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Marketing with posts to blogs and forums

This is a blog, this site has a forum. And given I am responsible for both I am the person responsible for distinguishing SPAM. This blog has a very strict spam filter, and every reply is held for me to review before it is posted.

Now this blog has a lot of E-COMMERCE information, and I understand the value of real links web spiders can follow. So I have this blog exist as a model I wish more blogs would emulate: eliminate “do not follow”, install ‘comment luv’ so comments can post their site and get full back link credit for it!

But there is a reason most sites DO NOT DO THIS.

And the answer is this – no one wants to give you something for nothing! Certainly not me, I’m trying to make this blog one that is exceptionally high quality. And non sequitur comments about how good an exercise machine you have to sell at THIS link – it’s bullshit! I’m not allowing it, no one shooting for a quality blog will allow it.

This is NOT to say that you can’t promote your site with comments. You CAN! But you cannot do it INSTANTLY, and you cannot do it THOUGHTLESSLY!

First, understand that organic SEO, it’s SLOW -unless you’re optimizing “long tail” keywords – and no matter how you do it, it takes time to make money with natural SEO alone. Professionals, they understand that to make money with natural SEO, it’s not quick and if you need quick – online advertising with Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Bing, it’s the way to go to make money NOW.

So I do respect that you’re trying to make a business go, and I am willing to post your comment with a link to that business. But if I do that for you, you have to do something for me, you have to give me VALUE.

So, let’s say you’re selling an exercise machine. You have a block of sales copy you would like to paste into my comments section. This not only gives you a backlink, but all the goodness of the right sales keywords too. What’s wrong with this?

What’s wrong is that if you post that block of text and it has NO relation to the article you reply to – you diminish the value of the comments if your post goes live. Responsible for my site, I’m not allowing it.

How could you make it work? By actually REPLYING to the post!  For example, if you are replying to my post about Placebos – you can comment on how many sports drinks make a substantial difference for many people while just being salted sugar water. Because the comment is relevant, it demonstrates basic human intelligence and that, believe it or not, helps give you the authority you need for your sales pitch and product to be believed trustworthy.

No, do not use your paragraph of text in your reply, just use a signature line like”the ab roller is fun, easy and I lost 6 inches off my waist! “, linking perhaps the words “ab roller” with the url of your site.

If you want to go into great detail about your ab-roller, you need to hunt for a blog post where it is relevant! This blog may not have such a post. But surely there’s a blog being written by someone that posts about their struggles with diet and exercise – if you can find a post about how difficult and awful the ‘sit up’ exercise is – that’s a context for your sales pitch because your ‘ab-roller’ tool exists precisely to address THAT problem!

It is more work, you have to READ, you have to think about what you write. You don’t have to do that of course, but I don’t have to post your reply. And really, if I do post your reply it is only because I thought of way to reply to your comment that humiliates you, your product and always I sabotage the link when I do that.

So the only blogs that your posts will be live on – they will be automated ‘black hat’ blogs with blog posts written for spiders and not readers – those kind of backlinks can contribute (most of your backlinks are from link farms and ‘bad’ sites) -contribute to your e-commerce site SLAMMED by google (slammed means that the page rank is severely reduced, search engine results are severely sabotaged and you pay ridiculously high rates for any google ads).

So what I want as a blogger, are comments on my blog posts. Questions are BETTER than comments, because I can answer them and they make the comments WORTH READING. Better than a question is a BETTER ANSWER! If you have a solution I didn’t think of, if you can help ME with valuable information – THANK YOU (and know your reply will always be posted!).

Placebo Power!

Yes, pills clearly labelled “placebo” are shown to still WORK! In this experiment twice as many people taking placebos experienced relief (irritable bowel syndrome) as those taking no placebo in a control group, results comparable to the STRONGEST DRUGS!

They are not sure why, it may be the ritual of taking the pill. The results throw suspicion on those drugs that are not placebos as well, to what degree are they beneficial for reasons of placebo and otherwise inert or harmful?

Now the reason to speak on this in the context of this site, a magic meet business theme – is that the proof of placebo effect is relevant. Because if you don’t believe in magic, if you discount quantum mechanics as irrelevant compared to Newtonian physics – what I’m left with is a psychological explanation for why results manifest – and now, with real scientific proof of placebo power – that psychological explanation has teeth.

