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Affiliate marketing 1.5 context and magic

Actually this post isn’t about affiliate marketing at all. But it fills in what else I’m doing at the same time.

I prefer to juggle a lot at the same time, it keeps me from getting bored. The problem is that I’m capable of making a little progress on everything and finishing nothing. By putting the projects ‘out there’ though, I create accountability to others, and that fire seems to be enough for me to produce results.

Parenthetically, that’s also a key to very powerful magical workings: to make them on behalf of others, many others. Why is this powerful? There are a lot of reasons it may be. First, from a ‘law of attraction’ point of view – the goal of helping others generally works with the thought attraction of the people you hope to benefit and not against it. From a psychological point of view, people do all sorts of things to help other people we would never do for ourselves.

So what am I up to? I call myself a cartoonist. I am one, but I’ve not created any good comics in a while. So I’m creating an “Ithacat” comic, a recreation of a local Ithaca NY superhero, my first published work around 1987 or so. The scope of a ‘local’ superhero is terribly limited, but I figure all superheroes are local somewhere.

What is possible with a comic : I’m not oblivious, the comics market has crashed hard, the best selling comics are selling a fraction of what they would before the advent of expensive video games. But, at the same time – it’s never been a better time for the properties. Comic heros are extremely popular in tv shows, movies and so forth.

So I figure if you create a character, most people can love a character in a way they can never love a product. I believe people will enjoy the comics posted online for free. And make no mistake, entertainment is a real public service. It makes the day to day existence a little more bearable, it gives people something to look forward to as well. I know at least one person who told me he might have comitted suicide were it not that if he did so he’d miss the next months really good comics and movies.

How can I use a comic to make money? He’s a SALESMAN!  that’s how. He can sell t-shirts and all sorts of things! The big issue there is I really want to print the t-shirts myself, but I don’t have the resources. I will use ZAZZLE of course – which means my profit is limited to %15 at the cost of a higher price for my customers.

Other than affiliate marketing, I have a dream of owning a t-shirt printing business built on the strength of my design ability. I may be able to score a business loan once I have the comics online and a zazzle store in place, to start printing things myself and make better money.  And I’d like to be in a position to give someone a good job.

I’m also working on a recreation of APA-5. This is purely a hobby thing, to see if it is possible to make a worthwhile online version of an old fashioned Amateur Press Association. Basically a community site for creative people with a common project of a collaborative magazine the membership submits to, in this case a pdf seems a good way to distribute inexpensively. I’m doing it with Drupal, this will reinforce what I’ve learned about Drupal in the past and will make me more able to use it for a client in the future, if it is the right tool.

I’m only able to take all this on because m y job is part time with pitiful hours. So I’ve another task of finding another part time job or replacing this one with a full time job. Doing anything, it’s not like I’m not washing dishes in there and now.

My next step with the affiliate marketing is to use google adwords advertising. I’ve actually not done this before. But before I can do this, I need my new visa debit card. I said a lot about sales tunnels last time, I may take the time to construct one if the visa card takes a long time getting her – but really I just want to see how well advertising delivers visitors to my affiliate page(s) and get a sense of what the conversion is.

Affiliate marketing progress 1

I figure there’s going to be real value to actually sharing step by step what i do and what the result is. So that’s why I’m numbering this, a kind of marketing diary.

Well how to start. As is clear from my previous post, I know I have some duality of desire to deal with. Perhaps that’s why I’m being tested?

I had hoped to use a google promotion discount on google ads I got in the mail, but it’s too old and invalid now.

No biggie I can start with the very little amount of money I have, yes? Oh, they want a telephone call confirmation – damn! I don’t have my cell phone ! (and no landline). Where could it be? Oh, I lent it out and didn’t get it back!

So I didn’t sign up that day.

The next day I get my phone back, but when I check my bank account… too little money is in my account! and my card doesn’t work! What happened? My bank visa/debit card – it had been hacked! Meaning many fraudulent charges, and most camoflauged as legitimate bills … netflix, QPB, an Animal Shelter donation – only, y’know, through a bank in eastern Europe.

Visa caught the fraud and killed my card. So I can’t buy anything online until I get my replacement card with a new number.

So… I share this story with a friend of mine. He says something like “Sounds like the universe just isn’t cooperating with you” and starts to tell me about how he feels validated about a decision to take that sort of thing as a reason to not do something.

