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MAGIC – Guaranteed results!

Gotta love google advertising, always there on my blog to suggest new topics for my blog. And it would be nice if y’all would click on some of the ads to satisfy your curiosity, I get paid!

This is really a business post AND a magical post.

First, the business.

I have this crazy idea. Selling a time machine, one that does not work, and giving a 60 day money back guarantee. What do you suppose would happen?

Ignoring that there are metaphorical tricks (a history book as time machine for example) – it’s pretty well established that people with guarantees for products that do not work rarely if ever take the trouble to get their money back. With a guaranteed time machine that doesn’t work – I believe I could make a profit! Someone, call my bluff! That’s all I need to do it, someone to dare me! LOL!

When it comes to a guaranteed business plan, few buyers will even put in effort enough to establish it doesn’t work.

And guaranteed magic – it’s all subjective! Are you sure the magic didn’t provide an opportunity you didn’t take advantage of?

So here’s the thing, there’s almost never a good reason to not offer a money back guarantee. It helps close the sale and all you have to do is escrow your profits a little. Sure some people will ask for their money back – but it’ll close the sale on so many more people it’s a winning formula!

Austin Osman Spare
Now let’s talk about magic.

Let me share a personal anecdote from my youth. I was 13 in Junior High School, I often stank of the dogs I walked in the morning before school and I was a combination of very smart, small and ‘weird’: I was picked on and abused by bullies regularly.

One Monday, when a particularly dangerous bully had publicly promised to do me harm – the Bully never showed up. I joked casually and sardonically that he didn’t show up due to my magic powers.

-The Bully never ever showed up again – he’d been transfered to a school for the emotionally impaired. And I was no longer a target of bully violence, my magic powers were believed. Instead people that had been bullies approached me to make them a ‘love potion’.

The Love potion I made, I remember it – mayonnaise, mustard, baking soda and Worcestershire sauce mixed into a paste and used to stuff gelatin capsules. Gross and magically impotent.

Here’s what I learned: the LOVE POTIONS WORKED! The guys I gave the capsules to ask for more and told all their friends that I was for real. Just before I attended Stuyvesant High School, full of bright kids that don’t believe in magic – I was the wizard of IS70! True Story!

What does this mean? There’s an argument that belief by itself is the means of magic, this may not be the entire story, but it is part of the story!

So every magician offering their services should gaurantee results! It suggests your authority, that fact there’s money exchanged creates expectation of the result – it engenders belief. and belief is damned important, even if it’s ‘merely’ subconscious (this is how skeptics often are easy targets for magicians).

As for the magicians offering their services, please use the one’s advertising on this site. Even though you understand that it’s a mind game – it can still work for you. Really, the advertising magicians can get it done! Especially if it’s easier to belief someone else can do something. I know I have better success casting spells for others than myself* too.

Of course for myself, it’s a point of pride to do my magic myself. If you’ve a similar idea – check out my sigil magic article and some of the other posts here.

*if the spell is for someone else, there’s no ‘lust for result’ on the part of the spell caster.

Gay marriage in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico, has redefined marriage as ” “free uniting of two people” to allow Gay marriage. There will be a backlash, but it seems likely it will be signed into law. Putting that city well ahead of New York City, which struck down it’s bill to permit Gay marriage.

I happen to be Gay, so my position is on the side of gay marriage. I believe legal Gay marriage benefits society and everyone in it, though I understand the point is debated.

As this relates to magic however, is indeed a can of worms.

Can magic be used to manipulate politics? Certainly it can, but if there’s a success, can you own it? If there’s a failure, can you really fault your magic?

Every person with a heartfelt political position, exerts magical influence with their passion alone. This is where some folks turn to the idea of ‘true will’, similar to ‘god’s will’ – it allows you to let magic fail believing it could never work due to ‘true will’ being at odds with your magic.

And of course if you cast a spell and the result happens, let’s say prayers for Gay marriage to fail in New York were fulfilled – there is a touch of madness in claiming responsibility.

For me, I upset people when they ask me about magic ’cause I’ll tell them what they are ready to accept. If they are materialists and skeptics I’ll just suggest magic is just a game to build confidence and hope – because magic IS that too. But the point is…

Believe in magic, but don’t know what it is you believe in. All I care about is a result, that’s the focus. Keeps me sane.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!
Merry Krishna! Har’e New Year!

I’d posted a lot of stuff Chaos magic and SEO related, then created the ‘my Kitschchaos’, which is thoroughly unused.

I know, just ’cause I build it doesn’t mean they will come…. I was hoping some web2.o magic might get this site updated with some user content. But live and learn. Since no one is using it (but I do encourage you to check it out! ), I have the time to tweak it. I’ll likely replace the index page with it, I believe I can use it for the email stuff as well.

I think with the posts I’ve written already I’ve covered the basics of Chaos Magic. Please ask questions, it’s how I know what to write on next. Right now… I’m burned out on creating content for this blog/site. Soon I’m moving to Ithaca proper and I’m getting my magical and practical resources together to become self sufficient again. I need to start producing comics (hypersigils) again too.

Stuff I’m looking into that I may post information about soon: another look at developing psychic powers, if I can do it I’ll let you know how I did it, or what I’m attempting. Copy writing and sales as those arts apply to e-commerce (and job hunting), Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP as applied to those things as well.

That’s what I’m thinking about these days anyhow.


Okay, the interesting thing about Christmas is Santa Claus. Taken out of the Judeo Christian context, you have a magical entity that grants wishes and can be summoned with milk and cookies on Christmas eve.

If you let go of hard earned disbelief maybe you can make this work for you! Check out the sigil magic article if you’re new to the process. Create your sigil as you would normally – perhaps even ‘launch it’ normally. Leave the sigil with an offering of milk and a cookie on Christmas eve for some extra ‘mojo’!

Santa Claus could be what is called an ‘egrigore’. An egrigore is a thought-form, similar to a servitor. What makes an egrigore distinct is that the thought form is a result of group think, many people investing energy and belief in the idea or character. This is optionally a magical-secular model for understanding any God as well.

Any corporation can be an egrigore as well, with the logo it’s sigil. Ronald McDonald is one such egrigore, the famous golden arches his sigil. Egrigores can be very powerful magically.

So give Santa a chance!

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