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Power over your BOSS NOW!

Does your boss bully you? Are you exploited and abused at work? Will you endure this abuse until you too are FIRED? Or will you take CONTROL and exert supernatural power OVER YOUR BOSS!

Well, of course if you really want power over your boss, it helps to have a psychic link like a photo or hair clipping. A simple technique is to simply use your imagination and visualize/intend your boss appreciating your work and preparing to reward you. It really can be that simple, and if you have a friend it helps to fix each other’s bosses (using photos). For all the reasons sigil magic is superior, it’s almost always easier to do magic for someone else.

And let me emphasize that simply visualizing your desire and intending it to happen with your will – is the heart of all magic and everything else is optional! Sigil magic exists to get your conscious mind from getting in your way. And other forms of magic exist because they help people believe (theater is powerful for exciting the imagination and engendering belief), and because God(s), plants and minerals have powers too.

But do use nothing but your will and visualization, know your OWN power! Give it a shot. Use it to help you get a job too!

If your boss is that much of an asshole, sigil magic to help you find a different and better paying job could be a better idea. Which is why I personally avoid controlling magic, ’cause their evolution is their responsibility, not mine – especially if they are not in my life any longer.

But hey, if you need a more formal control spell with some tradition behind it:

But really, that’s not what this post is about. Or, rather, it is not why I’m writing it! It’s that the power/control/fear sales pitch is … silly. And I’m a cartoonist, I have a good sense of humor. And I recently obtained a book from the Subgenius folks, Church of Bob – kind of Zig Ziglar meets Discoridianism and branded with conservative 50’s kitsch. It’s not obscure, many of you have some exposure to it and its paradigm of “SLACK”. But the book, with its cut and paste of ‘weird’ sales pitch headlines – it’s inspiring, the thought of products to sell that match those crazy headlines!

So I’ve been promising you, the reader, with my latest e-commerce posts to take you step by step through my e-commerce attempt. And I have some products and I was about to use some free google advertising….

And then I posted “Sales from the Darkside”. And that downer of a post really is the reason I never did use the Google advertising. To be crystal clear, I’ve nto used the products and to pitch them I need to present myself as someone that has, and can recommend them honestly. And I’m too fucking honest to pitch that lie. It’s sad, very sad. My dark side is anemic and weak.


The Subgenius folks in their silliness, they have SHOWN ME THE WAY!

So, while I can’t SERIOUSLY pitch a hypnosis course that promises to teach you how to hypnotize a bank teller into giving you thousands. Maybe I don’t have to!

The key is to stop being SERIOUS!

What that does is allow me to bring out my creative side. Already I’m scheming an ebook on How to get the very best deal for your immortal SOUL! And I’ll be sure to interview some preachers and politicians for their advice! Lol. And I’m serious!

Will i MAKE MONEY THIS WAY? Hell if I know, but I will HAVE FUN THIS WAY! And there’s that old nugget of wisdom that if you do what you love the money will follow. Will it?

And This site will likely get a ‘SILLY’ makeover. It’s how everyone else is pitching their occult business anyway.

Now or never – affiliate marketing

So, I’ve had to think long and hard. The thinking aloud on this blog sure has garnered accolades, but really the ideas are yet to be proven.

This past NOV2, 2010, I turned 44. So I’ve been introspective as middle age is calcifying. I’m single and poor and would be more comfortable if I could do something about those things. Today I’m doing the sigil magic, dangerous stuff getting what you think you want. But it’s always easier to work magic for others than for yourself, the lust for result y’see. Even though I do the meditation and have some achievement of non attachment, the lust for result is still an issue. Especially where romance is concerned.

This site is a success in a way, I beat out 5k unique visitors last month, and this month it looks like I’ll have more unique visitors than last month. Curiously, this site had no visits AT ALL on Halloween or the day before. Given the occult nature of this site I would’ve expected a spike in visitors, y’know.

So I don’t need a huge payday with a clickbank product, if every visitor would simply donate a PENNY, that would pay for hosting and lunch for one day.

I did purchase a training program online from clickbank, one proposing to make money as an Amazon affiliate. That’s hard, because the commission from Amazon is what? 5 or 6%. The only break is that you get commission on everything the consumer buys.

I am already an Amazon affiliate too – check my store. But I’m the only person to buy anything from that store! I put it there not to make money, but to be a RESOURCE! The books for sale are books I’ve read that I strongly recommend!

The advantage of Amazon, is that there’s no need to use fear marketing, no need to resort to conversational hypnosis to make the sales pitch that much more compelling. It’s ethically CLEAN – people come for information on a product they already are interested in, and you sell it to them!

The getting rich thing, it’s not about what you do to make money – it’s about taking the way you make money and MULTIPLYING it! And this is something that is relatively simply to do online.

Today I’m doing the google adwords. I may have taken too long for the free ad, I’ll see. I’ll promote the product I have online already. And this site too. I’ve done nothing to update it, not even fix the forum to get folks to register for the right thing. It’s the poverty, it’s depressing.

I did received a camcorder as a birthday gift, If I can score a tripod I suppose I may begin making videos!

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