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Sales from the Darkside

The clock is ticking, I have a limited window of time to use the free advertising I can use. I am struggling over what I want this site to be.

One review of my “Law of Attraction the Kitschchaos way” remarked that the conversationalist hypnosis product sold at the end of the ebook pamphlet was a horrible example of fear marketing, and suggested the product itself comes from conceptualizing hypnosis as a tool for control and power over others (implying familiarity with the product enough to say that).

So, while I understand clickbank offers a 60 day review period within which you can get a refund anytime – I am mildly shamed by the reality of the fear marketing approach of the ad, but I’m relieved for a report the product is exactly as promoted.

I’m left questioning myself. I remember what I learned from sales, why I left sales at the time. Is it the best way to make money – to objectify the customer and manipulate them with fear or desperation? Can I do that?

The conversational hypnosis product is here if you want to take a look. Really I found this sales pitch very funny, but I tend to not take things so seriously. I use the sales pitch because it is the best selling hypnosis clickbank product with that sales pitch.

Here’s what I learned from person to person sales, from the best sales reps about sales success, from books on sales too.

  • If you don’t sell the product it is because the prospect sold YOU! Sales as an art of domination.
  • The prospect has your money, get it. In other words, closing the sale now is all that counts.
  • If what stands between you and your money is a crippled old woman’s cane, take the cane! Learn the capacity to take that cane and not care.

A supplier I worked with as a sales rep began charging very high service charges to their customers, inexplicable charges unmentioned in the service contract. I was given an explanation that was almost plausible, if it weren’t that the charges were too high and recurring.

I wasn’t the only sales rep with such concerns, but my sales dropped to almost nothing and theirs, the successful sales reps I meant to model,  some gained momentum and made even more money.

The difference was clearly explained to me: If what stands between you and your money is the crippled old woman’s cane and you can take that cane, you can make a lot of money!

And I struggled with it. Can I take that cane? Do I want money that bad? In the context I found myself, the metaphor was perfect.

I gave up that job because I couldn’t take the cane.

Which brings me full circle. The Igor Ledochowski course on conversational course … it goes for the cane! as much as it can, in print! Because it’s in print, the context tickles me, I really find it funny. But that’s missing a point, there’s a lot of people that really believe, that will spend their food money for the month on the hope of controlling their spouse or employer this way. There are corrupt business people that will use this product, hoping to control partners and investors. After all, who really wants this hot selling product with its fear based marketing?

I have to wrap my head around this. In the meantime I congratulate myself on selling myself on the product. Lol! That must be the key, if you can’t sell yourself how will you sell anyone else? Advertising will follow soon!

Igor Ledochowski’s Conversational Hypnosis product

Open letter to OBAMA… (re: gaybullying)

I do thank President Obama for this message, it is entirely good that he speak for the possibility of the future for young LGBT people. But in doing so, the hypocrisy is inevitable.

President Obama asks young Gay people to turn to family and trusted adults for support. But the truth is that a  young Gay person can only discover if a person can be supportive, if they take the risk that they may be attacked by that person. And this includes a Gay person’s family, (many homeless gay teens have been rejected and turned out by their families) .

That’s how being Gay is different.

And why are Gay youth so vulnerable? Because HOMOPHOBIA IS AN ACCEPTABLE POINT OF VIEW! Because Gay people are told they are inferior as if it is the truth!

President Obama, you yourself are part of the problem. Because the President of the United States has an awful lot of power and influence, and you use that power and influence to stake positions against Gay marriage and for anti-gay discrimination!

As someone no suicidal Gay child should ever turn to, lest you tell them how their differences make their relationships so inferior they would soil the institution of marriage, how their lust is so perverted it cannot be allowed to exist in America’s military. Your positions are, indeed, those that embolden bullies to become anti-GAY bullies.

So President Obama, make no mistake, your positions make you an anti-Gay bully. So your words are highly ironic and not just ignorant.

