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Free Speech TV

Commercially funded television news , be it FOX news or CNN or MSNBC – it’s all fairly limited as to scope of point of view and the news itself is limited.

Free Speech TV is different, a publicly funded news programming network available to many satellite and cable tv audiences. The news does tend to have a left wing bias, distinct from a liberal bias. But really the point isn’t to agree with the point of view, but to expose yourself to it so your political information can be freed from the American news echo chamber, be it reactionary or liberal. offers an online video catalog of programming, and what is posted below is a live stream of the network programming.

Chaos Magic explained!

(c)1986 Frater Marabas, this is the first ten minutes of an audio cassette relating to the chaosphere. The original chaosphere tape can be obtained here:

Should you want to discuss this exerpt, the tape or visit a site with a more narrow focus on the esoteric:

Another perspective to give you context for my writing.

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If you mean to use magic to improve sales, to grow a business - this is the site where you can learn the most powerful magic available - without diluting it to make it safe or 'acceptable' - and apply it to your business TODAY!

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