“Or, maybe it could be like a test”. I reply.

What it feels like is that my duality of desire is asserting itself and needs to make certain I want to do this.

So I try divination, I ching.Hexagram 58 – Tui (Joy) with the changing line in the second place. Progress and attainment but there will be need to be firm and correct. The second line suggests joy arising from inner sincerity, good fortune and cause for remorse will disappear.

A good reading, it’s encouraging and points to something I forget. I can have fun doing this, and after all, all clickbank products have a 60 day gaurantee!

Why I am not successful in Affiliate marketing…

Why am I not successful? What is stopping me? Really?

Really it’s because I’ve done it very half assed. Bad magician!


Because I’ve signed up for a great many marketers mailing lists and I resent even marketing emails I registered for, even if I know they work, even if I know they have gotten me to buy stuff too.

Because I like people, and the best marketers reduce people to dollar signs, a powerful paradigm I find rather dark.

Because I feel information should be free. While realizing the more a person pays for information the more seriously they will take it.

So, if I’m going to be serious about making money as an affiliate marketer, what must I do. I’m writing this for myself, and as a confession and/or guide.

First, affiliate marketing is marketing and not necessarily web design. A big thing for me as an attachment to resist: I love a large content rich website.

Affiliate marketing can be a newsletter. If you grow a large enough mailing list, a solid sales pitch in the newsletters can yield a great deal of money.

So the model is this: a landing page with a give away for people that register with their email. If you check the index,, there you will find a sales pitch for an ebook and a form to register for it. (I’m going to rework the page to sell the free ebook harder [it’s damn good!]).

But, I will force folks to view no less than 3 affiliate offers before they can download the ebook! I’m saying that because putting it in print will make it easier to do it. I know it works to sell, I know every clickbank product has a 2 month 100% refund policy, I know my ebook is valuable!

I will begin writing series of emails to share information, but also pitch affiliate products! Emails collected will be marketed to!

I will simulteneously run no less than 10 affiliate promotions at any one time!

Clearly people making money at this are multiplying a reliable modest success, and working with ten different sites you can rapidly distinguish winners from losers and adjust.

I will use adsense and facebook paid advertising! It’s just how its done. This is business, but it shouldn’t be too hard to see a good return for investment.

I will go after hungry markets, even if mildly unsavory! Solutions for discovering if your spouse is cheating! How to beat this gambling system! How to get rich with no effort or money!

I must remember, people = $$$!

So the challenge is to affordably finance advertising for 10 different urls at once. and finding those high gravity click bank products to promote. So I won’t, but I will finance 3 links that expose customers to not less than 3 ‘upsells’ of related affiliate products, so that’s a bit of work. I will concentrate on getting that done today and tomorrow.

And yes, some sigil magic too, at least.

I am using my own email program, infinite responder – it is open source, free and capable. I was able to install it myself. It incurs no monthly fee.

I am going to do a bit of html to create the landing pages – but clickbank products usually feature enough marketing material it’s largely a copy and paste job. Just make the “skip to download” link cruelly lead them to another sales pitch until the customer has been exposed to at least 3 offers, then let them download the e-book. I bet they appreciate the e-book more for the effort involved!

So this is where I’m at after being exposed to a lot of marketing information and reviewing what I’m doing right and doing wrong.

I apologize to anyone that loves this site as it is and will resent further commercialization, but realize my authority on the invented niche of chaos magic and marketing, it’s a function of how well I actually do make money. And when it comes to making money, I’m going to model the success of those that are making money, force myself to if I must, and from making money figure out how to make enough to change my life and that of my community.

Can you make money too? I don’t see why not – maybe this post is inspiring? Depressing and inspiring all at once?

It’s a good thing clickbank offers a 2 month gaurantee on all their products, and also a very good thing almost no one invokes such a refund.

Herb and Root kitchen magic

Hoodoo is an African American magical tradition, the herbs and roots used for their magical properties are very often roots and herbs instantly familiar to us as herbs and seasonings we cook with!

Now, there is some debate whether the plant carries its own power or the power unlocked is your own and based in belief. Certainly if you want to go the belief route, sigil magic may suit you better.

