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Psyche Vampyres, the hypersigil

Here’s the hypersigl as comic: Psyche Vampyres


When I first posted the comic, I meant to rant about the lack of interactivity with this site’s readers and to post the comic as a goody to make up for the self indulgence.

What I SHOULD have done, was introduce the concept of the ‘hypersigil’, because Psyche Vampyres, the comic, is also a hypersigil.

Now, to explain the hypersigil, it’s best to remind y’all about sympathetic magic in case some are not up to speed. All sympathetic magic is, is to model your desired result metaphorically in your magic. Color magic, to the extent the color is related in association to your intended result, exists within the model that is sympathetic magic. The ‘doctrine of signatures’ as it relates to herbal and root Hoodoo magic, exists within the model of sympathetic magic. Visualizing your intended result, exists within sympathetic magic. Launching the sigil for a thought form or servitor with sexual orgasm – exists inside of sympathetic magic.

Sympathetic magic is fundamental, modelling your result metaphorically in magic sends the message to your subconscious, perhaps the unconscious and beyond – and powerfully. Classic sigil magic, where the intent is forgotten – is uncommon in standing outside of sympathetic magic.

When I spoke of servitors, I explained how authors often become expert at the technique but are ignorant of the possibilities. To paraphrase: When an author works with a fictional character that becomes ‘real’ enough to them, it seems to write his or her own dialogue – they have manifested a servitor. A chaos magician understands a servitor can do more than write their own dialogue – they can do almost anything you define as within their (your) power.

Creativity itself is magical is the point here. When an artist (or writer, or musician – any creator competent enough to express themselves in their creation is an artist in a real sense) – creates, they draw upon the subconscious, the unconscious, to engender creativity. The act of creation is pure magic, in a very real way. The visualization, the gnosis, the will – it’s all there!

Magic is everywhere, everyone is at least an unconscious  magician! But if you want to suggest you use magic, you need to use it consciously!

So, very simply, to transform a story, a piece of music, a play, a comic – into an act of magic, into what is called a ‘hypersigil’ – you need to attach an intent to your creative process.

The Invisibles, a comic written by Grant Morrison, notable for introducing chaos magic themes to mainstream mature comics – had also been a hypersigil of personal relevance to the author, who was fighting cancer. He lives today, the meta-sigil worked!

Being conscious of your will as you manifest your creation is key to a hypersigil, every victorious conclusion in your theme, a sympathetic magic spell for your own victory.

Which brings us to Psyche Vampyres – what’s the spell about? Maintaining my own intellectual integrity, a spell to prevent me from ever becoming dogmatic. I’ll leave it to you, my audience, to determine if it’s been effective or not.

(edited to replace term ‘meta-sigil’ with ‘hypersigil’ as is the more established term. I apologize for the error. It’s because on some level the various associations of ‘hyper’ in language occur to me as not fitting the phenomena described).

A Beautiful Mind (a comic & a rant)

This short comic relates to how people get ‘stuck in their ways’ as they age, and plays with the idea the phenomena is responsible for WHY we age….

So, yeah, I’m not going to be able to continually chew out high quality occult info in a vacuum. I’ll switch gears to e-commerce and SEO, but I’ll burn out there if I’m doing it in a vacuum as well. I need to be doing more comics, work on more.

But here’s the key, I’m working in a vacuum. If someone would ask a question, complain about something or share their own ideas – I could peretuate creating new content indefinitely. But with folks just patting my back on the nice content, using the reply system for spamming their own website or worse, automating spam replies in a human unreadable fashion (I read all comments tagged as spam so you don’t have to) – I’m working with what I think is the most helpful information. And when I’m done, I’m done.

So where I’m at with this site. I am close to finishing my edition of Wally Wattles, Sceince of Getting Rich – if you signed up for the mailing list (on the index page) you’ll get an email telling you where and how to download the ebook for free. Everyone else will be expected to pay $10. I’ll be using adwords to promote – will become more overtly an e-commerce project.

In this economic depression (I didn’t live through the other depression, so this one counts) there’s a hungry crowd for making money, starting an online business. And I have something to offer no one else is – no bullshit real world reality hacking ‘magic’. It will make a difference for a lot of people. But they don’t know it yet, which is how this site is a hard sell, and the traffic is mediocre despite my working hard to provide valuable content.

If you’re reading this, PLEASE, tell me what you want to know more about! I WILL DELIVER! I’m effective that way.

Here then, Psyche Vampyres, copyright 2009 Michael Robin Cooke







Sigil Magic like Zatanna!? (introducing Servitors)

Zatanna, DC comics cheesecake magician temptress super-heroine, the above image from a recent comic featuring the character. I’ve not read Grant Morrison’s run on her comic (as writer), tho I understand it’s very good, and Mr. Morrison is an excellent Chaos magician in is own right.

032409_zatannaZatanna is riding a wave of popularity at this moment thanks to her introduction to the televised “Smallville” Superman franchise.