* I want to add something just to be clear. It is because President Obama is a Democrat and believed to be a Liberal, that his simple waffling on Gay rights constitutes validation of Homophobia. After all, if even a liberal President is against Gay marriage because of religious convictions – how right must religious dictates against homosexuality be? I expect our President to be smart enough to understand the consequences of his actions and positions.

Every LOGO an exercise in sigil magic

Yes, the Nike Swoosh, The McDonalds “M”… every corporate logo you are familiar with – all are exercises in SIGIL MAGIC!

if sigil magic is new to you, read this first!

Now I started this post to rant a little bit about folks replying to my posts with generic comments. One person copying and pasting the SAME exact response to a post about gay bullying and another about Affiliate Marketing. Cut it out! I will delete all such replies as SPAM! If the subject of the blog post cannot be determined from the reply, I will assume you’ve not read the post!

That said, logos are an exercise in sigil magic, they always were. And I speak with authority as a professional graphic artist and the author of this website about leveraging chaos magic for business.

Here’s the truth about a business logo: the difference between a good logo and a bad logo is not the logo, but if you use the logo on EVERYTHING. That’s the truth. It’s using the logo that makes it represent your business, and the logo will have positive or negative associations as the business serves customers well or poorly.

As a business owner you likely do not agree. The logo, after all, is your companies “face” and as such it can become a manifestation of personal ego. That’s why there’s a graphic design industry, to sate the ego of business owners.

So a business owner – in their ego they don’t want just any logo – they want a logo that communicates their business, that is elegant, that represents them and their business in its best possible light! Really all that matters is that the logo is distinct, but the ego of business owners – it turns a simple graphic into a piece of SIGIL MAGIC.

Make no mistake, the advertising of the largest companies isn’t about sales, it’s about keeping the logo in public view, the ‘brand’.  I’m not making this up, this is classic advertising technique, and it’s important to maintaining the sales you have!

But, from a chaos magic point of view…. Any sigil in public view, can be LAUNCHED by anyone that glances at it in an absent minded mood! What spell is thereby cast? What is the mission statement of the company? That’s the statement of intent behind the logo!

Even this is no new idea, I can’t claim to have originated it. (indeed with the IOT and other Chaos Magicians working so hard at their craft, any idea I believe I’ve invented is invariably already existing and has been developed further without my knowing it). Chaos magicians with anti corporate sympathies have turned already to graffiti to counter corporate sigils with their own magic sigils. Next time you find yourself gazing absent mindedly at an interesting piece of graffiti, know you may be casting a magic spell on behalf of the artists will.

Is it possible to improve your use of the corporate logo by intentionally using sigil magic technique with it? YES. And really the traditional logo creating process is almost exactly sigil magic technique. Graphic designers are shamans! Just make sure your graphic artist knows your company Mission statement. maybe have them read the sigil magic article. Or… HIRE ME!

contact me at, give me your mission statement for your business, include any sketches of how you think the logo should look if you have any idea. I charge a sliding scale between $50 and $500 depending on the size of your business, you know what you can afford. I’ll deliver a vector color and black and white versions (scalable up and down, black and white version for letterheads/rubberstamps). You get up to one revision per $50 spent. with me you can know your logo is professionally designed and professionally magically charged by an experienced graphic artist that is also a Chaos magician. for some older graphic design samples

Affiliate marketing 1.9 site makeover!

Right now, without even trying really, I have on average roughly 5,000 unique visitors to this site, who on average visit the site more than twice. That’s not great for a very commercial website with a lot of money to support it, but I’m very poor and just have a blog, some SEO experience and some writing ability. So 5k a month is not bad!

Indeed, 5k a month of unique visitors – it’s enough to test the bandwidth of the hosting company I’m working with. The company I’m with will not bill me for extra bandwidth nor will they limit the size of my site. So I’m between a rock and a hard place as site visitors sometimes cannot access the site it is so busy, but if I switch to a more professional host they will bill me for bandwidth I cannot afford.

