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And what I’m up to now.

Well, I think no one has registered for My Kitschchaos yet. I do have some work to do on it. Mostly copying, editing posts from this blog into articles for the contet management system. And My Kitschchaos is getting some new functionalty soon, the ability to post images, a wysiwyg html editor for posts, a gallery (also fuctions for sigil sharing). And yes, I may follow thru on a CSS template for the green kitschchaos pages (including this blog if you use this link instead of the social bookmark you may have used).

I’m going to add another sales page, with t-shirts and skateboards featuring my artwork and designs. I know it may suit my comics site better, but I’m now working on that until I get ths site to the point there’s not much else to do. Then I’ll start writing and drawing comics and fixing my comic site to present them well.

As for ecommerce with affiliates…. I’ll go into more detail later but here’s my thought. There’s some good stuff available at that I can sell as an affiliate. These products have a standard sales page, often several screenfuls as you scroll down to the closing sales pitch. I could just iframe this sales page, or pitch my sales link. But to try to do better, I’m turning their sales page into a video presentation, like a power point slideshow with me talking over it. That’s the plan. Figure there’s no scrolling or necessary reading – the sales pitch is more passive, and my speaking personally to the prospect allows some subtle salesmanship. I’ll see if the sales back up the premise.

The affiliate projects will not be linked except by notice in a blog here or at MyKitschChaos. Don’t want to spook prospects with chaos magic if the product is golf realted. Don’t want to spook folks interested in Chaos magic and applying it to business with what could seem like scams given the hard sells some of these affiliate products use.

Wizard of Oz suicide subliminal?

Rumor has it that during the filming of the Original Wizard of Oz, a munchkin hung himself on film and wasn’t noticed as the film was shot.

The argued clip is below, look for a dark figure in the background of the forest as Dorothy and her friends are walking away.

Now, myself, on viewing the clip it looks like it could be anything from a stray prop or an employee getting the frame by accident. The grim story involving a suicide, it doesn’t follow from the evidence as I see it in the youtube video.

But there is something to notice here. The suicide story likely came first. In the Bible is suggests ‘Seek and you shall find’, and this does seem to apply to the human mind. Where there’s a belief, evidence will be found. Thereby UFO images, Bigfoot foot tracks, photos and tracks of the Chupacabra – even Creationists have evidence for their belief.

Is the mysterious dark form in the background of the movie having a subliminal impact?

Well, I think not, because it suggests nothing.

In sales and marketing learning to make the subliminal work for you is the thing. And what makes something subliminal is it not being a conscious impact, not that the delivery is obscured. The matter of showing split second images or playing a command backwards being ‘subliminal’… that stuff has been demonstrated to have no effect.

So if subliminal doesn’t work, why I am saying subliminal is key?

Try this with a group of people, produce a jar of water, and tell everyone it is a powerful concentrated ammonia – open the jar and react as you would to a revoltingly powerful stench. Then ask if anyone else can smell it.

Every time, not only someone but usually everyone will smell the awful and powerful stench, of the pure odor free water.

That’s subliminal suggestion. Using words to talk to a person’s subconscious.

Now if you look at the inverse of a nasty smell you associate with water, you will discover that it looks like sales and advertising. You are excited about something – so others are more likely to be expecting to be excited too. The sexy bikini girl posing next to a new car is talking to a straight man’s hormones: ” Buy me and get a girl”.

In sales, famous coaching is to always ask the prospect questions they will answer “yes” to – this increased the odds of their saying “yes” when it’s time to close the deal.

  • Do you want to sell more?
  • Do you want to learn to talk to a person’s subconscious?
  • Do you want to be confident about powerfully expressing yourself?

Will you buy from my catalog of books for the detailed information that will allow selling more, speaking powerfully and subliminally?

Ready set go!

The site has been updated, the drupal, “My KitschChaos” is fully functional!

My plans for CSS navigation – well, I had issues with different results in different browsers so it’s generic html links for now and I suppose I’ll just do pretty javascript rollover image links instead. CSS 2 column layout for many pages, that’s still a possibility.

Please look around, play with ‘My KitschChaos’, make a profile, blog, forum post. I’ll be adding content, but by all means don’t wait up for me! It’s for YOU! Make an account, write your own blog, post in the forum!

The promise of ‘My Kitschchaos’ is this. Rather than paying an ‘expert’ for information on how he does things – which can be useful, – it’s not exactly always relevant to how you can do things. Experts that are making mad money, they also have existing promotion engines like popular mailing lists and websites they can leverage to make a success out of a ‘new’ business. You can start a new business, but your promotion engine, and mine, we’re working from scratch.