The point of writing about the character in this blog, other than capitalizing on the wave of popularity, is to talk briefly about magic, the occult and how the reality is divorced from the fantasy… or is it?

Zatanna has been around for a while, and as an occult superhero her technique was as simple as speaking her will phonetically as is written backwards in her dialogue baloons. Although a simple idea, especially for children that could have the fun of interpreting the backwards writing – I imagine Grant Morrison jumped onto the similarities to sigil magic (wherein the letters of a statement of intent are mixed into a visual symbol or rearranged into nonsense vocabulary for chanting) and went wild. I’ll have to look into buying the comics now.

A lot of people looking into magic have been inspired by stories of magicians, I personally count Dr. Strange as much an influence as Aleister Crowley. But, also, many people so inspired can lose interest quickly upon learning that techniques of flying, turning invisible or shooting fireballs aren’t readily available from magic, and really, may be more available from mechanics.

Looking to magic from preconceptions of fiction is to start with many misconceptions. Magic as I practice it covers any expression of will. If I desire to shoot fire from my hands, a flame-thrower is the path of least resistance for the fulfilment of said desire. I know that’s a let-down for someone hoping for magical access to supernatural fire-starting abilities. I’m not saying such powers aren’t real or available – I don’t know that.  I just know that the flame-thrower is the easier way to go about it if what’s important is the result.

But here are some ideas approaching magic as we know it from fiction:

How to develope fire starting ability:

I have once found instruction on developing a fire starting supernatural ability. You would be recommended to work with candles. Begin with lit candles and try to snuff the candle out without blowing, fanning or pinching the fire out – use your ‘ki’ or personal energy. Once you are competent at so snuffing fire – the next step is to use your ‘ki’ or personal energy to re-light a freshly snuffed candle, you are permitted the benefit the smoke and heat of the freshly extinguished candle. Should you get good at this, next step is lighting a fresh unlit candle. After getting good at that, perhaps you’ll never need matches again!

Just so you know, I read those instructions and now do not have the ability for lack of even trying. I just don’t get the benefit for the cost of so much effort (I promise you it’s gonna take a lot of effort), and I know no one that’s able to provide an example of being able to do this, so I can’t promise you the effort isn’t a waste. You are welcome to try, and if you get good at it – please let me know about it – and James Randi may cut a check for you!

Instant magics:


I’ve already explained the power if simple intent. Of course getting it to work is a subtle art requiring a developed self awareness. A simple intent concentrated on without attachment to the result, without anything else in the mind getting in the way of the concentration – will produce positive results dependably. If you’re being angry or upset, this technique is worthless.

Servitors – or casting spontaneous ‘spells’

This is the first explanation of servitors on this blog. A servitor is a ‘thought form’, given power by you, that serves you. The idea comes from Tibetan Buddhist magic, and originally is known as a ‘Tupla’. Writers of fiction that experience characters becoming so real they can ‘write their own dialogue’ – have  successfully manifested such a thought form.

When creating a servitor, because I’m a writer, I recommend creating it as you create a fictional character. Write out a statement of intent for the thought form, detailing it’s responsibilities, motivation and how it can be rewarded. A servitor can be created with a motivation to help you and to be motivated by the reward you’ll give upon helping you.

It’s important to reward the servitor as it reinforces the sense of reality the servitor has for you, empowering it. I recommend friendly servitors motivated to help you and happy to accept your sacrifice of a destructive behaviour. For example, if a servitor helps you find your keys, you could reward the servitor with a day of no smoking, no drinking, not biting your finger nails – whatever habit you would like to be without, you can define your servitor as desiring you to be without it as well.

That said, your servitor should be a real character to you, know what it looks like, know its personality, motivation and so forth. It’s motivation should be to prove its worth, or something else that makes it a natural ally. Include the instruction for how the servitor is to be summoned. A servitor can be named and summoned by name, also attached to a figurine, clay model, gem or jewellery.

Include in the servitor definition, a simple formula to destroy the servitor and return its energies to you. Sometimes servitors grow so powerful as to be less helpful, or is too rarely used, and including a destroy and reincorporate  instruction in its creation definition is helpful should this occur.

Of this statement of intent/creation, create a sigil as you would for any other sort of sigil magic. It is recommended to use sexual orgasm to launch the sigil, the relation of sex orgasm to giving birth gives a dimension of sympathetic magic to the process.

In practical terms, a servitor can be unleashed with a ‘magic word’, a movement of the hand in the air (in the shape of its sigil, use a simple sigil) – or any other technique you imagine.

Of course to model the spells of Dr. Strange, such servitors would constitute abstracted powers – and you CAN make servitors of abstracted powers. Using a character, making a person of the servitor – is something I feel works very well for easy success – it models the common successful servitor creation process of any fiction author.

The advantage of a servitor is that the thought form contains ready magical energy, it’s like a battery waiting to be used.


Real magic is not the same stuff as in comics or tv shows. The main misunderstanding is that magic offers power that others do not have. The reality is that everyone practices magic if they know it or not (prayer,tarot, astrology, any form of luck or visualization) and what distinguishes a magician, is the will to practice magic well.