Cat yronwode writes in her Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic book about how unscrupulous sellers would justify substituting cheap herbs for the expensive herbs purchased: ” If you complained, the seller might justify the substitution to you on the basis that ‘..It’s the client’s faith and not the actual root that is doing the work.’ “

But there is also more than one way to imagine the herb or root being powerful as well, the history of its magical use is in the collective unconscious, belief in the doctrine of signatures (God made plants available to us so we can divine their [spiritual] purpose and use by their form, color and smell), belief in the plant’s association with spirits or Gods…etc.

The advantage of any ‘magical thing’ is that its presence reinforces its influence every time you’re made aware of it and indulge some belief in its power. Every day of our life is marbled with many moments of gnosis in the many forms of simple absent mindedness, simply carrying an amulet or magical thing in your pocket or around your neck and it can be charged magically to be very powerful. The key is in your imagination if you are challenged by doubt, pretend the item is magic and suspend disbelief as you would to better enjoy a movie.

Copying from Cat Yronwode’s Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, I’ll b e presenting a sampling of information on herbs and spices you already are familiar with.

Were you to cook with these spices and herbs while being consciously aware of the magical associations and intending them to empower the food, say a cookie, to deliver magical power to the person that eats it – it can be a powerful technique if you suspend disbelief and let the food work.

It’s good if both the cook and the person eating the food are both aware of the magic and in accord with the goals. Can food magic be used if only the cook is aware of the spell? Yes, so much so it’s part of the ‘witch’ stereotype…baking cookies.

And Sigils can be painted on cookies with frosting!

Okay, here’s some information:

From Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic (HHRM) by cat yronwode:

HHRM, “Catnip: a love herb said to make women enticing and charming to men. Catnip can be carried on you or burnt with love incense – the man you want will be attracted to you like a cat is to catnip.”

Notice about catnip, the metaphor of the cat’s attraction to the herb – it is very helpful the metaphor, to understand and model the magic, to enhance your own understanding of the herb.

HHRM, “Cinnamon Bark: Brings good fortune in business and games of chance. Sweet-hot herbs like cinnamon and ginger are also used to “heat up” love affairs or romances.”

Once Cinnamon was a very rare and expensive commodity, and this being the case I’ve read (I forget where, sadly) that it actually once assumed a special role as the basis for currency, as gold has served more recently.

HHRM, “Chamomile: The flowers are very protective and bring luck in money and games of chance.” I suppose because Chamomile tea is a golden color.

HHRM, “One lucky hand wash involves reciting the 23rd psalm while washing your hands in the golden liquid of a cool chamomile tea. it combines chamomile with the belief clean hands are lucky for gambling.

Add dried chamomile flowers or chamomile tea to any magical money drawing  product and its money drawing powers will be enhanced.”

HHRM, “Cloves: Appear in spells for money drawing, prosperity, room-renting and friendship.”

Friendship charm: Fill two bags with 7 cloves each, and hang them on thin cotton cords. Should two people wear these until the cords break, they will remain good friends for the rest of their life.

Licorice root: associated with granting the bearer control over a person or situation.

adding licorice root chips to charcoal fueled incense is helpful with dominating spells . Licorice chips will enhance the power of any prepared controlling, compelling or commanding incense.

Basil: A Sacred herb, associated with the worship of Vishnu, In Haiti basil is associated with the loa Erzuli. Magically used to promote happiness, peace and protection.”

I’ve also been exposed to people that use basil for money drawing properties and recommend placing some in your wallet (helps the wallet smell nice too) to draw money.

“Marjoram: Associated with conferring protection from harm, love in marriage and to assuage grief and sorrow.

For peace and happiness in the home, to reinforce conjugal love – simply spinkle marjoram into food with basil (a tasty combo too!).

Oregano: associations – wards off troublesome, meddling people and keeps away the Law!

Oregano and Fennel are associated with keeping the law away, Eucalyptus wards off snitches and informers. Sprinkle a blend of these three herbs once a week (four corners of the house/room usually) – to conduct business in private.

Flax Seed: Widely believed to be a guardian for children, to ward evil from the home and to provide increased psychic abilities.

Protect children from harm – when your kids lose their baby teeth, keep them in a packet or container filled with flax seeds, to which you have added a dime from the year of the child’s birth, with the child’s initials scratched into the dime. If you just have one tooth, it is sufficient a psychic link to target the protection precisely.

