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Get High! Get Gnosis! Theta wave entrainment!

When people get ‘high’ they are after altered states of consciousness. But Human being is complete, as is. Altered states of consciousness are ours to access without drugs at all!

Throughout a day our brains go through several types of brainwave patterns.

  • Beta, normal awake consciousness associated with busy tasks.
  • Alpha, a relaxed and reflective state.
  • Theta, a deeply relaxed state associated with meditation and some sleep states.
  • Delta, the brain wave state of a deep dreamless sleep.

Theta brain waves are the sweet spot for many brain functions, extreme relaxation, creativity, sometimes vibrant mental imagery. The magically potent absent minded hypnotic states of gnosis everyone drift in and out of daily would have theta wave characteristics.

Now ‘entrainment’ are techniques for inducing certain brainwave states. Listening to Theta wave frequencies, (around 4 to 8 hz) has been demonstrated to induce a theta wave brain state in the listener.

A binaural beat is two very close but different frequencies heard separately in each ear. The brain is not used to this and, confused, manifests an imagined “three dimensional” audio hallucination heard only within the head of the listener.

A monaural beat is similar to a binaural beat, but the two frequencies are played with speakers (rather than headphones)  such that the effect is interpreted by hearing and not just the brain. Some believe this is superior for brain wave entrainment, and any binaural beat becomes a monaural beat simply by not using headphones and instead using a speaker.

Binaural beats are very interesting however, Gerald Oster established that the neurological system and other parts of the body responds to binaural beats, even triggering the pituitary gland to flood the body with good feeling hormones like dopamine.

Now when you try this out it is important to intend to have a good experience. If you want to use the binaural effect for or to accent magical gnosis, believe in it’s effectiveness as you do so. This is because this is about your brain, and your subjective attitude is part of the brain and will make or break the experience.

I want to thank for the audio files I’m linking to this post. Go there and find many more really great resources for brain wave entrainment and meditation!

If you want to make your own binaural beats, there’s the open source GNAURAL.

My experience of binaural beats was using them in addition to masturbation to launch a sigil, the effect was to make the masturbation far more difficult to accomplish but definitely I arrived at what felt to be an impressively magical state of mind complete with tingly palms, which for me accompany my more powerful magic spells and acts.

If you want the binaural effect, you want really good headphones because turning the volume higher disturbs the quality of the tone. If you want a monaural effect, which may be more effective for pure brain wave entrainment – just play the noise through stereo speakers.

Right-click to download mp3 file or click to play file in your browser.

A better way may be to download and play on a media player that will repeat the audio, looping it, so you can spend more time with the sounds to get a more profound impact.

Theta Slide


I like the Theta Slide, but if you feel one part of the range is more your sweet spot, below are more targeted Theta ranges.

Low Theta

Mid Theta

High Theta


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I do my best to make this site a valuable contribution to my readers. But this site is about making money and also how to leverage occult magic to help with that goal. So if I can make money, I’m a better authority, yes?

So I joined the infolinks program. This will create links from the text in my blog posts. I do have the concern this will be an eyesore, but other bloggers swear by this program so I’m giving it a shot.

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The Adversary


I went to my first Unitarian Church service this past week, I may do it again this week. The Unitarian church is a fairly free thinking church encouraging people to find their own religion and to provide an umbrella and community for folks as they do that.

So you’d think it’s a good match for the paradigm piracy of a Chaos Magician, yes? Well, I get the impression it’s based on the idea that all the world religions have something good to offer, which isn’t a bad thought. But it leaves something out – the adversary, the cults that exist in opposition to the righteous mainstream faith.

This got me thinking about the Adversary, to Americans the most famous example is Satan. And there is a lot of occult activity around Satan, and chaos magicians are not infrequently part of it.

In Occult magic, Satanism may imply a deity to be worshipped or make deals with, or a metaphor for independence, personal power and self reliance. But it’s not infrequent a given Satanist will change their mind about Satan in their practice.

Satanism is certainly a ‘left hand’ paradigm. This left hand, right hand business may have something to do with tantra originally. Very simply, if it is believed the power is coming from without, as in prayer to God, that’s right hand path. If it is believed the power comes from yourself, that’s left hand path.

To those familiar with the Christian paradigm, certainly it should be crystal clear God is a jealous God and demands your exclusive worship and reliance. That ‘no other Gods’ stuff, it includes having the arrogance to use your own power. The Egyptians took it one further, graven images for them were means to exert personal control over a God – no wonder Jews hold the graven image as being so forbidden.

Now there is the misunderstanding that Satanists kill people and do gruesome stuff. That does happen, but the people doing it aren’t Occultists. The Satanism they practice may the one taught them by Christians, not Satanists preceding them. There are some cults that deal with human sacrifice, but these tend to be pagan rather than Satanic.

When you look at Satanism, is there evil to be found? Really Anton LaVey, author of The Satanic Bible, love him or hate him – his influence colors all of Satanism. Which means there is an ethical foundation that a European black metal ‘Satanist’ would find down right ‘goody goody’. The really evil stuff isn’t organized, it takes personal mental illness to kill people for satan. The closest I’ve found to evil organized Satanism, what is offensive is their Nazism and not their theology, to the extent the theology can be distinguished from the Nazism.

Should you be a Satanist? Meaning the occult Satanist with a system of ethics? The ethics in a nutshell: do unto others as you’d have them do unto you – but never turn your cheek, destroy those that attack you! I’m not a Satanist myself, though the ethics have a kind of primal masculine appeal. Christian God is perfectly evil, insane and awesome as He is – and intellectually I can not accept Christianity. Satanism – it’s Christian. (And if you wanna talk about Set, that Egyptian religion is awfully close to Christianity).

