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Okay, Sigil magic and LOA are , really, not all that hard to do. The problem is getting the practice to deliver results. How Chaos Magic is different from, say Wicca, is that Chaos Magic doesn’t suggest there’s a right way to do anything. Chaos Magic borrows from scientific method – experiment to find what works – try it! While there are principles common to all magic, they relate to mental state and each person is unique in how best they can reach a given state.

There are many very complex magical systems, and they work for many people. Simple magic systems work for many people as well. What will work for you, in my opinion, is a function of how you’re conditioned. If you believe in your core, that benefit is something possible only with great effort – a magic system requiring great effort will be required for you to see results to your magic. The Catholic Christian paradigm has many examples of Saints, weilding powerful magic with nothing more complex than faith – if you’re inspired by such examples complexity could hurt your results.

Most of us are somewhere between those two extremes. So if you’re using Sigil magic (with LOA, ‘intellectual decompression’ is non-sequitor), adding elements to give you more faith and/or exite your imagination and quiet your rational mind could be the thing to make the difference.

Traditionally elements added to make magic seem more magical are stuff like:

  • important things that are hard to obtain (like coffin nails, but generally specific herbs and oils and so forth)
  • precise timing (is the moon waxing or waning, is the year/month day/hour/minute – the correct one)
  • Herbal baths
  • Incense
  • Candles
  • spooky language (Dr. Dee’s Enochian is popular, as are King James Psalms)
  • Costume
  • Altar

Now you’ll notice I’m not going into specifics much. I may at some later point, but I also feel that you shouldn’t tie yourself down to someone else’s formula necessarilly. Magic is in many ways, play – work with what seems right to you and I believe your results will be excellent. If what seems right to you is to follow specific instructions that worked for others, I have many good books for sale in the shop section – currently available on the Tools page.

But I am going to introduce classic numerology. The reason is simple, I’m fond of numerology and feel Astrology is over used. For purposes of establishing time, numerology is as valid abstractly as astrological associations of hours, days and months.

The Moon is very quick to explain. It’s Wicca 101, that when a moon is waning, spells should be cast to lose something, and when the moon is waxing, spellcasting should be for gaining something. Here’s the key though, is that any desire you have can be expressed either way (though, granted, the results may not be exactly the same).


  • To gain love or lose loneliness
  • to get rich or lose debt
  • to gain justice or lose injustice
  • to gain luck or lose bad luck

Now if you’re using sigil magic blindly, having forgotton the correlation of desire to sigil, you can opt out of using the moon phase. It’s not an element commonly used with sigil magic. But including the moon phase with your sigil magic is as simple as sorting your sigils into ‘waxing’ and ‘waning’ categories as you create them.

If you are using a sigil with the correlating desire in your mind – this opens the opportunity of using classical magical technique. The catch is that it harder, you could use the Law of Attraction to reinforce the idea if inevitability of your magic, that the result is manifested (before its manifested) – that could nip the lust for result in the bud.

Classic magical technique: involves using your desire to accomplish gnosis, you visualize your desire being fulfilled and bring as much emotion to the visualization as possible. Chanting an incantation, or a sigilized mantra could be helpful here. Sympathetic magic (‘voodoo doll’ is the classic example of sympathetic magic) is helpful. The idea is to reach an explosive ‘orgasm’ of relevant  emotion, be it lust, love, greed, anger..what have you.

Just one note on ‘Classic’ magic technique. Those who work with sigil magic are very familiar with the idea of reaching gnosis with masturbatory orgasm – it’s easy and it works well. When it comes to ‘classic’ magic, this is no less true. When Aleister Crowley spoke of ‘killing kids’, he  allowed people to imagine he meant human babies – really he was referring to personal ejaculation from sex or masturbation. To classic magic, sexual orgasm is so powerful magically it’s a technique to be withheld, to keep the number of really effective magicians limited. And yes, the magician’s orgasm is far more powerful than any variety of bloody sacrifice – which if hypothetically you had no problem killing or cutting  for magic, is a bottom line reason not to.

How to use sex orgasm for a desire not sex related? It’s a matter of practice…sometimes the sex orgasm and fantasy to reach orgasm – doesn’t interfere with the other desire.


numerology1Okay. Numerology is very simple stuff, I believe Plato came up with it, or I got the wrong Greek. The chart up top gives the correspondence between numbers and letters.

Numerology can become very complex and provides an in-depth alternative to Astrology for ‘finding yourself’ and establishing good and negative years, days months, hours.

I’m not standing up for the infallibility of any astrology or numerology when it comes to accurately telling people who they are. If nothing else, I stand for the belief that people are moving targets and grow and change if they want to.

That said, if you understand the basics of numerology, it’s very helpful to understanding tarot, which is based on numerology largely.

So, how to use Numerology to ‘find out’ about yourself. First you use your full birth name, In my case it’s Michael Robin Cooke – then you find the corresponding numbers, add them together, and ‘reduce’ the number to 22, 11 or 1 thru 9. This delivers numbers for ‘who you are, and who you are on the outside/inside.  Do the same thing with your birthday for a number relating to your’fate’.

Michael Robin Cooke becomes
Michael(4+9+3+8+1+5+3)33 Robin (9+6+2+9+5) 31 Cooke(3+6+6+2+5)22
to reduce 86 to a single number, 22,11 or 1-9, I add the 8+6 = 14, 1+4=5

5 is my personal number.

my birthday is 11/02/1966 so… 11+2+1966=1979   1+9+7+9=26  2+6=8

8 is my ‘destiny’ number.

The meaning of numbers kinda makes sense, almost tells a story.

