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Rainbow Power!

So, I’m in Ithaca NY, it’s late July. And the town is inundated with “Rainbow” people, as in nomadic groups of “hippies” that travel to and fro Rainbow gatherings, staying off the grid and distinguishing themselves from being homeless because they are operating from freedom of choice.

I’m pretty open and have the free time while unemployed, so I talked to them and plugged into their paradigms some. It’s interesting and as I saw them in Ithaca, they were enrolling as well.  Ithaca is exceptionally well insulated economically and has many good free food and social programs for the needy and underemployed, so if they are enrolling HERE…. The USA has a homelessness problem, and the Rainbow paradigm turns the circumstance into personal choice and there is freedom and pride possible in that.

There’s the contentious legend of a Hopi Indian prophesy that the spirits  of Indians will reincarnate as American non Indians and take over the nation from within. Whether or not the legend can be verified or falsified isn’t relevant, it’s an article of faith as much as the 6000 year old Earth is for many Christian Fundamentalists.

What is apparent is that Capitalism is broken and we live in a time where a good alternative can grow in prominence. The Rainbow way is one option, I fear the distribution of mental illness, drug addiction and alcoholism in their ranks may sabotage the more progressive elements. But as they travel and demonstrate a way to retain pride and choice even in “house-lessness”, as their diversity encompasses different aesthetics – the movement could grow, even shape the culture? I don’t know, but I’ll miss the dirty hippies when they are gone (and in fairness, many do master keeping clean body and clothes).

I have one Rainbow friend trying to enroll me into creating an online resource, but naturally this is something that already exists:

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