Generally if you are most comfortable with an elitism ala Ayn Rand and a flavour of Corporatist right wing politics, modern Satanism might be a good fit for you. Such a cold conservatism is very much at odds with genuine Christianity or Buddhism or what have you, but it is an excellent fit for modern Satanism.

In Hoodoo, the stories of the blues musician making a deal with the devil to get the talent – it’s doctrine. As in, if you want to learn to play guitar, go find yourself a crossroads with your guitar and wait for the devil to come and make you a deal. But it’s doubtful this devil has any relation to Satan or Lucifer, or that there’s a soul lost in the transaction. Hoodoo is African American folk magic, and the African roots, they also exist in the African Yoruba religion and Voudon and such. Papa Legba is one name of the god of the crossroads, and his depiction is most often that of a jet black devil.

The Hoodoo formula specifying a crossroads and most often referring to the man you are meant to meet as the ‘dark man , or Black man’ – it’s clear to me it’s not the devil, but Papa Legba that is generous with gifts of musical and artistic talent. If you’re going to try this yourself here’s the authoritative Lucky Mojo article on cross roads magic

Here’s Papa legba’s sigil, perhaps a good idea to make this sigil and leave an offering (whiskey, candy, cigar) if you mean to meet the dark man at the cross roads. papa legba sigil

Now a thought about duality. Someone reading this is scandalized, they understand that if it isn’t right with God, it’s the work of the DEVIL. And that I’m not condemning Satanism, that I’m bringing up crossroads work, certainly my soul is damned and the poor soul reading this needs to confess and say several “hail Mary’s”!

But look at what trying to be really pure and good and never anything bad or carnal actually does to a person. The Catholic Priesthood is a fine example – they are so not carnal they commit to celibacy! And what do we know about Catholic Priests? Many of them rape little boys and the other priests cover it up!

What is the lesson here?

The more you repress a thing, the stronger it becomes. No kidding.

That’s why whenever there is a killing in the name of Satan, the person doing it is almost ALWAYS from a severe Christian background, and always they convert back to fundamentalist Christianity once imprisoned!

You know how you destroy an enemy, utterly, irrevocably and forever? YOU MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEM!

And that’s what we need to do with our dark side. If you make it wrong, repress it – it will grow stronger till you cannot control it or yourself. And if that’s what you’re up to, you are a believer in the devil and live life in an awesome struggle with that devil. But if you accept who you are, warts and all, that part of you that isn’t socially acceptable – it’s something you can control as long as you accept it, you may find an acceptable way to express it. People that author horror books or movies or really angry cathartic speed metal music, they couldn’t do that well without loving the worst part of themselves.

If you are just an occultist, what is the value of the adversary? As Phil Hine points out, “the devil grants wishes!”. From a Chaos Magic point of view of “nothing is true, everything is permitted!”, there’s no barrier between the magician and any God or idea the magician would wish to experiment with – even the DEVIL!

Most of us were born into an Abrahamic faith or a dualistic faith featuring an Adversary. Because the devil is one of the earliest boogie men we experience in life, the symbol holds tremendous subconscious power. You need not believe in the devil consciously to use the devil magically and get an awesome result. That subconscious fear is all good, part of the anti-intellectual backbone of an effective magical experience.

But the devil isn’t right for just anyone to work with. If you consciously fear the Devil in your belief system, it’s not cool to challenge that fear magically, if anything magic may exacerbate the fear into an emotional handicap. I don’t fear the devil, my position is closer to that of an Atheist – but I don’t work with the Devil myself. The lore is just too negative, the devil may grant wishes but never happiness.

The power of orgasm

Of the people that consciously practice magic there’s many different ideas about magic, how it works and who can do it.

Certainly many people willing to suspend disbelief enough to indulge the idea that occult magic could be real, are unable to really believe magic is something they can do personally.

And it’s true, there are magicians that get results in ways few people could. The Catholic Christian tradition is rich with Saints possessing faith enough to manifest miracles – real magic to the extent such saints, some lived in the full light of history. I know my own prayers when I tried being Christian, they were spectacularly unreliable. So what are they doing that I’m not?

Chaos magic suggests an answer and labels it “gnosis”. In distinguishing it further, it’s determined that ‘gnosis’ consists of a single minded consciousness and entertains the idea this opens a window to the unconscious, perhaps a collective unconscious, where reality hacking is possible.

That doesn’t help much to imitate the saints, few of us have it in themselves to believe so fervently, without doubt and single mindedly to even be able to test if it enables miracle working.

But there is the sexual orgasm. At the moment of climax – the mind is blank with exstacy. If gnosis delivers magic, most of us are capable of sexual orgasm.

And this is no new idea. When Aleister Crowley suggested he’d sacrificed many kids in the pursual of his magic, he certainly was indulging misunderstanding – but he clearly was referring to using masturbatory orgasm to fuel the fires of magic.

There even some that would suggest this is the reason Orthodox religion and government has historically tried to control sex, because orgasm is power and thereby dangerous.

This is why sigil magic is so damn effective, being clear about the requirement of gnosis and the commonality of using orgasm to ‘launch’ the sigil.

But even that’s not necessary. Try this:

Simply describe an experience you would like to have. It can be a sexual fantasy, a new job … anything. With this written down, light a candle, close the lights. in candlelight, masturbate. mark the paper the desire is written on with your semen or vaginal moisture. Put the paper away, or bury it.

Almost certainly you’re result will come to you. If it doesn’t, try sigil magic as described here, it always works.

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