can use ‘g33k Sp33k’ – it’s simply a matter of substitution of familiar letters with numbers and shift-characters:

a=@, s=$ ,e=3,O=0, h=4 or #,t=7 or +, i=! or 1, g=6, Space =_ or# or (anything else you would like to use).

So, let’s compare: ‘Indigo kitty kat’ vs ‘!nd!60#k!77y#k@7’

that latter ‘mess’, is very hard for a computer program to hack using brute force, but is something you might be able to remember or at least recreate on demand.

Second, backup your database regularly (there is a plug in for this!) – you can even download the backup to your home computer or a usb drive if you very concerned!

between a good password and regular backing up of your database (where all your blog posts live), you’re more than taking care of over 90% of what you need to do to protect your site from hackers.


Only worry about a ssl certificate if you are doing e-commerce from your own server. That means if, like me, you have paypal or an amazon shop – you do not need SSL because the creditcard transactions are the responsibility, respectively, of Paypal and

If you are collecting credit card information on YOUR website, you must get an ssl certificate. What this does is allow you to have ‘https’ pages where transaction is happening, that encrypts the credit card information as it travels from the user to the bank so it cannot be hacked. I found Godaddy offerred the best price and the best encryption, but do shop around, I last researched this about 3 years ago.

If you have questions about WordPress, this is the blog post where you can ask those questions and I won’t delete them as irrelevant spam.

hate speech, free speech

I’m a gay man, I’m openly gay and I’m somewhat ‘post pride’, I simply want to live my life openly and have the fact of my homosexuality be no more important than my head being bald or my eyes being blue.

On facebook I’ve been having recurring discussions with Christians that may believe my sexual orientation can be changed and are certain it’s an awful sin and damned lifestyle. Challenging.

There exist Gay Christians. Jesus after all, when preaching to the Eunuchs (in Jesus time eunuchs were more commonly homosexual, not yet castrated as policy), Jesus didn’t feel his magical powers were required to heal, did not suggest there was a sin to do no more. Flirting with Christianity myself I once did have a dream of Jesus who corrected my interpretation of Leviticus’ awful law by demanding of me “have you slept with a woman?” knowing the answer is ‘none’ and therefore how could I sleep with any man as with a woman? It is possible to be gay and Christian.

But not just any Christian agrees. Locally Ithaca NY is a liberal place, and Christian churches here that are not anti-gay place visible information outside their church to affirm that is the case.

Understand that means the Churches themselves know one thing: if they accept homosexuals and do not believe God demands homosexuals be anything else, they must promote that fact openly and publicly or they may simply be assumed to bastions of righteous anti gay intolerance and hate.

I just completed an online academic poll, that I qualified for by being a person that identifies as homosexual. What did they want know? Some questions posed asked these kinds of things:

  • Would you change your gender if you could?
  • Do you feel you would be better off dead than gay?
  • Do you feel homosexuality is a sin?
  • Do you worry others may perceive you as Gay?

That’s not all the questions presented. And I do hope almost no one answers any of those questions positively.

The poll has a peculiar challenge; I’d imagine anyone that really would rather be dead than gay, they’re unlikely to participate in this poll.

I know most of the anti-gay baggage comes from and is legitimized by religion, in America, the Christian religion. And whatever the poll results suggest, that baggage justifies bullying and violence that kills gay people or drives them to suicide.

So would I desire law such as Canada has? To ban ‘Hate Speech’? In Canada there are Christian Bible  chapter and verse that are illegal to speak out loud, probably just Leviticus. It calls for the death of homosexuals, pure hate to read that, yes?

The recent Gabrielle Gifford assassination attempt has led to condemnation of heated political rhetoric. And speaking as someone that only found Sarah Palin interesting because she actually would do stuff like imply death threats with her metaphors and get away with it, let me suggest that an attack on hate speech could be an attack on free speech if the solution is imagined to be enforced by law.

In America we handle Hate properly, with shunning. Racist people have a very small number of people they can be racist with, the point of view alone will lose you your job, your friends….

It’s a slow process, defeating prejudice with shunning. And I understand it is possible to argue for a ban on hate speech to protect the victims of that speech. Be they children perceived to be gay by their peers, be they a congresswoman fighting for her life after being shot in the head.

But America, we chose to experiment with free speech. It’s a big deal because no other nation has free speech as we do. America has pubic Neo Nazi marches – they are small marches and they are almost always outnumbered by counter-protesters. As the Nazis preach racist hatred and death threats against Jews and African Americans, they are protected by the civil police, their right to say as they please, it is a constitutional right.

It is a noble experiment, Free Speech. When speech is banned, it is empowered. Any subject you cannot talk about, cannot be contested or challenged either.