Celery seed: Enhances psychism and grants prophetic dreams.

Celery seed is burned with myrrh to help seers enter a trance, or the crushed seeds can be brewed into a tea and drunk before doing a tarot reading for clients.

Black Pepper : Ground or whole peppercorn, can hurt others or give protection.

One of the oldest and simplest spells is to throw ground black pepper and salt after departing nasty people, to prevent them from returning. Sweeping the mixture after them with a (straw) broom can enhance the effectiveness of the magic.

Mojo Bean (Fava bean): Also known as African Wishing beans, they are believed to have the power to make wishes come true!

The directions are to make an odd number of wishes, one, three or seven, and for each wish, place one Mojo (fava) Bean in your pocket. Carry the beans with you in your pocket for 7 days. At the dawn of the 7th Day, go to a stream of running water, call out your wishes! “In the name of the Father, son and Holy Ghost”- and throw your beans into the water over your LEFT shoulder – leave without looking back. In 7 days, your wishes will come true.”

This post is being edited to properly give credit to cat yronwode for her words and information so critical to this post, it is not finished, the quotes are NOT reliable or exactly as written in the Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic book. I’ll correct that soon, when I do this notice will be removed.

These are just herbs and roots I felt were very common and that anyone can find at their grocer or Co-op. There are many more herbs and roots, popular or obscure, that are powerful in Hoodoo. Hoodoo is traditionally a service people accept money for, it’s a business – and as such if your spells do not work, your customers tell you about it! That’s a pretty high standard to reach, all these spells do work for very many people!

If you want more in formation, please buy Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic here.

My 9/11 Experience

My 9/11 experience.

I was walking to work and actually saw with my naked eye from where I was in Astoria Queens (which is close to Manhattan), the first plane embedded in the World trade center and on fire. A few of us were looking at it from the street, I made an abstract comment about drunk driving and continued to work. Later that day I learned a second plane hit the World Trade Center and was in a state of shock having my belief the first plane was an accident eliminated and us as targets of violence confirmed.

I’d read articles about the construction of the World Trade Center before now, I wasn’t worried about the first plane at all: the World Trade Center was designed to withstand an impact with a plane.

When it became apparent the attackers were Arab, I tried to remind people that this was the World Trade Center, hundreds of Muslims died in those Twin Towers, Muslim Americans! I knew because I had been to the World Trade Center many times for various Job interviews and had seen all kinds of people there, including Muslim business people.

New York City itself was in shock. It was kind of awesome in the sense of awe – that so many people on the small piece of real estate that is Manhattan could uniformly be so silent and quieted purely as an impulse as a function of the destruction – for days, even weeks!

The anti-Arab noise started stronger from without NYC , in Manhattan we’re slow to hate people we share the city with – but some bigotry erupted, mostly from the boroughs.

9/11 cost me my job at the time because I worked at  silkscreen factory in the design and production department, and the owner was commissioning a t-shirt design with the words “public enemy #1” and a picture of Osama Bin laden with a target overlaying his face. At this time Osama Bin Laden wasn’t yet a broadly recognizable ‘celebrity’, and I told the owner that as there were attacks on Sikhs and other turban wearing Americans, he ought to spell out the name on the T-shirt, ‘Osama Bin Laden’ to make the message clear. This didn’t get me fired. I got fired when the owner suggested the only good Arab was a dead Arab because he lost someone to terrorist violence in Israel and I insisted he couldn’t be serious (some of his corporate customers are Arab!) – and I was fired on the spot.

9/11 Buy a Koran Day!

This is very simple. The Koran is one of the world’s most important Holy books. It is a holy book that confirms the reality of DJINN! As Holy books are themselves used as magical talismans, the Koran is no exception! And the book makes an interesting read! The Koran belongs in every library!

Of course to make 9/11 the day to buy a Koran, this is in response to the recent news with right wing Christian ministers promising to burn a Koran. Here’s a facebook page:!/pages/BUY-a-Koran-day-on-911/143064312401651?ref=ts

Myself, I’m going to town to look for a copy of the Koran for sale that I can afford, there is the option of using – but buying the book in person puts you in possession on 9/11 and it helps to support a local business, which, cool as it is – is not.

