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Hoodoo? But what of the Christianity!

I feel I should do a post on Christianity, and the occult.

So to start, let’s establish that while I don’t claim to be a Christian personally, it was the religion I was raised in and the culture I live in is colored by Christian traditions and memes.

The religion you were born into will forever have its hooks in you. If you work with the concept of a collective unconscious in your magical paradigm, know for sure Christian paradigms touched your ancestors and those that precede us.

And what’s so bad about Christianity anyhow?  Well, for folks living modern lives there are conflicts. I personally prize critical thinking over blind faith, I’m a gay man that understands sex is as positive as it can be negative, and Old Testament God does a lot of things (tormenting Abraham to see if he’ll kill his son, killing all the Egyptian innocent newborn …. Old Testament God really was a Jewish People’s God.

For me, mostly it was the Gay thing – too many people making Noise that Christian God can’t accept my homosexuality or even me unless I do the impossible and stop being homosexual. This caused me to read the Bible critically and evaluate it as nonsense. The Upanisads are better religious literature anyway.

But the problem is, as a reality hacking magician, great power lay in my subconscious and unconscious – and these parts of my mind are conditioned already, perhaps irrevocably, to accept the Christian paradigm as true. I know my Father, a life long Atheist with an Atheist father , he died with his mind riddled with alzheimers, a devout Christian!

I can blame DT Suzuki, his writing made too much sense to me and as a result I now am comfortable claiming a Buddhist identity (and if you’ve been paying attention, Zen has had a profound influence on my magical practice).

But there’s Hoodoo, the practice of reciting psalms for their occult potential! This African American magical art is steeped in Christian belief. If you take the Christianity away, I’m not sure it still can be called Hoodoo.

Hoodoo is more powerful for it’s Christian influence! It’s why I am drawn to Hoodoo. Because even as I reject Christianity personally, the memes of duality and the power of God, Jesus, Mary and maybe even the saints – my unconscious is open to accepting that as real! And why not? Enough people believe in a supernatural God, there’s no resistance! Compare that to belief in supernatural magic!

Now, is Hoodoo Christian? Really it is not, it is folk magic. But many people that practice Hoodoo are also Christian. For me it’s a way to work with Christian memes, use their power in my unconscious and subconscious, their power in the collective unconscious.

The religion you were born into is the religion you are and always will be if not consciously, even if you now pride yourself on Atheism or another faith. Being a magician means knowing yourself, knowing what you know to be magical already.

Magical fighting

Yes, this was a personal post, now is rewritten, a more useful post.

Magical fighting. Attacks and defenses. I’m not going to provide a comprehensive catalogue of magical techniques, this being an entire genre of magic.

Here are some “white magic” spells related to blessing and breaking of bad spells.

Here are some of those “bad” spells.

Now as a Chaos Magician there are some very simple approaches : banishment with laughter, sigil magic and a defence servitor.

Banishment with laughter: the act of laughing empowers the ‘psychic censor’ very suddenly and will in an of itself frequently banish spirits and bad spells. It also never hurts and laughter always helps you establish a positive state of mind.

Sigil magic: Sigil magic article is here . Sigil Magic is terribly powerful when the sigil is ‘launched’ with sexual orgasm. Understand that a sexual orgasm releases more magical energy then even a bloody sacrifice (perhaps a reason sexual inhibition is often promoted by those with religious authority).

I believe sigil magic with the ‘three fluids’ (orgasm fluids, blood and saliva, used to mark the paper the sigil is drawn upon) covers the bases.

Here’s a defensive statement of intent I used to create a defensive spell against a hypothetical Black magic curse. “I will be safe, any magic used on me maliciously will bounce back on the sender and fuel my good luck in employment and love.”

Using such a sigil, I stopped fearing an African Sorcerer that threatened a curse on me and also manifested a new job!

I should note that after using the sigil, I immediately check for the sigil’s success with a tarot card reading, but any form of divination could work. Tarot is very useful and is, for me, very clear for distinguishing if a spell is causing trouble or not.

If you feel yourself constantly on the attack, an authority you believe in may be able to help you. A Servitor is another solution.

A servitor is a concentrated magical thought form. Many writers that report that ‘characters become alive -write their own dialog’ have succeeded in manifesting such entities.

The technique is not unlike that of a writer. Write down everything you know about the tulpa/servitor. Every time the servitor helps you, you need to reward the servitor somehow. Know why the servitor is good at their job, what motivates it, how it is summoned, how it can be rewarded, how it can be destroyed.

Relationships can be invented where you reward the servitor with a good deed or a sacrifice of a bad habit, such as make a contribution to a charity or spend a day not smoking or biting your fingernails.

You create a sigil for the servitor and it should be launched with sexual orgasm (the energies that give life!).

A servitor that will re-route all negative energy against you to its sender and help you have a good day -an excellent practice to maintain if the alternative is constant fear, ready when you need it!

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