  1. one is a number of great power and of creation, in the beginning was one, metaphorically the number of GOD.

  2. two is a number of sex, the first ‘other’, represents reliance on others, seduction, manipulation.

  3. three is a number of creative magic, procreation and luck.

  4. four is the minimum number of sides for a three dimensional object. A number of concrete reality representing hard work and effort, also dependability and work ethic.

  5. five is the number of fingers on a human hand, the number of chaos, creativity, eccentricity and forceful magic. In tarot ‘chaos’ is understood as negative.

  6. six is ’3′ doubled, it represents family, love and family takes center stage.

  7. seven is a classic magic number, and it does represent insight and mysticism. It can also suggest delusion and can be associated with schizophrenia.

  8. Eight is ’4′ doubled, it represents mastery of material reality, usually business and terms of grandiose success… or loss.

  9. Nine is a powerful and positive number. It is also the number of Satan metaphorically, representing the mistaken notion that the power of nine is the ultimate, when really it falls short of the power of God/10/ ’1′

  • 11 – Eleven is a number of Mastery, commonly mastery of ideas and concepts and on a scale that is potentially world transforming. A number that reduces to 11 does not get reduced to ’2′.

  • 22 – Twenty two is the number of the Master Builder, mastery of generation of institutions and things. Greater mastery than 11 and on a scale that is potentially world transforming.

There’s an awful lot more you can do with numerology. If you’re really interested, let me know and I may do a blog post in more depth.

For now, it’s enough to know that any date can be reduced numerologically (see how I arrived at my birthday number) – and using the theme of a dates number for corresponding spells.Here’s how i’d use the correspondences.

  • ’1′ for spells relating to a new business or creation of something.
  • ’2′ for spells relating to manipulation, attracting love or sex.
  • ’3′ for spells relating to simple luck or procreation.
  • ’4′ for spells relating to finding a job, growing in competence/mastery at a job.
  • ’5′ for creative insight, powers of imagination, spells relating to impossible situations, for radical change or for increasing reality hacking/magic power.
  • ’6′ for spells relating to mending relationships with family, friends, lovers.
  • ’7′ for spells relating to psychic power, insight, inspiration, breaking a writing block.
  • ’8′ for spells relating to business success, stock market success.
  • ’9′ for spells relating to gaining power and perhaps powerful spells of an aggressive nature.
  • ’11′ for spells relating to impacting a great many people with an idea, or to get the inspiration for a very ‘viral’ concept.
  • ’22′ for spells relating to blessing a business, family or to powerfully empower an institution.

Yeah, if you’re using sigils that’s you’ve forgotten the corresponding desire for, using numerology requires you to categorize sigils into 11 rough distinctions. For number 1-9 you can probably find a spot in a  month for 9 days of consecutive sigil launching. The ’11′ and ’22′ days are going to be less regular.

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  7. [...] sex, relationships. You may choose to perform the magic on a date that reduces to ‘2′. Numerological info here. If waxing moon, you can use it to gain love, if waning you can ‘lose lonliness’. [...]

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  16. Come on dude, these facts* and proof* i mean who is posting* lol :P

    • Hey, magic is like prayer – if you take it seriously it can and will work for you. But it’s not something that holds up to a challenge, it’s not something that can stand up to scientific inquiry. If you psychic censor can’t handle numerology – then that’s not the technique for you.
      The moon and it’s phases is an old idea and found in multiple magical traditions. The numerology I use comes from Plato originally, and infuses the orthodoxy of how tarot cards are interpreted.

      The chaos magic fundamentals are that belief plus desire plus gnosis produces a result. The result is always in the form of coincidence, so there’s no arguing ‘but it’s a coincidence!’. Belief is a verb, something need not be true for you to believe it. If your heart races or your feel sad from seeing a movie – that’s an example of real belief in something you know is not true. In a real way, it doesn’t matter if moon phases of numerology is true as long as you can pretend that it might be.

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    Numerology is mathematically correct. It is exact. It reveals your inner desires and what is most likely to happen in the future. To calculate your numerology reading requires your name as officially recorded at birth and your birth date.

    • The reality is that we all contain ‘multitudes’ and if I suggest you are artistic, attentive to detail but have a temper – there is no one alive that doesn’t possess those characteristics to some degree, and coming to the paradigm entertaining it as magical, anyone is likely to validate what is said of them if there is any truth to it at all. Confirmation bias in action, or amazing powers of synchronicity? I don’t know.

      That’s why I get in trouble with other magicians, I indulge skepticism while at the same time practicing magic. The magic still works, I simply get to escape being trapped in any one way of thinking as being ‘true’. I like to hold onto not knowing, allowing mystery to remain mysterious.

      That said, if belief plus desire plus gnosis equals result, the chaos magic meta-paradigm in a nutshell, if it is right, you are right. Because getting trapped into believing something is true – belief doesn’t get any stronger than that! It’s a backbone of very powerful magic! Alas, it’s not the path for me. I over-think everything – so I have to resort to quantum ideas of weirdness to establish my faith.

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    • There do exists many community sites, they are not hard to find. Because I promote a personal vision of magic on this site I cannot recommend another forum as having expertise in the same. This site is a blog because my natural helpfulness backfires and causes conflict when mixed with strong beliefs that are at odds with my own, and this happens often when I personally participate in public occult forums.

      If you want information about phases of the moon and so forth, these are ideas most thoroughly explored in Wicca, and there should exist helpful forums on that same subject. Forums exist around Hoodoo and Chaos magic too. Go use google to find these sites and evaluate them for yourself. I cannot recommend what I’m no longer using.

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