Magic For Skeptics

James Randi is a skeptic

Magic? There’s no such thing as magic!

And if we’re talking skeptics, they put thinker in think tanks, where do they put skeptics?


And if I told a skeptic that I cast a spell and it WORKED! That skeptic might tell me it was a coincidence!

So let’s start with coincidence! Because you’re right, magic success always is also coincidence! But what distinguishes a coincidence from a not coincidence? You do, your awareness of the context allows for a coincidence to be recognized.

We imagine coincidence is rare, because our awareness of coincidence is spotty. But simply try bibliomancy, ask a question and expect a relevant answer, by closing your eyes and placing your finger in the book on a random page at  random spot on the page. This is classically done with Bibles, but really any book might do. The paragraph will be eerie how it relates to your question, if you suspended disbelief and simply pretended the book would answer you!

But let me explain simply what magic is, in the very least: a means to leverage placebo effect and psychological priming to realizing your goal, any goal.

And this is NOT supernatural! Magic could be supernatural, certainly entertaining the idea is conducive to both placebo and psychological priming.

And is placebo real? I don’t care if you’re a skeptic, you should accept the reality of placebo in medicine – the power of telling someone you are giving them powerful medicine when really you administer a sugar pill. It’s the test every patent medicine must pass to become a patent medicine: outperforming a placebo.

And it’s not easy, Placebo treats disease and even saves lives. Homeopathy has no scientific basis, it’s effectiveness may be solely limited to that of placebo.

So, just imagine, what would be possible if you could apply that placebo power in any domain you need it?

And psychological priming is simple – planting an expectation of a result into a person’s mind. How is this useful? Easy, if you are anticipating a result – you will be more alert to opportunities and more pro-active following through on that opportunity. Psychological priming can give you the confidence that makes the difference between success and failure.

But instead of speaking of Placebo and Psychological Priming – let me speak again of.. MAGIC!

Because Magic is HOW you leverage placebo and psychological priming to work for you in any way you see fit. Be it sigils, sympathetic magic, candle burning, prayer, ancestor worship, offerings to God(s) ..etc. Magic works! And Magic is AT LEAST Placebo and psychological priming.

Now if you want to have success with magic, remember you need to know what you want, you need to believe (or suspend disbelief) and you need to get your ego out of the way (such gnosis is possible by means of absent mindedness, belief engendered awe in the magical ceremony, absorption in a game, it can be a side effect of exhaustion or meditation and is explicit in sexual orgasm.

And the question is not, is magic real? The question now is this: if you are not using magic, why not? Don’t you want to be successful?

The power of visualization and Dr. Strange




It’s powerful, visualization is fucking powerful. It’s been demonstrated that athletes get the same benefit from visualizing exercise as they get from actually exercising.

And that ‘reverse vampire / flaming faggot’ technique, aside from the sigil and the egrigore – it’s all about the visualization – cosmic power concentrating through a lens to set an inner aura aflame with cosmic fire that empowers the magician and everyone in the presence of the magician. And It really did seem that I was ‘hot’ when I tried the technique, to the extent of feeling as if I did not get wet in a light rain because my warmth dispersed the wet.

Visualization is the stuff of sympathetic magic: imagining the experience before you have the experience. So let’s take the most famous of sympathetic magics, the ‘voodoo doll’, where you take a doll, attach a personal concern / psychic link of your target (a drop of blood, a strand of hair, a piece of fingernail, a photo) – and visualize the doll is that person as you have your way with it for good or ill.

As a cartoonist my powers of visualization may be immense. I figured out that if you could fly, big problems would be having trouble breathing at high altitudes – as well as the cold, and that at lower altitudes you get a face full of dead insects if you fly at any fast speed – by visualizing myself doing the flying.

Which brings me to Dr. Strange, this comic book magical superhero. He, like most ‘magical’ superheroes, says spooky words, does some off hand gestures – and produces SPECIAL EFFECTS!

So no, occult techniques don’t produce special effects reliably. But who says anyone but Dr. Strange can see anything?
And, if Dr. Strange is visualizing awesome special effects only he can ‘see’…. And if I were to write a Dr. Strange comic it would be a gag that lots of people can’t see anything when Dr. Strange is doing awesome magics.