If you already have a Koran, may I suggest you try to find any book about Sufism, the Islamic mysticism. Sufism is at odds with Muslim extremists sometimes, but Mohammed personally sanctioned the mysticism so the animosity has real limits. What is great about the SUFI to an intelligent American reader that’s not allergic to mysticism, is that the beliefs and teaching of the Sufi are very sophisticated and the focus is on LOVE. It could be a real eye opener if you find yourself half convinced by pundits that Islam is intrinsically extreme (The Koran itself doesn’t help with many pages explaining the terrible things that happen to disbelievers [One Sufi has said of such passages that they are proof of God’s love that he would catalog everything he would never do…]).

Should the Government Spend money in this Recession?

If you want to hack reality, you have to deal with what is real.

Let me be very honest, There’s a lot more that I do not know than I know. I know I’m smart and I do know a lot about the stuff I’m interested in, but that leaves me expert in comic creating, drawing, graphic design and advertising professionally and personally as a hobby/obsession, some mastery of ideals relating to the Occult. That leaves a lot out.

I generally conform to a political bias that can be called ‘liberal’, and I get information on issues through ‘osmosis’ through pundits like Tom Hartman or  those interviewed on Democacy Now! In doing so, I’m somewhat guilty of allowing myself to conform to a left wing ‘echo chamber’ as I might condemn conservatives of conforming to a right wing echo chamber if their information is largely gleamed from Glen Beck and other Fox News pundits.

So I’m having a discussion with someone on facebook who rudely suggests I must accept his point of view and concede he won the argument because he has a Masters of Business Administration, and I do not. Of course in the analysis of debate, this is called “an appeal to authority” (his own), and constitutes erroneous reasoning (his expertise would be better used using the information he knows to make sound arguments). But he got me curious, what do people with MBAs know that I do not?

From the library I selected “The Complete Idiots guide to MBA basics”. And reading the book, little of it is really new to me because I have over 20 years of experience working in real businesses in positions ranging from an Administrative Assistant to a taste of being managerial. But the book did refresh my knowledge of economics. I took economics in High School (an elite public high school) but I’ve forgotten most of it.

Should the government spend money, even spend money it does  not have, to restore the economy? Generally this has become a divide between Democrats and Republicans, with both promising to save the economy, Democrats intent on borrowing money to spend money to stimulate the economy, and Republicans intent on slashing taxes, limiting Government spending, even shrinking Government so it costs less to manage.

It’s not hard to understand the appeal of the Republican message. We citizens after all, many of us under-employed or unemployed, we have to be careful and spend less, save more – why shouldn’t the Federal government have to as well? What is good for us personally, isn’t that what’s good nationally?

Here’s what I’ve learned about the National economy.

Gross Domestic Product, GDP, this is the economic data that tells us how large the national economy is. The GDP tells us what is happening in the USA. The formula for deriving this number is simple:

GDP= C+I+G + (Ex-Im). To explain:

  • C = Total spending by Consumers
  • I = Total investment (spending by businesses)
  • G = Total spending by Government (Federal State and Local)
  • (Ex-Im) = Net Exports (exports minus imports)

It is good for the GDP to GROW. As population increases growth is necessary, and even if population is stagnant, citizens want to enjoy a rising standard of living: have children that live lives easier and better than their parents did.

Tthere are business cycles of GDP growth and decline. Usually as a function of consumers demand fluctuating.

A Vicious economic cycle is when consumers cut spending, businesses lay off workers (who are also consumers) and reduce investment. This causes consumers to cut spending further, which decreases demand further, causing businesses to lay off more workers and further cut investment….

A Virtuous cycle, consumers start spending and businesses respond by hiring which gives more consumers money to spend, which allows businesses to invest  moving more money in the economy. This lasts until the consumers slow spending which causes the next recession.

A Depression, this is what happens when there is a collapse in demand, huge excess of capacity and widespread unemployment!

Where are we now? Really the American economy, as of September 2010, it is not in a depression but it is far worse than a recession. What is happening is that there is not the widespread unemployment of a depression, instead there is widespread underemployment. Salaries have dropped, most jobs are part time, most jobs are in the low paying service sector (would you like fries with that?).

We are clearly in a Vicious business cycle. Spending is down, companies are downsizing and spending less, so citizens spend even less…. What can be done about this?

