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The value of the Hunch

The New York times today has an article about Soldiers and how their hunches have saved lives.

All of us know what a hunch is, and we are often wrong enough in our hunches we are quick to dismiss them as unreliable. But in the extreme context of war, it’s becoming clear that hunches are a survival function of the brain.

The consequences of this insight are profound. Your brain would be incapable of helping you with a hunch if it didn’t know something your conscious mind does not.

And here’s where we come to magic. If you work with a model of the unconscious powering magic, this discovery is very supportive. Magic could be thought of as ‘self hypnosis’ on steroids – putting deep into your brain the programming to obtain a desire, overruling the mental mechanisms that prize a status quo.

Certainly this evidence supports the notion of invocation (essentially accepting/believing the mind of a god or person outside yourself is in your mind, allowing you to pick their brain and/or power) giving you the real benefit of fresh insight, perspective and even information. If there’s nothing more to invocation than imagination, it could provide a means to mine information from a brain that knows more than you do.

The brain knows more than we do, clearly. So if you can’t accept magic can hack probability – perhaps the idea that ‘giving your mind permission’, opens you up to insights and being able to recognize opportunities that accomplish much the same thing.

curing a broken heart

Can magic be used to cure a broken heart?

I don’t know. I would suggest that yes, it is possible – but I’d never even try. Why? Because I know I want to love again, and I can’t move past a broken heart to be able to love again by taking short-cuts.

From the age I was 30 to the age of 41 I was in a monogamous relationship with a man I still love. He broke up with me because he loved me, the relationship had problems and he decided he couldn’t give me what I needed (and no, I still don’t really understand).

It’s still painful. But by facing the pain and not fearing it I’m not setting myself up to avoid commitment in the future, I’m not setting myself up to carry baggage into every new relationship I have.

And no, a great new relationship is no panacea. Give yourself time to mourn the lost relationship. The pain will be there until you own it, and get used to the idea of being alone. Moving on to a new relationship won’t end the pain.

But do move on.

A famous Hoodoo root, the High John the Conqueror root. I’ve been carrying this root, ‘feeding’ it with my semen and hoyt’s cologne, sleeping with it. I can feel it enhancing my sex appeal and personal power. Since carrying the root I’ve attracted a great many suitors online, beautiful young men that want me and should be out of my league.(I’m isolated on a rural farm and no car so don’t get out much).

Yes, I do have from this experience one specific man I like very much, more than the rest, and I’m going to date him and hope for serious romance.

Straight men have told me it does the same for them, attracting many interested women.

There’s many love spells you can cast, but I believe the High John the conqueror root is very helpful.

Hoodoo Love spells and High John the conqueror root are available at

Of course sigil magic always works too for attracting love, Here’s an article on Sigil Magic
You can scratch your sigil on a pink (for romance) or red (for sex) candle, and masturbate looking at the sigil on paper and on or over a piece of paper the sigil is drawn put your sexual fluids, visualizing your new lover – burn the sigil with your sexual fluids in the red or pink candle.

I have gotten past my lost love. It did take time, most of a year really. The distinctions of Buddhism were helpful. I wouldn’t have wanted to have been cured ‘instantly’, the way I got over the loss is the healthiest way I believe. The pain of a broken heart is a pain of being attached to another person in a different circumstance. And ultimately it’s selfish, you may interpret it as love pangs, but if you loved the other person you’d have their best interest at heart – it may be with someone else. Certainly the loving thing to do if your loved one leaves you is to give them no reason for guilt, move on – be happy.

40th anniversary of the Moon Landing

Picture of the Moon landing

This is one of my very earliest memories, seeing the moon landing broadcast live on television.

Here’s the NASA Page

Here’s a link to a national Geographic debunking of some conspiracy claims: Moon landing hoax pictures?

That said, in the midst of a space race with the Soviet Union, there had been more than enough motivation to fake the landing. So scepticism is healthy.

I am very proud of the Moon Landing either way, it’s shifted human psychology on a mass scale. We have power and need to take responsibility for our planet – it is a thought less possible without a moon landing.

The one thing that would end the scepticism once and for all – another visit to the moon! That’s a better project than indulging the Military Industrial complex any day!

Desire, Class War and Business

“People won’t work unless they are hungry!”

That’s almost the statement defining class warfare in my opinion. Business people will say this casually without thinking twice, believing it to be true. Even very progressive business people. It’s a conclusion that’s built into capitalism.

And here’s the rub, it really is roughly accurate. The sons and daughters of privilege, will they work at a chicken slaughtering plant for minimum wage? The threat of illegal immigration, is that they may need the job more than we do.

But, there’s more than one way to keep an employee hungry. The world of commission sales for example – the better a salesman does, the more money the salesman makes. The world of sales keeps employees hungry with greed.

And this latter model is duplicated to a lesser degree, but more profoundly, any time a business is employee owned.

Noam Chomsky, when I spotted a presentation he made that was televised on free Speech TV, he explains that prior to the industrial revolution, the idea of working for a salary is understood as being comparable to being a slave, the distinction being that the employee is only a slave on a temporary basis.

If you can let go of the baggage of bundling self respect with your salary – it’s clear that if a company is pulling in greater profits from your hard work but your pay stays the same, something akin to exploitation is concrete and real.

I think this is how some wealthy people come to assume a prejudice against the working class – when they put in effort and the effort creates wealth, they benefit correspondingly. The working class puts in effort that will never do better than maintain an economic status quo, no matter the wealth they produce. Thereby the working class is second class in a real way.

So the point is that most of us are working class, we want more but we are working class. Those of us that are working at all that is. If we are going to constantly improve our station in life we have to realize the game of employment in a capitalist system is designed to stop us. We can’t allow ourselves to think of improvement being that better job.

A job is enslavement if you don’t use it as a means to grow.

The game of capitalism is to run a business, your own business. The great successes in life, run their own businesses. And if you want to grow your business with hungry employees, you can keep them hungry with a stake in your business – so as the business grows so does their pay.

Even if you have no interest in owning or running a business, I encourage you to take a stake in the business you do work for. Don’t settle for the same pay-check if the business grows and is successful, invest your pay in company stock so your effort can be reflected in your profit. Seek out opportunity to participate in a worker owned business.

It just makes sense to me that a business with employees that want the business to succeed because it is also their own success… is more likely to succeed. The right way to keep an employee hungry.

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