I presented two techniques for using magic ‘casually’, as the magical superheroes might. But there are no special effects unless you chose to imagine them. Realize though, that at least some writers are describing what the magician is imagining in the comic book – to an onlooker, they are just standing there mumbling and waving their hands in the air crazy like.

Doctrine of Signatures, Belief and the Collective Unconscious.

The Doctrine of Signatures : Every plant put on this Earth by God, is here for the use of Humanity (Genesis 1:29), and the value of each plant to mankind will be revealed to the discriminating herb doctor by the shape and/or colouration of the plant itself, its spiritual “signature”.

Such is the basis of all magical herbalism – be it traditional European herbal magic, ‘Wiccan’ herbal magic or Hoodoo herbal and root magic. Like herbal medicine, there is also the benefit of trial and error – but magic is tragically subjective and vague when it comes to a precise cause for an effect.

Chaos Magic, as envisioned by Peter Carrol, doesn’t dabble with roots or herbs intrinsically, but may secondarily if a magician chooses try on such a paradigm.

With the Doctrine of Signatures laid bare – many ‘psychic censors’ could be set off. We understand from our experience and from science that looks aren’t everything, and therefore if the Doctrine of Signatures provides a magically effective foundation – surely it’s a function of belief or faith, not supernatural spiritual essence of the plant, mineral or curio.

And, indeed, when buying herbs and materials from occult resources, sometimes you will get any old brown thing for the brown herb you ordered, on the understanding the magic is a function of belief, not the specific herb. Here’s where I’ll plug, the owner, catherine yronwode, is an expert gardener and author of the excellent Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic – providing a resource for the ordering of authentic herbs, roots and forumulas in the Hoodoo tradition.

Now, the Occult shop selling you the wrong herb, they are not wrong. If you accept the wrong herb as the real thing, your belief alone can work very effective magic. But if the herb had been the real thing, do we know the magic wouldn’t have been that much more effective?

Plants, after all, are alive. If we accept the conceit that people have souls and magical potential, it’s not much of a stretch to believe animals and plants that are alive as we are alive are similarly spiritual and magical.

Lastly, the Collective Unconscious, theorized by C.G.Jung, has life in magic theory. Being that the beliefs of our predecessors are still potent on the domain of collective unconscious. So if you’re working with a magic herb (or any magical idea) with some history, the collective unconscious – perhaps it’s backing up your belief with the momentum of tradition giving your magic even more power.

Why Hoodoo?

The European magical tradition  makes things more difficult than it has to be. There is method to this madness, if you believe an herb must be harvested during a speficic phase of the moon else it’s worthless – it’s going to prove more effective for magicians that need to work hard to believe magic can work. There’s a lot of other Euro-baggage suggesting, more or less, that your magic had better be ‘white’ and ideally, ‘high magic’ else doom is sure to follow.

Hoodoo is African American folk magic, herbs are considered whole and as God intended them however they are harvested, magic isn’t divided into ‘black or white’ so neatly – depending on the circumstance a ‘black’ magic act could be for the greater good.

I came to Hoodoo early in my exploration of magic, and dismissed it as foolish folklore. Only after being exposed to Chaos Magic did I realize I could relinquish my prejudice and look at Hoodoo with new eyes.

Hoodoo has two key advantages in my opinion. It’s AMERICAN, which means, as an American – most or all of the herbs and roots are available, many grow locally. Second, Hoodoo is regularly structured in terms of a business. That means if a forumula doesn’t work, you’ll have an unsatisfied customer. A solitary magician working with herbs and roots may always be successful due to his will alone. Working with non magician customers gives you a superior way to evaluate the effectiveness of specific herbs, roots and formulas.

If you are interested in working with a professional Hoodoo Rootworker, I can recommend Dr. Kioni of

To be honest, I don’t know that when herb and rootwork is effective, exactly why its effective. If you’ve read my blog you  may suspect I’m using Hoodoo for the formulas using candles, incense and so forth – and you’d be right. It’s a beautiful tradition, a unique American hybrid of African, European and American Indian magical traditions.

To learn more, is the resource I use other than books. It’s a site very dense with some of the best Hoodoo info you will find anywhere online. will also provide you with with traditionally formulated oils, powders and so forth, very afford-ably.

From cat yronwode’s book, Hoodoo and Root magic, here’s a list of herbs, roots, minerals and curios associated with attracting paying customers to a business:
  • Agrimony
  • Alfalfa
  • All Spice
  • Benzoin
  • Buckeye
  • Cinnamon
  • Coral Root
  • Dirt Dauber Nest
  • Earth Smoke
  • Five-Finger grass
  • Frog
  • Gall of the Earth
  • Ginger
  • Gunpowder
  • Irish Moss
  • Jezebel Root
  • Lodestone
  • Mace
  • Magnetic sand
  • Personal Concerns
  • Pyrite
  • Red Brick Dust
  • Sassafras
  • Sqill
  • Sweeteners
  • Tobacco
  • Vetiver
  • Yellow Dock

Random Blog + Zen toon

Okay, I have been getting replies to posts here. Mostly congratulating me on site content and design, sometimes critical of the design.