See, I think it’ll be MORE POWERFUL! To give yourself license to VISUALIZE awesome special effects for all your magic! Why? Because it’s FUN. And because it’s fun, it enrolls more of you. Because just as I found validation for my visualization of a hot cosmic aura – I think you’ll find validation for spells with vivid visualizations more often than not!


KitschChaos Reality Hacking

I’m working on a new big project, which I’ll call ‘Reality Hacking’, which will be a cartoon introduction to magic, and specifically what I consider a better paradigm.

The ‘Horace and the Holy Ghost’ comic I was expanding with a cartoon tutorial in magic. No Longer, the cartoon tutorial will be presented in this Reality hacking Project.

So the overall paradigm that distinguishes ‘Reality Hacking’, is that life is a game, you are the player, your ego is the character, and the objects of the game are yours to chose or invent. Magic in this paradigm constitutes a ‘cheat’.

I consider this a winning story for living life optimized to setting and meeting goals, for having reality conform with your will. The idea of who you are being separate from the identity you enjoy from having lived in the world as yourself will not seem obvious to everyone and that’s fine, but it’s an idea with deep tendrils in the global collective unconscious. It’s an idea that may seem more plausible in meditation, where you discover seeing your thought as an observer – which falsifies ‘being’ thought….

Magic as a cheat in the game you make of life, that’s the correct context to understand magic. With the game model it’s really clear – the cheat lets you get what you want out of playing, easier. And that’s how you do successful magic – you are active doing what you can do to have what you want – and magic, like a cheat, may make it easier for you when you do it!

So if you sulk in your room waiting for your love spell to make the person you want, come to you…. You are no Reality Hacker! The Reality Hacker goes out to meet people after casting such a spell!

The other big part of my Reality Hacking package will be a list of hand gestures with simple meanings and when combined with ‘spooky words’ –  a spell is cast! This is how EVERY magician in a comicbook has ever done it! I’ll use the idea of the ‘Alphabet of Desire’ – but make it much simpler and focus on common Hoodoo themes rather than metaphysical abstractions. Love, sex, dominate, luck, blessing, reverse bad luck, win court case, get wisdom – stuff like that.

I’ll share the process of how I create the word and image (to be traced by hand gestures) for each desire. So users can expand their dictionary with spells they create! It’s useful for people to reinforce the power of a sigil and word by using the same one for the same purpose – So I’ll do my best!

This may also be the first project I try to monetize. I haven’t given up on marketing or making money online. I just know I need something I can believe in to sell. So I’m making sure this project will be AWESOME!

Invoking Solomon

Judgement of SolomonInvoking Solomon

I was writing earlier in a facebook group about the prospect of invoking Solomon so I could write my own Solomonic grimoire; as I proscribe in my Christian Magic article.

It seems that – I may have invoked Solomon by simply writing about the prospect of invoking Solomon.

What this means is that I might be talking to myself, or an external entity – there is no way of knowing which it is, or maybe both.

Solomon was not what I expected, he reminds me of George Bernard Shaw – with an easy good natured sarcasm. Seems he really wanted to talk to me.

So understand this is like a telepathic conversation I’m having with an imagined other, albeit with an alarmingly explicit personality. So what follows may be the product of an unusual creative process or  a collaboration with an awesome spirit that may or may not be my creation.

Solomon is a monotheist, accuses me of being one too. Refused to tell me if he is a thought form, imagination or an actual entity on the grounds anything he told me I’d not trust to be the truth.

Some highlights, and this was as my mind wandered and would think of something to ask Solomon as I was doing something else throughout the day.

His superior magic vs. the Egyptians: this was a contest of stage magic.

The ugliness of the Old testament: know Rick Santorum? People like him wrote much of the Bible. It’s that too much time passed we image those assholes were inspired by more than their base desires and biases.

The wisdom of Soloman book was meant only for tribal Jews, not the entire fucking world.

Some critiques of ceremonial magic:

Yes, a circle of protection. No, don’t use words or languages you do not understand, if you speak English, use English. If the god head is ‘Father, Son and Holy’ ghost to YOU – write THAT in your circle!

Solomon suggests you decide on what you need from an entity, make a request for the name and sigil to God, Cosmic Powers or whatever you care to label a higher power – and you’ll get an entity that is right for YOU.

