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Time for a business related post.

Chaos Magic and the occult in general has a habit of fueling ego fantasies. You have a little success with sigil magic and imagine yourself part of a elite class of human being, different and better than others, or since Harry Potter -better and different from ‘muggles’. And, especially Chaos magic (as a function of its name), attracts people interested in alternative lifestyles.

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with going about things that way, it’s possible to alter your sense of reality sufficient to be very fulfilled in your alternate lifestyle. And in being a magician first and foremost, results do indeed occur as chaotic, which can be a kind of exciting fun sometimes. But it’s not what being effective is about.

That’s because magic results occur thru synchronicity, or ‘coincidence’, and tend to follow a path of least resistance.  Simply put, if you use sigil magic to win the lottery, but never ever buy lottery tickets, your result is going to either not happen at all or be extremely peculiar when it does happen. You’re doing the same thing if you mean to win a lover but never meet new people, if you hope to have business success but never start a business to be successful with…etc.

This is how Magic comes to a fearsome reputation, not understanding that the magic never ends. Aleister Crowley said it first, any willed act is an act of magic, even the blowing of one’s nose. Magic is not something you do instead of working on a business or meeting new people to find a lover – it’s all magic, and the occult is a supplement to the main thing – which is to provide a pathway for the result to happen.

If you’ve been reading material on self improvement and/or business success, all those lessons are likely on point. If you haven’t – look into it! Tony Robbins expresses the main thrust of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) brilliantly, if you find yourself doing sales, Zig Ziglar’s books are a useful read. Magic is an expression of will, if you have clear will to become a business success – allow that to shape your magic practice.

Here’s a boiled down overview of what works for online business.


  • Have a specific goal, write it down.

  • Make a specific plan to meet your goal. (find a mentor, an example of someone doing what you want to do that you can emulate).

  • Collect relevant information, ebooks, training etc. -Focus on your plan, implement!

3 Occult Business secrets:

  • Target a ‘hungry crowd’, a community strongly motivated to buy your bait. Examples include people wanting to lose weight, wanting to solve a health issue, people needing a way to make an income at home. Find a valuable solution for a ‘hungry crowd’ and use it as bait!
  • Tracking and Testing (Google analytics is free and useful for this). With no numbers you have no business, you can always do better, always use split testing to improve your business!
  • Build and treasure your own mailing list! This way the traffic you work to create is yours and you can use to grow your business if you don’t spam your list ridiculously.

4 winning techniques

  • Information Marketing : ‘Sales funnel’. Make a video presenting the information, from this make an audio course derived from the video, from the audio, make an ebook from the transcript, from the ebook, make a boiled down pamphet sort of ebook. Funnel the customer with upsells, very inexpensive or free is the pamplet, then offer the complete ebook for a bit more money, then offer the audio for more money – then for the most money offer the video. That’s an example of a sales funnel.
  • Membership sites: offer a new report every month or week, structure the site with a forum so members can interact with each other and provide value to each other – this delivers a recurring income from each member. Promote the membership site with a $1 trial for 30 days, show what’s inside the site on the sales page, include customer testimonials!  Be aware that many people prefer paying for membership sites as the participants take the site more seriously and people that  troll sites almost always balk at paying money.
  • Affiliate marketing: Clickbank is a popular resource for affiliate marketing. To be effective, always offer a unique bonus (valuable!) – demonstrate how the affiliate offer is valuable but incomplete – and that your bonus makes the package complete! Make sure YOU are capturing the traffic to build your mailing list, SELL your bonus!
  • Website flipping: This is where you buy a website to resell or profit from. When you start this process you will likely be at the DEVELOPER stage, and will improve the site to improve sales or to resell. When you have more experience and can reliably improve the sales of a site you buy, you’re at the ‘Marketer‘ stage of the process. Once you have a lot of money you’ll be at the Investor stage, and will buy sites to grow your business – outsourcing the development and marketing. We all want to get to the Investor stage. The best sites to work with are membership sites, these have automated recurring income and can be simply promoted with google ad-words.