By all means invest in materials from ‘experts’, but understand that no expert really generates wealth for others easily. We can work together to divine what is useful ecommerce information and what is crap, we all know there’s a lot of crap!

I’ll be sharing about my ecommerce projects in depth. Right now I’ve an Amazon shop that’s making no money (but does sell only books I reccomend and materials I’d use). The Zazzle t-shirt thing, I’m going to be investing in google advertising on that. And I’ll be working with some clickbank affiliate programs.

There’s no distinguishing an ecommerce project from a magical project because Chaos magic can be an edge and I’m using any edge I can get! I’ll let you know what I’m doing, how I’m promoting and what kind of money I’m getting.

And you can do the same thing.

And if you see something I’m not doing that could be helpful, let me know. And if I see something you could be doing to improve your business or magic, I’ll let you know.

Aleister Crowley says we are all stars. Satanist Anton LaVey is quick to point out some stars shine brighter than others – but the reality is that if you are serious about making money online, producing a result – you have a lot to offer. If you fail, your mistakes when shared here become wisdom we all can benefit from. And if I or another find ourselves doing REALLY well – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Michael Robin Cooke’s T-shirts

At is an iframe with an extinct shopping cart with my original designed t-shirts that were on sale when I was the webmaster and production artist for, inc. I was downsized with the downsizing of the economy and the company killed that sales page, scaling back to their bread and butter business (custom tees and wholesale silkscreen prints).

Well, I’m working with Zazzle to start selling my designs on t-shirts again. And while I’ve a lot of work to do to get all my designs ready, uploaded and a sales page here coded (after this Friday’s overhaul) – What I’ve done so far is ready right now!

So please, check it out below, and if you see anything you like, buy it. You’ll support this artist, you’ll support this site, and you get a top quality shirt, a premium print and my superb designs you’ll never find at Wal-Mart!

buy unique gifts at Zazzle

Aw Hell and what is coming….

business girl w sigil

CSS layouts is harder to code in a text processor (I miss Dreamweaver). Will have the site ready for playing with this Friday (Will take a few weeks for me to transfer the better blog articles and build new content). Blew another committed deadline!

This blog is going to get more personal and less utilitarian as the ‘‘ is coming soon, this Friday (not giving myself a time tho – if I need to invoke other time zones to say I got it done on friday I’m allowing myself that wriggle room).

It’s a risky thing ’cause, just because I build it doesn’t mean they will come. With this blog, I’ve built this site into something with page rank, Okay search engine results (alas, poorly searched key words, but this is a new-ish idea), and of those that visit it and leave a real comment, it’s generally appreciated.

But a web2.o is a different animal, a collaborative thing only as valuable and worthwhile as the community that contributes conversation and articles.

Of course if I’m the only guy creating content, which will be very sad, it will be a better way for me to share the content! Whatever you are interested in, a book containing links to every post, every article, on any subject – you’ll be able to get the info right away.

It’s true I can be a polarizing personality in some occult circles, but my information, a lot of it is on point! And the promise is this, if you have a different point of view, you’ll be able to add your voice to mine!

So I’m excited, I’m hoping this site will draw like minded people and that there are, indeed, like minded people.

mykitschchaos will exist as an online magical diary for anyone that chooses to participate. What does that mean? It means in my case that I’ll share what I’m doing, the magic and the business strategy, in detail and I’ll share the results, in detail. If I’m the only person doing this, it’s valuable to me to have this thing that keeps me in action and records what I’m doing and what works and what doesn’t work.

If a community of business magicians follows my lead – this site could be really ground breaking. There’s a lot of talk about results in chaos magic. Screw talk! Let’s see results! Wealth building results! And in my case, coming from nothing!

new commitment & Fritz lang’s ‘M’

The drupal Content management system is almost ready, it will be linked as ‘MyKitschChaos’. But I have some skin customization to finish and the rest of the site, I have to finish my css templates. All of this will be ready on Monday, Sept 21 by 8pm eastern.

Understand that when you give yourself a deadline you may not always meet it (any deadline that’s a sure thing isn’t enough of a deadline to motivate you) – and then what there is to do is to clean up your mess and re-commit. That’s what I’m doing here.

Now to switch the subject , here is Fritz lang’s ‘M’ the first and arguably the greatest example of the Thriller/Crime genr’e.

