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Nihilism, Existentialism and Morality

The economic crisis we’re in is bringing the notion of Nihilism back into vogue. And certainly as greater numbers of people find themselves unable to participate in an aboveground economy, the underground economy grows in prominence and the rule of law is threatened as never before.

The catch phrase of Chaos Magic, “Nothing is true, Everything is permitted” may suggest to some a Nihilistic point of view which would suggest Life is without purpose or intrinsic value. But Nihilism is something else, because holding life as being without purpose and having no intrinsic worth in fact doesn’t permit ‘everything’.

The enlightenment of Buddhism can also be confused for Nihilism, in that the content of the enlightenment can be pointed to in terms of understanding ’emptiness’.

Buddhist ’emptiness’ is the opposite of nihilism for in emptiness is limitless possibility and interconnectedness with all life, that which Nihilism denies.

The Existentialist insight is what “Nothing is true, Everything is permitted” may be pointing to. The content of an Existential insight is that great truths relating to culture and spirituality – they become stripped from you as you understand their foundation is truly nothing, nothing real.

Now what you do with the insight is what distinguishes an existential Christian like Kierkegaard (the absurdity of reality demands the artifice of clarity provided by faith in God and religion) and a Nihilist (If reality isn’t true as I imagined, nothing is true, life is without purpose or intrinsic worth!).

The most conservative reality based stance in the face of existential insight – is to not know. Because you can’t know. The idea of morality and ethics does hold up!-makes sense in a secular fashion, and we may have brain chemicals demanding ‘morality’ anyway – so let’s keep that.

Don’t pretend ethics aren’t real anymore because they have become inconvenient.

9/11 Truth and Reality Hacking

9/11 Truth, loony conspiracy theory or actual conspiracy? The official 9/11 report doesn’t explain much at all and what it does explain is dubious (or insulting). This is where the conspiracy ‘theories’ come in. There’s unanswered questions and assertions being made by the Government that seem to defy logic and/or science. here’s a major source of truth/conspiracy depending on your point of view.

But what there is to notice from a magical point of view, is that folks tend to believe the American Government was attacked by Muslim Terrorists, or they believe the American Government is responsible for 9/11 – and the belief becomes REALITY for that person.

Now in terms of magic, it’s one thing to hack your reality by believing something not everyone else believes. This is actually powerful by the way, however you look at reality becomes realer and realer the longer you look that way, as you accumulate supportive data and learn to ignore opposing data (this is how people ‘get stuck in their ways’ as they age). But you know you’re REALLY powerful when you get other people to believe with you! That’s taking reality hacking to the next level!

It would be nice if we’d just cut the bullshit around 9/11, hasn’t it been long enough? There is definitely a cover-up. What’s being covered up could be a ‘False Flag’ operation, but I really don’t want to believe Americans could be found to perpetrate such terrorist murder. What occurs to me to be just as likely is a cover-up of stupidity, incompetence and having no good answers.

But as long as people are choosing custom realities over a common shared one, the truth as to what we can know, what has been covered up and why – we may never ever get to that.

The National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May, inviting people of all faiths to pray for the nation. It was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman.

President Obama is downplaying official recognition for the National Day of Prayer while defending the institution from a lawsuit insisting it’s a violation of the distinction between Church and State.

From a Chaos Magic point of view, Prayer has the potential to unite belief and gnosis, it is magically potent with or without ‘God’.

The visitors to this website may represent all kinds of religious faiths and points of view. Chaos Magic can also be an especially good fit for the open minded Atheist.

Normally I agree Church and State require separation. But in this case I feel prayer needs to be liberated from Religion. Secular prayer is already a reality any time you see a problem in this world and hope for better.

The entire world has so many problems right now. Even if you’re an Atheist, there’s virtue in taking the time to consider lifes problems, to be thankful our lives aren’t worse and to intend for a better tomorrow.

America is largely a Christian nation, if you are not Christian this ‘National Day of Prayer’ may occur to you as more Christian oppression. Indeed, many conservative Christians will be praying for codification of the USA as specifically a Judeo/Christian nation.

But don’t let that stop you. Participate, be you Muslim, Buddhist, Shinto, Pagan, Atheist, Christian or any other faith or agnosticism – Include yourselves in the national Day of Prayer! America needs all the help it can get. The Atheist contemplating for a better American tomorrow and how to get there steals from the conservative Christian any illusion theirs are the only American Prayers.

Prayer is powerful.

Let us all pray on a better tomorrow this Thursday, that we’ll survive Global Warming, that market capitalism can be redeemed, that war can end and that global starvation becomes a memory.


Are all Great sorcerers RICH?

Very often someone wanting a spell will not do it for themselves, but rather, hire someone else to do it for them. There’s a rational disconnect however. Why does the hired magician need your money if they have to power to make money magically?


There is a reason, and it relates to the real nature of wealth. Wealth in its most abstract meaning, is to lack for want. Obviously it’s easiest to imagine lacking for want as a function of having immense resources of money and property, that which we regularly associate with ‘wealth’.

