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Sigil magic as used in Chaos magic is a technique created by the great Austin Osman Spare.

A Young Austin Spare in a chaostar by Michael R. Cooke

A Young Austin Spare in a 'chaostar' by Michael R. Cooke

Austin Spare examined magic and occult as practised and from a pragmatic point of view- what works to manifest results, and what doesn’t. Very simply put, will or clear desire, plus faith, plus ‘gnosis’ is the winning combination.

The third thing, ‘gnosis’, may seem mysterious – it’s a magical state of consciousness wherein the mind isn’t thinking – it can constitute a singular state of meditative consciousness, a moment of sexual orgasm, a mind entranced with ‘magical’ ceremony or a simple everyday moment of absent-mindedness.

‘Faith’ comes easier to some than to others. The good news is that your most conscious mind is the least important magically. If you have imagination enough to lose yourself in the fantasy of a movie or a book, to ‘feel’ something in response to ceremony (Catholic mass counts) – you’re capable of having sufficient faith for magical purposes.

Will or desire can seem deceptively simple. What are you using magic for? If you’re on this site, the answer could be – wealth! But you may want wealth to become the envy of others,  to sate the expectation of a spouse, or to have freedom to help the needy – it’s a means to an end that is what you REALLY want. People that are wealthy are people that are free of want materially, and the irony is that those people are rarely rich and more commonly free of attachment in a Buddhist sense. If you pay attention to rich people – they are most often more consumed with need for more money than those poorer than themselves!

If you want to become rich ANYWAY – direct your will to a goal specific and financial.

But why sigil magic? Why not Hoodoo, Law of Attraction, or classic techniques from the Golden Dawn or Aleister Crowley?

Because the conscious mind is untrustworthy. Here’s why:

The ‘Duality of desire’ – your will is always divided against itself. No matter how badly you want change, part of you has adjusted to what is and fears change. The increase of wealth and prestige accompanying a job promotion is countered with the possible loss of camaraderie of co-workers who would become subordinates, the loss of being right right about the unfairness of the promotion process, and the loss of future compassionate and loving sympathy from co-workers assuring you you deserved the promotion.

The ‘is it here yet’ problem, formally labelled the ‘lust for result’. Also known as ‘the watched pot never boils’, this phenomena will very often prevent a result from manifesting as long as you are consciously anticipating it.

The ‘New Thought’ LOA techniques, those of NLP and ‘positive thinking’ have become backbones to sales and marketing. What they all have in common is the need to control thought.  The nature of thought is to be chaotic, it’s not a simple thing to control (and really, if you want to play that game, the Zen Buddhists perfected the approach). But magic doesn’t require thought, and sigil magic takes thought out of the equation.

So that’s how sigil magic is different, taking the conscious mind out of the equation. It does this by disguising the nature of the will, so the conscious mind is out of the loop when it comes to empowering it, the subconscious handles everything.

The process is very simple. Concisely state your will in a single sentence. Distinguish the unique letters (sometimes just the unique consonants). Create an image from/with the letter shapes of the unique letters. Elaborate or simply the image to finish your sigil.

Ideally you create several sigils, some for things you want very much, others for much lighter purposes, such as ” I will enjoy a nice slice of apple pie”. Then save the sigils together, without the statement of intent. and wait a week.

Now when you ‘launch’ a sigil, you are likely to have forgotten exactly which intent corresponds to which sigil. It’s okay, don’t try to remember, your subconscious remembers perfectly. And this way there’s no duality of desire, no lust for result – the conscious mind is less likely to interfere.

‘Launching’ the sigil involves looking at the sigil while experiencing gnosis, commonly masturbation is used as the moment of orgasm constitutes gnosis. Exhaustion from dancing, katas, holding an uncomfortable position… is also used.

If you take the unique letters from your statement, and rearrange them into phonetic nonsense words – you may launch the sigil meditatively by chanting these words as you would a mantra.

sigil creation

sigil creation

Be very careful creating your statement of intent. Your result will be exactly what your statement asks for. Just like almost all wishing folklore, how you state your wish is critically important.