Don’t use other people’s grimoires – the demons listed are those that belong to its author.

Solomon seems to back Crowley’s assertion that demons, angels perhaps, are wild parts of our psyche – that we need to find OUR entities.

Solomon suggests I write as his ‘grimoire’ a comic featuring he and I having a conversation. It probably would kind of cool.

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Michael Robin Cooke

your host.

Reverse Vampire – Flaming Faggot : in action

The Chaos magic technique I described in the post preceding this one, that I called ‘Reverse Vampire/ Flaming Faggot’ – is about visualizing an overpowered aura that sends empowerment to yourself and everyone around you, and nailing it down with a sigil incorporating the “ellis sigil’ and using the ‘Cosmic Forces’ egrigore to empower it.

I should have used the technique before sharing it, but I was inventing the technique and did that in writing the blog. So it didn’t quite exist before I wrote the blog post.

Now I did the magic, the visualization, the wanking to the sigil – even wrote the sigil in dragon’s blood ink – and folded it up and placed it in the leather bag holding my mojo hand and a set of runes.

My job is the most ethical of an unethical business paradigm – I call strangers and ask them to participate in telephone surveys, often concerning businesses they have or once had dealings with. With my flaming astral aura I was hoping that it would look like me getting many finished surveys and it not helping me competitively with the other interviewers because those closest to me would have comparable success.

Quite the opposite happened, I got not one complete and others reported a harder than average day dialing for surveys. The shift was almost over, and then it hit me. The night WAS exceptional, because the people I was talking to – they were unusually EMPOWERED, they said ‘no!’ and asked to be taken off the list. As an interviewer we kind of wish more people would do that, because instead they tend to apologize and promise maybe ‘another day’ without meaning it. And we call them again, and again, and again – we’re a phone bank.

But it’s also true that may of the finished surveys we  DO get – are ALSO a function of weakness – doing the survey because they are afraid it might bias the business its for against them, or afraid even of upsetting me because I asked them so nicely.

My favorite surveys are when the respondent WANTS to do the survey because they have real world problems that are the fault of the business I’m doing the survey for, but I didn’t get any of those tonight.

So the spell – a side effect might be an increase in body temperature, i ‘felt’ the warmness of the astral energy – and I walked to work in a light rain with a broken umbrella and my clothes didn’t get very wet – almost as if the warmth of my body dried the clothes at the same time they got wet. This of course might be because I used the language ‘fire’ in describing the energy field. The empowering aspect of the field is very ‘down low’, it may not be evident at all or only in retrospect – but I assert it’s influence is all too real and empowering

And even though the spell was counterproductive at my job, I would suggest it may have been responsible for the unlikely wave of respondents empowered to say ‘hell no!’ when asked to participate in a survey they don’t want to. And so that’s a win for the spell. And no, I’m removing the sigil from my mojo bag immediately!

Reverse Vampire or Flaming Faggot

It’s October and I was thinking about Halloween, and that maybe I should write something about Vampires or Werewolves. The werewolves could lead to some ideas about atavism, and that’s always fun. And the vampires..? Well there’s the ‘energy vampires’ – then I thought a moment about my ‘Magic is a Guru’ post, and how it’s claimed of Gurus that people feel energized in their presence. What would a ‘REVERSE VAMPIRE’ be like? An Energy Vampire that feeds people energy rather than suck it.

And when the concept came to me – of a flaming inner aura fueling me and everyone around me with astral ‘cosmic’ power – I couldn’t help but find myself wanting to call it the ‘Flaming Faggot’. Understand that I am gay, so I have license to use the word. But even were I not Gay, the association is to OVERPOWER – that’s no insult!

The technique combines the ellis sigil with the ‘cosmic forces’ egrigore. I’ve written before about the cosmic forces egrigore, and I have yet to introduce the ‘ellis sigil’. The Ellis sigil is a famous project of the DKMU, a ‘linking sigil’ that can be drawn on a place of power and link that power to any other instance the sigil is drawn. The L and S are the sigil, the distorted dot is the Ellis egrigore. The sigil looks liken this:


Ellis Sigil


Reverse Vampire / Flaming Faggot Sigil

This is a sigil meant to turn you into a flaming battery of immense cosmic power. Draw this sigil on yourself or on a yellow, orange or red piece of clothing, or painted in a yellow, orange or red color.