I am aware the current blog theme doesn’t hold together all that well when not in its frame ( At some point I’m either going to hack this theme or roll my own.

As for question relating to: ‘how do I with my blog…’. I’m sorry, it’s simple stuff and I lack the patience. I’m using my own webhost account with cpanel, WordPress was auto-installable with Fantastico. Every webhost I work with has to be linux with cpanel and Fantasico (I understand cpanel can be a pain for server administrators, but it’s wonderful for end users, and I’m mostly an end user). The technology is labelled ‘LAMP” for Linux, Apache,MySql and PHP.

If you want webhosting like I describe, I presented 3 such hosts in this blog post, including one amazing host offering such quality hosting for FREE.

I do intend to learn PHP, but am currently working on coding html and working with css.

WordPress themes may be accessed from wordpress itself. If it doesn’t auto install a theme, just download the zip file and upload the file (follow instructions, I forget if you upload the zip file or the uncompressed directory) to the wordpress directory for themes on your server.

If you want to see how I’m doing, my first hand coded html and CSS is here If you notice, the type is larger and the typesetting is easier to read. I need to update this blog with my css knowhow, I will too. -Have to adjust the permissions on my server though.

If you want to use the theme I’m using – the credits are at the bottom of this blog. The theme is called ‘pixel’.

Where’s my reply?

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A valuable reply would be related to the content of a post. Especially comments, what you believe to be a correction, and especially your questions. But relating to reality hacking or business. I’ll overrule a spam designation if the content is worthwhile and your comment will post. Be aware though, that links to porn, gambling or anything legally dubious -hurts THIS site in the eyes of search engines, and will not be posted under any circumstances.

Zen cartoon

Since I’m using this post to handle site administration and other geeky stuff like spam, I’ll post one of my cartoons for those feeling burned by not having any realtity hacking content.

Now, understand this cartoon is based on an authentic story of the Zen tradition, tho perhaps the original is less violent.

Understand that Zen Buddism champions the concept that enlightenment is a sudden spontaneous thing, interrupting ‘logical’ thought being believed an effective way to stimulate such a sudden spontaneous phenomena. The content of enlightenment is indescribable in language – but pointing at it with language it might consist of a sense of spectacular interconnectedness of all life combined with a sense of ultimate possibility, or ’emptiness’.

The art of interrupting logical thought involves questions that defy obvious logic or demand answers defying logic, sometimes violence is used – effective as a function of its shock value.

Here then, for entertainment value, is a zen story that is as ridiculous as it is violent and funny. It’s so extreme, I thought to substitute ‘Power of Positive Nihilism’ so as to not prejudice readers against Buddhism or Zen. I expect Kitschchaos readers to be smarter than that.

Drawn by hand by me, copyright 2009 Michael R. Cooke – even though I originally created the piece over a decade ago.


Using magic in business

The magic in theory and practice thing has been overwhelming all else in this blog. Which is not a bad thing, there’s not enough simple and coherent information sharing in the realm of occult as a subject. But the purpose is to crack open the business paradigm where magic can really make a massive difference to level the playing field.

Here’s why I believe this. How I see magic as being a critical edge in any business.


In an earlier post I explained a simple principle of divination, ‘coincidence’ is more a rule than exception and if you allow yourself to take a random based divination seriously, the result will always have relevance to your question. Whether divination brings forth ‘hidden’ information you knew all along but were less conscious of, or it supernaturally reveals such information – is moot. Divination works very well to appreciate a situation ‘objectively’ and to obtain advice or the value of a second perspective.

If you are researching a niche for your business, considering a new partner, a new advertising program – no matter the kind of decision, if it is important, divination is very helpful when it comes to you making good decision. Consider the billions of dollars lost recently to bad decisions, that deciders knew on some level were bad – decisions that divination could have altered ( if they did it themselves to not get a message they want to hear).


In the world of business there are masters, the very successful people that understand something that allows them to be wildly successful. As a businessman, you should be learning from such people, find someone that is successful the way you want to be successful and model their success for your own.

But, let’s face it, whoever it is you choose to admire and model yourself after – fundamentally you are not that person! Without magic, you could find yourself in a rut, trying to be something you’re not. With the magical technique of invocation, you can work your brain for all it’s worth! It’s an open question if when you invoke a being if that spirit is literally within you or is the stuff of imagination. But it doesn’t matter, the effect can be so real you’d swear another brain is in you. Invoke the master you admire! Get coaching that would cost you tens of thousands of dollars or  more! And when you invoke – the master is everything you’d expect! Not like in real life when folks can let you down.

Sigil Magic:

If you’re in business or sales, you likely know all about visualization and maintaining a positive mental attitude. You also know it doesn’t always work, and it’s not always easy to be upbeat.