If you are an artist, you can put a great deal of energy into the elaboration of your sigil as artwork. In this fashion the process of creating the sigil and ‘launching’ it can become one, as the creative process can, when intense enough, constitute ‘gnosis’ in its own right. I say this with the limited authority of my own experience.

Some Examples of sigils by Mike Cooke:

this sigil relates to websites

this sigil relates to websites

this sigil relates to personal finances

this sigil relates to personal finances

another sigil relating to personal finances

another sigil relating to personal finances

This last sigil, you may notice the inclusion of Norse runes. It’s totally okay to accent the sigil derived from your statement of intent with symbols from other traditions. If you are Christian, for example, the inclusion of a crucifix may reinforce your submission to the will of God and transform the work into a form of prayer. If you work with other traditions those symbols may be effective for you too. I chose Norse runes as I’m part European and no doubt such symbols are relevant to some fraction of my ancestors (sigil magic always works, but how is a mystery – a hypothetical collective unconscious may have something to do with it, which would make the beliefs of ancestors relevant).

I have a lot more to say about sigils, but this is good for now. Please share your comments and results if you try this out.

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  3. Okay, vastly improved article on sigil magic is posted in the Articles section here:

    Second, you have two basic options for the rss feed.
    Option 1 is to have the feed emailed to you, this is done with google feedburner and the form is art the top right of this blog.
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  4. Also, The ‘cool site name’ kind of reply – I let the first one pass. I really don’t mind your using this blog to link to your business site (unless you deal in porn, gambling or warez) – but I expect you to offer something relevant in a comment by way of fair trade.

  5. stephanie says:

    Hi. Nice site you have here. Do you mind if I use it on my website layout?

  6. Stephanie, I certainly don’t mind if you want to link my site on yours. What is it exactly that you wish to use in your layout? Be aware that I’m using WordPress for the blog, and the theme and plug-ins are freely available to any wordpress user.

    I am thinking of releasing boiled down articles to the online article databases, are you interested in such content?

  7. Henry James says:

    Could you recommend any specific resources, books, or other blogs on this specific NLP topic?

  8. Henry James,

    Good luck with your website, be aware that phpBB sites can attract spam hard core.

    Sigil magic is not an NLP technique. Though NLP and Sigil magic are both interested in the subconscious, and NLP is closer to being an occult system in and of itself than any comparable self improvement paradigm.

    I encourage you to include sigil magic in your nlp efforts, if you want more information, simply google “sigil magic” and/or “Chaos magic”. It’s one of the few magical techniques uniquely identified with Chaos magic.

    More information on NLP? I have some suggestions on my sales page (tools).

  9. Deanna says:

    Very interesting post… Would like to use some of this on my blog. Is that ok or not?

  10. Furey says:

    Hello Guru, what tempt you to post an article. This article was exceedingly fascinating, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

  11. Charlie says:

    What a fascinating and interesting article. I also believe that we create our own destiny and this article does a great job of explaining it.

  12. Saurooon says:

    I find the concept of ‘sigils’ very interesting. I’m not sure whether I believe it on a subconscious understanding or whether my spiritual side thinks it could work. I will try it and see, and as always, not care why anyway because if it works “why” doesn’t matter.

  13. Hi – I just wanted to say thank you for sharing these ideas with this blog. After reading the post, I was wondering if you could share a few of your ideas regarding those latest Nigerian attacks. Many thanks

    • The Nigerian attacks, a slaughter of Nigerian Christians, really is unrelated to magic or anything else covered by this blog. It’s a kind of madness that reminds me that even as America approaches a Corporatocracy, at least the government is secular and citizens enjoy broad religious tolerance.

      The word “occult” means hidden and the idea of publishing ideas about sigil magic as publicly as I am in this blog, it is a reflection of the newness of tolerance of minority belief.

