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Today I’m relocating to upstate NY, close to Ithaca NY. I may be unable to post for a while as the broadband at the family farm isn’t in place yet. But this site is going to get a lot of new content that I’ll be working on offline. Yes, this is a business focused flavor of a chaos magic site, but I do mean to provide some basic online materials introducing people to the ideas of chaos magic. Some of the posts I’ve made recently might be losing people. So, there will be articles, not just blog posts on these subjects.

Yes, small tragedy is forcing this move, but my magic may also be behind this. On the farm I’ll have the time and freedom to get some comics done and really add the content this site deserves.

Atavism and Zen?

Okay, this is a concept key to my personal take on Chaos magic. I’ll try to get ‘yall up to speed quickly.

There’s many concepts relating to exactly what powers a magical result. Pete Carrol, who shaped and named Chaos Magic, champions a concept called ‘gnosis’. This may be roughly analogous to a mental state named samadhi, if you know what that is. it can be described as a state of ‘no mind’. Commonly the moment of sexual orgasm is believed to constitute a moment of gnosis, and is popularly exploited for magic purposes.

Austin Osman Spare, from whom Carrol got his better ideas, theorized that there are more ‘primitive’ atavistic parts to our consciousness, and these aspects of ourselves wield the greatest magical power.

Of course it’s not hard to place a dark glamor on such ideas, the primitive parts of ourselves are dangerous – ‘forbidden’ – no?

Well, if this empowered animistic self is animal like, seems to me the example of an animal consciousness might provide a clue as to what to look for within. In my case I have readily available the example of the animal consciousness of my two pet cats.

And what do I find? Well, it looks like Zen to me.

What is zen? You do know! Consider the sport, videogame or craft you excel at, and look for this moment, almost everyone has one: you’re performing perfectly, everything you do is right … and then you notice how well you’re doing … and instantly you lose it and screw up or something.

The zen state is one of ‘being the deed getting done’ – there’s no room for ‘you’. The moment “I am..” enters the picture – you lose the zen state of mind.

Which brings us back to kitty, and perhaps why cats universally are renowned for balance and grace – they live primarily in that zen state.

Is zen ‘being’ the same as Spare’s Atavism?

I don’t know for sure, but I’m working with the idea. It’s worth a test to see if the zen state has power in it as Spare theorizes for his animistic state. I believe so.

So what I’m proposing is a form of magic without props – simple intent.

Intend for something to happen – without attachment, without “I am” in the consciousness fouling things up. Try it for something like a parking spot when driving, or a seat on a commuter train. Use it for something too important to you, your identity will likely but in.

That’s all, reply with your experiences doing this – here or email me at – Thanks!

Yes, I’ve validated the concept for myself with this technique. It works!

Coming Soon…

This site hasn’t been updated too recently, but I am at work creating valuable content. I’m working on an e-book and pouring the insights that are the motivation for this site into that project, in a way this e-book will be the heart of this site.

To bribe folks to sign up for the mailing list I’ll be releasing an edition of Wallace Wattles, Science of getting Rich. What is now known as ‘The Secret’, is actually pretty old. The ‘Law of Attraction’ was first formulated during the turn of the 20th century in a movement known as ‘New Thought’. I feel this is the best book of the genre, and I’ll be adding some of my own content to it. It will be free for anyone signing up for the Kitschchaos mailing list, and folks already on the list will be emailed a link to a download page.

The main e-book will take a few rewrites. Every chaos magician arrives at a personal take on magic, and the writing of this book is forcing me to to clarify, unite my ideas, and also to spin them in such a way as to be most useful for people and make a difference in their lives and their business.

This ebook is also a magic spell in an of itself. A large category of magic involves visualization and modeling an intended result – in Hoodoo, for example – lodestones are frequently used: as the lodestone attracts, metaphorically and magically wealth and/or love can be attracted. A hypersigil operates in a similar way – it is often a narrative, such a written story of fiction – that metaphorically and magically operates on behalf of the author’s will. In this case, this e-book is an act of magic to manifest myself as the great success I will become.

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