  • Google Ad-words, the basic information is available from Google. If you need to do business right away, this is the best way. Realize more general terms will cost more money, and buyers will buy when looking for more specific terms – which are cheaper to buy, usually.
  • SEO, this is working to get natural high rankings in search engines, especially Google. Very simply, target your key words in your site title and in “<h1>” tags – avoid site frames, include html site navigation web spiders can crawl. Improve your site ranking with a lot of original content (a blog is a very good way to do this and get regular web spider hits) and back links (links from other web sites). Backlinks is the harder part, every day try to get 5 new links – posting relevant comments on blogs with related content is one way. Having content so useful others link to it, ‘link bait’ is another.
  • Forum Marketing: This is direct marketing and also manifests backlinks for SEO. If the forum is related to your site and you can participate usefully without spamming your business, all is good. If you establish yourself as knowledgeable and as an ‘authority’, people will click the link you have in your signature file that links to your business.
  • Ezine marketing – you don’t have a list yet so you can buy placement in someone elses established e-zine.
  • Affiliate programs kick ass! If you can offer a percentage of profit to others, they will handle the marketing for you to make money themselves!

Online Business Resources:

  • Webhosting: if you need free ‘real’web hosting without banners, with cpanel access and the freedom to upgrade inexpensively for more bandwidth and webspace, If you don’t think free webhosting like is real here’s a demo (understand none of the t-shirts are really for sale, and most of the content has been copied from
  • Wehosting: if you are planning a community website or a very large website, this webhost will not limit your webspace or bandwidth and is very affordable (and they are for real, I’ve been using them to backup hundreds of megs of files from my old job for my portfolio and this site is hosted with them) , Get a discount with passcode:KITSCHCHAOS
  • Webhosting: If you want an inexpensive reliable established hosting solution without the risk of offering too much:1&1 Shared Hosting – 50% Off Special Offer!
  • FREE and very good office suite – Open Source, fully Microsoft compatible:
  • Free and very good graphics application, Open Source, comparable to Photoshop: Gimp
  • Record computer screen videos:
  • Make podcast and mp3 :
  • Make a teleseminar for free :
  • Email mangement for mailing list. Very popular and highly reccomended
  • Email management php software for your own site, no monthly fee, free and used by me on this site: Infinite Responder
  • Domain Names: I use for domain names, I don’t use’em for a nything else tho. Always Google “godaddy discount code” to get a modest discount first.

Now I’m not telling you I’m rich, I’m giving you the value of all the training and education I’ve been giving myself. is indeed an attempt to make something that makes me money, but I’m going about it giving y’all the best information I can, building authority and an audience to use for marketing later.

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  2. Joeseph says:

    I have been doing some research and it seems that its not always best to take the cheapest option, what do you think?.

  3. Joseph,

    Well, I’m experienced in web design and most often there’s little difference between an expensive host and a very inexpensive one. For people starting an online business, hosting cost isn’t something that I feel should get in the way.

    Once you have a successful business, then you may want to choose another provider that can offer better bandwidth and uptime guarantees. I actually recommend upgrading to your own virtual server, which allows you full control, to resell server space or host as many domains as you choose. Google liquidweb if you want a virtual server, they have excellent support. But this is never inexpensive, prices generally start at around $60/month.

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  7. Carry, by posting a reply to this site you get a link to the site you associate your post with. If you want to post a link to this site, I appreciate it.

    I’ll make a post about links and SEO so you’ll understand why the ‘do follow’ link system of this site is ideal for you.

  8. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

    • myk5 says:

      You can include the rss feed for the post if you like, that would include my back link to read the full post on my site. I do have some intention to release similar information on article databases for people such as yourself to supplement your site with.

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    • Yes, there is a catch. The most obvious ‘hungry markets’ are already saturated.