Of course it is still an article of faith that placebo can manifest coincidence in the world and not just in yourself – but if you can believe in a model of interconnectedness of people, animals and place – it’s not an awfully big stretch.

Meanwhile I’m looking to procure some sugar pills to make me smarter, stronger, faster and a more efficient hunter… lol!

power and responsibility: forward from the future

Power is responsibility, they are the same thing. A parent’s power over a child is explicitly a responsibility. A president’s government power is explicitly a responsibility. If you are well paid and an important (to you) charity is failing for want of contributions, it is party your fault if you made no contribution but had the means to make a substantial contribution. If you have the power of a boss, that is also a responsibility to make certain employees under you are treated fairly and paid adequately and on time.

Commonly we imagine we want power, associating it only with the positive: the ego boost, the esteem from others, the ability to make (better) choices for others. At the same time we avoid responsibility, associating it only with the negative: being at fault, deserving blame, forced to put forth unwanted effort. There is no power without responsibility though, and if you want the good, the price is the ‘bad’.

So it’s been a year for me. I started this year with disaster, a house fire that destroyed all my stuff, my Mac computer, decades of digital fires, my pet cats, all my occult supplies and books, all my art supplies, my mother’s notebooks gone..all of it gone. And I found myself in Ithaca NY with no job, almost homeless. So, with effort and magic, I’m under employed washing dishes, I have a roof over my head, I’m maintaining this site ( and it’s “blowing up”, doing far for than the 5k of unique visitors each month I was so proud of a short time ago, not bad for an invented niche).

I know what I want. I want to have fun and to make tons of money having fun. For me that might be creating a comic, getting a book published, running a silkscreen business, running a graphic design business.

There’s law of attraction right? If I just have the vision and maintain it like its real, the universe will deliver it to me, right? Well, I’m not already rich, and let’s be honest – it only works easy if you have the wealth and/or fame to make the pathways to fulfillment easy.

BUT, think about that future for a moment. Let’s imagine I’m there right now, I’m the head of a successful multimedia company that takes in lucrative jobs from corporate clients, that publishes comics that are so popular they bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit from merchandising alone.  Now that I’m here, how did I get here? And, what difference am I making? Is my comic so good people are actually looking forward to the next issue? Will a young man consider suicide but choose not to because he wants to know what happens in the next issue of my comic? Will a guy meet his wife because she’s a fan of my comic and she sees him wearing its tee shirt?

So, with that vision of the future – am I doing right now what I need to be doing for that future to manifest? If I’m doing something else, will that couple never marry, will the boy kill himself?

Sorry about that, I lean towards the dramatic and negative. Really I want to get a comic called “Ithacat” done, and I’ve been procrastinating on it. If the comic is done, I can use it as part of a pitch to get a micro-loan from Alternatives Credit union, likely enough to get a proper desktop mac and the adobe software I need to provide credible graphic design services, possibly enough to also get a start with a silkscreen business (my unique sales position are my superb design skills, no other screen printer provides custom design services to the degree I can provide).

And I am getting started doing Ithacat – reworking what I did before to hit a higher quality. And what is driving me is the enthusiasm people are going to have for the comic once it exists, an enthusiasm that is not real yet – but one that will be real once the comic is online. For that future to manifest, I have to do the work now. If I will choose that future, claim that power to choose that future – the responsibility is the work I do now. Power and responsibility are one.

Next year I will be published, the comic will have many fans, and I’ll be financially far  more secure than I am now. At the very least. I’m not counting on the bank loan, I may turn to mob funding if that doesn’t pan out. All those rich people with steep tax cuts, they should help me become a business success!

The Power of Santa as an Egregore!

Here’s the wikipedia article on the occult EGREGORE

Here’s Phil Hine’s excellent insights relating to Egregores

An Egrigore is similar to a sevitor. In both cases they are ‘thought forms’, meaning they are created from people thinking them into reality. How a servitor and egregore are distinguished is that if I, by myself, create the thought form, it is a servitor ; if I and a group of friends create a thought form together with out collective thoughts, it is an ‘egrigore’.