But if you know there’s powerful magic working in the back ground on your behalf, how do you feel now? Now a positive mental attitude has something to base itself on! All you have to do is put in the work to make a pathway for the result to manifest!

And, really, sigil magic is extremely powerful stuff, designed specifically to deliver results dependably!


I’ve not written about this magical technique yet, but I am going to very soon. A servitor is something coming from a technique borrowed from Tibetan Buddhism and originally is known as a ‘tupla’. It is, literally, a ‘thought form’. That is to say, a personal being you create to serve you in a specific way. Authors of fiction  routinely report a phenomena wherein fictional characters ‘take on life’, and do things like ‘write their own dialogue’. The servitor is this phenomena created intentionally and with an intention to work magically on behalf of the magician.

Servitors can do anything from find lost objects, make traffic  lights cooperate with you when driving, or help you find a parking spot.

For business people, servitors can be created to help sell your goods, to sabotage a competitor or to give you business insight when you need it.


If you’re a business person – read this blog, buy and read my e-book (coming soon!) and apply its lessons! This is the missing element to your business plan! If you are serious about success, you are not doing everything you can if you don’t give real magic a shot.

The rest of you, interested in magic and ignoring the business stuff – what are you doing? Have you noticed what the economy is like these days? What are you doing about it? Remember, you have a responsibility to be successful – nothing less will encourage the people you know that success is possible for them too!

Children of the Corn, children and magic

Children of the Corn. This turn of phrase at this moment in time refers to sugar becoming popular again as high fructose corn syrup takes on blame for children’s obesity (I’m for it despite the idiocy, sugar is as fattening as corn syrup – but sugar is  a better tasting and higher quality sweetener).

The point of this blog post isn’t about obesity or sweeteners though. It’s about children, and why we fear them. Because ‘Children of the Corn‘ is most familiar as a Stephen King horror movie, featuring supernatural effects and spooky children. But that movie is hardly isolated in making horror monsters of children, the genre of horror movies has spooky dangerous dangerous children as a regular recurring theme.

Why do we fear children? And we do. Horror movies wouldn’t use children to scare us if we didn’t fear children. Children are small, relatively dumb, weak … what is it about children we find threatening?

It’s because children are magical. And if just instinctively, we know this. And that’s why they are featured in horror movies. It’s children that first see ghosts, have ‘invisable’ play mates, are the ones that see supernatural beings like fairies.

Some magicians will suggest becoming childlike is a key to being effective at magic. They are right. But they rarely explain what that means and why it’s a winning strategy.

First of all, the common eastern philosophical imperative, ‘be here now!’ is a mental state children are in very regularly – because the world is new to them and they have an awful or of information to consume- the privilege of not being present is less available to them.

Second, children have amazing capacity to believe, the monster under the bed is almost always a genuine conviction. The ‘psychic censor’ is underdeveloped in children, there’s little to get in the way of any given belief for a child.

Lastly, children pretend and play! The stuff of magic is exactly pretend and play!

Children are powerful and dangerous, and we go to horror movies to remind us why.

Now, presuming you’re an adult wanting to become a competent magician, what’s the point here? Well, the main point is that as an adult you are still a child, you had been a child, and the child you had been, you have that child’s memories and capabilities. You’ve grown and matured, but nothing you could do as a child is denied you explicitly – your access is limited because of other useful things you learned, which may be summed up as your psychic censor and your ‘identity’ as an adult.

My uncle is in his 60’s, facing mortality, and wants to live the next decade with a slowed sense of time, as he experienced as a child. How to do this? I believe it relates to magic as well, unlearning enough to become powerful in magic.  In my opinion, the idea of ‘be here now’ is key – children experience slow time as they absorb more experience in that time than an adult might.

To cut to the chase, the elements of childhood useful for magic, that a magician would want to reclaim: easy belief, awareness and willingness to pretend and play.

The simplest to accomplish is the willingness to pretend and play, what might stop you is the thought of looking foolish. Now there is a real insight that can make it easier. I’m not sure how best to communicate it for you to really ‘get it’ though. The thing to remember is that while human being is diverse, we’re also very similar. If you go out in public with the fear of being judged by those that see you – imagine they fear being judged by you. It’s just as real, there are people that really do fear being judged by you! And if you can understand irrationality of the fear -feel free to pretend and play and not care what others think.

Easy belief is much harder as an adult – but if you can reclaim the ability to pretend, the power of imagination can be pretty amazing. ‘Fake it till you make it’ is a cliche ’cause it works.