Free Speech is a grown up right, it’s not for children. Which is to say the culture that permits free speech much be mature because we cannot count on every speaker being mature. The villain that tried to kill Congresswoman Gifford, he had been told he must see a psychiatrist. He did not, likely because he could not afford it. Arizona had just cut mental health spending in half just a month earlier.

People may point fingers at Sarah Palin for distributing posters with Democratic representatives with gun sight targets painted over them, but the reality is that be that in bad taste or not – she has the right to express herself as he pleases, no one reasonably should interpret that as permission to kill anyone.

But you can’t make your speech crazy proof! Crazy people are sick, so just maybe the problem is a healthcare issue. If all mentally ill people had prescriptions for meds that help them, and had no barrier like expense standing in the way of getting that help. Maybe our culture would be mature enough to have freedom of speech and demand no legal limits on hate speech?

Site Statistics

If you have a website, the server keeps very accurate statistics of every visit by a browser or web spider. Google offers its own statistics, but the server’s stat’s are most often the most reliable. The google stats are relevant for ad words advertising and evaluating success or failure of ad campaigns.

The server statistics are, well, quite interesting. Not exactly enlightening, because the answers they provide are more useful for more questions I don’t have answers for.

The good news is that the unique visitors have been increasing with regularity. Not too long ago I was proud of about 5k unique visitors per month this site was attracting. Now that number approaches 10k, it may be more this January. So, from this I can conclude the information I’ve been padding the posts here with, to make them as valuable as possible – good content is viral in and of itself!

The countries that visit my site are interesting. China hosts many visitors to my site and they collectively download more than 3 times as much as people from any other country. Are they really big fans of my Law of Attraction book? Nope, they are downloading the binaural beat theta wave mp3s hosted here! Good for them!

It did make me wonder if the graphic design of this site, the header that prominently features an Asian businessman excitedly talking on a cell phone – influences who comes to my site. if that’s true, then the blond white guy meditating in a chaostar that’s the other half of the header – what will that attract? Germans?

Umm, this month America has been TAKEN OUT! The list of countries visiting my site, it ranks according to which country is READING more of my site, who is visiting the most number of pages. And I’m an American, I write the blogs posts ASSUMING Americans are my primary readers.

But while Americans visit my site more than people from any other country. GERMANS READ MORE OF MY SITE THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY! And it’s shocking, because fewer Germans are visiting, but when they visit it seems they want to read it ALL!

So, this makes me wonder, if I change the header and put a freckle faced red head businessman happily speaking into a cellphone on the image, 3 months later will I find my site is being consumed by more Irish people than anyone else?

If nothing else, it demonstrates the power of English as a second language, and perhaps the awesome power of Google translation to destroy language barriers online, making this world that much smaller!

Thank you for visiting! I appreciate it. Everyone!

Amend the Citizens United ruling!

< Move to Amend

When the Supreme Court ruled in the “Citizens United” case, it declared corporations are citizens and that money is speech. In reality the ruling is anti-democratic. Every human being that works for a corporation, that owns corporate stock, they are free to donate their own money personally, to vote as they please.

If Corporations are allowed to finance politics – it is like people that are associated with a corporation are COMPELLED to surrender money that could be thiers, to a support a political agenda THEY PERSONALLY MAY NOT AGREE WITH!

This is not a right wing vs. left wing issue, it is a preservation of Democracy issue. Please click the above link and add your name to those of others in support of a law to correct this mistake!

Love is love

It really shouldn’t be news, but it is a stubborn meme of anti-gay Christians especially,  that “homosexuals don’t feel love the way I do”. Well, actually, gay people do feel love exactly as straight people do, in every way that a brain can be measured.

Even this, the data of fMRI brain imaging comparing straight and gay, men and women, claiming to be in love and demonstrating the the active and inactive areas of the brain are exactly the same no matter the gender or sexual orientation – it’s not enough to shake the certainty of a bigot that their love is real and a homosexual’s is counterfeit – confirmation bias you know.

As a side note, it’s exactly this sort of thing that diminishes the respect science has. Because amongst most thinking people, it is already assumed love is love and unchanged by gender or sexual orientation, scientists are telling us what we already know.

But even though I, as a Gay man, learn nothing from this scientific finding that I already did not know. Even though the factual evidence of this experiment cannot change the certainty of a bigot it contradicts. There is something to be said for underscoring what you know with reproduce-able experimental evidence proving what you know.

Because most of what we know is a softer knowing than something with observable fact, we are used to believing what we are told without facts, without data – just on the authority of being told so by a majority of others, who commonly have beliefs colored by what they saw on television. Scientific evidence is refreshing.

New sanitized version of Huckleberry Finn – nature abhors a vacuum!

