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Opposite of a Guru? a Urug?

Hi folks,

So I’m going to break a cardinal rule of marketing help and advice for business – Not only not making a display of my own success and wealth – but being upfront and honest about the opposite.

Today I done and went lost my day job. I wasn’t fired exactly – I’ve been working as a webmaster and production artist for – but the economy is kicking enough folks asses the business was losing money and I was part of a necessary ‘downsizing’.

I can’t yet say that I’m a failure or even that my magic has failed me – this is a change, and change is necessary for transformation.

So in a way a benefit of magic in this case is that there’s no room for malaise. If magic is working to create an opportunity for me, the loss of this job may be a necessary thing for the opportunity to manifest at all. I’ve got to be ready for it.

Practicing magic means taking responsibility for how life turns out by claiming the power to make a difference. So there’s always hope, and then some.

And now y’all have a reason to follow this blog – how will my story turn out anyway?

Thoughts on divination and synchronicity

Fortune telling is a job, and while there are fortune tellers that use their intuition and believe the same to have psychic prowess – most commonly the claim of ‘psychic’ is is bullshit to have you believe the psychic alone can use divination. Indeed some ‘fortune tellers’ are pure scam and give the same routine to every customer and the tarot cards or what have you are simply decoration.

The reality is that divination is random, there’s little ‘psychic’ anything required – and it always works!

But to REALLY understand that – you have to roll your own divination.

Get some tarot cards and an instruction book -or  check out right now – and give it a try. It’s the only way you’ll learn. Facade introduces you several kinds of divination (their numerology defies tradition though, they deliver something akin to a modernized kabbalah system)

Having played with divination for some time here are my insights.

Flipping a coin doesn’t work, there’s not enough depth to allow you to subjectively interpret anything.

Divination is not the future, it’s more like the path of least resistance you’re on at the moment of divining.

If you try again for a better result, like gambling – the results become silly, contradictory or simply stop making sense.

Divining for others is spooky, their unfamiliarity with the system usually gives them unconscious strong belief – so whatever you say is highly likely to come true. So it’s REALLY important to either be positive, or let them know the future will change if they do something else.

How does divination work is there’s nothing ‘psychic’ to it? Pay attention, this in a way is how all magic works: it’s a reliable coincidence! See, folks only notice a coincidence very occasionally – and because the consciousness is spotty we imagine the fact of coincidence is also very occasional. The reality is that coincidence is more rule than exception – it happens all the time – we just don’t notice. Becoming a magican – you notice it far more often.

So when you toss coins for an I-ching divination – the random hexagram that shows up – has relevance! The random spread of tarot cards – has relevance! Bibliomancy – wherein you simply open a book to a random page for a random paraph – this actually works! – If you approach it with seriousness and intention to get a divination!

Now the utility of divination isn’t really so good as to deliver you winning lottery numbers (though it does seem true that the using the random ‘quick pic’ statistically delivers better results for lottery winnings than any other system). But what it does do is give you something very much like a very good second perspective on your problem and often a look into a probable future.

Does divination have a place in business? Yes. If divination suggests things are looking good – sycronicity is likely to make it so. If you have a difficult choice to make, divination can give you a clear opinion. It’s not the future divination reveals – it’s a likely possibility. So remember that, never expect it to deliver the future to you literally.

Welcome to Kitschchaos

This is the other home of Michael Robin Cooke. is where I wear the hat of graphic Artist, designer and cartoonist. Here at,  Michael, he who applies magical techniques to online marketing – here’s where that aspect of myself is expressed.

Kitschchaos is the spark of a concept I had having been an occultist and then finding myself in a Sales position and immersing myself in the transformational technologies of Sales and Marketing.

It’s all magic. Anytime you entertain the thought that your mind can somehow impact something beyond itself, you’re already drowning in magical paradigm. The ‘esoteric’ side of marketing will exploit the setting of goals, visualization, positive mental attitude – even the ‘law of attraction’ to improving results.

But nowhere is there to be found coaching techniques in marketing that dare to indulge anything too ‘occult’. For example, simple divination tools such as Iching or tarot are unknown to marketing coaching. Occult practitioners, for example, Wicca, Chaos Magic (my own interest) or Thelema (Aleister Cowley’s schtick) – such magicians know how to push the limits to what’s possible in using the mind and will to project something beyond itself.

Imagine if someone could take the powerful techniques of the Occult masters, and apply THOSE to marketing?

So that’s what this site is about. At some point soon I’m going to have a really great book to publish. This blog will be where I develop ideas and concepts to use in that book.

And hey, sign up for my newsletter. The newsletter will be where I interact with YOU – tell you how my experiements are going, and give you folks feedback on your activity!

Welcome to

This is a site about Chaos magic applied to business and marketing.
If you mean to use magic to improve sales, to grow a business - this is the site where you can learn the most powerful magic available - without diluting it to make it safe or 'acceptable' - and apply it to your business TODAY!

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