It can be theorized that Corporations can become a kind of egregore, certainly their advertising identities are likely egregores. Think of Ronald McDonald or The auto Insurance Gecko salesman?

But really, not quite. Servitors used for occult purposes are more akin to a kind of limited god or ‘familiar’: we ask favours of them and they deliver results. And occult egregores are similar, but arguably more powerful as they are the product of more minds. That’s why sometimes a magician with a good servitor will invite others to use the servitor as well – in the theory that doing so will increase the power of the entity.

But… there are other egregores, so much a part of our culture, it wouldn’t occur to us to use it for MAGIC. Think of them though…. What is Santa Claus, if not an Egregore? (Let’s not dismiss the valentine cult of Cupid, the Easter cult of the promiscuous bunny – but this is being written close to Christmas time).

Santa Claus is not just any Egregore – it’s an Egregore CHILDREN believe in! And not JUST that! All of us Adults – we’re PART of the Santa conspiracy! No matter how cynical you are as an adult, likely you keep your mouth shut to preserve the faith of a child eagerly believing in Santa’s goodwill!

So, how I have come to believe how magic works – it would suggest Santa is a very powerful Egregore to work with. Why? Because when YOU were a child, you likely believed in Santa as well!  That principle is why I work with Christian ideas even though I’m Buddhist and homosexual: it was the belief I was born into!

And Santa, look at the lore! Only Satan rivals in wish granting – and he’s EVIL! Santa grants wishes! Santa is GOOD!

So, does this mean that you can work with Santa to get your wishes granted? Yes! Does it mean it will work? no, not necessarily . Because for magic to work you have to BELIEVE. And as an adult, Santa is the first great lie and betrayal of our youth. Most of us figured out Santa isn’t real, that parents buy our gifts, long before parents would be willing to be honest about it.  Even if your family never indulged the lie that Santa, not parents, delivers gifts – the culture reinforces with an intensity only capitalism is capable of!

But once you believed in Santa, when you were very very young, you KNEW Santa is real!

And that certainty, it is still in you! But it is buried in your unconscious, which is also where your power lies! (according to Austin Spare and chaos magicians like myself that think he was onto something).

So the question is, can you suspend your disbelief – and ask Santa for a wish! Understand that Santa is Good – so if he grants your wish, you have to be good too! You should promise to give up smoking or drinking , or to benefit children in your community in some way – if your wish is granted!

If you have trouble this winter season with depression and find the ‘ho ho ho’ of Christmas offensive – that’s natural! There’s less sunlight, it’s cold – the principle of being happy and jolly is to FORCE IT! Fake it till you make it! There’s no ‘jolly’ summer holiday – because the negativity doesn’t exist to demand a counter!

But you can try this: Invoking Santa Claus!  See what it is to love children and to celebrate that after Christmas … the DAYS GET LONGER! That the worst of winter is BEHIND us! That we are surviving the worst seasons have to offer!

And if you’re Jewish or Muslim – Celebrate with us! Santa Claus is SECULAR!

Why my spell doesn’t work!

Was wasting time on you tube, watching/listening to a Phil Hine interview, and saw a recommended video from a fellow occultist that attempted to answer the question: “Why didn’t my spell work?”. He proceeded to speak of imagination/visualization and concentration as key skills, but offered no specific ideas of how to develop such skills. He then spoke briefly and dismissively of sigil magic, suggesting like if magic was so simple everyone would be billionaires or  something.

It’s a You tube video, and I’m not posting it because I don’t want to shame him. I will however actually answer the question for REAL.

He is right, imagination/visualization and concentration are classic magical skills and to be an excellent magician you must master those skills. But even as that it is true, it is possible to practice magic with ideal visualization and concentration and still have the spell ‘not work’!. The magician in the video, he wasn’t recognizable as a member of the Fortune 500 and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind such wealth – so I’d think he’d have better insight as to how and why spells don’t work.

First of all, there is a principle of the pathway. Magic is an expression of will and may indeed hack probability, but it’s far more probable that you can catch a ride in an airplane than it is that you will sprout wings and be able to fly personally. If you are ugly as sin and desire a very attractive model, understand magic to fetch any lover will be far more likely successful than magic to fetch a specific person that may be out of your league. Also, are you willing to do the work? If you want the hot model, if you take care to groom yourself well and to diet and work out so your body is fit – the pathway to the goal is more likely – and magic will be more likely successful.

magic is not limited to a spell, it is a lifestyle. If you want to get rich, you need to run an inspired business that can be successful – you can’t just watch TV and expect to get paid.