All I can tell you if this site is NOT working for you, is to hit “reload”.

So, as is the practice of this “affiliate marketing” series, I’m sharing ideas right before I implement them. This is like a diary, and because the marketing field is filled with success stories that claim to have come from nothing – I imagine it is damned refreshing to witness someone coming from nothing but having intelligence and know how-  make the attempt to become profitable!

I’ve not done the google advertising, I want to improve this site first so it is more like what I intend it to be, and better for first time visitors.

So, the index page will be redone, it will feature ads for my affiliate programs, and rather than the sales pitch it is now, it will be more like an orientation around this site.

Because Chaos magic information is less available  online today than it had been, that’s one of the reasons for this site’s existence. Yet I rank rather poorly for the phrase “Chaos magic”. So I will create a chaos magic page with basic information about what it is and why it is so cool.

I am going to write a series of articles about conversational hypnosis as used in sales, I’ve actually used it in sales (mixed results to be honest, but because I lost faith in the product and I’m not an asshole) so I have some information and experience to share.  I do not know that I will post this information to my blog AT ALL. The reason is that I am going to take my mailing list seriously so they may get that exclusively!

The “my Kitschchaos” will have the sales pitch for the mailing list. I may eliminate the forum entirely, no one is using it to share ideas. But I won’t do that before I do some advertising, because I may attract folks that will appreciate that forum.

There’s so much information on this blog, I should collect it, edit it and repackage it as an ebook to sale, or ebooks.

So that’s where my head is at. I’ll be working furiously on this site in the following week.

small business America

Hffington post has begun a section of their online news blog to feature information for people wanting to start their own business.

The government is dragging its feet creating jobs, the private sector is shedding jobs or demanding so many diverse skill sets no one person fits their criteria. Meanwhile, the reason we are in a recession is because not too long ago most of us had great jobs exploiting our skill sets to make our employers mad rich, and now we don’t have those jobs. But we do have those skill sets, and what we do not know we can learn. So…we can create our own jobs!

Just thought I’d share the link, it’s one I’m going to visit regularly.

Affiliate marketing Jitters…

So, let’s see. It’s Tuesday, and I’ve run out of reasons to not put forth a small investment in Google adwords. So it’s up to me to invent some reasons.

This site is dysfunctional. The index page is akin to a sales page, but it’s just a bribe to join mailing list ultimately (the free ebook is so good though!). Most people are finding this site via the blog, so they may see only the wordpress and so go to ‘my kitschchaos’ to register to the site, where there is a forum – but its registration is a different database.

So folks are registering for a forum that simply is not used, rather than registering for this website and getting the great ebook on law of attraction I wrote.

The affiliate page where the product is, what am I doing with that? Adwords wants relevant content, I want to pop the author’s sales page into an iframe because they put a lot of effort into it and I want to take advantage (frames are unreadable by spiders). So basically I can only count on content I’m writing to be used for google’s evaluation of my landing page’s relevancy.

What I’ve been selling with my blog is free possibility and techniques, and people appreciate that, but I need to turn it into dollars. They do too really, my possibilities and techniques would only be validated by personal success.

So I’m going to actually start working with my mailing list to manifest a kind of sales with value email style. I will be pitching different e-books I’ve written as give aways for joining my list – but only members of the list will get access to all e-books written by me. I may do one soon on conversational hypnosis techniques in sales, cribbing from a book I have on the subject. I should do one about Chaos Magic, since I want to rank better for the term in google.

Let me review what I have to do:

1. Find stuff to sell that many people want, that somehow is relevant to the broad categories of interest staked out by this site.

2. figure out optimal key words for SEO, use in the name of the html page and on sales page. See which keywords are being used by the product creator if an affiliate.

3. implement list building strategy.

4. create landing pages for the products/affiliate products.