Visualization is powerful, athletes that are recovering can, by means of visualization – be as improved once they recover as if they had been training instead of recovering. A simple DIY aikido demonstration – hold your arm out and challenge a friend to bend your arm at the elbow. The friend likely could bend the arm, if not, try with a stronger friend. Once the friend has bent your arm, repeat the process and hold your arm out for the friend to bend it again, but this time – visualize that your arm is in fact, a solid steel beam. Your friend can’t easily bend your arm now if at all!

So we are going to use visualization. And w’re going to visualize that we have an aura, or a field of energy surrounding our body. This aura that you’re visualizing, is the core battery aura and is meant to be ablaze in astral fire and energy. To get the battery aura hot, we visualize a second enormous aura that surrounds us as a lens  and focuses cosmic energy from the cosmic forces on your battery aura like a magnifying glass focuses sunlight to burn leaves.


Visualize a tight energy aura around your body, and an enormous aura around the first that will be a lens that concentrates power on your inner aura.


As you invoke the Cosmic Forces – visualize the Cosmic Power being focused on your inner aura thru the lens of the outer aura – setting it aflame with astral energies!

Now say out loud: “I call the Cosmic Forces to pour raw power thru my astral lens that it may charge my inner aura such that it burst into astral flame, empowering myself any all who are in my presence! ”

Then you hold that breath and say to yourself:

” asking that all who are empowered by my astral flame receive Strength, Protection, Guidance and Results”.

Then, you exhale.

Do this 3 times.

Open your eyes.

Visualize the Cosmic Forces pouring through your lens aura, concentrating on the inner battery aura, setting it aflame with empowerment and charging the aura for hours.

Now you may ask of the Cosmic Forces requests and if you want the Cosmic Forces to be colored in some way – to empower fun if you’re headed to a party, empower magic if you meant to use the technique to enhance magic, empower sex appeal if you’re going clubbing…etc.

Repeat ‘Thank You!’ three times, then cross your arms (like an Egyptian mummy) and dismiss the Cosmic Powers.


Your inner aura charged and radiating Astral Cosmic Power! You are now a Reverse Vampire or Flaming Faggot! Feeding mass quantities Astral Cosmic Power to yourself all in your presence!

The concept is OVER POWER. Such that your inner aura has FAR more power than you need or even can use, but of course it is available to you to use! And that the inner flaming aura feeds awesome amounts of cosmic power to ANYONE in physical proximity to the magician.

Hypothetically were you to meet an energy vampire – your flaming aura would choke them with too much power, and none of it yours, it belongs to the cosmos. And the cosmic forces will  empower where people are at – help them achieve what they are working towards, even if it’s a BETTER reason to be miserable and RIGHT about how much life sucks!

This is like an astral mantle of awesome power and is a technique of very broad utility. Charge it and notice if you seem to inspire people, if people seem empowered in your presence, if you feel empowered!

The Ego and Self.

As a Buddhist I’ve struggled with this, for the same reason people fear death. Because accepting the Ego is NOT self, is a kind of death beyond even the Judea/Christian concept. The paradox of not being the ego and yet the ego alone possesses identity.

In meditation I find it’s fairly clear the the self that controls thought in concentration is not that of the ego. It’s out in the open that the ego is not you, we just often prefer to not pay attention.

I resolved this duality of self by accepting my ego after I made decisions about it. My ego today is largely a work of art. It doesn’t make me special because the life and its conditioning still has hooks in me, and the decision to be who you choose to be is routine for anyone that changes gender, accepts themselves as gay – perhaps anyone that ‘becomes’ a soldier or police officer.

The fact that I am Gay helped, because the conditioning had me closeted and self loathing and that’s a problem. It’s easier to fix something that’s a problem, so in that sense it’s kind of a perverse blessing to be gay in the intolerant 70s and 80s.

My coming out process was the stuff of an existential crisis, actually a year long existential crisis. It’s wasn’t that I’m gay that was the catalyst, it was that I was OUT as a Gay person and I still believed that being gay = being effeminate, and I couldn’t know that I WASN’T effeminate, simply because, in the closet, I was trying so HARD to NOT be effeminate. I couldn’t know that my masculinity wasn’t a bullshit act that became comfortable.