The ‘awareness’ of a child is a much larger goal if you seriously pursue, ‘being here now’. But it is also a key to mastery and magic.  Being present means knowing what the hallway you pass every day on your way to work, what it really looks like. Usual consciousness simply refers to all the hallways you’ve already experienced and only registered relevant differences, like the position of the stairs and elevator. When we do this with people it’s called a ‘steroetype’, but we do it anyway. usual consciousness works this way because it’s efficient. Being really aware at all times is kin to a 24/7 conscious meditation where the  mind is focused on being what you doing and experiencing right now. If you want to master this art of consciousness, regular Zen meditation will train your consciousness to be more capable – here’s where I explained the basics:

Other magic ideas – Moon & Numerology

Okay, Sigil magic and LOA are , really, not all that hard to do. The problem is getting the practice to deliver results. How Chaos Magic is different from, say Wicca, is that Chaos Magic doesn’t suggest there’s a right way to do anything. Chaos Magic borrows from scientific method – experiment to find what works – try it! While there are principles common to all magic, they relate to mental state and each person is unique in how best they can reach a given state.

There are many very complex magical systems, and they work for many people. Simple magic systems work for many people as well. What will work for you, in my opinion, is a function of how you’re conditioned. If you believe in your core, that benefit is something possible only with great effort – a magic system requiring great effort will be required for you to see results to your magic. The Catholic Christian paradigm has many examples of Saints, weilding powerful magic with nothing more complex than faith – if you’re inspired by such examples complexity could hurt your results.

Most of us are somewhere between those two extremes. So if you’re using Sigil magic (with LOA, ‘intellectual decompression’ is non-sequitor), adding elements to give you more faith and/or exite your imagination and quiet your rational mind could be the thing to make the difference.

Traditionally elements added to make magic seem more magical are stuff like:

  • important things that are hard to obtain (like coffin nails, but generally specific herbs and oils and so forth)
  • precise timing (is the moon waxing or waning, is the year/month day/hour/minute – the correct one)
  • Herbal baths
  • Incense
  • Candles
  • spooky language (Dr. Dee’s Enochian is popular, as are King James Psalms)
  • Costume
  • Altar

Now you’ll notice I’m not going into specifics much. I may at some later point, but I also feel that you shouldn’t tie yourself down to someone else’s formula necessarilly. Magic is in many ways, play – work with what seems right to you and I believe your results will be excellent. If what seems right to you is to follow specific instructions that worked for others, I have many good books for sale in the shop section – currently available on the Tools page.

But I am going to introduce classic numerology. The reason is simple, I’m fond of numerology and feel Astrology is over used. For purposes of establishing time, numerology is as valid abstractly as astrological associations of hours, days and months.

The Moon is very quick to explain. It’s Wicca 101, that when a moon is waning, spells should be cast to lose something, and when the moon is waxing, spellcasting should be for gaining something. Here’s the key though, is that any desire you have can be expressed either way (though, granted, the results may not be exactly the same).


  • To gain love or lose loneliness
  • to get rich or lose debt
  • to gain justice or lose injustice
  • to gain luck or lose bad luck

Now if you’re using sigil magic blindly, having forgotton the correlation of desire to sigil, you can opt out of using the moon phase. It’s not an element commonly used with sigil magic. But including the moon phase with your sigil magic is as simple as sorting your sigils into ‘waxing’ and ‘waning’ categories as you create them.

If you are using a sigil with the correlating desire in your mind – this opens the opportunity of using classical magical technique. The catch is that it harder, you could use the Law of Attraction to reinforce the idea if inevitability of your magic, that the result is manifested (before its manifested) – that could nip the lust for result in the bud.

Classic magical technique: involves using your desire to accomplish gnosis, you visualize your desire being fulfilled and bring as much emotion to the visualization as possible. Chanting an incantation, or a sigilized mantra could be helpful here. Sympathetic magic (‘voodoo doll’ is the classic example of sympathetic magic) is helpful. The idea is to reach an explosive ‘orgasm’ of relevant  emotion, be it lust, love, greed, anger..what have you.

Just one note on ‘Classic’ magic technique. Those who work with sigil magic are very familiar with the idea of reaching gnosis with masturbatory orgasm – it’s easy and it works well. When it comes to ‘classic’ magic, this is no less true. When Aleister Crowley spoke of ‘killing kids’, he  allowed people to imagine he meant human babies – really he was referring to personal ejaculation from sex or masturbation. To classic magic, sexual orgasm is so powerful magically it’s a technique to be withheld, to keep the number of really effective magicians limited. And yes, the magician’s orgasm is far more powerful than any variety of bloody sacrifice – which if hypothetically you had no problem killing or cutting  for magic, is a bottom line reason not to.

How to use sex orgasm for a desire not sex related? It’s a matter of practice…sometimes the sex orgasm and fantasy to reach orgasm – doesn’t interfere with the other desire.


numerology1Okay. Numerology is very simple stuff, I believe Plato came up with it, or I got the wrong Greek. The chart up top gives the correspondence between numbers and letters.

Numerology can become very complex and provides an in-depth alternative to Astrology for ‘finding yourself’ and establishing good and negative years, days months, hours.

I’m not standing up for the infallibility of any astrology or numerology when it comes to accurately telling people who they are. If nothing else, I stand for the belief that people are moving targets and grow and change if they want to.

That said, if you understand the basics of numerology, it’s very helpful to understanding tarot, which is based on numerology largely.

