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Corporatocracy now law, Obama is ‘Agnostic’ about higher taxes

President Obama

The recent Supreme Court ruling that eliminates limits on corprorate political spending , some have argued this will have a terrible impact on government, other’s have argued it’s Free Speech and all good, some have argued it will have no impact on government at all.

The Democrats have been trying to create a ‘fix’ before Novenber elections. What I don’t understand is why the effort isn’t bi-partisan. What defines fascism (Italian Fascism under Mussolini) is exactly Corporate influence in government.

But now it seems clear the Supreme Court ruling is impacting the behavior of President Obama. Until this week, President and candidate Obama has been very clear and consistent that he meant to raise taxes on the most wealthy citizens, represented by the investment class, owners of Corporate Stock.

Following this Supreme Court Ruling, what is the best way NOW, to manage public relations as president? Appease that investment class, if the President does NOT they can force their corporations to spend limitless money to fight the election of Democrats.

So it is now, President Obama announces he is an ‘Agnostic’ when it comes to raising taxes on the wealthiest to control National debt….

What can WE do? As citizens we are consumers, Corporations can be beholden to US. What does a corporation NOT want to do? Alienate their customers!

But if Corporations are going to spend money to influence OUR government – we can demand corporations not have it both ways! If a corporation is supporting Repubican candidates: that corporation is ANTI GAY, ANTI-ABORTION, ANTI IMMIGRANT…etc. Every divisive political bias of a candidate supported, can be projected upon the corporation spending the money.

So we can let people know, I don’t buy that brand of toilet paper ’cause it’s anti Gay, I don’t buy that gasoline ’cause they are baby killers! I wish we could do more, but we CAN do THAT!

What this also means is that as a small business, even a token contribution to a cause or a candidate can be used as a marketing ploy.  A business too large can halve it’s customers that way, but if you’re a small business it might help distinguish you, help you offer a unique buying opportunity.

Google Search Personalization and SEO

If you use Google search, you know than when you use the search engine, it remembers the sites you clicked on before on a search and moved those links to the top of your search when you again search for that same term. Especially if you’re trying to gauge your search engine results, your own search will yield your own site at the top of the listings after a while. (I have several browsers on my computer and one I reserve for use with google search engine results and nothing else).

This can concern those invested in search engine optimization. If people only find their favorite sites at the top of google search results – how will they ever find MY site?

So, relax. The Google ranking algorithms are the SAME as they ever were for any new search. People will always check out a new site and if you rank well your site will bet there on the first page below those sites the user is already sick and tired of. Because if they wanted to go to that favorite site – they’d hit a bookmark or key in the url (automatically in modern browsers) and bypass Google entirely.

Really, the personalization Google offers in searches is customer service and doesn’t impact Search Engine Optimization practices. Focus on key words in domain names, html page urls, titles – and content. Make the content worth while, update the content regularly, and fish for back links regularly. SEO in a nutshell and it still works.

Toyota Problems… a magic opportunity for American cars?

Toyota is having public relations problems for being so slow to act on car problems and now they have a broad car recall in effect.

Here’s the Toyota link to see if your Toyata car is being recalled.

This is happening just as American car manufacturers are defying business failure and releasing new cars for sale. All of America is hoping the best for them, should the companies fail, so too will their distributors and other related businesses – it will be a huge blow to an already broken American economy.

That collective hope, there’s a magic to it. And, indeed, I’m sure many prayed and some cast spells to help the American Auto Industry. And now there’s a result – the mighty Toyota has fallen. American cars have a chance now, to prove themselves.

I’m an urban person, at the age of 43, having lived with the benefit of city subways and buses almost all my life – I now find myself having never owned a car and for the first time in my life – learning how to drive.

So I know little about cars, but awareness of recent events and understanding the challenges of parking – I know the car I want is small and economical. My first car will be a used car, and very likely it will be a used Toyota, because the brand makes reliable cars and the best used cars are very often Toyotas. Unless I find a used Dodge Dart – I like that one.

But when I’m making good money, I will buy my first new car. I want an American made electric car as good or better than a Toyota Prius. What I’ve seen of new American cars is too large, not fuel efficient and not electric. It’s not what I want in a new car, I doubt I’m alone.

Which brings us to a secret of magic – the result which always could be coincidence – it’s always an opportunity. How the result will turn out for you depends on what you do with that opportunity. If someone you are attracted to winks at you, go ask them for that first date. If you cast for an instant financial windfall, buy a lottery ticket, enter a poker game, bet on a horse (whatever is most ‘reliable’ for you).

And if you cast for a business opportunity – you better deliver better value when you get that opportunity! I hope American Automobile manufacturers understand and are delivering real value.

There is the unreleased Chevrolet Volt, I’m critical of the look of the body, but the specs are excellent. I hope it can be made available soon and be reasonably priced.
Chevy Volt

Black History Month

February is American  Black History Month.

Now, I’m White and in this day and age with Barack Obama as president, there are some that would suggest racial awareness is itself racist. But it is really only a very small step to realize that every other month of the year is functionally ‘White history month’.

So as a White man, what have I to be grateful to Black people and Black culture for?

Let me state here that it’s terribly ironic that African Americans comprise an economic underclass – African American culture shapes global culture: Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll, Hip Hop, even Hardcore Punk Rock. Seriously, my ipod playlist would be stripped to less than a dozen songs were it not for gifts from Black culture.

As an American occultist, it is the magic and religion from Africa that sets a high bar for results for other magicians to measure themselves against. It’s no accident that much of my magical influence is African American Hoodoo.

It is the Black Civil Right struggle that set the bar for all civil rights struggles that follow. Dr. Martin Luthor King demonstrated the power of non-violence, understanding it’s effectiveness in shaping public opinion.  Malcolm X demonstrated the power of a threat of violence,  a threat that in my opinion empowered Dr. King’s movement.

Dr. King, the Black Panther Party too, came to understand that everyone must have equal rights or no one will, and they came to support rights for women, gay people and to support positions against the Vietnam war.

This is early Bad Brains, they later became one of the very fastest musically excellent playing punk bands they inspired a legion of imitators yielding an entire subculture of Punk Rock called “HardCore”.

This is Bad Brains studio version of I against I – to give y’all a taste of fast Bad Brains. One of the most influential bands of all time.

This is a reading of Frederick Douglas’s speech, from the People’s History of the United States

One of Malcolm X’s better speeches in my humble opinion.

Aunt Carolina Dyer Blues, song about the Graet Hoodoo woman of years past – more information here.

Muddy Waters singing about Mojo hands, tricks – Hoodoo magics!

Okay, there’s a lot more really good information about Black History. This is the month for you to do your own research, find your own videos, books and news archives! I could’ve done more, but I think I’ve posted enough for a blog post.

If you want to do something important and you are not Black – make a Black friend! Seriously,  American culture is homogenized enough there’s no reason to not have a lot of really cool Black friends.

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