      But mostly…. it takes copy-writing/salesmanship talent to sell online, tech talent to make everything work, and writing talent to produce a valuable product.

      That’s why giving away all this good information in this one post, information others will be happy to sell you btw. – is no threat to me. Talent is rare, the dedication to develop talent rarer still.

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    anyway, a lot of important things there.
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    Open Office is FREE Office Software

    I have used all three and they are good….

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  20. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.

    • Actually it may be helping this site, but personally I could be doing a lot better. It really does take money to make money and I lack the job to provide a foundation to work from. This will be a temporary state though.

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    • Please bear with the site and come back if you’re having trouble. I’m using a shared hosting solution that doesn’t bill extra for bandwidth or hard drive space, and the catch is when there are many people at once viewing this site or another on the same server space, the drain on the server and/or the bandwidth causes all the sites to lag or time out.

      I apologise, were this site making money I could afford my own server and these problems would never occur. Alas I’m hurt by the economy too and I’m doing the best with what I can afford. This isn’t a bug or an error that can be fixed other than by uprading my hosting solution. My apologies.

  23. For an internet business, finding a hot niche and being very specific are your best assets.

    The rest is working it out on these principles. Sometimes there is lots of work before finding the formula, and sometimes the formula is too much work itself.

    One must always be on the hunt for a good opportunity along these lines.

    Exciting life :)

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    • Yes, and said free webhost has very affordable upgrades once traffic consumes the allowable bandwidth, or the site can be relocated to another host offering ‘unlimited’ bandwidth (which usually means they won’t bill you for extra bandwidth, not that your site won’t stop working because there’s not enough bandwidth). I also mentioned the expensive option of your own server, because that’s usually the best way to go if the bandwidth and hard drive needs are actually enormous.

      The free website hosting is fine for most people that want to get online now with no resources, to test the waters.

  27. there are many free webhosts on the internet but some have very crippled features like horrendously small hard disk space;,”

    • The one I feature that requires no host advertising, its hosting space is modest but sufficient for a wordpress installation and an image gallery and the maintenance of the same.

      The reality is that to do real affiliate marketing, what you need are a domain name, an email registration solution, a blog and pages of ‘iframes’ and static type, images and media. Videos are posted to youtube not just for viral potential, but to allow you to post the video to your site using youtube’s hosting and bandwidth.

      You can get started seriously with the free hosting I linked to.

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    • Understand that just as your hard drive has real limits to the amount of data it can hold, the webhost is using a server much like your PC and it also has finite disc space. Also understand that a webhost has to pay monthly fees to another company to have the bandwidth so your website can be found by folks online, a lot MORE bandwidth than you could imagine needing at home.

      So when you use free webhosting, the business is offering it to you at a LOSS. So to not go broke, they have to limit the amount of disk space they give for free (this also contains the bandwidth expense to a degree), and the reason they give free webhosting is BUSINESS related. They hope once you use the webhost for free and discover how good a web host they are, that you will want to make your site larger and more ambitious, and pay them for hosting!

      The free web host I suggested gives you enough space and tools to create an affiliate marketing site and get started, for FREE. And it is REAL hosting with cpanel, wordpress – everything!

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    • I don’t think my readers have that problem.

      They know that people search general terms for information and very specific terms when they are ready to spend money. They know the general terms are the most expensive for PPC, but they smartly use PPC to promote just the exact items they are selling because the competition is low and the clicks it delivers are those of people ready to buy.

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    • It’s true, and you tube would be another pipeline to exposure. I suppose its my being new to this that has me hesitant to start. I’m on the bleeding edge of some technologies, but not video. As for picutes and what not, that’s far more labour intensive than writing. Is why I’ve yet to create more comics. Though I mean to do that too.

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    • I’m a cartoonist, so really I’m with you when it comes to appreciating the value of images. That said I’ve some nervousness about making my first video. But I would counter that the written word is a superbly powerful medium and I’m pleased to learn to express myself with just language to better explore that possibility.

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