National Grand Parents Day

The first Sunday following Labour Day is Grandparents Day.
below is the official song for Grandparents Day. (the song is so corny it makes me shudder – but c’est la vie)

My own grandparents have passed. Mostly I remember my grandmothers as my grandfathers, my mother’s father died in her childhood and my father’s father died when I was very young in an auto accident.

My mother’s Mother, Julia Hamilton, I remember her for her unconditional love. My mother lived her life angry at her and I suppose it’s possible in her youth and inexperience my mother may have experienced abuse from her that was unknown to me. My father’s intolerance at my noise making meant it was this grandmother that can lay claim to getting me to verbalize and speak. I was raised by her from age 3 to first grade, (my father was jailed for mail fraud and my mother felt her mother a better caretaker for me in the circumstance). This how I’m a Yankee that psychically feels somewhat Southern, as this grandmother was a Virginian.

My other Grandmother, Melva Cook, was a Jewish woman that married the overt communist Arkansas gentile that was my Grandfather. She impressed on me the importance of reading and doing math, my experience of her was less as a loving grandmother and more as a taskmaster – but in my adulthood I must admit it was her training and stories of surviving the Depression that serve me well in my adulthood, especially in this current economic trouble.

In the here and now there is often a cultural divide between Grandparents of the baby boom and the parents that are their children. The freedoms of the 60’s that shaped the ethics and standards of Baby Boomers can contrast sharply with the conservative ethics and standards of the parents that are their children. Hippie parents seem fun, but the instability can teach a child the virtue of conservatism – is what’s going on I think. (So if you want cool kids, be a square hard ass parent).

So if your kid’s Grandparents are intolerable to you, telling you how to raise your kids, or exposing them to different standards than you have for your children – let it go. Their advice to you let’s you know they care, and if they don’t understand that you do things your way because you care – let them not understand. Love them anyway. Let your grandparents be themselves with your kids, it not like your kid’s environment can or should always be controlled by you – they need to experience different stuff to stimulate critical thinking is nothing else.

And, it is true that experience is a great teacher and your parents have experience you do not – have an open mind if they give you advice – it might be on point.

9/11 2009

Today is an anniversary of the terrorist act that downed the World trade Center on 9/11.

On the day it happened, I first believed it to be drunk driving on the part of the pilot, I never imagined that there would be a second plane, nor that an entire complex of buildings designed for withstanding terrorist bombing and collision with aircraft could be felled from attack that day.

I was working as a designer and production artist for MBS LOVE, a company that prints silk screen heat transfers for t-shirts. I has an appointment at the World Trade Center the following week for a web design gig. My boyfriend of the time had an interview scheduled that day at the World Trade Center, but it had been postponed for tomorrow – thank heavens.

Today I was hearing on Free Speech TV about current and retired steel workers that did heroic work helping the search and rescue effort at the World Trade Center in the aftermath, they are suffering a broad range of illness and premature ageing and are being, still, denied the special healthcare they need because they were volunteers and not government employees. For many blocks around the World Trade Center it was thick with a fine ash debris we now know was extremely toxic, that at the time we were promised was safe.

I was living in Queens and instinctively understood the area around ‘ground zero’ was most likely highly toxic. I’ve still never visited the site, and I never went near it when I was living in queens and visiting Manhattan often.

What was remarkable was how sombre everyone was in New York city after 9/11 – a city so lively and active was so very quiet after 9/11 and for days, weeks after.

The next week, my employer was commissioning a ‘Public Enemy #1’ t-shirt with the image of Osama bin Laden with a target overlayed on his face. I commented that the design ought to name ‘Osama Bin Laden’ specifically as his face wasn’t yet so well known the image couldn’t be confused for “any arab with a turban” is public enemy #1.

As it turns out, the employer Had friends that died in Israel from terrorism attributed to Palestinians and expressed to me that really he hoped people would wear the t-shirt and attack Arabs, that all Arabs are bad. I responded that I believed this was a wrong point of view, Many American citizens are of Arab descent, many Arabs died in the World Trade center as well. Suffice it to say I lost my job and the employer took action to deny me unemployment as well – spinning a tale to them that involved me attacking him?

That’s long ago, I’ve moved on. But as today is the anniversary of 9/11 I thought I share my experience of the event.

Power of a deadline

Magic is life, Crowley, to paraphrase, defines magic as any willed act – and he included the example of the blowing of one’s nose as a magical act.

So with that thought in mind -any technique that helps you towards your goal is a magical act.

So what I’m presenting and doing here, is forwarding what could be a very familiar idea and providing an example.