And I worked thru trying to discover if there was a realer, more flamboyant femme self. And the inquiry yielded altered states of consciousness – like not being able to read because the arbitrariness of the letter shapes and the noises the are meant to convey – it was as if I instantly repeated every word till it stopped making sense. There was other weirdness but that one I can describe well because it was alarming for a writer such as myself.

I resolved the crisis with the conclusion that simply, I do not exist. The part of me that is Michael without the closeted attempts to not be effeminate, without the childhood experience of abuse and all the other experiences – is pure emptiness.

Which I knew was NOT the truth, it was an answer to resolve the question.

Which when i started reading DT Suzuki on Zen – it’s why it ‘clicked’.

Where I stand with my ego is that I have no intention of destroying it. It’s a wonderful toy and I intend to have fun with it.

Magic is a Guru

Guru Gobind SinghJi
In the domain of magic are elements from Thelema, the label applied to the religious ideas of Aleister Crowley involving the ‘Great Work’ (of growing spiritually) and achieving ‘conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel’. And in the realm of spirituality is the idea of progressing spiritually, perhaps breaking the cycle of birth and death.

Does Chaos Magic have a mystical or spiritual element? Should a Chaos Magician seek a Guru?

A chaos magician can also be anything else, so if you elect to try on Hinduism and accept a guru in that tradition and work at it, you should be as capable as any other at achieving whatever is possible to achieve with a Guru.

But without doing that – being instead a ‘paradigm pirate’ and exploring all sorts of magical ideas and arriving at a personal blend of techniques that work for you – is there a spiritual dimension to magic?

I would suggest, “yes”.

Because when you practice magic, if you are grounded and know if you have your results or not, you get feedback. And that feedback is your teacher. It teaches you what works and what does not work magically. And if magic can do its job by helping you to a spiritual truth, it will do just that! Which is how so many magicians lost their attachment to wealth, so that they could instead live without want.

Magic is a Guru. Or it can be, if you don’t fight it. If you are drawn to magic, for any reason, don’t feel that you are turning from a spiritual pursuit. Magic is about anything you direct it to. The entire art of Tantra can be understood as sex magic directed to accelerating spiritual enlightenment.

Magic meets you right where you are. The results work in ways you can accept and are ready for. If you are spiritually advanced, the results will advance you further. If you are not spiritually advanced, your magical results will not satisfy you until you learn what is satisfying, and that’s step one on a real spiritual path.

Magic is a Guru.

Weather Radar or Climate Change Divination?

It’s an interesting technique, Doppler weather radar: protected dishes shooting radio waves into the atmosphere and measuring bounce back from rain or snow. If you track the angles of the radio waves you can get ‘doppler’ readings suggesting the velocity of the rain or snow. Adding to this information, readings about the atmosphere, it’s possible to roughly distinguish rain from snow.

And that’s how the Weather reporting is arrived at. Here’s more detailed information:

Now I’ll be clear that I accept climate change is happening and it is up to people to slow it down. The measure of Oligarchy is the extent to which the threat of a loss of profit manifests debate, and successfully, with without the support of the scientific consensus. In this case, the self serving argument is ‘claimate change denial’.

I submit this link from Nasa as my final word on Climate Change:

Now as for us, the individual people living on this planet, the weather is weird. Anyone that planted a garden the last couple years understand the rules of thumb that exists for gardening in your region may no longer apply. And some of us are dealing with natural disasters and drought.

And we really want to know what the weather brings. And the weather is often wrong. And we live in smaller spaces than measured weather can account for – which is why the weather on the news can often be contradicted by a look outside the window.

And for those of us that garden or take interest in fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers, what we really want is a good idea of what the best growing season will be. And that has become quite random in recent years, at least for me in Central New York.

And so here it is that a magician might want to try some weather magic. And no, not – I don’t have an umbrella so I’m using a spell to make it not rain – (though I did that twice and with an audience both times -I was just joking and it worked – and don’t expect me to do it again) – what I’m thinking is a spell to ensure a good growing season and the success of the crop. This is classic stuff, there’s entire categories of pagan Gods JUST for this!

If you want to do sigil magic – do it – and add the sigil to the earth you’re growing your plants in.

And get yourself a farmer’s almanac, you need a yearlong forecast and a farmer’s almanac has an educated guess.

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