Alan Gribben an English professor,and New South Publishing is releasing an edition of Huckleberry Finn wherein his editing has replaced the ‘N’ word with the word ‘Slave’.

Of course this is not without controversy, the book is a classic and the offensive language accurately replicates the casual vernacular of the time and setting of the story.

The version can be defended on the ground that there are plentiful editions of Huckleberry Finn with the epithets intact, and this new sanitized edition provides an option rather than replaces a classic.

There are two lessons to take from this:

The first is the nature of the ‘N’ word, and why it has evolved to become more powerfully offensive today than it ever had been before. The reason, ironically, is that we are less racist than we used to be. Not too many decades ago, a white man might use the ‘N’ word to describe a person of color that he really liked, because living in a sea of racism, the ‘N’ word meant exactly the same thing as ‘African American’ does today. What changed since then is that the sea of racism has changed such that the ‘N’ word is taboo, racism is deemed stupid and evil. And therefore the ‘N’ word has immense negativity attached to it today it never had before. Certainly to Black Americans, when coming from a white person.

The other lesson is this: nature abhors a vacuum. So understand that if you go into business chasing already ‘hot selling’ niches, you may succeed, but you’ve got to deal with great competition. But if you can find a problem or a desire and a new solution, you don’t have a proven niche, but you do have a unique niche that could become a greater success than anything else you might try because you have a MONOPOLY!

This sanitized Huck Finn, it solves a problem. Children now can read this classic and not have to question why Huck is so bigoted. The book now can be enjoyed as it had been meant to be enjoyed, even by Black children! Even if you hate that the writing has been altered, it’s clear that a problem has been solved! A vacuum has been filled.

Such is the genesis of this site as well. It’s not a new idea for a magician or witch to offer magical spells to help a business become successful. But it is a new idea to pitch magic and sorcery as better BUSINESS PRACTICES! I believe I have a monopoly on that niche! And sure enough, this site is now approaching 10k unique visitors a month, it’s popularity is growing!

Happy new year!

This new year I’m having a small celebration. I’m having it with a vegetarian friend, so I’m happily making some delicious vegetarian food. A stir fry with marinated and sauteed tofu which will be included in a stir fry with black eye peas, cabbage, collard greens and a yellow pepper. Sides of mashed potato (if I can find a potato masher), green beans, corn and a vegetable based gravy. For desert I have bought apple pie, pecan pie and sugar cookies.

I’m not a big fan of champaign, so I got goldschlager cinnamon schnapps to toast with. I also have some delicious apple cider that I will simmer and will be delicious with a shot of the cinnamon schnapps.

About the goldschlager, it’s a Swiss cinnamon schnapps made after an Italian recipe that features flakes of gold leaf. Many, if not most, liqueurs have origins as magical elixirs that tasted delicious – the recipe endured and the magical association was forgotten. But if you learn the spiritual association of herbs and so forth, you can reverse engineer the magical purpose of many a commercial liqueur.

Cinnamon is a ‘sweet hot’ spice, and in its history is once had been so extremely valuable that it had actually been the basis of currency, as gold has been more recently. Cinnamon has powerful associations with prosperity!

Now the gold flakes – that’s just explicitly saturating the alcohol with the literal spiritual essence of gold itself. Goldschlager that is sweet, cinnamon and juxtaposed with actual gold flakes, it has to be the ultimate magical toast for a prosperous New Year!

All that’s needed, by the way, to unlock the potential of Goldenschlager, is to let yourself believe, and imagine the delicious drink saturating your entire being with affinity for wealth and prosperity!

Because some of the people coming don’t like a strong alcohol flavour, I am preparing hot apple cider to add a shot of Goldenschlager to. It makes for one fabulously delicious hot cider, that premium cinnamon schnapps does!

I’m also presenting my guests with Mojo beans, also known as African Wishing beans – and most commonly known as ‘fava beans’. You take as many beans as you have wishes, an odd number though, and hold them in your pocket for 7 days, then throw the beans into running water (behind your left shoulder, no looking) – and the wishes are meant to come true!

The original instruction suggest you not use 5 wishes (number of chaos that 5, and of creativity), but I used 5 beans because, well, I’m a chaos magician (and 5 is my personal numerological number) and the number of the finger of a hand, it’s a good number for CREATING your result. My guests followed my instruction. I also told them to try psalm23 when using the beans and forgot the bit about over the left shoulder without looking.  It’s all good, what I forgot and what  I added are the edits of my unconscious and its a smarter magician than I am.

It was only today that I discovered the collar greens are good luck with the black eye peas, to ensure a prosperous new year. Really I got the collard greens because they looked delicious and got the black eye peas because my friend reminded me of their new year good luck association.

I am starting a new job at higher pay this year! The prosperity is already taking hold!

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