The idea is that to accomplish anything in life, you need to set goals. Write them down. This is pretty familiar stuff, yes? Sigil magic may seem a form of this even. But, as some of you may know already, doing this alone rarely if ever delivers the goal you have in mind

Why doesn’t making goals and writing your goals down work?

Well, of course, writing it out so plainly, the answer is plain as well: writing down a goal is not the same thing as working towards a goal. I have in my wallet a piece of paper on which is written a fabulous financial goal, for example – on the suggestion of one or more self help gurus – it’s been there for over a year and the money is not mine.

Here’s how to make goals that you can, will and must achieve:

1. Work with achievable goals, if it is a very large goal – work with a step towards that goal you know you can accomplish.

2. Give yourself a deadline!, by what day will the goal be accomplished?

3. Tell other people that you will accomplish your goal and when it will be accomplished.

Now, those of you with job experience understand almost any job you work is exactly or very close to the goal setting and accomplishing formula I just set forth. That’s because a business fails if it’s goals are never met and on time.

What is less clear, is that this same process is just as powerful in your personal life. Make goals, find steps to your goal you can accomplish sequentially – make the first step a goal with a deadline and be accountable about to other people! This works!

Now personally I’m getting in action with this, starting with this website.

Sept. 16, will be revamped and include a new section, ‘MyKitschChaos‘, which will be a web2.0 section for YOU. It will include a forum, personal blogs for everyone and 2 collaborative books, one on chaos magic, another on e-commerce – that everyone can contribute to! I’m using the Drupal Content Management system, it’s very powerful (and I’m half done already so I can do this).

So, see, a specific goal, a deadline and it’s is public so I’m accountable to all of YOU!

Labor Day!

Happy Labour day! It’s the unofficial end of Summer, a day for picnics and barbecues.

But it is important to remember what this holiday is about. Especially in today’s economic and labour climate. There are so few jobs today, that employers are routinely cheating all employees – not just the illegal immigrant labour

From Wikipedia about the origin of Labour Day:

The first Labor Day in the United States was celebrated on September 5, 1882 in New York City.[1] In the aftermath of the deaths of a number of workers at the hands of the US military and US Marshals during the 1894 Pullman Strike, President Grover Cleveland put reconciliation with Labor as a top political priority. Fearing further conflict, legislation making Labor Day a national holiday was rushed through Congress unanimously and signed into law a mere six days after the end of the strike.[2] Cleveland was also concerned that aligning a US labor holiday with existing international May Day celebrations would stir up negative emotions linked to the Haymarket Affair.[3] All 50 U.S. states have made Labor Day a state holiday.

Other nations have a similar holiday with May 1st, celebrating the origin of the 8 hour work day. But America’s Labour Day has lost much political edge that May Day has as a holiday.

A brief meditation about Labour is frightening. Not long ago most people could find jobs in manufacture and industry. Now setting aside ‘outsourcing’ for a moment, the reality is that technology alone has destroyed the employment engine of manufacturing and industry. Where once armies of employees were required to maintain the production of industry – now robotics and technology has eliminated the need for the vast majority of those numbers of employees.

Filling the employment vacuum is the service sector: sales, cashiers, customer service, cooks, janitors..etc. But technology alone, it threatens service sector jobs as well. Use a Bank’s Automated Teller Machine lately? That used to be a person.

And sure enough, in this economic climate Jobless numbers are suppressed by those former workers that have been so thoroughly discouraged in their job search, they have stopped looking all together. Thereby these people are no longer being counted among the ‘unemployed’.

The purpose of this website is to find a way out of this despair. Magic is empowering, it let’s you enjoy the feeling that you have some control in your life. Sceptics may suggest magic isn’t real, but of course the Chaos magic perspective is so: Nothing is real! Everything is permitted.

I can only promise you that if you try magic, that it will work for you on a subjective level, and that’s what counts.

if you run your own business, no one can fire you. And online, the start -up costs for business are really doable, even without a job.

And, let’s face it, this is no recession . I fear ‘recovery’ may be for corporations and the wealthiest 5% alone. The real recovery that’s needed to get everyone a good job, we cannot count on that. So if you have a PHD, in this economic environment a ‘McJob’ is better than no paycheck, and your own business is perhaps what we need to think of as the engine for upward economic mobility.

Speaking personally – No jobs in Graphic Design, tech support or advertising locally. I may find myself working as a janitor – I will hold my head high should it come to that.

Welcome to

This is a site about Chaos magic applied to business and marketing.
If you mean to use magic to improve sales, to grow a business - this is the site where you can learn the most powerful magic available - without diluting it to make it safe or 'acceptable' - and apply it to your business TODAY!

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