5. Buy ads, write blog post,

6. evaluate results and repeat if affective.

7. get partners, advertise offline, advertise on top raking sites for key words, try different things to improve conversion.

But, is it easier said than done?

Anyhow, I am going to polish this site some. Figure out a way to pitch my mailing list and the affiliate product too. Wish me luck, I’ll also try to make some of my own luck.

Gay suicide and anti-gay bullies

I am a homosexual myself. I was bullied severely in every grade I attended other than High School,  most because I was small, different and smart (not because I was Gay, to this day I am too masculine for most people to think Gay until I tell them).

I attended Stuyvesant High School, it’s an advanced honours public high school in New York City with an emphasis on Science and Math. I wanted to attend an arts high school but my father didn’t even allow me to apply. At this High school there was another commonality that united most students – most of us had been bullied in the schools we transferred from.

Now, I am not going to say school bullying is okay, it is not and it should never be permitted by school officials. That said, bullying is not a catalyst for suicide for most people that are bullied. The attention being paid to school bullies in relation to Gay teen suicides I believe is misdirection.

The reason it is not easy being Gay is not because someone might bully you. The reason it is hard is because the people that are prejudiced against you are likely to be your own religion! your own family! Conservative politicians! Even progressive politicians! (President Obama is STILL opposed to Gay marriage!). And who can a Gay kid turn to for support? For many Gay kids the answer is… NO ONE.

It’s terrible being humiliated by having your private sexual activity broadcast on the internet, but it’s not something someone with a healthy psyche would kill themselves over. Having your sexual activity broadcast online when it is Gay and your parents do not know you are Gay and may reject you, when you may believe all your friends will abandon you if they discover you are Gay, when you believe your Faith will make you an outcast if you are known to be Gay – those are the reasons  Gay people commit suicide in the face of public humiliation that outs them to the world.

So rather than picking on bullies, how about blaming opponents of Gay marriage, supporters of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, people that preach that God HATES Gays! for Gay teen suicides, and blame THEM for the anti- gay bullying too! Bullies only become anti-gay bullies because somehow they came to the idea Gay people are an ACCEPTABLE target.

affiliate marketing 1.75 basic concepts.

Okay, I’ve gotten some responses suggesting this affiliate series is going over some heads. I have been reading enough of this stuff that I can get a wee bit jargony maybe.

So here’s the basic concepts.

An affiliate marketer finds an opportunity, such as an online business or service, that will pay you handsomely to send customers their way. is one resource, a popular resource, for such affiliate marketing opportunities, mostly selling digital downloadable products with a 2 month money back gaurantee.

An autoresponder is a service or software that registers users emails and allows you to send ‘canned’ (pre written) marketing emails to a list at times you specify. If you or the offer gives anything away, use that to bribe users to register for your email list before they access the advertisement. It’s not spam if users register for the email and the emails feature a way for users to remove themselves from the list. Almost all programs and services do this automatically.

I use a program on my server called “infinite responder” that works well, is open source, costs me  no recurring fee and has no private company holding my list hostage. Google it if interested.

A ‘sales tunnel’: this is where you buy something you want online, but before you can check out, you must pass by several advertisements for other services and goods first. That’s a sales funnel in essence. The other services should be related or be ‘up grades’ to the product purchased. It is onerous on the buyer, but the technique is proven to make money. uses a very aggressive sales funnel on anyone purchasing a domain name from them (They offer web hosting, SSL certificates, email..etc.).

Other than SEO, (which has not been delivering sales so far, this is an invented niche after all) ways to market stuff online that work well, tend to cost money. Google adwords is very prominent and allows you the option of ads on associated networks too. Facebook advertising is also very targeted and affordable.

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If you mean to use magic to improve sales, to grow a business - this is the site where you can learn the most powerful magic available - without diluting it to make it safe or 'acceptable' - and apply it to your business TODAY!

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