So, how to use Numerology to ‘find out’ about yourself. First you use your full birth name, In my case it’s Michael Robin Cooke – then you find the corresponding numbers, add them together, and ‘reduce’ the number to 22, 11 or 1 thru 9. This delivers numbers for ‘who you are, and who you are on the outside/inside.  Do the same thing with your birthday for a number relating to your’fate’.

Michael Robin Cooke becomes
Michael(4+9+3+8+1+5+3)33 Robin (9+6+2+9+5) 31 Cooke(3+6+6+2+5)22
to reduce 86 to a single number, 22,11 or 1-9, I add the 8+6 = 14, 1+4=5

5 is my personal number.

my birthday is 11/02/1966 so… 11+2+1966=1979   1+9+7+9=26  2+6=8

8 is my ‘destiny’ number.

The meaning of numbers kinda makes sense, almost tells a story.

  1. one is a number of great power and of creation, in the beginning was one, metaphorically the number of GOD.

  2. two is a number of sex, the first ‘other’, represents reliance on others, seduction, manipulation.

  3. three is a number of creative magic, procreation and luck.

  4. four is the minimum number of sides for a three dimensional object. A number of concrete reality representing hard work and effort, also dependability and work ethic.

  5. five is the number of fingers on a human hand, the number of chaos, creativity, eccentricity and forceful magic. In tarot ‘chaos’ is understood as negative.

  6. six is ‘3’ doubled, it represents family, love and family takes center stage.

  7. seven is a classic magic number, and it does represent insight and mysticism. It can also suggest delusion and can be associated with schizophrenia.

  8. Eight is ‘4’ doubled, it represents mastery of material reality, usually business and terms of grandiose success… or loss.

  9. Nine is a powerful and positive number. It is also the number of Satan metaphorically, representing the mistaken notion that the power of nine is the ultimate, when really it falls short of the power of God/10/ ‘1’

  • 11 – Eleven is a number of Mastery, commonly mastery of ideas and concepts and on a scale that is potentially world transforming. A number that reduces to 11 does not get reduced to ‘2’.

  • 22 – Twenty two is the number of the Master Builder, mastery of generation of institutions and things. Greater mastery than 11 and on a scale that is potentially world transforming.

There’s an awful lot more you can do with numerology. If you’re really interested, let me know and I may do a blog post in more depth.

For now, it’s enough to know that any date can be reduced numerologically (see how I arrived at my birthday number) – and using the theme of a dates number for corresponding spells.Here’s how i’d use the correspondences.

  • ‘1’ for spells relating to a new business or creation of something.
  • ‘2’ for spells relating to manipulation, attracting love or sex.
  • ‘3’ for spells relating to simple luck or procreation.
  • ‘4’ for spells relating to finding a job, growing in competence/mastery at a job.
  • ‘5’ for creative insight, powers of imagination, spells relating to impossible situations, for radical change or for increasing reality hacking/magic power.
  • ‘6’ for spells relating to mending relationships with family, friends, lovers.
  • ‘7’ for spells relating to psychic power, insight, inspiration, breaking a writing block.
  • ‘8’ for spells relating to business success, stock market success.
  • ‘9’ for spells relating to gaining power and perhaps powerful spells of an aggressive nature.
  • ’11’ for spells relating to impacting a great many people with an idea, or to get the inspiration for a very ‘viral’ concept.
  • ’22’ for spells relating to blessing a business, family or to powerfully empower an institution.

Yeah, if you’re using sigils that’s you’ve forgotten the corresponding desire for, using numerology requires you to categorize sigils into 11 rough distinctions. For number 1-9 you can probably find a spot in a  month for 9 days of consecutive sigil launching. The ’11’ and ’22’ days are going to be less regular.

Doing Law of Attraction, Magic – RIGHT!

To learn the very best way to master the Law of Attraction and transform your life – Download the “Law of Attraction – The KitshcChaos Way!” E-book Immediately!

The Law of Attraction the Kitschchaos Way ebook is freely available now.

Okay, many reading this post are looking for recommendations , not an explanation of how there is no one ‘right’ way (we’re all different, there is no one right way). My honest best advice relating to Law of Attraction is in another blog post, this one (and, it has been replaced with the downloadable E-book – please register above to get yours now!)

There was a spammy reply to my Law of Attraction post (the referring url, not the content) suggesting what a person should do to start off a Law of Attraction practice, is to take responsibility for their life!

All magic is about using will to cause change. Power and responsibility are exactly the same thing. The mere act of using Law of Attraction or other magic makes you reponsible to the degree it is effective. And, being the stuff of subjectivity – belief can make it real! Believe yourself to be powerful, and so you will become!

But – there’s a down side too. If you’re responsible for your life, you’re blameworthy for any illness or loss that could impact your circumstances.