Sigil magic exists to get around the other more critical reasons magic may not work:

The lust for result: if you did your spell and are anxious for the result to happen, it will NOT happen. It’s like being a child in a car ride repeating “are we there yet? are we there yet?”, and if you remember such a ride, it was when you gave up and lost the expectation … that you suddenly found yourself HOME. magic works similarly.

The duality of desire: The classic example is the promotion at work. You desire the promotion, the prestige and the money. But, you may be concerned that you don’t want the accountability or that the position is hard. Even if you are confident the position is right for you, what of your coworker friends? how will becoming their supervisor affect your relationship, it will not be the same! And what if you do not get the promotion? Those same coworkers will shower you with love, tell you that you really deserved it. So, do you want the promotion or not? And if you cast a spell for the promotion while your heart is torn and you desire both to get and not get the promotion, the resulting magic may be unreliable!

Belief + desire + gnosis = result: This is the ‘universal theory of magic’ at the heart of chaos magic, how chaos magicians interpret existing magic systems. If any one point is ‘off’ the magic may not work.

  • Do you believe the magic will work? Understand you simply have to believe for the act of magic, if afterwards you don’t believe, that’s fine. As a child suspends disbelief to play, you can suspend disbelief for magic, but you need to make the attempt. This is the real reason candles, incense, spooky language ..etc is used – the ceremonial atmosphere lends itself to suspending disbelief – it’s why the Catholic Latin Mass is so powerful!
  • Do you know what you really want clearly, can you visualize it? Can you feel your need? This is as simple as being clear about the intent of your magic, but if you can bring real emotion to it as well, during the act of magic, so much the better.
  • Gnosis: This is a single minded sort of consciousness. Can you concentrate on the desire so there is nothing else in your mind? Can you empty your mind? This is critical to the act of magic. Fortunately there is one sure fire path to gnosis, perhaps the most powerful for of gnosis as well – sexual orgasm! Masturbation is fine. But if you have the concentration, meditative focus is powerful. Also effective is working yourself into a frenzy through dance or emotional expression.

How to get positive results EASY!

  • Work magic for results that aren’t  too unlikely! Magic to enjoy a nice slice of apple pie, for example. Magic for a good parking space!
  • work magic for SOMEONE ELSE! Really! This is so much easier than doing it for yourself: because it’s not your desire there is no duality of desire or lust for result – the person you do the spell for is likely no magician and therefore has MORE BELIEF THAN YOU DO, if they admit it or not and it may just be subconsciously!
  • Accept money for magic! This is doing magic for someone else, yes – but when they give you money it creates a magic of its own that enhances your magic – because when you buy something you EXPECT something in return and this enhances belief consciously and subconsciously. If you are uncomfortable asking for money, give them a money back  gaurantee and/or demand they pay a charity a given sum of money when the spell’s result is realized. (I’d do the latter in the instance of someone asking for magical help with health, as well as suggest the magic will not work unless they accept help from medical doctors as well).

I’m adding this after the original posting. FYI.

Sometimes a spell WORKS, but you don’t notice!

Let’s say you cast a spell to attract the model that should be out of your league, and nothing happens for months so you forget about it. And one day she’s carrying a large load of book, you are there to help her and when you do she’s very grateful and remarks on how nice you are to help. If you’ve forgotten the spell you may meekly suggest ‘no problem’ when she was ready to accept a date!

And if you practice sigil magic, creating 10 sigils, waiting a week to ‘launch’ the first sigil while consciously unaware of what the sigil represents….(see my article on sigil magic). Well such a magical practice of 10 or more sigils active at once – you have to constantly be looking for opportunities that present themselves! Magic doesn’t manifest results out of thin air – it manifests synchronicity and coincidence that works in your favor!

And if you want to indulge the psychic censor/skeptic – understand that simply being optimistic and proactively taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves – it’s likely a winning way to live even if magic is not real!

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