GDP= C+I+G + (Ex-Im)! The facts, C – consumer spending is down! I- Business spending is down! Exports? USA has had a negative export to import balance for almost all my life! That leaves G, if we want the economy to grow, the only option left is government spending!

Because we are not in a recession! This is no normal business cycle! It’s not a depression quite – but we know how to address a depression! Franklyn D Roosevelt did it before us! What did he do?  DEFICIT SPENDING! Roosevelt had no choice! There was a WAR, world war two to be exact! And after the government borrowed and spent enough money to win WW2, it stimulated the GDP enough the USA entered a virtuous business cycle that lasted DECADES!

So the facts make it very simple. The only part of Gross domestic product we can control arbitrarily, is government spending. The time to borrow money to spend it to stimulate the economy, it is NOW. And any Republican reading this, I’m not making up these facts and concepts, do your own research!

Republicans that talk of stopping government spending, of shrinking government? They are either unaware of the facts presented in this blog post, or they want to gut the United States because they own enough multinational Corporate Stock, it makes no difference to them. The wealthiest 1 percent of American citizens, they are doing better than ever!

The Science of Magic

It’s is important to remember that Magic is not Science. Science is still influenced by Newton, scientists want reproducible data that is reproducible no matter what the observer is thinking. Quantum science introduces the observer into the role of catalyst of the observed phenomena, and this position is where magic has always stood. Science, most psychic censors, stand with Newton.

The problem is that some magicians do not understand that magic is not science. “Why not do sigil magic to win lotto, play lotto, and get a data set PROVING magic works!”, that idea happens to be my own, suggested in a time I understood less. The main problem is that even if you are successful, the result isn’t reproducible by most people, the reality of the magician’s catalytic effect on probability cannot be distinguished from coincidence or if it could, the ‘why’ and ‘how’ can’t be evaluated, magic being so subjective, intrinsically subjective.

Is magic real? Magic is real to magicians for the same reason God is real to Christians – the paradigm delivers, subjectively. And the reality of subjective proof is that it is yours alone, it cannot be ‘demonstrated’.

Chaos magic tries to hold on to something real, but only the result. And results indeed, are often far more substantial than an idea. This focus is helpful to bring us back to reality. And it may be the only thing two magicians of different paradigms can agree on.

I hold a psychological paradigm in reserve because I’ve been influenced by science too, it gives me an explanation for how magic works that’s not intimidating and allows me to pretend I’m rational. It’s not a good enough explanation because in practice, magic, if psychological, must be unlocking some awesome synchronicity.

Magic is akin to religion, the dismissive attitude many have towards ‘magic’ as other than a stage performance, I imagine its a consistent attitude towards religion too, but of course mainstream religion holds great cultural respect.

People use religion to hack reality, to manifest an afterlife where such is in question, to eschew responsibility in life (it’s God’s will), and to heal and recover from disaster. None of the claims of Christian healing have ever been scientifically verified, after all who gets credit? Christian God or the science friendly god “Coincidence”?

Magic asserts a mild heresy, often a Christian heresy if milking the “made in God’s image” line from Christian scripture, that the power demonstrated in religion is a human power and therefore available to everyone. That explains and affirms the ‘miracles’ of all religious traditions, while opening the question of to what degree do we create our own God(s)?

So I’m taking a stand that human potential includes powers usually attributed to religion or magic. And with chaos magic this is so.

Now the question is to what degree the results, themselves not concrete? Perhaps magic had me meet a wonderful man that could be my lover, but I dismissed him because I was in a conversation with someone else and they were gone once the conversation was over? You have been fired, is this a failure of your spell for a raise – or a necessary step for you to obtain a better job at a higher salary?

With ‘God’,you have the cop out of “mysterious ways”. If you’re doing the magic, you have to keep an eye out for opportunities.

Now to a psychological paradigm. Magic allows a person to believe they have an influence on how their life turns out. It really is that simple, and if magic only works well enough to perpetuate this delusion – think of the benefits! If life is not turning out well, a magician doesn’t become depressed or negative because they believe they can do something about their own experience at least! If what you need to do is believe to allow yourself to achieve, magic is the art of that belief.

It’s that psychological paradigm that has me feeling evangelical about magical practice. But I’m also a person that believes in personal responsibility in an authentic way.

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