Consider a story outline I’ll be turning into a comic (I write and draw comics, when this site is supplemented with some, the ‘kitsch’ part of will make more sense). The teen girl has been working magic since she was a tween, recently her chaos magic practice has turned into a variation on Christian faith. And then, her parents die in a car crash. Did the girl’s magic cause this? She, as any teen, did desire independence – did this desire fuel the death of her parents as a terrible consequence? Is she responsible? How can she know that she’s not? What a terrible burden.

And that’s how power is dangerous. If you have power and do nothing, you’re responsible. If you have power and do something, you’re responsible. If you look at the people living life with you, what is very common is a communal avoidance of responsibility. Responsibility is unwanted, the common desire for power – the desire itself is false. People popularly crave the blamelessness of no power.

So what is the right way to go about things?

Here’s the thing, you, who are reading this blog post – you are not me. All I can tell you is what is right for me.

And this is the critically important thing I want to express, the reason Chaos Magic has an edge on other magical paradigms. One style does not fit all. If you are the eldest of many siblings, assuming responsibility may be very comfortable and natural for you – if so,  believing that all, good or ill in your life, is your responsibility – will work beautifully to engender a powerful practice. Another person, such as myself,  may be less eager to take personal accountability for purposes of ‘staying sane’ and not surrendering blamelessness entirely.

Regard the ‘staying sane’, let me provide the example  of my using magic to help elect President Obama. Obama won that election , am I personally responsible? Any psychiatrist confronted with the claim of being personally responsible for the outcome of any public election would reasonably consider it compelling evidence for a diagnosis of mental illness. Putting limits on the degree you’re responsbile becomes necessary at some point. (but just in case, I’m working magic to have the American economy healthy again -lol).

All I can do is explain how I approach this, what is ‘right’ for me. What is right for you is likely something else. Your job as a magician is to become the best magician YOU can be, your gifts, strengths and weaknesses are unique to you and will necessarily shape the way in which you can be the most effective reality hacker you can be.

I work with a lot of uncertainty and ‘recognize’ that everyone expresses will and works magic, consciously or not. With this model, when you work magic, the effect is working a compromise between your will, that of the universe and the others living in it. So if something unfortunate happens, I’m not blaming myself. I’ll look upon the poor circumstance as an opportunity to learn and perhaps a necessary step towards gain on a scale I never imagined before.

But realize, the former paragraph isn’t truth. I don’t know what the truth is. What it provides is a story about magic that allows me to exercise power and not fret over being responsible for every sad circumstance I endure in the process. Stories can be useful that way.

Creationist Museum accepts Darwin?

check it out here

This Post is not exactly about Darwin or Creationism, however it does serve as a model. This post is more about the nature of belief, sanity and the Psychic censor.

Psychic Censor, if you’ve not been reading this blog or arn’t otherwise familiar with the concept, is that sceptical part of your mind that doubts magic or anything supernatural could be real. All of us posess a psychic censor, but clearly, that of an honest Creationist and that of a materialist scientist would be at odds. There is a conclusion this evidence suggests, not that one point of view is right and the other wrong- there are intelligent people representing both points of view – what can be concluded relates to the human  nature of belief and truth.

We imagine we examine evidence and then arrive at conclusions. We might do that, but we’re too clever. We can bring to evidence existing conclusions and interpret the evidence to make it fit.  That’s how people are of a different political party or different religious faith than you and feel just like you do that they understand what’s real – and you’re the amazingly stupid idiot. (Note that I  too am personally and automatically  intolerant of those that oppose my pre-existing bias and beliefs, I do speak for myself).

Now, relating to the article, I personally find it a shame that Creationists are allowing evolution even limited recognition, even though the fact of evolution is observable phenomena in nature. Why? Because hard line Creationists allow occult magicians to occur as tame and grounded in reality by comparison? At least Creationists convictions relating to the age of the Earth are starkly contradicted by the physical evidence of geologic record.

A conversation I had with my uncle the other day. If you believe God has written instruction personally to you on golden tablets no one else has seen, as an individual almost any psychiatrist would understand this belief to support a diagnosis of mental illness. Yet if you are a Mormon, representing the identical belief but on a mass scale – you are sane.

For those of you with a profound sense of magic not being real, understand that far wilder assumptions are broadly accepted – a belief in magic is actually conservative in scope. Chaos Magic isn’t suggesting you believe anything as truth, but rather, use  belief as a tool. Magic isn’t science, but because of the inescapable element of subjectivity that necessarilly magic is steeped in. Inside that limitation, what matters are real results – that comforts many psychic censors.

To leave you with a fable then.

A wise man became aware that the town’s water supply was to be poisoned in the space of a week, a poison that would drive people insane. The wise man warned everyone of this and he took the initiative to find a separate well where the water would be safe. Unfortunately, the wise man’s warning was  not believed and went unheeded. The town people drank of the poisoned water source, and sure enough, they all lost their sanity.

The wise man, with his secure well water did not go insane. But he was alone in his sanity. Alone, lonely and unhappy. So the wise man drnk of the poisoned water that he would share in the insanity of the townspeople and enjoy compainionship once again.

The end.

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