But there’s a problem. When people have immense resources of money and property, almost never does their want for money and property diminish.  So a truly powerful magician seeking wealth, won’t necessarilly manifest money and property in excess, as those things don’t deliver a person from want.

Indeed what does address the want that wealth means to eliminate, is a form of enlightenment that allows a person to no longer be attached to wanting money or things.

That’s how Austin Osman Spare, one of the Greatest magicians and the creator of the sigil magic promoted at this site, despite his great power and superb and recognized illustrative talent – never used his magic and skills to become a rich and world famous illustrator, even though that door was open to him. Instead Austin Spare worked in obscurity and in relative poverty, supporting himself with potraits of lower class locals and working on developing his magic and writing everything for posterity.

Austin Spare realized true wealth.

Now YOU, reading this, may be thinking – OH No!  I don’t want to become wise and Happy! I want a ferrari, a jet and homes on five continents! I believe magic can help you get there too. But don’t think wealth magic alone will get you there.

Wealth magic will rarely make you so wealthy as to transform your life. Transforming your life itself is an act of magic, it’s magic only you yourself are prepared to do, however. For magic to deliver to you life changing money, that delivery has to almost become a path of least rersistance.

So it’s up to you to create a life where great wealth is possible, it’s up to you to groom yourself to take advantage, and it’s up to you to change your mind into a mand that can take a lot of money, hold on to it and really transform your personal reality.

It’s a lot of work. And here’s the kicker – to get it done not being attached to money helps.

The great magician doesn’t have great resources of money because he’s not playing that game. But there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a powerful magician that DOES.


Breaking Captcha Code – are images secure?

Sometimes a Spam reply can suggest an interesting topic. This is a Black Hat topic. I don’t recommend Black Hat SEO unless you mean to make your money quickly and get out, otherwise it’s likely the powers that be, Google, will catch on and sabotage your search engine rankings substantially.

What is CAPTCHA? It’s the funky letters you have to type in when filling a form, meant to thwart automation to ensure a person is doing the filling out.

captchaThis is an early example of what a Captcha image looks like.

Some Black Hat gurus will occasionally claim to have found a way to bypass CAPTCHA test and complete forms with automation anyway.

This is of some concern, people often use images of credit card numbers and other highly sensitive data for purposes such as email, on the understanding that images cannot be read digitally as text can. (Never use text in an email to send such sensitive information, a child with a linux box can collect the information wirelessly)

Are digital images insecure?

Here’s how Cpatcha could most likely be bypassed.

  • exploiting bugs in the implementation that allow the attacker to completely bypass the CAPTCHA,
  • improving character recognition software, or
  • using cheap human labour to process the tests.
  • brute-force – multiple sequential attacks instead of Recognition Software

Exploiting bugs: Poor implementation of CAPTCHA, could allow a hacker to reuse the session ID of a known Captcha image. A hash used by the Captcha to confirm a correct entry could be cracked. Implementations that only use a limited amount of Captcha images would be easily hacked with a limited directory of corresponding hashes. Hashes can be used to assist an OCR (Optical character recognition) attempt.

Character Recognition Software: You may be familiar with this sort of software if you’re ever scanned printed text into a computer and wanted to edit the text in a word processor – the scanned text has to be convertede from an image to text.

When it comes to using this technology to break Captcha code there’s three challenges:

  1. Pre-processing: eliminating background ‘noise’ and clutter.
  2. Segmentation – separating characters into separate regions
  3. Classification of the character

Steps 1 and 3 are pretty easy for a computer, but human beings are still better at the segmentation – determining where one letter ends and another begins. If the background clutter resembles letters and connects the letters, computers have a really hard time with it. Here’s a report of automation success in beating captcha.

Cheap Human Labour: Using a relay attack where the forms are automatically filled out and sent to a human worker to fill in the Captcha element is a vulnerability to the Captcha system. But, of course, this requires employees.

Brute Force: if the Captcha resets with each attempt, it complicates matters for a brute force attack, which usually relies on a static password and many attempts to get the right one.

If you write the code to break Captcha, you are breaking the law :

So if you are thinking of buying software to do this for you, or to sell software that does this for others, you’re dealing in illegal technology.

And really, this is just for Black hat folks trying to automate everything.

So how is this of interest to others?

Well Captcha isn’t easy to break. So a captcha solution for something like phpbb, wich can attract a ton of Spam can be really effective.

And generally, images are secure, especially if they are non standard letter forms, or standard visual images.

Image Spam, for example – is the spam email you get in your in box by sending an image of text instead of simple text which spam filters examine for troublesome keywords and such.

I don’t recommend spamming, some States have profoundly aggressive laws to punish spam. A customer that might like your site or service, may dismiss doing business with you if you reached them with Spam.

But if you were to take advantage of, say, advertising and wanted to post an ad to multiple cities (a website can be equally relavent worldwide even) – Criagslist may prevent you from posting the same text, but it won’t stop you posting the same image.

And if you ever must send sensitive information by email, an image file is still safer.

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