  14. A bunch of the buttons on your site appear broken. You should probably fix them.

    • The buttons work, it may be that the logo is a high res png for the alpha channel transparency chewing up bandwidth. I know that this site works terribly with dial up or spotty broadband. I’ll compress the logo some, that should help.

  15. JJ says:

    I was wondering if you have noticed in your personal experiences or in others who have spoken to you about sigil magic if there is a marked difference in effectiveness depending on whether the desire is strictly personal/selfish or if it is directed towards others _either including the self, or with the self omitted)?
    I personally have found much greater efficacy when I have displaced myself from the desires, but many of my friends do not experience the same thing.

    • In Conscious magic, even law of Attraction, it is often easier to produce results for other than yourself because issues such as the lust for result and the duality of desire are less relevant. Sigil magic introduces a possibility of taking the conscious mind out of the picture, if you launch sigils that you’re forgotten the desire they represent.

      I create sigils in spurts, 5 to ten at a time, on small pieces of paper, remove the statements the sigils are derived from and place the sigils in a bible at the page featuring the 23′rd psalm (Hoodoo influence there) – I wait at least a week before launching anything, and when I do, usually I’ve forgotten what the sigils were for. This should give ‘selfish’ desires as much efficacy as selfless ones. Just be aware that your stated intent may not be delivered to you exacty the way you want.

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  17. Ken Wu says:

    This article really stunned me. This is the first time that I came across such thing as sigil.Can you elaborate more on how the whole process about this thing works?

    How does the sigil image influence a person mind?

    .-= Ken Wu´s last blog ..The Power of Thought =-.

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  22. Impressive site. I’d love to display some of your work on my site, of course I’d credit you and link to here.

    • Understand that a sigil may be launched with the gnosis of simple absent mindedness. Of course it also takes a measure of belief, but the belief that counts is unconscious and no skepticism endures the wilderness of an unconscious.

      Nice site yourself, feel free to use my work and to credit me.

      The magical model I work with is different from your own. Yes, you should work for what you have in life – but the doing so I call ‘magic’. The sigil for me is meant to enhance the magic of working toward a goal, not to exist as a substitute for work.

      There’s a good reason for this – magic works a path of least resistance. And what you are doing with your life, that is what shapes that path of least resistance and it’s the only way to manage how the magic will take shape.

      Otherwise that sigil to get rich will deliver you an accident you can sue and get rich over thanks to your newly acquired lifelong disability – because the business that could have made you rich – you failed to put forth any effort into developing that!

      Yes, you can do nothing but the magic, the sigil, and get results you can only attribute to the magic. But these are going to be modest gains, and they will be chaotic gains. Because the magic is incomplete without you giving 100%. And giving your magic 100% means attempting a business if you want money, going to clubs and asking people for dates if you need sex or a relationship, dieting and working out if you want a new body… and so forth.

      Magic need not be supernatural even – it means taking power and not blaming anyone else for how your life turns out.

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    • Sorry about that. I presume you wrote this comment from something other than an iphone. I do know Apple stopped supporting flash (preferring ‘canvas’ from the as yet unreleased html5 – but I understand newer versions of the flash software can export as canvas format).

      There is no flash content on this site though, just php, css, text, mp3, youtube video and images. Everything an iphone should be able to handle.

      Understand that this site is hosted with a ‘unlimited’ host – and the price I pay for not having to worry about paying extra for bandwidth – is occasional bandwidth failure. So it may not be the iphone, it may be the time you tried to access my site, it may be that you did not attempt to refresh the site.

  25. I’m not sure why but this web site is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

    • I’m using a shared hosting web hosting service that doesn’t charge extra for bandwidth and server space, and that charges a modest amount. So the trade-off is when the server is busy, the sites on that server will load very slowly.

      I understand this is a problem for some people that appreciate this site. Please understand that until this site is able to deliver revenue sufficient to pay for it I simply cannot afford premium hosting. You can help by donating to my pay pal link on the right, or buying some of the good books I have for sale on the ‘shop’ link, buying a tee shirt from my zazzle store, or simply clicking on a google ad or inline ad.

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